Beyond: Two Souls [Guide]

Beyond Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls is the latest cinematic adventure from Quantic Dreams, the studio behind similar titles such as Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain. This game stars Ellen Page and William Dafoe, but it is controlled by you.

Beyond: Two Souls
Written by Dalton “Horror Spooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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01. Introduction and Controls
02. Walkthrough

The Experiment
The Embassy
The Party
First Interview
Welcome to the CIA
My Imaginary Friend…
The Condenser
First Night
Like Other Girls
The Dinner
Night Session
The Mission
Old Friends
Dragon’s Hideout
Black Sun

03. Trophies
04. Conclusion

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01. Introduction and Controls
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Jodie Holmes is a special girl. I mean, if you consider having an otherworldly connection to the spirit realm and having the help of a violent spirit at your side “special”. This is Jodie’s story. But it’s also Aiden’s.

When you boot up Beyond: Two Souls for the first time, you will be prompted to choose your language of choice and whether or not you want subtitles to appear during cut-scenes in the game.

Something else to keep in mind is whether or not you want to play the game in Solo or Duo mode. Solo means one player and one controller controls all of the action in the game. Choosing Duo mode means that two players can play, with one player controlling the main character and the other controlling her guardian during situations in the game with a second controller.

After confirming your controller, it’s time to decide on what level of difficulty you’d like in the game. The level of difficulty is determined by how you answer the question:  Do you play video games often? Obviously if you say “yes” the game is going to be harder than if you say “no”.

These choices are made during the game’s installation process.

Beyond: Two Souls has controls mainly based on the situations in the game. Because of that, creating a true “control scheme” to the game is trickier than in most guides. You’ll find all relevant control information in the different areas of the walkthrough relevant to each situation in the game.

Also note that while there is some choice and different endings in Beyond: Two Souls based on player actions, it is, by and large, a very linear experience. There may be some discrepancies between this guide and your experience with the game, though they are likely to be minor. Furthermore, there may be things that you discover in the game that I have not, in which case, please feel free to e-mail me and I will add it to the guide and give you credit.

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02. Walkthrough
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Welcome to Beyond: Two Souls. If you need any help on the game or are just looking to read about it, then this is the right place to be.

At the start of the game, you control a child version of Jodie. Stand up by flicking the right analog stick. Follow the doctor out of the room and through to the next. Approach the door and flick the right analog stick to turn the handle. Then follow the doctor down the subsequent hallway.

This sequence is used to teach you the basics of the game. To move Jodie around, simply use the left analog stick. The right analog stick is sort of the “action” button that is found in most games for the most part, except you can use it to look around the environment when moving Jodie and controlling her directly.

Go into the experiment room and then answer the questions. You can choose to simply shrug or say yes. The goal of this experiment is to see if Jodie can pick the same card as the woman in the other room. Press Triangle to switch control over to Aiden.

As Aiden, the perspective shifts to a first-person view. Aiden also has the ability to move through solid objects, such as walls. Move through the wall that separates Jodie and the woman. Move Aiden behind the woman so that you can see what card she is holding in her hand. Then press Triangle to return control to Jodie and then choose the correct card.

This will be done three times. After the third time, switch back to Aiden and move him into the room with the woman again. They want to see if you are able to knock stuff around. Aim the camera at any of the objects on the table with the blue dot on them. Then hold L1 and pull both the left and right analog sticks back. Release all the buttons and Aiden will push the object.

Keep doing this to things in the room until the woman starts freaking out and pounding on the doors to escape. Point the camera at her throat, hold L1, and then move both the left and right analog sticks in toward each other.

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There are four different conversation options to choose from with Ryan. They are all designated to one of the four face buttons on the DualShock 3 controller. Make your choices, then watch the scene.

Jodie needs to find some place in the Embassy that is quiet enough for her to use Aiden. Obviously, the woman’s bathroom is a very appealing choice. Facing the stairs, take a right to find the bathrooms. The woman’s bathroom will be on the left, and the man’s bathroom on the right. Go through the door on the left.

Walk to the last stall and then flick the right analog stick. Flick the right stick again to make Jodie sit down on the toilet. Then flick it again for her to get out her notepad. Now it is time to switch to Aiden. Press Triangle.

As Aiden, leave the bathroom and go to the stairs. To make Aiden rise, hold R1. To make him descend, hold R2. Alternatively, you can move the camera so that it is pointed up at the scene with the right stick and then use the left stick to make Aiden move up toward the ceiling.

Once up the stairs, go through the single door here that is slightly ajar. This is the security room. Attempt to pause the video monitor feed on the room that you need to enter by holding L1 and then pulling both the left and right analog sticks down. The security guard will just hit play again.

To distract him, mess with one of the objects on his desk. Then use this opportunity to pause the feed again. Now move through the double doors here (Aiden can just move through solid objects, remember) and go to the painting. Hold L1 and use the sticks on the painting.

This will do nothing except make Jodie tell Aiden to find the switch to bypass the painting. The switch is located in the drawers of the desk. Open the drawer, press the button on the switch, then check out the files behind the painting.

