Deer Hunter 2014 Walkthrough [Guide]


With Deer Hunter 2014, it’s always hunting season, and it’s a great way for gamers to experience the thrill of the hunt even if they are a bit squeamish about all the blood and killing that usually goes with it. The game gives players the chance to encounter and hunt different creatures, and it will take steady hands – as well as a keen eye – to complete missions and capture those precious trophies. Of course, having the right weapons and tools for the job are essential as well, and you can enjoy killing different kinds of running and flying creatures to your heart’s content, day and night.

Deer Hunter 2014 is a hunting simulation game where players are able to hunt different kinds of animals from all over the world. These include ducks, deer, sheep, wolverines, and even wolves. Different weapons can be used, and additional ones may be purchased and upgraded. Different kinds of hunts can be participated in, with each bearing rewards of their own. There’s also a global hunting mode where players can join in major hunts.

Controls are pretty simple. Players can move around in order to find hiding animals to get a better shot. Touching other areas of the screen will allow players to aim. Using the zoom button will provide a more close up shot, with this ability depending on the weapon’s current stats. There are also buttons dedicated for shooting, swapping weapons, reloading, as well as for the use of items.

Bucks and gold are the two currencies within Deer Hunter 2014. Bucks are earned by participating in hunts, while gold is provided at a rate of one each time players level up. There are also some offers provided by the game which would allow players to avail of free bucks and gold. In addition, extra currencies may also be purchased using real money.

Purchasing weapons and upgrading them will often require bucks, but sometimes premium weapons may also be purchased using gold. Gold may also be used to purchase some weapons should you run out of bucks. Gold can also be used to refill your health instantly, speed up delivery of weapon upgrades, as well as get new accessories that will give you an edge during the hunt.

Energy is a resource required to participate in hunts. Each hunt will require a certain amount of energy, so make sure that you have enough of this resource. Energy regenerates at a rate of one every ten minutes, but players may also use gold to instantly replenish your meter.

There are many different kinds of hunts available within Deer Hunter 2014. These include Trophy Hunts, Contract Hunts, and the Hunting Series. Both Contract Hunts and the Hunting Series will require players to kill a certain number of animals for rewards, although the Hunting series both has a limited number of stages, as well as certain conditions that must be met, such as being able to kill animals via Heart Shots or Lung Shots.

The Trophy Hunt will require players to hunt a series of animals one by one. The rewards here are much higher than regular hunts, and like the Hunting Series, Trophy Hunts can no longer be repeated once they have been completed.

The game is separated into regions, and only by clearing the Trophy Hunt of the current region will players be able to move on to the next. This will open up new animals to hunt, as well as new weapons to use.

Players can fail hunts by either having the timer get to zero during Contract Hunts, having all animals escape, or having your character attacked by carnivorous animals. For the first two conditions, players can use Animal Calls so that they can restart the stage with their previous progress intact. This, however, is not possible if you have been mauled by an animal. Animal Calls are provided to players for free initially, but using more outside this limit will require the use of gold.

It is also important to note that each hunt will have a recommended weapon load out. Some hunts will allow players to continue even without the recommended weapon and upgrades, but the game warns the player that this will be more challenging. Trophy Hunts, however, are much more strict with these requirements, so players must either purchase more powerful weapons or upgrade existing ones in order to meet these requirements.

Players will get to win bucks whether they succeed in the hunt or not. However, more money would be awarded for victories than defeats. Also, additional bucks will be provided for shots at vital organs such as the lungs or heart. Players can use the infra-red, which is available in rifles, to see this more clearly. They can also see animals better in the dark using this mode, although infrared has a limited time of use. Extra currency is also provided for killing other animals present in the environment, but are otherwise kills that are not required to pass the current hunt.

There are four different types of weapons available within Deer Hunter 2014. These are shotguns, rifles, pistols, and assault rifles. Each has specific qualities and attributes, and some abilities such as infra-red may not be available to some of them. Weapons can be purchased using either bucks or gold, although premium weapons may only be purchased using premium currency. Also, some weapons would only be available once they have reached a specific area.

Weapons can be upgraded so that attributes such as power and stability can be upgraded. Ammo capacity, infra-red duration, and sight may also be upgraded. These will require either bucks or gold, and parts will increase in cost depending on its level. Some upgrades will also have to be imported, which means that players will have to wait until this can be equipped. This can range from a couple of minutes to much longer, especially when it comes higher level weapons and upgrades.

Upgrading parts is important as some animals would take several hits before dropping when using a weaker weapon, and it is also often required to meet requirements set by Trophy Hunts.  Players would thus have the discretion to grind for currency to either upgrade existing weapons, or purchase more powerful ones from the store.

Players can equip up to two different types of weapons during each hunt. Players would be able to swap between them so that they can use one with either a fresh clip of ammo, or one that is more suitable to the task at hand.

There are several items available within the game that will allow players to better succeed in the hunt. Animal calls will allow players to continue failed hunts, while batteries will recharge your infrared should you run out of it during a mission. Hollow points will give you double the damage when used, while Sports Drinks can be used to give players a form of bullet time which will slow down the animals’ movements so that you can take a better shot.

These items are provided to the players free of charge for the first few uses, although extra uses would require purchasing them via gold. Players may also purchase Hunting Permits using real currency, which would allow them to participate in global hunts.


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