Infinity Blade 3 Walkthrough [Guide]

Infinity Blade 3

The epic conclusion behind the popular Infinity Blade trilogy is  upon us, and now players can use two characters, namely male protagonist Siris and female companion Isa, as they embark on a journey to finally rid the world of the Worker of Secrets and save humankind. Intense combat will be faced at every turn, and players must use all of the weapons and equipment that they can acquire as well as their exemplary skills as they battle against gigantic titans. Players will surely get all the challenges that they can handle, and reading up on this guide can get you better equipped than any weapon or armor ever could.

Infinity Blade 3 is a one on one fighting game where players will get to battle against different enemies. Players must be able to open up the enemies’ defenses through skilful timing of parries, blocks, and dodges, after which they must unleash devastating combos to finish them off. The usage of items and magic spells are also a must, and getting more powerful weapons and equipment as well as upgrading them will further increase your chances of victory. Navigation is pretty straightforward, with custscenes inserted into some stages to break away from all the action and to push the storyline forward.

Some stages will force players to play as either Siris or Isa, although some stages will allow players to choose as to which character they would like to play as. The progress of each character is separate from each other, so make sure to play them equally so that their abilities are distributed better.

Chips and Gold are the available currencies within the game. Gold is awarded by defeating monsters and retrieving treasures from chests as well as from bags found in certain areas. Chips, on the other hand, are much rarer to come by, and is usually acquired by completing predetermined goals that can be achieved wither through regular play or by repeated grinding.

Both currencies can be used to purchase certain items from the store such as weapons, armor, accessories, and the like. They may also be used to purchase potions, ingredients, gems, keys, and many more, although an item may require either chips or gold depending on said item’s value. Both cold and chips may also be acquired via in-app purchases should you not want to wait or grind it out in order to get more superior items.

Combat in Infinity Blade 3 is pretty straightforward. Players must tap and swipe depending on how they would like their character to react. On defense, players may choose to parry, dodge, and block attacks by using the respective controls. After a series of successful defense moves, the enemy will be vulnerable to attack, allowing players to attack relentlessly until the opponent can successfully defend again. Parrying and dodging are much better than blocking, so use this option whenever possible, although some weapons will not allow certain actions to be performed.

Players may also use items such as potions as well as spells for defensive, offensive, or support capabilities. As well as equipping the right weapons, shields, armor, and the like, these would combine towards helping you defeat the enemy in front of you much more easily.

Should players get defeated in battle, they will be forced to retry battles or return to the Hideout where you will have to repeat the stages again. Fortunately, all of the items you have acquired and progress that you have made will be retained.

Leveling Up
Engaging in combat will earn players experience points which will cause the player to level up. Once players level up, they will be given skill points that players can assign to a specific stat. These boosts are permanent. Thus, the higher the level, the stronger your character can get even without equipped weapons and other items.

Weapons are arguably the most important things that you should invest in. Weapons provide damage as well as certain boosts. Some can even provide additional damage based on elemental or status effects. Weapons can also gain experience, and mastering them will be able to make them stronger.

Weapons have different classes, and each will allow you to perform different depending on which item you have equipped. Heavy weapons will not allow you to dodge but will help you deal heavier damage, while using dual weapons will not allow you to block attack from enemies. Knowing the pros and cons for each weapon class will help you a lot when facing tougher opponents that will require more skill.

The Forge Master, which is found at the Hideout, will be able to upgrade mastered weapons so that they can earn experience and thus get more powerful. This process, however, takes time, but the player has the option to speed things up using chips.

Other items include shields, armor, gems, and accessories. Like weapons, these can be purchased, collected, and upgraded. These will provide you with attribute boosts that will help improve your character stats. Some items such as rings also grant players access to spells that can be used to deal damage, heal your health, or other effects by copying the gestures displayed on the screen. Gems, on the other hand, can be attached to items for as long as there are available slots of the same shape. These will also help improve your equipment’s performance.

Potions are also items that can be brewed by combining several ingredients together. These can provide players with temporary improvement in their stats. All people that you would need to talk to with regards to brewing potions as well as acquiring and upgrading your equipment may be found in the Hideout.

Trials is a special mode within Infinity Blade 3 where players can battle against enemies of increasing difficulty. Players can get the chance to earn chips, gold, and other resources depending on how well they do. Trials Mode is opened up latter in the game.

Mob Class
Mob Class is another special mode where players can cooperate towards defeating a very powerful opponent. The damage inflicted by all players is computed, and only those qualified will be eligible for rewards. Like Trials, Mob Class will be unlocked at a later point.

Aegis Tournament
The Aegis Tournament is another mode where players will have to compete with one another in order to get the highest score. Those who have attained this feat will advance to the next round until only a few remain. These players will then get rewarded with big prizes. The Aegis Tournament is another mode that will be available once players reach a certain level.


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