Control then switches back to Jodie as she writes down the information. Hold the buttons that pop up on the screen until they fill up. Keep doing this until another cut-scene plays. When that is over, exit the bathroom and return to Ryan. Remember to use the right analog stick to open doors and such.

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Exit the car using the right analog stick. Then enter the house. Jodie’s job in the party is to pick the music. Go over to the radio and mess around with it for a bit. Then return to the other kids.

Afterwards, enjoy the party. Do whatever you want. You can dance with the British kid if you’d like, which involves tilting the controller using Six Axis. When talking with people, there are different conversation options available. Make Jodie act and speak the way you imagine her doing so.

When that’s done with, the birthday girl will open her presents. When she gets to Jodie’s present, all the kids gang up on her like a bunch of lunatics. They then carry her out of the room. Resist them by shaking the PS3 controller up and down. They throw her in the closet under the stairs, Harry Potter-style, and then you are left to peak through the keyhole by holding X and pounding on the door by mashing on the Triangle button.

When Jodie is just sitting there by herself, press Triangle to switch over to Aiden. Bust her out of the door, then choose to just leave or to take your revenge. If you’d like to take your revenge, go into the room with the kids and just mess with them by manipulating objects. You can do pretty hilarious things, such as hitting the British kid in the head with a microwave in a very comical fashion.

When Jodie says that’s enough, press Triangle to return to her and watch the subsequent cut-scenes that finish out the party.

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This level begins with you controlling Aiden. Knock something around in the room. Then wait for Jodie’s mom to sit down. Press Triangle to return control to Jodie and go through the open door to speak with Nathen.

You can mess around with the snow globe that is sitting on his desk if you’d like using the motion controls. You can also just take a seat and start the interview. Go through the questions, and then eventually you will draw Aiden. This is a short QTE sequence consisting of moving the right stick to the left and then mashing on the X button a bit.

Nathen will ask for Jodie to make Aiden do something. Press Triangle to switch back to Aiden and do as he asks.

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This entire level plays out like a montage. Throughout the montage, a few of the activities will be repeated, though it will show Jodie gradually improving on them.

Right off the bat, you will control Jodie in the middle of an obstacle course. Approach the obstacle and then as the slow motion kicks in, flick the right analog stick up to make Jodie jump over the obstacle. Do this again for the next one, but duck under the final obstacle.

From there, Jodie will be taught other skills, such as basic hand-to-hand fighting techniques. The same concept applies in that you need to wait for the slow motion, then move the right analog stick in the direction that Jodie is doing the action. You need to complete this one perfectly in order to proceed.

Jodie will then be taught how to use a gun and use cover. Press X to get into cover, then use the left stick to peak around the corner. Aim the camera at the next piece of cover and hold X to rush over there. When the targets pop up, press R1 to take them out. Take down all the targets to continue the montage.

Jodie will do other activities such as complicated math problems, completed by holding the right analog stick in the designated direction. In addition, there will be a button mashing sequence of Jodie working out on her floor. This is topped off with Jodie doing another obstacle course, which is very similar to the first one, except this time Jodie has to climb across monkey bars. Just push forward on the left stick, mash on Triangle when Jodie reaches the center to perform a pull-up, and then swing the controller down to make Jodie jump off the bars.

Another hand-to-hand fighting sequence takes place as well, with this one being a little more complicated. The same rules apply, however. At one point, Jodie will hurt her leg and then the control will switch to Aiden automatically. At that point, you have to use the left and right analog sticks to control two different robs. The goal is to keep the orbs perfectly in line with the green orb around Jodie’s injury. Doing this for long enough will heal her. Complete it and then Jodie’s final test will take place.

Right off the bat, go to the sandbags for cover. Then switch to Aiden by holding Triangle. Use him to knock the barrels and distract the enemy soldier. Wait for him to walk near Jodie, then press Square to take him out.

Now move to the next cover and STAY against it. Another soldier will walk by, so don’t lean your head around the corner. As soon as he walks by and the icon pops up on his body, press Square to take him out. Go to the next cover behind sandbags toward the container with the red ladder on it and wait for the soldier to get close. Take him out, then climb the ladder.

Get behind cover. There is another enemy soldier up here. Get close to him and knock him out. Then look down and take out his buddy, which will complete this sequence.

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On the train, you start off in control of Aiden. Mess with Jodie and the people of the train by knocking their stuff around. A scene will then play that shows police getting on the train. Wake Jodie up by knocking her water bottle, and then control automatically shifts to Jodie again.

Use the left stick to move through the train. Whenever a slow motion sequence occurs, remember to flick the right analog stick in the direction that Jodie is doing the action to complete it. This mainly involves opening doors and pushing people out of the way for the moment.

Jodie will get away for a bit. Open one of the windows in this car by mashing on the X button, then switch to Aiden. Smash the window as Aiden and then climb on top of the train as Jodie. Move down the train and knock away the police using the same slow motion stuff. This will culminate in a fight with multiple police officers, so keep it up with the slow motion fight sequence.

Jodie will then decide that she has to jump off the train to escape. Lift the PS3 controller up to do this. Then as Aiden move the left and right analog sticks together to create a forcefield around Jodie to protect her from the fall.

