Gang Lords Walkthrough [Guide]

Gang Lords

It’s a dangerous world out there, but you can hold your own especially with your own gang of thugs and mercenaries watching your back. This is Gang Lords, one of the most exciting card collection games out there. Combining both card collection and turn-based play, Gang Lords allows players to get together the toughest group of people this side of town as they fight against different factions and take over the various territories. Read this guide to get you up to date with everything that you have to know with this massive battle game.

Gang Lords is a card collection battle game where players can collect and upgrade cards so that they can form their own team that they can pit against different waves of enemies. Proper management of cards as well as good delegation of actions between team mates will allow players get a higher chance of success. There are many opportunities for players to enhance their deck, and making the most out of the resources provided will be best especially when facing tougher teams and increasing number of waves.

Cash and gold bars are the two types of currency within Gang Lords. Cash is used for training and evolving your cards, while bars are used for purchasing elite characters. This latter currency can also be used to instantly refill your health. Cash is rewarded during each fight, while gold bars can also be earned as rewards as well as obtained via in-app purchases.

Respect Points is another type of currency that is earned as rewards, and can be acquired by asking and inviting friends to join you. Respect Points can be used to purchase additional gangsters that you can add to your team.

Leveling Up
Leveling up is a very important aspect of Gang Lords. Participating in fights will earn you experience points that will cause you to level up. Leveling up will earn you rewards in the form of additional respect points, cash, gold bars, and maybe even an increase in your cards and team capacity, energy, and other resources. That is why you should always make it a point to keep fighting in order to keep leveling up.

Energy is a resource that is needed to participate in fights. Different areas will require different amounts of energy, so make sure that you have enough. Leveling up will refill your energy meter, and this can also be done by spending gold bars. Energy can also regenerate gradually over time so players will simply have to wait until they have enough energy to fight again.

Each gangster and other items are represented via cards, which can be obtained during fights, bought via recruitment, or earned as rewards. Each card has specific stats and attributes that will determine how effective it could be in combat, as well as on how well it will be able to work with different team arrangements.

All gangster cards have health points and attack, which represent how much damage they can take and inflict respectively. Each card also belongs to a specific faction as well as different skills that can be activated either passively or after a certain number of turns. Lastly, cards have costs, and the total of your entire team must not exceed the value indicated by your capacity.

Unused cards can be used to train other cards to make them stronger, or sold off for extra cash.

Training your cards is very important, as this is the only way for them to get stronger by leveling up. Training is done by selecting a target card, and then choosing cards that the target card will consume. After the player has paid the required amount, all cards up for consumption will disappear, and the target card’s level will increase.

Different cards have a maximum level that can be reached, after which the only way to make them stronger would be via evolution. It is also important to note that there are Enhancer cards available that can be used to greatly increase the target card’s level, although typically the stronger the cards that you put up for consumption, the more experience the target card would gain.

Evolution is another way by which players would be able to improve their cards. This is done by getting a maxed out card, and then combining it with an Evo Item, which is a special type of card that is earned by completing areas or completing events, as well as spending coins. Evolution will result in a whole new type of card that can be leveled up anew just like a regular card, but with much stronger stats and abilities.

The player can bring four gangsters into a fight, with one acting as a leader. Leaders will have the chance to activate their leader skills, which will provide beneficial attributes to the entire team or specific members once certain requirements have been met. The leader skill of the leader is the only one that will be activated, even if other members of your team have one themselves. Players also have the option to choose one ally to bring along. This will add extra muscle to your team as well as earn you Respect Points.

Battles take place on a turn based basis, and players might face one or more waves of enemies of differing attributes, numbers, and factions. At each turn, players have the option to either attack, take cover, support their other team mates, activate their abilities, or do nothing. Knowing when to use each action and trying to find holes in your enemy’s actions is essential to victory.

Attacking is pretty straightforward, as players need only to select a particular enemy to attack. Taking cover will lessen the damage received from attacks, while activating skills will provide strong offensive, defensive, or support abilities to your team. These may include dealing huge damage to all members of the opposing team, healing your team mates, allowing you to resist damage, and many more. Lastly, support will have players selecting team mates that they would like to help out. Supporting an attacker will make his attacks stronger, while supporting a team mate that is currently taking cover will allow him to receive less damage. Lastly, supporting a character that is not currently ready to attack will lessen his counter as one.

Speaking of counters, each gangster has a specific number of turns before they can attack or use an ability. Reading up on the player’s card information will provide you more data about this, and using support is a great way for gangsters with high attack but high wait times to be able to strike more frequently. The team that is able to take down the entire opposing team will win the battle.

As mentioned, all cards aside from a few exceptions have a specific faction, represented by colors at the background of the card. Players can think of these as elemental affinities, as certain factions can defend well against specific ones while weak against others. Players can take advantage of this by having a specific card that is strong against one faction strike at the more vulnerable targets. Players can use the chart found at the floor of the stage during each battle as a guide.

Like most games with single player modes, missions are broken down into specific regions with different areas. Players can navigate through the different areas in order to get different types of rewards, although some would need to be unlocked first before players can progress through them. It is also important to note that players will need to have sufficient energy to participate in these fights.

Events are special timed battles that appear on a periodic basis. Participating in events is the best way to earn special items such as rare cards as well as cards used for evolving or training. Most events are only available for a specific amount of time, and are much tougher and require more energy than regular missions. Thus, ensure that you have enough energy as well as a strong enough team to defeat these difficult challenges.

Social Function
Gang Lords also has a social function where players can add friends as allies. This will earn players currencies that they can use to add more gangsters into their collection. There’s a limit to how many friends you can add depending on your level, however, although this can be raised by spending gold bars or by leveling up. A messaging function is also available so that players from all over the world will be able to talk to each other.


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