NBA 2K14 (iOS) Walkthrough [Guide]

NBA 2K14

The NBA 2K series of games is now back with the latest installment in the franchise. NBA 2K14 features updated rosters, as well as a Path to Greatness mode that will surely excite Lebron James fans out there. The one touch control option also makes its return, providing players with two ways on how to control the action in the court. So it’s time to lace up your shoes once again and practice your shooting touch with this game especially made for the iOS. Do you have what it takes to lead your team to the championship, as well as take Lebron James to his destined glory? Read up on this guide as this will serve you better than any coach ever will.

NBA 2K14 is a basketball simulation game where players can control different teams and players from the NBA as they battle the AI or against other players online. There are many modes available, and players would also be able to make adjustments to their roster so that they can be a more formidable team.

The different modes pretty much provide the same type of gameplay, as the ultimate goal is to score more points than your opponent by shooting well and playing good defense. To help you with your skills, there’s also a Practice Mode to get you better acquainted with how to shoot and how to move around overall.

Players can choose over the virtual controls or one touch control when playing. Virtual controls is just like playing with a controller, as there are movement pads and control buttons that will allow players to control the team on both defense and offense. One touch controls, on the other hand, takes away movement from your hands, as all you have to do is to control shooting, passing, and other actions. This latter mode does not provide you with total control, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, one touch controls are much more convenient than the virtual controls system. Take note, however, that you cannot use the one touch control system in the Path to Greatness Mode.

Quick Game
Quick game is a single game where players can choose whichever team that they want. Players can select as to whether they would like to play against the computer or against another player via Game Center or via Bluetooth. Players can make adjustments on how long quarters would be, and if injuries, fatigue, and other factors will come into play. Quick games do not affect your rankings in Multiseason games.

Multiseason Mode
Multiseason mode is where players can choose a team that they would like to manage and play as through multiple games within the season. The goal of multiseason is to go to the NBA Finals and win the championship with your team. To this end, players can strengthen their roster by signing free agents and making trades, taking into consideration their salaries, temperaments, and of course, their skills. Players may also get injured during the course of the season, so this must be taken in as a factor as well.

Path to Greatness
In Path to Greatness Mode, players would be able to take control of Lebron James and Lebron James only. Also, the mode is locked to use virtual controls only. Players may choose two paths, namely Fantastic Journey and Heat Dynasty. The only difference between the two paths is that Lebron can actually switch teams and join different rosters in the former. Players must be able to meet objectives given in order to advance in this mode that plays out with cutscenes and narratives. Gameplay, however, remains pretty much the same.

Practice Mode
Practice Mode is where players can practice their moves. The things that you can practice here are pretty much limited towards movement and shooting, but this can be a great asset especially if you want to get your timing just right. This is also a great place to practice driving to the basket for layups and dunks.

Tips and Tricks
Choose which control scheme better suits your style of play. If you like to move around on your own, then virtual controls are superior, while one touch controls are better if you would like your team to be much more refined, plus all you have to do is decide as to when you would like to take a shot or pass to a teammate. This limits your options, however, especially when it comes to defense, as you must opt to use the special section on the screen for more specific plays.

Get your timing right not only when it comes to shooting jumpers, but in all aspects of the game. You will have to rely on animations to determine as to when to press buttons and when to release them when it comes to rebounds, blocks, free throws, and other actions. Practice with different strategies as the game does not offer tutorials, and do what works best consistently.

Sometimes, it’s not always the best team that wins, but rather how you play with what you have. Your playing style as a team must work well together, whether you’re more of a run and gun or three point shooting roster. It would be best, however, to have well rounded players to support each other, with one or two go to guys that you can rely on to take those crucial shots. Of course, it would be best to acquaint yourself with the NBA rules to avoid violations and turnovers that will definitely hurt your campaigns.


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