Now run through the woods. The tree branches are much like the obstacles encountered at the CIA. Use the right stick to duck underneath them and jump over them as well as you move through the woods by pushing the left stick forward.

Jodie will have to move across a small river. Mash on both L1 and R1 to get through the river while also moving the left stick forward. Once she reaches the shore, mash on the X button get Jodie to climb up.

Some dogs will attack, triggering yet another slow-mo fight sequence that involves the right analog stick as well as some other QTEs. Complete it, then go forward to the rock wall. Flick the right stick to start climbing the wall and press the buttons as they appear on the screen to get Jodie to successfully climb the wall.

She’ll reach the highway where there are more police. Switch to Aiden and you’ll find that the officer leaning agains the motorcycle is highlighted in orange. What this means is that he can be possessed by Aiden. To possess these people, hold L1 and then move the left and right sticks away from each other.

After possessing this guy, move to the trunk of one of the trucks. Open it to find a shotgun, and then press R1 to get him to start blasting it off. This will create a good enough distraction for Jodie to make a move for the motorcycle. Mash on the X button to get her to do this, and then hold R2 to start up the motorcycle.

Now you actually get to control Jodie on the motorcycle. Hold R2 to keep the motorcycle going while using the left stick to control it as you move down the highway. X will pop up here and there as a QTE, so press it when it does.

A police barricade will be in Jodie’s way, so give her a forcefield again as Aiden so she can blow through. Next, in the town, Jodie takes cover behind a car and you have to be Aiden again to protect her from the SWAT team that is about to attack.

At this point, there’s plenty that you can do. There’s one SWAT guy that can be possessed to kill off a couple of his own guys. Another one, to Aiden’s left when facing Jodie, can be possessed to use his grenade to blow up the gas station and all the SWAT members that are near it.

Another thing you can do is blow up fire hydrants and send cars flying at the enemies to damage and distract them. When Jodie tries to flee through the movie theater doors, blast the doors open for her. Then possess the guy in the helicopter. Spin the right stick around in a counter-clockwise circle to cause the helicopter to crash to the ground.

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Walk around the house for a bit and interact with stuff. You can get a hug from Jodie’s mom, ask for a cookie, look out the window, watch TV, whatever. For a spooky scene, I recommend visiting the bathroom upstairs and looking into the mirror for a little while.

Eventually, Jodie’s mom will ask Jodie to retrieve the olive oil from the garage. The garage is located just down the hall from the front door, behind the stairs. Go there now and flip on the light. Grab the oil and then exit the garage back into the house as the creepy stuff starts happening.

Deliver the oil to Jodie’s mom by placing it on the kitchen counter right next to her. Then her mom will suggest that Jodie plays outside. Grab the coat and boots from by the front door and then go into the backyard from the backdoor in the kitchen.

Get on the swing and then switch to Aiden. As Aiden, give Jodie a few pushes. She will get bored of this pretty quick, so switch back to her and then approach the side of the fence that faces the street. A peep hole is there that can be used to look at the other kids that are having a snowball fight out in the street.

Try to climb it by completing the QTE, but you’ll find that this fails. Switch to Aiden and break the board on the fence. Then squeeze through and join the kids on the street. To play with them, hold L1 to aim a snowball, and then look at a kid and when the R1 icon appears on them, press R1 to throw the snowball.

It’s all fun and games until someone starts picking on Jodie, though. When Jodie starts getting a snowball rubbed in her face, switch to Aiden. Start choking the kid until he lets go of Jodie and don’t stop until Jodie asks Aiden to, then release the analog sticks to free the child.

Following the scenes, hug Jodie’s stuffed animal and then roll around in bed a bit. Hold X to try to go to sleep, and then control switches to Aiden. As Aiden, charge up Jodie’s lamp a bit. Then when she scolds him, he automatically descends into the kitchen.

Watch the conversation between Jodie’s parents. Then start to ascend back through her floor when they’re done talking to trigger the final cut-scene of the level.

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Head inside of the building and make your way to the elevator door. Try to use the elevator as Jodie, and then switch control over to Aiden. Go inside the elevator shaft and then descend until you move through the roof of the actual elevator. There is a cart blocking the elevator door, which is keeping Jodie from using it. Blast the cart away, then return to Jodie and call the elevator.

There is a dead body inside the elevator. Approach it and flick the right analog stick for Jodie to see the flashback of what happened as the man died. To initiate this flashback, use the orbs to guide the green stream of to Jodie’s head. When the stream is properly aligned with her head, her head will glow blue and the controller will vibrate in your hand.

Hold the position there until she sees the scene. Then ride the elevator to the laboratory floor. Go to the next door and move down the hall until you reach a locked door. Switch to Aiden and then move through the door. The switch to open the door is sitting on the desk. Hit the switch and then revert control back to Jodie.

In the server room, switch back to Aiden and knock down the right-most server using his powers. Before switching back to Jodie, use Aiden to open the vent. Then switch back to Jodie, climb up the tipped-over server and then move through the ventilation shaft.

