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Here is what has been making news: New Releases, Assassins Creed 4, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Windows 8.1, Killzone: Mercenary, Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, Obduction, Watch Dogs, Metro: Last Light, Xbox One, The Crew, Infamous Second Son, Thief, Early PS4, The Last of Us.

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October 20th – October 26th

Monday, October 21st

Eldrietch will be available for the PC.

Tuesday, October 22nd

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will be available for the PS3, 3DS, and PC.

2K Definitive Strategy Collection will be available for the PC.

2K Essentials Collection will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3.

2K Power Pack will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3.

Batman: Arkham Origins will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and PC.

Batman: Arkham Origins – Blackgate will be available for the 3DS, PS Vita.

Batman: Arkham Origins – Collector’s Edition will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and MAC.

Sonic: Lost World will be available for the 3DS and Wii U.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton’s Robotic Revenge will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, NDS, and 3DS.

Deus Ex Human Revolution: Director’s Cut will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and PC.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Full Burst will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC.

Bayblade: Evolution will be available for the 3DS.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be available for the Xbox 360, Wii, and 3DS.

The Sims 3: Into the Future will be available for the PC.

Hometown Story will be available for the 3DS.

Just Dance Kids 2014 will be available for the Xbox 360, Wii, and Wii U.

Madagascar 3: The Video Game/The Croods: Prehistoric Party Combo Pack will be available for the NDS and 3DS.

Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy will be available for the PC and MAC.

Wednesday, October 23rd

The Bridge will be available for the Xbox Live.

Thursday, October 24th

Defense Technica will be available for the PC.

Eve: The Second Decade – Collector’s Edition will be available for the PC.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Duel Destines will be available for the 3DS.

Tears to Tiera 2 will be available for the PS3.

Raven’s Cry will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Sengoku Musou 2 with Moushouden & Empires – HD Version will be available for the PS3 and PS Vita.

Diabolik Lovers Twin Pack will be available for the PSP.

Kamigami no Itazura will be available for the PSP.

Crazy Chicken – Director’s Cut 3D will be available for the NDS.

Airport Simulator 2013 will be available for the PC.

Friday, October 25th

The Dark Eye: Demonicon will be available for the PC.

Batman: Arkham Origins will be available (in UK) for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and PC.

Just Dance Kids 2014 will be available (in UK) for the Xbox 360, Wii, and Wii U.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Full Burst will be available (in UK) for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition will be available (in UK) for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and MAC.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be available (in UK) for the Xbox 360, Wii, and 3DS.

The Guided Fate Paradox will be available (in UK) for the PS3.

Wii U Party U will be available (in UK) for the Wii U.

Wii U Party U will be available for the Wii U.

Kokoro @ Function! will be available for the PC.

Kamigami no Itazura will be available for the PC.

Chiisana Kanojo no Sayokyoku will be available for the PC.

Green Green: Overdrive Edition will be available for the PC.

Mirai Series Pack will be available for the PC.

Hound: Targeting Hunting will be available for the PC.

Monster Pack 2 Fan Disc: Lost Episode will be available for the PC.

Vanilla The Game: 3-Hon Pack will be available for the PC.

Volley Coaching will be available for the PC.

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Length of game play revealed

According to Ubisoft, if all you do is go through and complete the main story, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag will take about 20 hours of game play.  However, if you explore and do everything that the game offers outside of the main story, you can get about 60 hours of game play out of the game.  This is the first time we have gotten any kind of information on the scope of the game as a whole.

Jean-Sebastien Decant stated that completely immersing yourself into the game means you can expect to put in a large chunk of time on the game.  “We have so much content it’s quite crazy to say it.  The main story is at least 20 hours. In the open world you have stuff to do for at least 50 or 60 hours.  We really tried to increase the feeling of adventure. At the same time it has to be easy to use so we added a number of teleports, in fact every [objective] you do becomes a teleport. So as you soon as you win somewhere, you can send people there.”

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag will be launching its maiden voyage on October 29th for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and PC.  The next-gen versions of the game will be available when the new consoles launch.

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Pre-order goodies

Two pre-order packs have been revealed for South Park: The Stick of Truth depending upon which retailer you use.  Some retailers will be offering The Stick of Truth Ultimate Fellowship Pack which includes four exclusive costumes, each having  a range of bonus abilities.

The Ranger Elf costume will give bonus weapon damage, the Necromancer Sorcerer costume will give bonus fire damage, the Rogue Assassins costume will give bonus gold, and the Holy Defender costume will give you a boost to defense.

Other retailers will offer the Super Samurai Spaceman Pack which includes three different costumes.  The Samurai costume will buff you when you have defeated an enemy, the Spaceman costume will give you an emergency shield, and the Superhero costume will buff you at the beginning of combat.

