Grand Theft Auto V – Making Money [Guide]

Grand Theft Auto V

When you start in Grand Theft Auto V, cash seems hard to come by. But even once you have a lot more cash to go by, it would still be handy to know how to make more since there are also a lot of other very expensive stuff to purchase in the game like properties, grenade launchers, heavy armor, and so on. To get the most of this game, you need to be able to make money. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do that here.

Return to Top The Stock Market

This is perhaps one of the most unique features in this GTA game. Most people make noise about the violence and mayhem in the game and how it teaches kids about such behavior, but there is also a big part of this game that teaches them how to invest in the stock market as well, which perhaps balances things out.

Obviously, it’s there for making money, and it functions a lot like the real thing. With Franklin, he can get side missions from Lester that have something to do with the stock market. He will give you clues on which stocks will rise upon completing the mission, so go ahead and invest on what he tells you.

Learning how to invest in the stock market in this game can net you the extra cash that could make the game so much easier, but only if you know what to do.

Return to Top Investing in FlyUS

This is the best way to make money in the in-game stock market. After completing the mission Legal Trouble, you’ll see the share price of FlyUS dramatically tumble down. You should buy as many FlyUS shares as you can as the price will then go back up to previous levels when you finish the mission Meltdown later on. It goes from around $250 down to around $120, then back up to around $240, so you can double your investment with that simple move.

Return to Top Stalk ATMs

If you are in need of some cash right away, you can find an ATM and wait until someone goes up to it. Wait for that person to finsih, then use either your fists or a suppressed weapon to take him out and get whatever he had just withdrawn. Just make sure that you can get away quickly before the police spot you.

Return to Top Rob Stores

Aside from staking out ATMs, you can also rob convenience stores and corner markets. Just go up to a cashier and point a gun at him. Once he has given you all the money, grab it and scram to not get busted. You then get away from the police and help yourself to your ill-gotten gains.

There are a total of 19 robberies that you can do in the game. Plan each of them properly in order to make as clean of a getaway as possible. Park your car near the door facing the street so you can just drive straight away from the crime scene. You can then rob the other stores when the coast is clear, and you can make a good haul if you do well.

Sometimes, there are two cash registers in one store. Shooting the second register can make more money come out, but you’ll have to do so without alerting anyone in the vicinity, so suppressed weapons are best in this case. Gun and clothing stores can also be robbed, although the cashiers there won’t empty the cash register for you, so you may have to shoot it to get the cash.

Robbing the same store twice or more will eventually have you come up with an armed cashier, so expect to be shot at if that’s the case.

Return to Top Heists

This is perhaps the most money you can make in a single sitting. Heists are exciting and quite risky since there are many elements that the final haul is dependent on.

The first one you do is the jewelry store job, wherein you learn the various preparations and dynamics that go into a heist. If you do well with it, then you will get a whole bunch of cash afterwards, but only if you hire the best available crew so that you don’t fail in various parts of the heist. Remember that the most valuable jewels in that job are right along the middle, so go for those first before going for the ones on the sides.

You can then go through more heists later on, with bigger stakes and bigger risks than the first one. Make sure that you go through every step well since you won’t have your hand held for those. The investment in good manpower is worth it, especially with something as risky as a heist.

Return to Top Saving

Just like in real life, you have to keep yourself from spending needlessly. Even if you have lots of cash, you should restrain yourself from splurging on stuff like car customizations, properties, additional guns, and so on. Be prudent and take only what you need so that you can go through missions adequately without breaking the bank. Hold weapons over vehicles when shopping since guns are harder to come by, while you can just steal other people’s cars.


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