Grand Theft Auto V – Investing in the Stock Market [Guide]

Grand Theft Auto V

One of the most unique features in Grand Theft Auto V is the stock market, which works a lot like the real world counterpart in that you can buy shares of a particular company and either earn or lose money when you sell them later. If you want to do a lot of the things possible in the game, like buying property, pimping out your ride, and making it rain in the strip club, then you’ll have to master the ins and outs of the stock market in GTA5.

Return to Top Random Sabotage

You would think that if you destroy stuff owned by a company after having bet on the competitor would help with your investments, but it doesn’t seem like the in-game stock market works this way in singleplayer. It looks more like the stock market algorithm used in this game is mostly random, so you’ll just have to watch the stock prices like a hawk in order to make some profit out of it.

It may work like so in GTA Online, which is a whole different can of bees wax altogether due to the nature of the online gameplay. You can’t risk causing shenanigans there without the other players and crews taking you out and making your in-game life hell because of it.

Return to Top Assassination Missions

Sometime in the story, Lester will start offering Franklin specific missions where he has to take out a target, like what Michael did to LifeInvader CEO Jay Norris when they first reunited. There are 5 of these assassination missions, and you have to be aware of how they affect the companies in question and their competitors. You can invest on the rival company just before wreaking havoc.

Take note that BAWSAQ (eww…) is directly connected to Rockstar Social Club, so you’ll need an internet connection to access it. If you don’t have internet for your console or if Social Club is down, then it will be unavailable and you won’t be able to invest in stocks there.

After finishing an assassination mission, return to your safehouse and save your game around 3 times or so to pass the time by 6 hours. You’ll then get a huge return on your investment.

  • The Hotel Assassination – Invest in BetaPharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ)
  • The Multi Target Assassination – Invest in Debonaire Cigarettes (LCN)
  • The Vice Assassination – Invest in Fruit (BAWSAQ)
  • The Bus Assassination – Don’t invest in anything beforehand, but you may invest in Vapid afterwards if you wish.
  • The Construction Assassination – Invest in GoldCoast (LCN)

There are also additional notes for the Multi Target Assassination and the Vice Assassination missions.

  • Upon selling your Debonaire Cigarettes stock after the Multi Taget Assassination, buy Redwood Cigarette stock right away since it’s really cheap at that point. After 36-48 hours, Redwood stock prices should be back up, and you can triple your investment.
  • After selling your Fruit stock after the Vice Assassination, buy Facade stock immediately and wait for 36-48 hours to double your investment.

Return to Top FlyUS

As mentioned in the Making Money guide, you can invest in FlyUS in LCN after completing the mission Legal Trouble, wherein the company’s share price goes down from around $250 to $120 or so. Buy all the stock you can get, then sell once you finish Meltdown, where it goes from $120 back up to $240, which essentially doubles your investment.

Return to Top Actually Learn About Stock Markets

When you have finished all assassination missions, there’s still a way to earn money through the stock market, which is to actually invest like how you would with a real stock market. A thorough guide of this would be too long for this guide since people spend their whole lives figuring this stuff out, but here are some of the basics.

Some companies would experience a significant drop in share price at times, which is then followed by a period of recovery if they don’t give up the ghost right away. You’d want to buy shares of a company while the price is at its lowest, then wait until it recovers and you can then sell and earn a profit.

You can make the most of this knowledge in investing on BAWSAQ stocks since they’re directly affected by whatever happens in GTA Online. For example, Ammu-Nation seemed like a smart investment since everyone needed guns and ammo. However, as GTA Online went on, the majority of players have had their fill of weapons and ammo, so they started to buy in Ammu-Nation stores less. This drop in demand resulted in price drop, so the people who kept their Ammu-Nation stocks in their portfolio at that point have since lost quite a bit.

You have to be sensitive to whatever goes on in the world so that you can somehow predict what will happen in the stock market. Once you learn how the stock market in GTA5 works, maybe you’ll even learn a bit on what happens in real life stock markets.


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