If  you pre-order the game’s Grand Wizard Edition from the Uplay shop, you get both of the packs mentioned above as well as a Grand Wizard Kidrobot Cartman figure and a Kingdom of South Park map.  Sadly, the Grand Wizard Edition purchased elsewhere will only get you the Ultimate Fellowship Pack.

South Park: The Stick of Truth will launch on December 10th in North America and December 12th in the UK for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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Now available

You are now able to download the first major update to Windows 8 via the Windows Store.  Update 8.1 has several changes including the return of the Start button, new features such as the start screen customization and organization, expanded multitasking and search, and much more.

If you are a current Windows 8 user, the upgrade will be free, but if you are upgrading from an earlier version of Windows the standard version of Windows 8 will cost about $120 and the Windows 8.1 Pro will cost about $200.

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Gets another huge patch

Last month when Killzone: Mercenary was launched, a 1.1GB patch was also launched.  Now the game is getting another massive patch that, according to developer Guerrilla Cambridge, is 1,190MB.

The main purpose for the patch is to fix some connectivity problems that gamers have been dealing with since the game launched.  The patch also updates respawn points in all multiplayer modes which is intended “to give a better balance to the multiplayer games.”  The patch also deals with some stability issues and problems that involve the melee medal and loadout slots which haven’t been unlocking as they should.

A post in the PlayStation Killzone community forum adds, “Please note that our previous workaround information regarding connectivity is now redundant, and it’s recommended that any steps you may have followed in order to connect should now be reverted.  Getting everyone into games (and keeping them there) remains our number one goal on the Mercenary team. Given the myriad of network setups and usage patterns out there, we realize that issues may still arise. As such, we’ve now set up a poll to allow more detailed feedback to be given.”

You should be aware that this patch replaces the original 1.1GB patch released on the day the game launched.  Both are huge patches, and the storage used by the first patch is not freed up until after the new one is completely installed.  Meaning, you will need to make sure you have enough space to hold both patches for a short time.  This is going to be a problem for those who have small memory cards and the game installed.  Guerrilla does say that they are trying to “reduce the overall size of the title and free up more of your valuable memory card space.”  We hope to hear more news on that soon.  However, PS Vita gamers, don’t expect the game and its updates to take up anything less then 4GB of your storage space.

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Quest for Booty DLC is free

Next month Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus will be launching for the PS3.  The game serves as an epilogue to the Future Trilogy of Ratchet games and to help make its price a sweeter deal, you will receive a downloadable code for Quest for Booty with the game.  The voucher code will only be included in the physical copies of the game, according to Sony.  Quest for Booty’s storyline is located between the first and the third Future titles.

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus will be launching for the PS3 on November 12th and will cost about $30.

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Myst’s successor on Kickstarter

It’s been twenty years since Myst first launched and Rand Miller, Cyan’s co-founder, is bringing its “spiritual successor,” Obduction, to Kickstarter.

It is expected that Obduction will borrow many of the thematic and game play elements of Myst such as problem solving, exploration, and discovery.  Story details are a bit secret at this time, naturally, but according to the information video on Kickstarter we do know that you, as the player, will be abducted in the beginning of the game.  Much like Myst, it will be your task to figure out your place within a strange new world.

Miller explains that the game is being presented on Kickstarter because publishers, those sometime rather fickle folks, aren’t always enthused with this type of game.  However, Miller believes that the Myst-style game still generates excitement among gamers.  “[Myst] plopped you on an island. You had no idea why you were there – what you were doing, and you had to discover your place in that story. It resonated with people. It surprised us how much it resonated with people.”

If the project reaches its $1.1 million goal through crowd funding, we will see Obduction launch for the PC and MAC sometime in 2015.

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Delay announced

Originally set to release in time for the launch of the Xbox One and the PS4, Watch Dogs has been delayed until sometime in the spring of 2014.  According to Ubisoft, the reason for the delay is so that they can deliver “what we wanted to see in the next-generation of gaming.”

Ubisoft went on to explain, “We know a lot of you are probably wondering: Why now? We struggled with whether we would delay the game.  But from the beginning, we have adopted the attitude that we will not compromise on quality. As we got closer to release, as all the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place in our last push before completion, it became clear to us that we needed to take the extra time to polish and fine tune each detail so we can deliver a truly memorable and exceptional experience.”

You should contact your retailer if you have pre-ordered the game within the new Xbox One and PS4 bundle as there may be other options for you.

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Final DLC

The season pass for Metro: Last Light has been completed with the recent release of Chronicles Pack DLC.  With the pack you get three new missions that expand the stories of three side characters from the main campaign, Anna, Pavel, and Khan & Ulman.  There is also a new Multi Barreled Bicycle Shotgun, a revolving boomstick that was designed by a fan and is built from bike gears and other scrap.

If you are not a season pass holder, the Chronicles Pack will cost $5.

