Heroes of Camelot Walkthrough [Guide]

Heroes of Camelot

Britain is in ruins, and you are forced to take action. Players can control the factions of both Camelot and Druids as different heroes will embark on a journey to rid the nation of Morgana’s evil influence. Heroes of Camelot is a strategic game that will require a lot of planning, where teams must be able to work well together in order to make sure that the enemy forces are utterly destroyed. Take up your arms and get ready to play Heroes of Camelot, but not before reading through this guide first.

Heroes of Camelot is a collectible card battle game where players will be able to acquire and manage cards that they will use on quests and to battle for big rewards in the arena. Several teams composed of different cards may be formed, with each having different abilities that can be used to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Proper resource management is also very important, as players will have to juggle their currencies and other resources in order to create a superior deck and, from there, better teams that they can use to face tougher opponents.

Coins and gems are the game’s two functional currencies. Coins can be acquired from quests as well as from drops provided by defeated enemies. Coins are used typically for upgrading your cards into more powerful ones. Gems, on the other hand, are used to summon powerful cards that you can add into your deck, as well as to purchase items that can refill your stamina and mana as well as allow you to fight in the Arena. Gems are only available via in-app purchases.

Summon stones and medals can also be acquired, with summon stones provided also by questing or via drops. Medals, however, are much harder to acquire. Both of these resources can also be used to purchase more heroes to add to your team, but their power is much lower as compared to when buying them using gems.

Leveling Up
As with most games, going on quests and doing battle will earn you experience points that will allow you to level up. At earlier stages, leveling up will provide you with an increase in deck capacity, allowing you to store more cards, as well as give you an increase in stamina capacity. It will also cause your stamina and mana bar to refill automatically.

At latter levels, however, you will also be awarded with skill points that can be used to either increase your stamina or mana capacity. Players may also be awarded with coins and other resources once they level up.

Stamina is a required resource when questing. Exploring the various areas within the game will have different stamina requirements. Using stamina points, which can either be given as rewards or purchased using gems, can be used to instantly refill your stamina bar should you want to continue questing. Leveling up will also refill your stamina completely. Stamina refills at a rate of one every three minutes.

Mana is the cost requirement for bringing certain cards into battle. All cards have a mana cost, and engaging in battle using these cards will require you to have enough mana. Like stamina, potions can also be used to refill your mana bar, and it will also be refilled automatically upon leveling up. Mana refills at a rate of one each minute.

Cards are what you will be using in order to create teams and battle enemies within the game. Teams can comprise of up to four cards, and bonuses can be provided to the entire team once specific scenarios are met or if certain cards are grouped together. Players should take consideration of this when building up their team.

Cards will also have certain skills that will be activated during battle. These can include increased attack or defense, and sometimes there are also specific situations as to when these skills would be activated. Otherwise, most skills are activated randomly whenever teams attack. All cards have attack, HP, and mana costs that will comprise the total attributes of the team. Players can bring up to three teams into battle, with the second team being able at level five, and the last team being unlocked at level ten.

Upgrading Cards
Cards can be upgraded in order to make them stronger statistically. This can be done by either enhancing or evolving. Enhancing is when cards will absorb other cards to increase its level, while evolving is combining to similar cards to make them stronger. Enhancing cards before evolving them will result in a better card, so do this whenever possible. Enhancing and evolving will also require coins, so make sure that you have enough of this resource. Selling cards is also a good way to earn extra coins should you not have enough for upgrading your cards.

Questing is basically exploring different areas within the game, which will allow players to earn experience, coins, and other loot. Each area within a region will also contain a specific card, and collecting all cards within a region will earn players rewards in the form of new cards, potions, summon gems, or coins, among others. Exploring will require stamina, so make sure that you have enough and to a have a couple of stamina potions handy.

From time to time, players will also be forced into battle, which would require players to have mana as well. Battle is pretty much automated, and players may choose to skip the battle to automatically see the results. Boss battles, however, are much more difficult, and players might take multiple tries in order to defeat them. Fortunately, the boss’ HP does not regenerate, so players can keep trying until the boss is defeated, although they must still have the required mana to do battle.

Rewards collected via questing will be stored in the treasure chest found at the home screen. Players should go to this area and collect them manually so that they can be added to your inventory.

The Arena is a special area that will be unlocked once players reach a certain area within the quests. Arenas are like special events where players can participate. Battling here will require Arena tickets that can be bought using gems or acquired through questing. Performing well in this area will also earn players big rewards that they can use to further improve on their teams.


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