Where’s My Water 2 Walkthrough [Guide]

Where's My Water 2

Swampy is ready to take his bath again, and it’s up to you to make sure that he gets the water he needs to get squeaky clean. As usual, it will take some knowledge with physics – as well as some foresight – to clear the various puzzles, and you must clear up the dirt and manipulate the environment in order to make the water flow where it needs to go. Read up on this guide to be better acquainted with the mechanics of this game.

Where’s My Water 2 is a puzzle game where the ultimate goal is to make the water flow towards its intended destination. This can be done by cutting through the dirt with finger swipes, which will make the water go towards the paths that you cut through if allowable. There are also switches, levers, and other objects that can be manipulated as well as other obstacles that will affect the water in different ways. These can be used together or otherwise avoided so that enough water will be able to reach the goal location.

It will take precision and timing so that water will not be wasted, and ensuring that getting all ducks to burst within the stage is necessary to unlock more stages and keep on playing.

A main difference between Where’s My Water and its predecessor is the use of energy. Energy is a required resource to play a level, and you will not be able to play if your energy meter is empty. Energy regenerates over time, but players may choose to use real money to instantly replenish it.

Collecting ducks is a more or less optional mission for each stage. Usually, puzzles have at least three ducks each, and they can be collected by having enough water collect in them until they burst. Collecting enough ducks is important as a certain number is required before the next set of puzzles would be unlocked. There is always a solution where in the puzzle can be solved with all ducks collected, so make sure to repeat other stages if you do not have the required amount yet.

Challenges are special stages where the goal essentially remains the same, but with slight changes in the mechanics or success parameters. These may include solving the puzzle but with the water flow working upside down, or with the requirement that ducks would not be collected, among others. There are also certain stages where the level will instantly scroll down, so players must ensure that the water continually flows down before it reaches the end of the screen.

Like regular levels, ducks are still awarded in these types of stages, and these also give a new layer of playability that sets it apart from the usual puzzles that you will encounter within the game.

Each set of levels also have collectibles that players can acquire. These are hidden within the dirt, and oftentimes players must choose to collect these in exchange for not being able to collect all ducks. A good strategy here is to first clear all the dirt in a stage in order to find the collectible, and then restarting and clearing just the required section. From there, you can just progress through the game normally.

Hints and Powerups
In the game, certain items will be able to help you through the more challenging puzzles. These are hints and powerups, and the game sometimes rewards you with these items or are bought via in-app purchases. Friends can also reward you with these resources from time to time.

Hints are visual aids that will guide you on the proper way to solve the puzzle, while powerups will provide you with distinct advantages that will make the stage much easier to complete. An example of a powerup is the Vacuum, which will provide your ducks with the ability to suck in water even if said water is not directly splashed onto them.

Social Function
Like most games, Where’s My Perry now also has a social function where players can connect to others via Facebook. Here, players can share achievements with each other as well as send and receive gifts such as energy and powerups. The game also allows for messaging between players for an improved social gaming experience. In addition, there are also other deals that will allow access to collectible items such as new ducks to play with.


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