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Grand Theft Auto V

A tradition in the Grand Theft Auto series is collecting things. Whether that’s hidden packages or finding all the gang spray paint tags in San Andreas, GTA has always had extreme tests of endurance for players.

Using this guide, you should be able to find all the collectibles in the game.

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01. Spaceship Parts
02. Letter Scraps
03. Submarine Parts
04. Nuclear Waste

For these collect-a-thons, there is a way that you can make it all much easier. I recommend using this guide in conjunction with the map that is available on the Rockstar Games Social Club website.

Simply sign up for an account on the Social Club, then click “Checklist”. This will keep track of everything that you need to get 100% as well as show you the locations of the Letter Scraps, Spaceship Parts, Strangers and Freaks missions, and even all the Random Events as well.

Social Club will make your efforts of collecting everything in Grand Theft Auto V that much easier. I highly recommending having that map up in another tab while you simultaneously use this text guide, though I will do my very best to guide you to each spaceship part and letter scrap with only words.

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01. Spaceship Parts
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REWARD: Car/Achievement

When playing as Franklin, a “?” Strangers and Freaks icon will pop up on the map that will lead to a hippie rambling on about a spaceship blowing up over the skies of San Andreas. What this does is kick-start the process of collecting the 50 different spaceship parts that are hidden throughout the area.

Your reward for collecting all 50 of the spaceship parts is a new vehicle that the hippie throws together using the parts. There is also an achievement tied to the collection of the spaceship parts, and collecting all 50 is required to get 100% in the game as it satisfies one of the Misc. objectives.

Part #1 -Mount Chiliad. It is near the northern most part of the map. There is a farm located here with animals grazing about around a barn. Inside of the barn is the first spaceship part.

Part #2 – Mount Chiliad. This part is located to the east of the mountain. If you look at the map, the highway on the eastern part of the map curves to the west, and at the end of that highway, you will find the next spaceship part. This time it is in a rundown stable of sorts.

Part #3 – Grapeseed, just south of the second Spaceship Part. Amongst an outdoor stable is the part, just lying on the ground.

Part #4 – At the eastern most part of the San Chianaski Mountain Range, you will find a small dock that leads out into the water. A few boats are on land here. The part can be found in the small boat-garage-thing.

Part #5 – Still at the San Chianski Mountain Range, albeit more to the west, close to Trevor’s house, you’ll find the fifth part. Fittingly, this part is located at an outdoor area that is just covered with alien-themed graffiti and the like.

Part #6 – Start at Sandy Shores and go north to the lake. Dive underwater and you’ll find the part near a couple of large rocks.

Part #7 – Just south of Sandy Shores in the Grand Senora Desert, this part can be found on top of a hill on one of the tallest rock formations there.

Part #8 – Also in the Grand Senora Desert, there is a formation of satellite dishes. At the top of the satellite that is in the center (you can climb on the satellites using the ladders), you will find the part pretty easily.

Part #9 – Northwest from there, still in Grand Senora Desert, you’ll find a large boat sitting in the sand right in the middle of a couple of trailers. Go around to the opposite side of the boat to find the part (if you are approaching it from the south).

Part #10 – Still in the Grand Senora Desert. Look at the highway as it extends away from Sandy Shores back into the “green” part of the map. There is a V-shape of the highways, and just off the southern tip of this is a small cabin. On the porch of this cabin, you can find the part.

Part #11 – Go south on the map from there. This one is going to be tricky to explain, but it’s basically just nestled against a large rock in the desert.

Part #12 – In the center of the Grand Senora Desert is an area where hippies can often be found hanging around, with a volleyball net and the like on top of a hill. The part is located directly underneath the volleyball net.

Part #13 – Ron Alternates Wind Farm. Just over the hill of the farm is the ocean, and underneath it is a cave. Either swim or use a boat/jet-ski to get inside the cave and then go underwater, and you’ll find the part here.

Part #14 – At the edge of the Tataviam Mountains, along the coastline, is a small cave. When facing the mouth of the cave, to the right of it, is the part.

Part #15 – Also in the Tataviam Mountains, there are drainage pipes in the center, at the northern part of the water formation in these mountains. Where the pipes drain out, you can find the part.

