Candy Blast Mania Walkthrough [Guide]

Candy Blast Mania

Candy Blast Mania is pretty much a Candy Crush clone, but that’s not to say that you won’t have any fun playing this addictive puzzle game. With this title, you can clear candies and participate in boss battles to defeat the Gummy Bear King. This is pretty much a conventional match-three game but with enough elements to make it interesting for the long term. Stimulate your mind and satisfy your cravings with Candy Blast Mania, but don’t forget to read through this guide to get you up to speed fast.

Candy Blast Mania is a match three puzzle game where players will have to go through different stages by clearing the required number of candies from the grid within a predetermined number of moves. Matches are done by swapping candies with each other, and candies are removed by making three or more matches, or in patterns of L’s, T’s, or pluses. Combos and the use of special candies are highly rewarded, and of course, using powerups can help you in more difficult puzzles. Each set of stages culminates in a boss battle where players must defeat opponents by clearing candies specified in the round.

Each stage opens up once the previous level has been cleared. There are also keys that can be acquired by completing challenges, and these will in turn allow you collect rewards in the form of powerups or gems.

Gems are the currency within Candy Blast Saga. Gems are used for buying additional energy, as well as extra moves and powerups. Gems are earned via treasure chests and are sometimes also awarded by clearing certain stages. If you want more gems, you can connect the game to your Facebook account or buy them using real money. The more cash you spend, the better deal you will get.

Energy is required in order to play levels. One energy is spent each time a stage is played, and winning the stage will cause that energy to return. Losing the round, however, will cause that energy to be lost. Energy regenerates at a rate of one an hour, and all players will have to do is wait for this resource to replenish, or use gems to refill their energy bars instantly.

Special spots will often appear if you make matches better than the usual three in a row. There are many kinds of these that can appear, and clearing candies within this area will provide a variety of effects. These include adding a multiplier to required candies within the stage, clearing all candies of a specific color currently present in the grid, or removing all candies in the row and column, among others. Using these to your advantage is very important in order to complete goals and to acquire the highest score possible.

Players may also take advantage of eliminating candies that are otherwise not required to complete the puzzle. When making matches, required candies adjacent to these will get multipliers, which means that even making regular matches will allow you to earn more candies as well as a higher score.

Players should take note, however, that not all spots will help the player. Grids are often designed in irregular shapes, which makes the way by which candies fall back into place a little bit tougher to analyze. Also, there are special candies called jawbreakers that cannot be moved from the grid. The only way to remove these from the grid is by making matches adjacent to them or by using powerups to break them.

Stars define how well players are able to complete a particular stage. Completing base requirements will earn players one star, but scoring much higher will allow players to earn all three stars. Players can repeat stages that they have already won should they want to collect all stars, or simply if they want to beat their personal score.

The best way to do this is by performing lots of combos, and to complete the required missions in as less moves as possible. This is because completing objectives with moves left will enter players into a kind of frenzy mode where special gems will be placed on your grid depending on the remaining moves left. This will allow you to get a higher score and, consequently, more stars.

Some stages will have special missions that players can accomplish, such as collecting a certain number of a specific candy. Completing missions will earn players keys, and getting five will open up treasure chests that may provide players with big rewards.

Powerups are special items that players can use while trying to complete puzzles. There are many kinds of powerups available, such as the Candy Wand that can eliminate a single candy from the grid, as well as the Sugar Blast which can destroy an entire row. Powerups are rare to come by naturally, but gems can also be used to acquire them. Using powerups should be done as a last resort, but can really be helpful especially during tougher stages. Of course, players may also choose to purchase extra moves using gems as well should they need more moves to complete a particularly hardy level.


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