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Live won’t support real names

Microsoft has confirmed that at launch Xbox One will not support real names for Xbox Live accounts.  An Xbox representative did state, however, that they do intend to roll out real name identification at a later date.  “While real identities continue to be part of our plans for the experience on Xbox One, at launch, customers will continue to search for friends using their Gamertags.  Our teams are working hard to deliver a quality experience for Xbox One. This means prioritizing some features and sometimes postponing others for a later update.”

Microsoft did make it clear that sharing of your real name is completely at your own discretion, however, I for one am all for keeping real life and game life separate.  No one needs to know my real name and I am concerned about the younger gamers who are easily coerced into providing such personal information to unscrupulous others.  I do wish the mega companies would take a bit of responsibility toward keeping children safe.  What is the point of having real names anyway?  My gamertag is sufficient to identify me.

How do you feel about the decision?  Do you think real names need to appear on Xbox Live or should Microsoft stick with their decision not to include them?

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Another Ubisoft delay announced

Another next-gen title is being delayed until next year.  Ubisoft recently announced their open-world racing game, The Crew, won’t be launching until sometime in the summer of 2014.

According to Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft’s CEO, the delay is meant to help them “win the next generation.”  He stated that “The tough decisions we are taking today to fully realize the major potential of our new creations have an impact on our short-term performance.  We are convinced that, longer term, they will prove to be the right decisions both in terms of satisfaction for our fans and in terms of value creation for our shareholders.  We are building franchises that will become perennial pillars of Ubisoft’s financial performance. In a context of growing successes for mega-blockbusters, the additional time given to the development of our titles will allow them to fulfill their huge ambitions and thus offer players even more exceptional experiences.”

The delays of both The Crew and Watch Dogs will significantly affect Ubisoft’s sales forecast for this year, they are now looking at between $1.34 billion and $1.41 billion in sales for its 2013-2014 fiscal year.  This is down from the previously estimated sales of $1.92 billion and $1.96 billion that had been originally forecast.

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Collector’s Edition

Recently Sony revealed a number of special edition packs and box art for Infamous Second Son, a PS4 exclusive.  While the names and contents of the special edition packs vary between the U.S. and Europe, all do come with an exclusive DLC chapter that is titled Cole’s Legacy.

According to Sony, Cole’s Legacy will include several Delsin missions that will reveal what happened between the events of Infamous 2 and Second Son.  It’s worth noting that the DLC will not be available for purchase when the game launches in stores next year.  It is an exclusive offer for those who buy the special edition and for U.S. gamers who pre-order the game.

While no firm release date has been provided by Sony, the rumor is that the game is intended to launch in February 2014.

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XP system revamped

Thanks to fan feedback, one especially troublesome mechanic of the game Thief has been revamped.  Thief’s XP system, first seen at an E3 demo, was explained by Nic Cantin, the game director. “At first, we wanted to outline the progression of the player with XP, but it was reducing our motivation to steal.  The main goal of a thief should be to gain loot. Garrett is already the Master Thief, so we saw no need to have XP as a core mechanic.”

Daniel Windfeld Schmidt, lead level designer, stated that assigning XP to certain actions didn’t allow gamers to feel that they could take any path they desired within the game. “Fans might be surprised how often the devs go to the forum to see how things are perceived in the ‘real world’.  This feedback is extremely valuable to us, so as you can imagine, the consistent reaction to the XP system was something that indicated we needed to revisit some design decisions.”

Now that XP is gone, gold has returned to center stage.  It is both an intrinsic goal and a way to upgrade and diversify your equipment.

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Your chance to play on the system early

Unlike Microsoft, Sony won’t be going on any international road trips with their next-gen system.  However, U.S. gamers can still get a taste for the system with hands on experience at select retailers over the coming weeks.

Nationwide, kiosks will be set up at select Sony store locations so you can get a firsthand look and feel for the PS4.  You will get an chance to play Knack, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, FIFA 14, Super Motherload, Contrast, and Pinball Arcade during the first wave of the hands-on PS4 promotion.

If you don’t have a Sony store in your town, no worries, some of the other stores that will be offering the PS4 kiosk include GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.  Just a word of advice, if you do get a chance to test drive the PS4, do bring some hand sanitizer with you, seriously, those things can get pretty yucky after hundreds of users.

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Not porting to PS4

According to Naughty Dog, The Last of Us will not be porting to the PS4.  When asked recently if there were any plans to bring the PS3 exclusive game to the next-gen console, Eric Monacelli, Naughty Dog community strategist, stated “We have no plans to do that.”  Period.

Released with highly positive reviews last June, The Last of Us shipped 3 million copies in its initial days.  Just recently new multiplayer DLC was released for the game and a single player expansion is expected to be released later this year, or early next.

During this year’s E3, Naughty Dog did confirm that they were working on a new PS4 game, however, we still have no details on the project.


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