Part #16 – Don’t leave this area just yet. Follow the western coastline south. When you reach the dock, hop into the water and then swim underneath the dock to find the part.

Part #17 – Murreta Heights. At the dam. You’ll want to get on the catwalk of the dam, and then climb over the rail of the catwalk to find the part.

Part #18 – El Burro Heights. There are some warehouses here. Check the shipping containers to find the part.

Part #19 – In the Pacific Ocean on an island near those warehouses, you’ll find the next part. It is a rocky island and can be kind of tough to climb on top of, though.

Part #20 – El Burro Heights, northwest from the island. On the map, it will be located just under the fairway. There is a sewage drain pipe that opens up right to the part.

Part #21 – Elysian Island. In the water here, in between the two separate parts of the island, dive. There will be a structure under the water and in the middle of this structure, the part can be found.

Part #22 – Elysian Island. Climb the stairs on the silos and warehouses and what-not here to the top. Keep going until you reach a ladder, then climb the ladder to the top most roof in this area. Walk across the pipe connecting the two silos to find the part.

Part #23 – Rancho/Dutch London St. There are a bunch of artistic structures and stone benches. The part is simply sitting on one of the benches.

Part #24 – Los Santos International Airport. At the southern part of the airport, behind one of the hangars, facing the ocean, is the part.

Part #25 – Davis/Innocence Blvd. On this street is a hospital that has a set of stairs leading to the roof. There is also a helicopter that can be found up here. Not only a helicopter, but also the 25th spaceship part. Half way there!

Part #26 -Strawberry/Elgin Ave. Found under a bridge is a hobo camp. The part is found in front of a couch and a homeless person sitting right in front of it.

Part #27 – Textile City. This is a market street of sorts. Just look for the part in a small alley by a pile of boxes.

Part #28 -Pillbox Hill. Get a helicopter for this one. The building that you need to land on has an “L” shape on it. Land on the higher part of the building to get to the part easily.

Part #29 – Pillbox Hill. Start out in the sewers. There is a tunnel that you can drive through that leads right through the subway tracks. When you reach the tracks, take the tunnel on the left. Keep driving forward until the tunnels split again, then take the tunnel on the right. This will lead to a construction-style area. that is underground. If you played the main story, you should be familiar with it. Anyway, the part is located behind the construction worker that is sitting on a barricade.

Part #30 – Vespucci Canals. Near the canals is a building twith a sign that has a ladder leading up to it. Climb up the ladder then walk up to the next ladder to climb to the top of this billboard. The part is located in between the two halves of the billboard.

Part #31 – Little Seoul/Del Perro Bary. You know the movie set that Michael spends some time at in the game? Go to that movie set. Return to the area where Franklin stole the AGENT car and climb up on the roofs to find this one.

Part #32 -Burton. There is a hospital that has a street that circles around it a bit. Near the hospital’s garage is a section of ground that is in a circular shape. The part can be found in the bushes here.

Part #33 -Burton. Helicopter is required. Use the helicopter to find the building with a pool on it. Inside the pool water is the part.

Part #34 -Rockford Hills. At the golf course near the water hazard closest to the road is a small island in the middle of the water hazard. Climb on top of this little mini-island for the part.

Part #35 -Vinewood Hills. Just to the north of the city is a small lake, sort of near Franklin’s house. Swim along the bottom of this lake to find the part. The part is located near a ladder that you can use to climb back out of the lake.

Part #36 – Vinewood Hills. Yet again, you’ll need a helicopter. Get one and then fly to the lake that was previously mentioneOn a tower sticking out of the water, you’ll find the part. Land on its roof and grab it.

Part #37 -Vinewood Hills. Located on the roof of the observatory. Helicopter required.

Part #38 -Richman Glen. A nice house is located at Richman Glen with a large tree near a small fountain of water as its trademark. Located at the roots of the tree is the part.

Part #39 -Tongva Hills. Check the cliffsides near the river here. A bush will be blocking an entrance to a small cave. Inside this cave is the part.

Part #40 -Banham Canyon. Go into the backyard of a house that sits near the edge of the cliff. Just behind the house, near the pool, is the part.

Part #41 -Tongva Hills. Vineyard. This vineyard doesn’t have any overhead protection, just the crop in rows. Run between the rows to find the spaceship part.

