CSR Classics Walkthrough [Guide]

CSR Classics

CSR Classics is the latest addition in the CSR franchise, and it offers the same racing action that fans of the series have loved. Your reflexes and timing will be tested as you race towards victory against different opponents from various regions. You will also have the chance to restore “unloved” classic cars from famous manufacturers into their former glory, allowing you to drive luxury vehicles that you’ll probably never get the chance to get a hold of in real life. Do you have what it takes to be the best racer in town? Play CSR Classics and find out.

CSR Classics is a racing simulation games where players can own and drive different cars against the AI. There are several modes available where the ultimate goal is to reach the end of the stage faster than your opponent. This not only requires having a fast and powerful vehicle, but also good timing with regards to making a good start and shifting at the right moments, specifically when the light turns green.

Players can purchase different vehicles that they can upgrade and restore. This will allow players to drive better and faster cars that will be very important when facing tougher opponents.

Cash and gold are the two types of currency within the game. Cash is earned by participating in races, although players can earn more by winning as well as doing well with regards to starting and shifting. Cash can be used to purchase vehicles and acquire upgrades. On the other hand, gold is used to purchase loved vehicles and even some premium unloved ones, as well as speed up the delivery of vehicles purchases, which usually takes up some time. Gold can also be used to refill your gas tank instantly, higher level upgrades, and even tuneups that will make your car perform better for a few races.

Gold is awarded each time players level up. Levelling up, in turn, happens after players have joined enough races and have purchased enough upgrades. Should you run out of either gold or cash, more can be purchased via in-app purchases.

Different cars can be acquired that you can use in a race. Cars come in both loved and unloved forms, with the main difference being that unloved vehicles will have to be restored first. With regards to this, upgrading vehicles will also improve their performance and base attributes in key areas such as power, weight, grip, and more. Players may also have nitrous installed which would, for a limited time, provide your car with a much needed boost during the race. Players can also change the overall look of your vehicle by changing its colors and adding decals, the latter of which would also give you bonus cash for each race that you join in.

Game Modes
There are several game modes available within CSR Classics. These include the Regulation Race where players can progress through races in difficulty levels that they can select. Another mode is the Ladder Race where players can participate in a set number of races with increasing difficulty. The main difference between these two modes is that with Ladder Modes having a set number of stages that cannot be repeated while players can participate in Regulation races as much as they like.

Another mode is the Crew Battle where players can face four lower level races before facing the ultimate boss for the region. This mode is the most difficult mode of all as these opponents are significantly tougher than usual. Thus, it is important to really upgrade your vehicles or grind out enough currency to purchase more powerful ones. Lastly, the Daily Events are a set of races where players are lent different vehicles that players can use to race. There are only a set number of Daily races, and players will have to wait until the next day before they are available again.

All modes will allow players to earn currencies that they can use to earn new vehicles and get upgrades for them. Of course, choosing your battles is very important as you wouldn’t want to waste gas in a losing battle. Also, defeating the boss in one area will open up the next tier, allowing players to participate in new races, face tougher enemies, and purchase new cars.

Tune Ups and Gas
Tune ups are special boosts that players can purchase so that their cars can perform faster in the next couple of races. Tune ups are available from the mechanic, and will cost gold to acquire. Tune ups are necessary if you just need a little extra boost to defeat a particularly tough opponent.

Gas is an important resource with CSR Classics, as this is required to participate in races. Your gas regenerates over time, but those who do not want to wait may opt to purchase them using gold.

Tips and Tricks
Always know how your vehicle behaves, especially with regards to where its “green light” zones during startup are, and how fast the vehicle is in between shifts. Knowing your vehicle by heart will give you an edge as you can better time your revs and shift changes. Also, upgrading is a very important aspect of the game as a single upgrade may already be enough to edge out an opponent that keeps pn beating you under your current setup.

However, prudence must be given especially when deciding whether you would like to upgrade an existing vehicle or just purchase a new one with better stats. At latter parts of the end, a higher tier vehicle with no upgrades might be better than a low tier vehicle with all upgrades purchased. In addition, don’t just purchase any vehicle or buy any upgrade just because you have enough money to do so. Select your purchases wisely and save up on your money earned by participating in races even if you lose.

Lastly, make sure that you practice your timing so that you can get every inch out of your vehicle. Sometimes, you’ll only win within inches of your opponent, and this will rely on those instances where razor thin reflexes are required, so make sure that you keep your eye on the red lights and act as soon as those green lights appear, since any mistake will surely cost you the match.


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