Alien Rage: Unlimited [Review]


Perhaps one of the most saturated genres in gaming today is the first person shooter, since there are few things more primal than aiming at and shooting enemies with guns. It should not be too much of a deterrent though, as with the adage “You don’t have to be first, you just have to be better”. However, with Alien Rage: Unlimited, its potential is hampered by little flaws that lead the way to a major one, enough to make it nigh unplayable.

Alien Rage: Unlimited is a first person shooter by CI Games that looks substantial at first. This game is done quite well in terms of production value, with graphics that look solid and smooth, without any sort of glitches and performs at a stable frame rate for most systems. Its presentation is nothing new, and even its premise is from a cookie cutter mold of the sci-fi FPS variety. There are plenty of shooter fans out there that don’t mind the generic exterior and would still put good hours into playing it. There is also a multiplayer mode that should occupy you and your friends for quite a bit, although there isn’t much to set it apart from other games with similar features.

The main source of frustration here is the inconsistent difficulty that goes from really easy to really hard without prior warning. It’s as if this game wasn’t playtested, thinking that once they have the graphics and sounds ironed out then it’s enough for the game to be released. However, that should still not be the end of QA since the developers then have to find out if the whole game is actually playable, from the controls to the flow of gameplay itself. Unfortunately for this one, it’s unfair in a lot of its crucial parts, and that’s more than enough for players to just drop it.

Strewn about the singleplayer are collectibles and audio logs to expound the story in order to have it make more sense, but only just. You can do some pretty creative kills that makes combat look much cooler, but it’s then offset by the harsh and inconsistent difficulty that gives you cheap deaths and makes gameplay tedious over time. You have various weapons at your disposal that should be quite familiar to FPS fans, and you combat extraterrestrial adversaries to stop them from their agenda of invasion and conquest. As with everything else, the premise and the gameplay itself are rather generic.

But even with the good looking graphics, they have not gone over all technical issues. There are still a good bit of bugs and glitches that pop up from time to time and makes the experience more disconcerting. The music and sound effects are passable, and the voice acting is rather cheesy at best. The only really good thing about this game is that it’s not totally broken; it’s mostly playable as a game. But that’s like saying that you are satisfied with your children because they can walk on two feet, breathe oxygen, and eat solid food.

This game was most likely rushed under a deadline. If that is so, then it becomes more obvious as to what its purpose really is. This game is basically a white good, made to fill space in the shelves and be bought at a decent amount to make a decent profit. For the most part, it’s good enough to woo people in to play it. However, deep within is a game that has a lot of holes and has that sense of incompleteness about it, not to mention a glaring flaw that keeps it from being a game that would get at least a score of 5 or 6.

Perhaps it’s not a very good thing to say that this game was made just to make money, but that is just how it looks like once you have played it enough. There isn’t anything in this game that sets it apart from the rest of the titles in its genre. Games made through copying popular tropes and combining them into a Frankenstein kind of combination and give it just enough polish to make attractive to people is quite common. However, when they have not been put through its paces before being released, there tend to be consequences. In this case, it’s the deplorable difficulty.

If you’re up for a challenge though, perhaps you can still appreciate whatever Alien Rage: Unlimited has gotten right. Be prepared to die several times though as you fight through the game’s various attempts at breaking your will. In addition, you’ll have to prepare yourself to pay up to $20 for this title. Quite frankly, there are plenty of better titles out there to choose from.

Tested in PC. Final Score: 4/10


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