Part #42 -Tongva Valley. A waterfall is here that creates a sort of white water rapids situation. At the bottom of the last waterfall, dive, and you’ll find the part.

Part #43 -Zancudo River. Wooden bridge with a roof. Go under the bridge. You’ll find the part sitting on the ground inbetween the cobblestone supports holding up the bridge.

Part #44 – Zancudo River. Along the riverside, check for the part sitting near some rocks.

Part #45 -Mount Josiah. This is the toughest part to find in the entire game. You’ll want a helicopter, so get a helicopter and then head to Mount Josiah. On the ridges of the mountain is the part. You may need to land the helicopter higher up and just drop down (make sure you’re at full health) from ridge to ridge to get there easiest.

Part #46 -Pacific Ocean. Get a helicopter. If the previous part wasn’t the hardest to get, then this one certainly is. The part is found on the supports of a bridge. The easiest way to od this, is to fly very high near the bridge, then jump out, parachute, and land on it.

Part #47 – Cassidy Creek. On the shore on the river.

Part #48 – Paleto Cove. On top of the cove.

Part #49 – Paleto Forest. A sewer drainage pipe near a fallen down tree trunk.

Part #50 – Paleto Forest. The final part! There is a small apartment building with a fire escape near a gas station. Climb up the steps and then get inside the building on the third floor by hopping through the window. Congrats!

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02. Letter Scraps
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REWARD: Strangers and Freaks Mission/Achievement

In addition to the spaceship parts that are hidden throughout the game map, there are also letter scraps. Unlike the spaceship parts, where you have to be Franklin, these scraps can be collected as any of the three main characters in the game.

Scrap #1 -Paleto Bay. A dilapidated house can be found here, and the letter scrap can be found on its back porch.

Scrap #2 – The second letter scrap can also be found in Paleto Bay. There will be a small cabin, and you’ll find it right outside the door, sitting on the front steps.

Scrap #3 – Mount Chiliad, on the north eastern part of the map, before the highway. There is a camp with tents that include one white tent with an American flag on the front of it. Inside one of these tents is the letter scrap.

Scrap #4 – Mount Chiliad, near the small town here. There is a vineyard with a cover over the crops. In the center row of vines is where you’ll be able to find the scrap.

Scrap #5 – El Gordo Lighthouse. Swim over to the lighthouse proper and then climb over the railing. At the back part of the lighthouse, on the ground, is where the scrap can be found.

Scrap #6 – Galilee. At the dock. There are a few buildings around here, but the one that is closest to the dock has a scrap near its door. It is located underneath an overhanging and there is a trailer hitch next to it as well.

Scrap #7 – Sandy Shores, in the center of the abandoned motels, in the empty pool. These motels would have been visited already by you as Trevor if you’ve done his Strangers and Freaks missions. It’s the one that introduces the hunting side activity.

Scrap #8 – At the runway in Sandy Shores, directly south from it, is a rock formation. The scrap is located on to of the pile of rocks, but the only way you can get on top of the rocks is with a helicopter. So come here with a helicopter, land it carefully on top of the rocks, then get out and collect the letter scrap.

Scrap #9 – Grand Senora Desert, just south of Sandy Shores. There is an unfinished construction area, where they have built a half-circle wall of concrete. In the center of this are some pipes sticking out of the ground as well as a sewer grate of some sort. Head to the center of this to get the scrap.

Scrap #10 – Ron Alternates Wind Farm. You may remember a spaceship part that was in this same area. Just over the hill from the wind farm is a cave that opens out into the ocean. Go inside of the cave and then go to the back of it until you can walk on dry land inside there. The scrap can be found there.

Scrap #11 – Pacific Ocean to the east of the city. There is a small island here with rocks and what not. You can just swim onto the island and grab the letter.

Scrap #12 – It will say “Pacific Ocean” on your map, but this is a fallacy. Just find the Vinewood sign. Climb the ladder on the second to last sign (the second “O” in Vinewood), and you will find the scrap at the top.

Scrap #13 – Vinewood Racetrack. In the stands is the note, between the rows of seats.

Scrap #14 – East Vinewood. Under a bridge that leads into the woods on one side and into the city on the other.