On the other side of that, go down the hall and take a left over the broken glass. Grab the chair in this office area to bust the glass by swinging the controller a few times. Maneuver your way around the flames until you reach a hallway rendered impassable because of them. Switch to Aiden to move through the flames. Knock the fire extinguisher to Jodie and then switch to Jodie.

Pick up the fire extinguisher by flicking the right analog stick in its direction. Hold L1 to use it and use the right stick to aim it. Put out the fires and then continue. Now there will be a couple of fights with dead bodies possessed by entities as well as chase sequences and the like, but it is all done by QTEs and the slow-mo technique introduced a couple of chapters back. You’ll have to use motion controls a few times as well, such as shaking the controller up and down, so be prepared for that.

You’ll come to another doorway that is blocked. Use Aiden to make it passable. Then go to the end of the ice-covered hallway and attempt to open the door. Turn around, go to the room to Jodie’s left. If you turn to Aiden and go to the room on Jodie’s right, there is a BONUS ITEM that you can collect by pointing the camera at it and holding L1.

Anyway, as Jodie, examine the dead body at the end of the room to find the keycard. Complete the QTE and then use the keycard. Now you automatically control Aiden. Take out the zombie-like enemies with quick attacks to protect Jodie. Then as Jodie, you’ll be free to move into the room with the Condenser.

Try to shut it down using the regular shutdown switch. This does not work, so move into the larger room with the rift. This room will have you switching back and forth between Jodie and Aiden a lot. As Jodie, your goal is to just keep moving forward and completing any QTEs that come up. As Aiden, you have to fight off the entities.

There are two different types of entity encounters to consider. Firstly, the entities that are attacking Jodie. To kill these guys, hold L1 and then move both the left and right analog sticks toward one another. The second type of entities are the ones that attempt to attack Aiden. These spirits can be killed by holding L1 and pulling back both sticks and then releasing them like you knock around most objects in the game.

Reaching the emergency shutdown as Jodie will end the level, gameplay-wise.

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Go up to the pay phone as Jodie. Then start walking forward a bit and she will collapse on the sidewalk. Switch control over to Aiden and get the attention of the homeless man by knocking crap around by him. He will then see Jodie and rescue her. When Jodie wakes up in the hobo camp, walk around a bit, talk to people, and then try to kill yourself by jumping into the traffic.

Aiden will automatically stop Jodie from doing this. Next follow Stan to the street below to get some money. Get up when you want to and then walk down the street to the next piece of cardboard that is sitting on the ground. Sit there and wait for someone to walk by and give you a dollar.

After that, walk across the street. Approach the man with the guitar and talk to him. Then use his car. This is a short QTE. Stay on the guitar until the song is over to allocate the most money. Be sure to collect the money before walking back across the street and speak with Stan again.

Stan will be attacked by some thugs. Run across the street and fight them with the typical slow-mo fighting stuff. After defeating them, the scene will then switch to Jodie and everyone else enjoying the food. Talk with everybody and get to know them and their stories. Afterwards, put the food down and go around and perform miracles with Aiden.

These miracles amount to taking care of everyone at the camp. Check on Tuesday’s baby, heal Jimmy’s drug addiction by getting rid of the three green orbs on his body (in the same manner that you healed Jodie’s leg earlier), and then help Stan communicate with his dead wife.

Upon performing these miracles, walk back out near the street. Some time will then pass and Tuesday will be having her baby. Go with Stan to the supermarket. Switch to Aiden and go inside of the supermarket. Open the doors by hitting them, then open the shutters by hitting the switch on the wall. Before going inside (say “not yet” by pressing O), hit the camera that is on the ceiling to disable the security system. Stan will then go inside and collect everything that is needed for the baby.

Follow Stan and Jimmy to the abandoned apartment building where the birth is going on. Follow them upstairs to the room where Tuesday is having the baby. Help her have the baby by reassuring her, putting a blanket under her, and telling her to push. After the baby is born, cut the cord by holding R1 and L1.

Jodie will be woken up in the night by a fire. Go to Stan and wake him up first. Then go to the door that Walter is stuck behind. Use Aiden to blast the door open. Go upstairs and go to the room that Jimmy is in. Jimmy will refuse to jump across the hole in the floor. Possess him using Aiden and force him to jump by lifting up the PS3 controller.

Return control to Jodie and go out the nearby window. Jump across to the next window and break through to reach Tuesday and the baby. Leave this room by having Aiden bust down the door. Then have Aiden put a forcefield around Jodie, Tuesday, and the baby so that Jodie can push through the fire safely.

A seemingly dead end will be reached. As Aiden, smash the bricks in the wall to allow them through. Jodie will have to go back the other way, however. Complete the QTEs on the way back, but Jodie will not make it out without being seriously hurt. She will be rescued, however, and then her life will flash in front of her eyes…in a way.

During this segment, all you have to do is move the stick forward. Move toward the static television screens. Then move toward Aiden by pushing forward against the “rope” connecting Jodie And Aiden. After that, Jodie will wake up in a hospital bed.

Pull out the medical equipment and then survey the room. Go to the mirror and check yourself out, look out the window, all that jazz. Also be sure to touch the pictures that are sitting on either side of Jodie’s bed as well as the newspaper clipping that is attached to the wall to learn what has happened to your new friends since the fire at the apartment building.

