Grand Theft Auto V – Quickest Ways to Max Out Stats [Guide]

Grand Theft Auto V

One of the great things about Grand Theft Auto V is that all three characters have their own stats and special abilities, which emphasize on the skills they bring to the table. Franklin is good at driving, Michael is good at shooting and sneaking up on people, and Trevor is good at flying planes and beating people up. However, whenever you’re playing as one of them, it would be nice to do whatever you want without being bad at it.

It would be nice if Michael wasn’t so unfit, if Franklin wasn’t a cross-eyed fool in a gunfight, and if Trevor could do things more subtly for once. That’s why maxing out their stats is good for GTA5 players in the long run. Here are the fastest ways to get each of their stats to 100%.

Return to Top Special

Since each of the three characters have different special abilities, they have different ways to increase their Special stat. It’s all about using the special abilities as much as possible.

For Michael, he can build up his special meter by getting headshots. You can go on a rampage and get as many headshots as you can, then use the special ability until he hits 100% Special.

For Franklin, you can drive through incoming traffic on roads and highways to build meter, then use his special ability whenever the meter is full.

For Trevor, just go on a rampage and build meter by killing and taking damage. Whenever his health is low, activate his special ability to heal up and kill some more.

Return to Top Shooting

This one is quite simple. Just go to an AmmuNation store with a shooting gallery and do all the challenges. Try to get gold medals while you’re at it, and you’ll soon have 100% Shooting.

Return to Top Stealth

You can just go into stealth mode for any character and make him sneak around until you reach 100%. Perhaps you can make him walk stealthily somewhere in a circle and use something to hold your analog stick in place while you go do something else. It’s lame, but it’s the easiest way to do this.

Return to Top Strength

For Michael and Trevor, play lots of tennis until it reaches 100%, approximately 20% with each set.

For Franklin, there isn’t a verified method of doing it. Since you can’t really play tennis with him (for some reason, he gets a 2 star wanted rating once he enters the tennis court), you’ll have to find other ways to increase his strength. Golf is a pretty good alternative, so it’s not a total loss (unless if you really don’t like playing golf in this game or anywhere else).

You can also go to the Grapeseed Farms and beat up cows, which could be a strangely satisfying activity. Each hit you make is equal to 1% Strength increase.

Return to Top Stamina

You can do sports like triathlons and tennis, as well as do a lot of running and swimming to increase this stat. You can actually swim and get to increase both Stamina and Lung Capacity at the same time, which should make things easier for you.

Return to Top Lung Capacity

Just dive into water and swim underwater. Tapping the run button to swim faster also helps to increase your Stamina, which is hitting two birds with one stone as mentioned in the previous item.

Return to Top Driving

You can do wheelies on a motorcycle, do stunt jumps and land them successfully, and rack up near misses while driving through oncoming traffic to eventually max this stat out.

Return to Top Flying

Head to the flying school and get some practice. After a few sessions, you should get it down and max your Flying skill.


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