Scrap #15 – Hawick. In Hawick, there is a small skate park and the scrap be found in a half-pipe.

Scrap #16 -Alta. Alta is the area in Los Santos that is home to the construction yard that you have visited numerous times in the game. You’ll find the scrap in a concrete pit.

Scrap #17 -Pillbox Hill. Another construction site. Go to the under-construction building and then climb to the very top. This will take a long time. You’ve already done this if you have done the parachuting stuff, so you should know the area that I am talking about. If you are good at flying helicopters, then you can use the helicopter to get to the top easier. Anyway, the scrap is at the top-most part of the construction area.

Scrap #18 -La Mesa. The bridge here has arches. Under one of the arches is the scrap.

Scrap #19 -Pacific Ocean. If you look at the map, there is a small island located right next to the larger island that hosts Los Santos. Go to the eastern part of this island to find the scrap near the shore.

Scrap #20 -El Burro Heights. In the warehouse with the destroyed bus frame, you’ll find the scrap sitting in the frame.

Scrap #21 -El Burro Heights. In the subway system, sitting on a ledge on the side of one of the trails is the scrap.

Scrap #22 -Terminal. At the docks where Trevor does work with Wade’s cousin, you’ll need to climb the shipping containers. Sitting on a blue shipping container is the scrap. Climb up as high as possible and jump over to it. Of course, you can also use a helicopter if you wish.

Scrap #23 -Sandy Shores. A boat is docked here and on the boat is the scrap.

Scrap #24 -Davis/Grove St. Grove Street…home. Least, it was, til I fucked everything up. Ahem. Nostalgia aside, check the backyards of the houses and you’ll see the scrap sitting on a step.

Scrap #25 – Davis/Davis Ave.  Sitting in a dumpster in a parking lot with a couple of shopping carts pushed against it.

Scrap #26 -Los Santos International Airport. Right outside the airport is a building with weird arches that are built across the top of it. Land a helicopter on the larger roof of this building (the roof closer to the ground) to find the scrap.

Scrap #27 -Davis. On the bottom level of the Los Santos International Airport.

Scrap #28 -San Andreas. Go to the beach, west side of Los Santos. There is a skate park at the beach as well, and you can find the scrap there.

Scrap #29 -La Puerta. Hop in the gross “canal” water that runs underneath the road. Climb on top of the concrete sticking out of the water in the center.

Scrap #30 -La Puerta. This is near the area where Michael raced Jimmy at the beginning of the story. Instead of going to the edge of the pier where they raced to, climb up the steps to the tables and umbrellas and get the scrap.

Scrap #31 -Richards Majestic. Break into the movie studio. Climb onto the roof of the studio and make your way to an area with ventilation systems to find the scrap between the ventilation systems.

Scrap #32 -Pacific Bluffs. A small wooden bridge leads to a center island with a grave. The scrap is right next to the grave.

Scrap #33 -Pacific Bluffs. This time on the beach. There is a resort area here with a large pool. Located on the counter of the bar that sits in the middle of this pool is the scrap.

Scrap #34 -Pacfic Bluffs. Hedge maze. Enter the maze, take the first right. Then take the next right. Then take the first left after that. Round the corner will be the scrap. Now you just have to get out!

Scrap #35 -West Vinewood. Motel building. On the first floor.

Scrap #36 -Pacific Bluffs. In the poolhouse of a rich person’s house. There is table tennis set up in the poolhouse so you know you’re in the right one.

Scrap #37 -Tongva Valley. A map sign for tourists has the scrap right in front of it.

Scrap #38 – Vinewood Hills. At the top of a hill here is a small shop with a big sign that says “BIG” on it. Next to a bench here is the scrap.

Scrap #39 -Great Chapperal. This is located next to the hidden door. This door leads to a mineshaft, but anyway, the scrap is right by the door.

Scrap #40 -Grand Senora Desert. Farm. Near the farm is a busted up billboard, and behind the billboard is the scrap.

Scrap #41 -Grand Senora Desert. There’s a factory here that has a ladder you can use to climb up. Climb the ladder, and then climb the next ladder after that. This will lead to a catwalk, some stairs, and then a third ladder. Keep climbing up. At the roof of this thing is the scrap. Alternatively, a helicopter can be used to reach this rone.