A couple of CIA agents show up to get Jodie. Run over to the window and open it by flicking the right analog stick and then just jump out. Watch the subsequent cut-scenes that follow.

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When everyone leaves the room, walk into Jodie’s bedroom. The door to the bathroom is here. Go through this door and then go into the bathroom so Jodie can change her clothes. After that, go into bed. Jodie will then remember her stuffed animal, so go to the pink bag on the chair in the other room and retrieve it.

Return to bed. Have Jodie roll around a bit in bed, then hold the X button to try to get some sleep. Jodie can’t sleep, so have Aiden “tell her a story”. Control switches to Aiden automatically. Pick up the flashlight as Aiden and he will create an elephant shadow on the ceiling.

Weird stuff starts going on in the next room so go investigate. Entities will then start attacking Jodie. Go to the surveillance room (right next to Jodie’s bedroom) and knock the coffee cup off the desk to wake the scientist up. Return to Jodie’s room and start fighting off the entities in the same way that you did before until they stop appearing.

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Ah, teenage Jodie. Well, anyway, after the scene, start to go around and see how Jodie’s room has changed since her childhood. You can play her guitar, yell at Cole (the scientist guy we’ve seen previously) and whatever else. Eventually, Jodie will want Aiden to do stuff, so switch to Aiden and start smashing crap around the room until Cole yells at Jodie about it.

Go to the surveillance room and possess Cole. Let Jodie out of her room and then as Jodie, lead Cole to the front doors. The security guard will stop you guys, so lie your way out of it. Then go outside. Control switches to Aiden/Cole. Press X to unlock Cole’s car, then get in the car and start it up.

As Jodie, hop in the trunk. Tell Aiden/Cole to drive to the checkpoint. With Jodie in the car, Aiden/Cole is able to easily pass through, despite his freaky ass eyes and what-not. After the car is stopped, let Jodie out of the trunk. Then head off the road to the right to leave Cole in the woods. Jodie will then arrive at the bar where she thinks she’s going to be meeting up with some friends.

Inside the bar, take a seat at the table. The bartender will bring you some lemonade. Take a drink, stand up. Walk over to the pool table and start playing a game of pool. As often happens with Jodie, things go to crap pretty fast. Take control of Aiden again and then start knocking crap around as usual to freak them out. When they go for the door, continue to knock stuff off the walls and such. Possess the bartender, pick up the shotgun behind the counter, kill the two guys, then turn the gun on the bartender himself.

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Very short level here. All you do is control Aiden and watch the conversation Jodie has with her parents. When it is over, choke Jodie’s dad until he falls to the floor and then release your ghostly grip.

I hope you enjoyed “Alone” because “Navajo” is much, much longer. As trucks and such pass by, hold R1 to make Jodie stick out her thumb in an attempt to hitchhike. These efforts will prove fruitless, but Aiden will point out a nearby ranch. Approach the front door to the ranch, and knock.

Next thing you know, Jodie is eating dinner with these people. They are Paul, Cory, Jay, and their grandmother, a mute woman that sits in a wheelchair and looks all depressed all the time. QTE movements are required to eat the dinner, so flick the right analog stick in the direction of the food to chow down.

Spooky noises happen outside. After this, follow Jay to Jodie’s room. When Jay leaves, set Jodie’s bag down on the chair and then have her change into her pajamas. Get in bed and attempt to sleep in the usual way.

Jodie will wake up in the middle of the night. Inspect the window to find ash on the ground. Try to leave the room. There’s nothing Jodie can do at this point, so hop back in bed and do the QTE to make her go back to sleep.

In the morning, get dressed. Exit the room and drink coffee in the kitchen with Paul. Then head outside and go to the water pump. Shake the controller up and down to pump water into the bucket. Pick up the bucket and carry it to the sheep enclosure. Pour the bucket of water into their trough by tilting the controller.

The second task for Jodie is to retrieve some hay. Go to the barn and climb the ladder. At the top of the barn is a bunch of hay bales. Switch to Aiden and use his powers to knock down one of the bales. Climb back down as Jodie and carry the hay to the sheep enclosure as well. Lunch time!

Sit with the boys and have lunch with them. When lunch is over, speak with Paul. He doesn’t need anymore help, so instead go help Jay with the horse. Pet the horse and then switch to Aiden. As Aiden, possess the horse and walk into the stable.

Controlling Jodie again, speak with Paul. He will suggest that you take a shower. Go to the shower, which is located to the side of the barn. Take a shower, where spooky ghost things will happen. The scene will then switch to everyone at the dinner table again, but no QTEs this time. Spooky noises will once again interrupt dinner and Jodie is instructed to go to her room.

Head to the room and attempt to go in. Jodie will then turn around. Exit the house now and then another series of slow-mo dodging will occur. Dodge everything to the best of your ability. This will culminate in Aiden needing to protect Jodie with a forcefield, so apply that.

