Zombie Tsunami Walkthrough [Guide]

Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is a fairly new infinite running game on both iOs and Android devices. Along with tens and even hundreds of games that incorporate zombies, this has again smacked a glee in every player’s face. Zombie Tsunami depicts cartoon characters that in a way can be viewed as a kid’s game. But the challenging bouts of it makes it really interesting for young at hearts too. This is a crazy kind of zombie game that will knock your socks off.

The mission of Zombie Tsunami is simple, you just have to run and achieve high scores, same with those other running games like Temple Run 2 and Minion Rush. Along with all the running, there are also missions to complete which brings the game to another level. But of course, I guess all games have their respective missions. The game will start off with one zombie but you can purchase additional zombies in the market. If you want to permanently add a zombie then go to the upgrade section. You’d also be scooping survivors that fortunately will add to the family. The bigger your undead gang is, the better.

There are some obstacles to avoid in Zombie Tsunami. These are the holes, moving cars, helicopters, movable platforms and bombs. Make a mistake and you’ll lose a zombie, worst the horde.

There’s nothing much currency in-game but the gold and you can collect it when running. If this seems tough to collect you always have the option to purchase using real money, but I highly suggest you don’t. Those gold coins let you purchase objects like lottery tickets, pack of civilians, double zombies, backgrounds, bonus time, reviving kit (last chance) and even skip missions. Gold coins are pretty handy in the upgrade section too because it permanently gives benefit to the powerups.

Upgrades (PowerUps)
Based on my observation, Zombie Tsunami has a unique yet intriguing kind of upgrade system. It works like some hierarchy thingy where you start off by adding one additional zombie. And then eventually to the other powerups you can use in-game. Basically there are eight types of powerups and these are:

  • Tsunami – A huge wave that lets your horde of zombie ride at the top swarming everything that comes to path. This is yet my favorite because it is unstoppable and very destructive.
  • Ninja -My second most favorite because of its destructive feature as well. But be weary on this cause you can still die through holes and moving platforms.
  • Giant Z. – The gang will combine into one forming a creepy yet awesome zombie giant. It will be indestructible once it beams 3 lasers (upgrading will add this feature).
  • U.F.O. – Who said ufo’s and zombies don’t correlate each other? Well, they seem to be a good fit and U.F.O. powerups beam down an additional zombie in the family. Yes, there’s no need to eat a civilian, it will just do its thing.
  • Quarterback – Rams everything on its path but you can’t jump high when this powerup is on. Another than that, I guarantee a safe count to your zombie cuties.
  • Gold – Much like the quarterback but with a twist of turning everything (except survivors) into gold. If you’re out for some nasty gold then this one’s for you buddy.
  • Balloon – Can you imagine a zombie-themed hot air balloon? Well, this is it. The horde will have their heads inflated making them float in the air. Watch out for the bombs and helicopters!
  • Dragon – This is way silly because your zombies will be costumed into a dragon, much like you see in the dragon dance on Chinese New Year. This powerup lets you suspend in the air for so long while regaining back momentum on the ground in a snap. You can make this indestructible through upgrades.

I admit the zombies are wacky and cute and an additive to their cuteness are the accessories. Yes, you can customize what they’re wearing but with only the top portion (headgear) and hopefully there will come a time in the future that will also involve the body. For now here are the current accessories along its price:

  • Zombie cap – 90 Gold
  • Cowboy hat – 250 Gold
  • Mohawk – 1,000 Gold
  • Jack-O’-Lantern – 1,200 Gold
  • Disco wig – 800 Gold
  • Dreadlocks – 1,000 Gold
  • Kepi – 1,800 Gold
  • Elvis wig – 1,200 Gold
  • Fakir’s turban – 1,300 Gold
  • Top hat – 1,600 Gold
  • Human cannonball helmet – 3,000 Gold
  • Russian Hat -2,300 Gold
  • Wizards hat Abracada-braaaiiins! – 2,500 Gold
  • Derby hat- 2,800 Gold
  • Fez – 3,500 Gold
  • Cloth cap – 3,600 Gold
  • Rabbi’s hat – 4,000 Gold
  • Christmas hat – 4,500 Gold
  • Beret – 5,000 Gold
  • Gallic helmet – 5,000
  • Apache War Bonnet – 2,500 Gold
  • Royal crown – 15,000 Gold

Tips and Tricks
Now that we’re here, I want to share some of the tips and observations I noticed to last longer and ultimately achieve top ranks in the leaderboards. First is be aware of what to dodge and what to consume. Being observant of the terrain and passages is one of the instincts a gamer would always have. Try to be “one” with the levels (especially the hard ones which lets you run faster) and as you progress you’d be able to dodge those obstacles easily by just being FAMILIAR with the terrain.

In Zombie Tsunami, you get to collect scratchcards once you reach the number of “Brains” required. The scratchcards give you different kinds of perks like gold, background, objects, etc. Remember to always use the scratchcards, don’t sell it except for the mission where you’d forcibly sell one.

1. To destroy a car you need 4 zombies, to destroy a bus you need 8 zombies, to destroy a tank you need 12 zombies and to destroy a plane you need 16 zombies. Make it a must that the number of zombies required should smack the vehicles.
2. Use the upgrades/objects you collect for missions that require them.
3. You can jump longer by pressing your finger to the screen of the device. Make it matter by avoiding the holes.


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