Scrap #42 – Great Chapperal. There is an old church out here with three white crosses in the back. The scrap is right by these crosses.

Scrap #43 – Great Chapperal. Underneath a bridge that is in the desert. The path leads to the river, so you should be able to find it easier.

Scrap #44 – Zancudo River/Route 68. In the marshes, by some tall grass.

Scrap #45 – Raton Canyon. Need a helicopter for this tricky scrap. Get the helicopter then fly out to this area. The scrap is located on a rock formation. Land the helicopter carefully. The rock formation sort of juts out over the canyon, and the scrap is located near the end of the formation.

Scrap #46 – Mount Chiliad. Sitting on the slope of a bank that leads into the water here.

Scrap #47 -Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. A radio tower is located out on the mountain. Climb the ladder to reach the building that houses the radio tower equipment. Then climb the next ladder and right outside the generator shed is the scrap.

Scrap #48 -Paleto Forest. Scrap can be found in between a couple of trees right at the edge of the frest, near the road.

Scrap #49 -Mount Chiliad. At the top of the tram system, right by the parachute that you can get.

Scrap #50 – Paleto Bay/Proccorio Drive. This is the location of a pretty nice house. Climb the steps to get to the second level of the house and get the final scrap!

Now the Strangers and Freaks mission called A Starlet in Vinewood will pop up after you read the letter from putting all of the different scraps together. Complete this mission with the character that you used to collect the final scrap. Refer to the Strangers and Freaks guide for more information regarding that particular mission.

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03. Submarine Parts
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The old submarine docks in the northwestern part of the map need to be purchased by Trevor before this becomes possible. The submarine part collecting will actually pop up as a Strangers and Freaks mission, but it is like the spaceship parts in that it is really just a collect-a-thon with a loose tie to Strangers and Freaks.

These submarine parts can be collected by any of the three characters, but the process needs to be started by Michael. After speaking with the woman at the docks, any of the three characters can start finding the submarine parts, which is done in a manner unlike the Letter Scraps and the Spaceship Parts that makes collecting all the Submarine Parts much easier.

Basically, with the Submarine Parts, there is a specialized boat equipped with technology that uses sonar to help you find all the parts underwater. What this does is create blips on the radar that are out in the middle of the ocean that you are to drive to with the boat, and then the sonar will allow you to locate the parts easily using the beeping sounds that it makes.

When getting out of this boat, you’ll automatically be equipped with SCUBA gear, which makes searching the ocean floor for these parts much easier. When you’ve found all the parts in one area, the beeping will stop and a new area can be visited in order to continue collecting the Submarine Parts.

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04. Nuclear Waste
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To begin this, purchase the docks as Trevor. This will also unlock the Strangers and Freaks “?” for Michael that starts the Submarine Parts collecting mission.

Like the Submarine Parts, it just wouldn’t make sense for me to spell out where every single Nuclear Waste canister is on the ocean floor during this Nuclear Waste side mission. The reason for this is because the Trackify app that is used in the story mode is brought back for this to help you locate all of the Nuclear Waste canisters on the ocean floor.

To begin the hunt for Nuclear Waste, enter the submersible at the docks as Trevor. The submersible is the fat yellow submarine that will be at the docks. Get inside of it as Trevor and then the Trackify app on Trevor’s smartphone will automatically pop up.

To find the Nuclear Waste, watch the red blip on the phone. When the blip is near the middle of the radar, that means you need to lower the sub until the waste (it will be glowing and green) is visible, then bump into the waste with the sub to collect the waste.

The hardest part about doing this is keeping the submersible from being broken. Do your best to avoid running into the underwater rocks and cliff sides. Avoid getting too close to the shore as well because it is very easy to beach the submersible. The motor fan on the back of the submersible, if it goes above the ocean water, is basically rendered useless until you get it back underwater.

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    I highly value your opinion, but I tend to think that the spacecraft part to be found on the underlying bridge supports is a bit more difficult than the part to be found on the mountain ridge. (Parts 46, 45 respectively.) It took me three jumps to get to the part underneath the bridge. Nevertheless, after completing the task, my new vehicle immediately vanished after trying to park it in Franklin’s garage. Oh well, I was disappointed with the thing, anyway.