The next day, ride with Jay. To make the horse gallop, hold R2. Jay will lead you to the sheep and the two of you will have a conversation. When the conversation is over, get back on the horse and gallop to the windmill. Get off the horse. Switch to Aiden. Use his powers to knock the tumbleweeds out of the windmill blades. Then switch back to Jodie. Run over to where the ghost appeared and go inside this hut.

Examine the necklace on the wall and then exit the hut. A scene will occur as well as another slow-mo dodging sequence. Complete it. When that’s over, get back on the horse and ride it through the path through the mountains that the camera is clearly focusing on.

This will lead to a bunch of ruins. Walk around the ruins to find a sword and a hat. They will glitter in the sun, so they are not hard to find. Approach them as Jodie and then switch to Aiden and manipulate the green stream to hit Jodie’s head, which will in turn allow her to see the memories of these objects. When done with that, get back on the horse and follow the path to find the tree that Jodie has dreamed about.

Get off the horse yet again at this point. There is a strange symbol written in the sand in front of the tree. PAY ATTENTION TO THIS SYMBOL. Draw it if need be. Switch to Aiden and stir the sand up a bit there. Then as Jodie, examine the various objects found in the ground. When all of this is over, get back on the horse and return to the ranch. The camera will be pointed directly at the ranch, which will save you some back-tracking.

After returning to the ranch, go to Paul’s room and heal his wound as Aiden. Then go back to the kitchen and talk with the grandmother. Use Aiden to draw the stream from the collected medallions to Jodie’s head. After that, go outside and get the wood logs that are lying by the ground near where Paul was chopping wood earlier. Carry them a little bit in front of the house.

Now grab the gasoline and carry it to the sticks to start the fire. Jodie will then need to redraw the symbol seen earlier. Choose the correct symbol out of the choices (it may change from playthrough to playthrough, not 100% sure at this point). Then when that’s done, switch to Aiden and pick up the fifth medallion so that he can act as the “fifth soul” in the ritual.

When the ritual is over, the grandmother will collapse. Depending on whether or not you healed Paul’s wound earlier, he could be dead at this point as well. Anyway, go with them to the burial site. Carry the blanket to the grave and drop it in. Then return to the ranch and say your goodbyes.

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Pick up any of the objects. The music box will allow Aiden to use his typical techniques to give Jodie a vision about the object’s history. Then Ryan from the CIA will show up next to talk with Nathen. Leave the room and talk with Ryan, Nathen, and Cole in the hall to see what’s going on.

After the bad news, Jodie will be back in her room. Pick up the duffel bag from the ground and collect her things. Get clothes from her closet and bathroom supplies. Then exit the room.

Ryan is coming over for dinner at Jodie’s place. Time to tidy up! You can do various things right now, such as take a shower, choose Jodie’s outfit, throw away trash, and start the dinner. During all of this, Aiden will do various things to impede Jodie’s attempt at making dinner for Ryan. Just go with the flow and complete the QTEs along the way.

When playing as Aiden, which will happen once Ryan arrives officially, you can choose to screw everything up by knocking stuff around and freaking out Ryan or you can choose to leave them alone and let the evening go on as planned.

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Back to little kid Jodie. Stop watching cartoons by flicking the right stick up. Then speak with Nathen and tell him that you’re tired. He will tell you to get a new book to read before bed. Go into that room and flip on the light switch. Freaky stuff happens, but ignore it. Grab the book (it’s pink) on the desk. Return to Nathen.

Investigate the evidence as Ryan hands it to you. Then you can choose to kiss Ryan if you wish. Afterwards, the mission really gets under way. When Jodie is dropped off, switch to Aiden and check out the enemy soldiers. There are only two. Wait for them to walk away from each other, then switch back to Jodie.

Move from cover to cover and get near the first guy. Take him out by pressing Square. Then go up the stairs. Get behind cover immediately. This second guy can be choked to death by Aiden, so I recommend going that route to get rid of him.

Now move through this building, completing the typical QTEs along the way. When you reach the edge of the building, swing the controller down to get Jodie to jump out. Switch to Aiden and scan the rooftops. You will find an enemy on the roofs as well as a BONUS to collect.

Start moving through the streets. There is a pretty large group of enemies nearby. Get behind cover, then shake the controller in a downward angle to make Jodie drop to her stomach. Crawl along the barricade to avoid being seen by those soldiers. Once you’re clear of them, stay behind cover as you continue through the streets as a couple more enemies will round the corner to execute a guy.

Switch to Aiden and possess one of the enemies. Kill the other enemy, then kill yourself. You are now free to make a beeline to the destroyed hotel. When you near the front steps of the hotel, get behind cover and let the enemies pass. Then enter the hotel yourself. There will be an enemy on the second floor. Get rid of him and now start going around and touching all the objects. When Jodie touches the objects, make the green stream of stuff go to her head just like always so that she can figure out a lead on her target.

After getting everything, hop down over the railing. Get behind the sandbags and take this guy out. The other enemies here are too far away to notice you. Move from concrete barricade to concrete barricade toward the ladder on the nearby building. When you get close enough to the ladder, flick the right stick in its direction and then push up on the left stick to climb it to the top.

