Battle Camp Walkthrough [Guide]


Battle Camp is a matching game unlike any other. Engage in combat with other Rangers and make sure that your monsters are able to keep up with the challenges put in front of you. There’s a huge world to explore and lots of different creatures to discover, so make sure that you are well equipped to become the best monster catcher around with this guide.

Battle Camp is a match three game where players must perform quests which will mostly have players doing battle with different monsters found within the various areas in the world. Along the way, players will be able to capture monsters that they can enhance and use in their team. Having a good roster of monsters will greatly increase your stats and will increase your chances of winning against other Rangers.

Unlike other matching games, Battle Camp allows players to move tiles anywhere in the grid in order to make a match. Three or four matches of a particular element will have the monster or monsters with the same element attacking any one monster on the screen, although players can specifically select the monster that they want to attack. Making matches of five or more will have the monster attacking all enemies, and making combo matches will provide bonus damage, too. There are also heart tiles which will help in regenerating your health, as monsters will also be able to attack you each turn.

Battles are turn based, and players are not required to make a match each time. Rather, they can position tiles so that they would be able to maximize their succeeding turns in order to make multiple matches or combos. However, players should take note that enemies would still be able to attack them even if they don’t.

Coins and stones are the currency within Battle Camp. Stones are used for Fusion and Evolving your monsters while coins are used to refill stamina if you don’t want to wait as well as to buy spins in the Monster Grabs, of which there are many kinds. Stones can usually be acquired by completing quests and defeating monsters, although coins are more difficult to get by. Additional stones can be purchased via coins while extra coins must be acquired via in-app purchases.

Completing quests and battling monsters will earn players experience points. Leveling up will refill your stamina as well as add more slots in your inventory of monsters, Perhaps more importantly, leveling up will provide you access to more areas of the game, allowing you to do more and encounter more monsters that you can add to your team.

Monsters will comprise of your team that you can take with you when battling wild creatures or other Rangers. The overall strength of your monsters, who have specific attributes such as attack, HP, and Recovery, will combine towards how good your stats would be and how easy or difficult your puzzles will appear during battle.

Each monster may also have passive or active skills that will be activated once specific scenarios are met. These may include teaming monsters together with the same sign, so make sure to read their abilities as some monsters work better with others within the team. It is also important to take note of the monster’s elemental affinity as this will make it easier to take down monsters that are vulnerable to specific elements.

Like most battle games, your monsters may also be evolved or fused. Evolving will absorb up to six monsters into the target monster, while fusing will combine two of the same monsters into one. Both process will require stones to perform and both process will also make your monsters’ attributes increase and improve.

Additional monsters may be acquired in the wild, given as rewards, or can be won via Monsters grabs. Monster grabs also allow players to acquire monster pieces, where in collecting all the pieces of a specific monster will allow you to add it within your team.

Events are special quests aside from the usual ones that players can participate in. Events only last for a specific time and are often much harder than regular quests, so make sure that you have a strong team with you in order to complete events and to earn rewards such as currency, monster pieces, and many more.

Social Function
Battle Camp encourages players to link the game to their Facebook accounts, which will allow friends to add each other in their respective Troops and engage in Raids together. There are also PvP tournaments where players can battle other Rangers for supremacy. Lastly, Battle Camp also has a chat function where players can talk with others from around the world. Using the game’s social function is the best way to get more out of the game as well as get the chance to earn some extra currencies and maybe even gain some new monsters.


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