Brightstone Mysteries: Paranormal Hotel (iOS) [Review]


Just in time for the Halloween season, a new adventure game has come out for the iOS with much mystery and intrigue within it, as well as a bit of horror. This game is all about the paranormal and the supernatural, all within a haunted hotel that players must investigate. G5 Entertainment is once again trying to work with their usual formula of puzzles, hidden object gameplay, and storytelling to create a unique mobile adventure gaming experience.

If you enjoyed the other G5 titles like Twin Moons and Righteous Kill 2: Revenge of the Poet Killer, then you should like this game since they all share the same qualities. Brightstone Mysteries: Paranormal Hotel is an adventure game that is all about an eerie atmosphere and a detective trying to get past the creepiness to solve a mystery.

You play as Bridget Brightstone, a detective who is on her vacation at the beach when it turns out that she inadvertently got herself into yet another mystery. Biggi, as she likes to be called, is contacted all of a sudden to take another assignment. Reluctantly, she heads off to Paris to investigate the whereabouts of a killer, as well as a valuable necklace that has gone missing. It seemed to have been stolen from a hotel, which is a castle that seems to be haunted. Aside from what goes bump in the night, she also has to contend with a another detective who isn’t exactly nice to her.

The gameplay seen here is somewhat a refinement of what G5 has done before with their previous releases. A lot of it is comprised of puzzles and mini-games that require a bit of thinking and deliberation. They come in different forms, like the usual jigsaw puzzles and matching puzzles to more complicated ones like doing things in a specific order and solving logical puzzles. As a detective, you have to use your deductive skills to get through them and uncover more of the mysteries that are present in the game, all the while having to face supernatural phenomena.

Throughout the game, there are have various characters that you have to interact with. The dialogues are well-written and the characters are fleshed out enough to carry the story through. If you’re a detective fiction fan, then you’ll see the story as mostly generic fare, but it’s still written well enough to keep the tension going. The mix of puzzles and other mini-games with the hidden object portions are balanced, unlike a lot of G5′s past efforts with all the pixel hunting. You also get integration with Game Center so you can complete achievements, which is perfect for completionist gamers.

It’s not really that long, but it’s alright since it’s free to try. If you want to unlock the full game and go deeper into the mystery, then you can cough up $6.99 for it. In any case, since the free portions of the game are actually quite substantial, you have the chance to play the game at your own pace and see what Detective Brightstone has to put up with in order to solve the case, despite the odds against her.

Tested in iOS. Final Score: 7/10


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