Go up the next ladder. An enemy guard will be up here, so take him out immediately. Then follow the makeshift bridges across the rooftops. Drop down on the next enemy and then go across the street. In this marketplace area will be another lone enemy in a slightly dilapidated building. Take him out by sneaking up on him. Ignore the civilians as they will also ignore you.

As you go through the marketplace, a group of enemies will be seen. Switch to Aiden and choke out one of these guys. This will cause all the others around him to flee, which will in turn allow you to continue to the next set of ruins.

Upon reaching these ruins, Jodie will come across a young boy in need of help named Sileem. Approach the boy and then switch to Aiden to heal his bullet wound. A short scene will play, then get behind cover as quickly as possible. Hold L1 and then tap R1 to kill the first enemy. Now it’s time for Aiden to do some dirty work.

Switch over to Aiden (done by pressing Triangle, remember) and then facing the enemies in the truck, go to the left. Inside of a building, you will find an enemy using cover. Choke him to death. Directly across from Jodie and Sileem is an enemy using the cover of a slightly damaged wall. Knock the wall over to knock him out.

With that guy out of the picture, return control to Jodie. You are now free to move up in cover by a couple of spots. Now closer to the guy in the truck with the turret, return control to Aiden and possess the one by the door of the truck. Use him to kill the turret guy as well as himself.

A guy brandishing a machete will attack Jodie. Complete the slow-mo fight scene like usual. It’s now day time. Follow Sileem to the next piece of cover. Wait for the truck and the tank to roll by, then follow Sileem across the street. There will be another street to cross, but bullets will constantly be flying. Just run across the street anyway and as Aiden, create a forcefield for Jodie and Sileem to make it across safely.

There is a ladder here. Swing the controller upward to help Sileem start climbing the ladder, then follow after him. Jump off the next roof by swinging the controller down. Another truck with enemies is nearby. Switch to Aiden and possess one of them. Pull out the knife and stab the guy standing behind the truck by pressing Square. Then go to the driver’s side door and stab the driver of the truck.

As Jodie, hop in the back of the truck. Hold X to keep your head down. When you reach the checkpoint, control switches back to Aiden. Hold R2. This will cause the people of the town to start attacking, which means another slow-mo QTE sequence of events. Complete these successfully to the best of your abilities. Other button presses and motion controls are thrown in the mix during these fights as well, so be on your toes.

After leaving Sileem, there will now be two enemies to deal with separating you from the tower. The first is just standing in front of a barricade and is easy pickings. The other will turn through the alley, so run up behind him and take him out quickly. Go into the small room with the hole through the wall and press X to look through the hole. Control goes back to Aiden.

Go over to the tower area. You’ll notice three enemies highlighted in non-blue colors on the outside of the room. There are two people that are orange (for possession, remember) and one that is red, which means that you can choke him out. Choke that guy to death. Then choose to possess the guy that is standing against the wall with three other enemies, on the side of the building.

Grab the gun off the ground that was dropped by the enemy that Aiden just choked out. Walk into the room and kill everybody. When that’s done, break down the door for Jodie to get inside. Press R1 when Jodie enters to take a picture to confirm the kill. After the scene, just push forward through the streets until you reach the green door. Flick the right analog stick to break through the door and into the next room.

Switch to Aiden now and heal Jodie’s wound. Turn your attention to the ladder that is hanging down from a hole in the ceiling and hit it as Aiden to make it drop to the floor. Switch back to Jodie and climb the ladder. Watch the cut-scene, and then interact with stuff on the plane until another cut-scene occurs.

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All this level consists of is a conversation with Cole.

The usual timeline that breaks up the space between levels does not pop up for this level, which is weird. At any rate, go into the lobby of the hospital with Cole. Speak with the guy at the front desk. Then switch to Aiden and possess the guy. Unlock the elevator using the button and then look up Norah’s room number using the computer. She is on the seventh floor in room 43.

Ride the elevator up. It will come to a stop on the seventh floor, but it won’t open. Switch to Aiden and then go down the hallway to the right after exiting the elevator. An orderly that can be possessed is sleeping at his post, but he is not close enough to possess. Return to the room that is right outside of the elevator. Knock around the chairs and desks in here until the orderly wakes up and comes into the room. Now possess him.

After possessing him, use his keycard to open the elevator doors. As Jodie, pick up the keycard and use it to go into the hall. The next room has another security guard. Distract him by screwing up the equipment in his room and then Jodie will be able to sneak by. In the next hall, keep your camera trained to the left so that you can spot room #44.

Go toward this door and then hang a right to find room #43. Enter this room and then go over to Norah. Flick the right stick to interact with her. Some conversation options pop up. Complete them, then as Aiden, knock the black crystal goo off Norah. Watch the scenes, then take the necklace off her neck and exit the room.

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When Jodie wakes up, walk to the doors. Then speak with Nathen. More scenes will follow, followed by even more conversation options.

This mission begins with an interrogation of sorts. Either choose to talk during it or ignore the guy.

Now out in the snow, wait for control to switch to Aiden. Hug the left side of the street to find a house. Move through the walls and inside the house. Control then automatically switches back to Jodie. Go to the house and go inside. Switch back to Aiden and start the fire for them. Then switch to Jodie and go outside. Go across the street and go to the fence to spot the docking bay.

