Puzzle Knights Walkthrough [Guide]

Puzzle Knights

It may seem counter-intuitive that you actually have to work towards earning stamina, but that is exactly what Puzzle Knights is asking of its players. Nevertheless, that only means double the fun as the game offers two types of gameplay that both requires skill and strategy. Arm your knights with the necessary weapons and equipment, and make sure that they have enough energy by playing through gem filled puzzles, Candy Crush style. Let this guide show you the ropes on how to play this addictive and mentally stimulating game.

Puzzle Knights is a puzzle and battle game where players will complete with others as they pit knights against each other. Your characters actions are controlled by you via pre determined moves, and these will hopefully earn you victory against your opponent. However, the other side of the game is how you actually get the stamina to fight, as players are required to earn it by matching three or more gems within a grid by having them switch with another gem. There is either a limited number of moves or limited time for you to earn your stamina, and players have the option to play again for more energy or bring that stamina into battle.

Coins are the currency within Puzzle Knights. Coins are used to purchase new weapons and equipment that will help players increase their base attributes such as strength and defense. Coins are also used to purchase power ups like special gems and additional moves that can help you solve tougher puzzles. Lastly, coins can also allow you to purchase new knights but serve no other purpose except aesthetics.

Coins are earned by participating in battle with other players. These are awarded whether or not you win or lose. Players can also acquire additional coins via in-app purchases should they not want to wait to purchase powerups or new gear.

Leveling Up
Participating in fights will earn players experience points that will cause them to level up. Leveling up will allow players to have more stamina slots, which will then in turn allow them to do more actions in battle. This will definitely give you an advantage over lower level players, so make sure to participate in lots of fights even if you are often at the losing end in the beginning.

Puzzles are the only way to earn stamina aside from refilling it automatically using energy drinks, which is bought using coins. Players earn one stamina each time they reach a certain score, and bonus powerups are awarded should players completely fill up their stamina within the round. Making matches of four or more will also earn players powerups that they can use. These include gems that will destroy a large area around them as well as one that will clear the entire row or column once they have been swapped with any gem, among others.

It is necessary for players to fill up at least half of their stamina bar, as this is the minimum requirements for players to be able to fight. This can be done by scoring high points, such as by making combos, or clearing many gems at once.

The game randomly selects a player online for you to battle. Once an opponent has been selected, players will then have to plan out their combat style, which can be determined by plotting one of three moves, namely Attack, Defend, and Counterattack. Each one will affect the battle depending on what action the opponent chooses to do to counteract yours, although sometimes luck also comes into play.

Neither player will do any damage should they both block or counterattack. Both players attacking will have one absorbing damage, while blocking an attacking player will have the chance to not get damaged, although there’s also the chance that you will. Counterattacking an attacking player will then cause you to both block attacks and make an attack of your own. Again, this action has the chance to fail.

Most of the time, the difference maker is your stamina bar, which will determine how many moves you can actually control. Also, your weapons and equipment will also definitely play a factor. Players should also take note that unlocked knights will have stats of their own, among these their own levels as well as weapons and equipment that you have purchased and equipped.


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