Return to the house. Now everyone will head out to the docking bay for the submarine. Switch to Aiden and go inside. You will find a guard that can be possessed. Possess him, then go to the control room. Use the right stick to draw your pistol and then shoot the guard in here. Then go to the guard working on the submarine and kill him as well. Now return to the control room and press the button to let everyone in.

As Jodie go to the submarine and get inside. Once inside, maneuver it through the rocks. The path ahead is just straight forward and very linear. When you near the base, it will start flickering on the radar that is in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Dive deeper as you near the base and push to it.

After the scenes, Jodie and Aiden will be separated. The goal now as Aiden is to return to Jodie. There are forcefields set up at various areas in this underwater base that will block Aiden from maneuvering, but you can use the symbols written near the doors to help you get around.

Find the armory, the door with a gun symbol next to it. Choke the guy in here to death. Then go through the nearby green door that is in here to find a man to possess. Possess him and then go to the armory and collect a machinegun in here. Go to the power room (the orange door), and kill the enemies in here as well as destroy the machines.

This will allow Aiden to reach Jodie. Go to her and heal her wounds. Then smash the door open. Switch to Jodie and grab her bag out of the armory. Find Ryan and free him by having Aiden smash the door. After that, make your way through the base until you reach the pool area. Put on the diving gear and then go into the water.

The camera will then focus on different underwater machines that need to be blown up using the explosives in Jodie’s bag. Plant the bombs by nearing the structures and then flicking the right stick. After planting all the explosives, the game reverts to a QTE fest. Complete all of the QTEs that pop up during all of this and then return to the inside of the base.

Slow-mo time. Complete the slow-mo segment, then swim to the surface with button mashing. On the snowy shore, talk with Ryan until help arrives.

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Get out of bed and follow the ghost to Nathen’s office. Then have Aiden direct the stream to Jodie’s head as usual and watch the cut-scene that unfolds.

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Speak with Ryan after leaving the conference room. When that conversation is over, speak with Cole and ride the elevator up with him. After the cut-scene (there will be a series of dialogue options), you’ll be in control of Aiden again. Try to free Jodie, but it will be fruitless. So instead rise through the ceiling and make your way to the room where Cole and Ryan are hanging out.

When they’re done chatting, knock crap around on Cole’s desk. They will figure it out pretty quick that it is Aiden trying to contact them. Confirm their suspicions when they ask by continuing to screw with stuff. Then lead them to the elevator doors by continuing to manipulate objects and lead them through the room. Hit the elevator doors last so they know to go inside there.

As they make their way to Jodie, they will be stopped by a security guard. Cole will attempt to talk his way by, but this will fail. Afterwards, distract the security guard by making the phone go off and then screw with his computer. Then manipulate the light near where Cole and Ryan are standing to let them know that the changes in the computer have been made.

Another cut-scene plays, then you’ll be in control of Jodie again. Follow Cole and Ryan through the building. More scenes will play, then the characters will put on special suits so they can enter the titular “Black Sun”.

In the next hall, get behind cover. Move down the hall until you see an entity. Wait for the entity to move, then proceed to make your way to the elevator doors. A scene will play, and after that, switch back to Aiden. Use Aiden’s powers to heal Cole. Go through the “Black Sun” and complete the necessary QTEs, go through the conversation options, and such. There will be the usual QTE stuff that you’ve seen throughout the game, including button mashing and more.

The final part of the game is a question:




Make your decision.

The end.

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03. Trophies
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The following is a list of trophies available in Beyond: Two Souls.

A Better World (Silver)
Agent 894732 (Bronze)
Aiden’s Apocalypse (Bronze)
All Endings… (Gold)
Almost Too Easy (Bronze)
Beyond: Two Souls Master (Platinum)
Black Sun Down (Bronze)
Casual Girl (Bronze)
Catch Me if You Can (Bronze)
Channeling Master (Bronze)
Chose Afterlife (Bronze)
Chose Life (Bronze)
Clean Job (Bronze)
Cold Blood (Bronze)
Convince Dawkins (Bronze)
Entities Apprentice (Bronze)
Entities Master (Silver)
Explorer (Silver)
Eye for an Eye (Bronze)
Fight Apprentice (Bronze)
Houdini (Bronze)
In Love with Ryan (Bronze)
Medicine Girl (Bronze)
Miracles (Bronze)
Money to Eat (Bronze)
Never Alone (Silver)
Not Just Stand (Bronze)
Not My Father (Bronze)
Obedience (Bronze)
Perfect Lover (Bronze)
Perfect Soldier (Bronze)
Portal Shutdown (Bronze)
Possessive Spy (Bronze)
Revenge (Bronze)
Saved All (Gold)
Smart Thief (Bronze)
Somebody Else? (Bronze)
Sorry (Bronze)
Stealth Apprentice (Bronze)
Stealth Master (Bronze)
Teammates (Bronze)
The End (Silver)
Together Forever (Bronze)
Together Till the End (Gold)
Two Souls (Bronze)
Uncontrollable (Silver)

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04. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you beat Beyond: Two Souls for PlayStation 3!

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