Escape from Doom Walkthrough [Guide]

Escape from Doom

If Temple Run were a bit more realistic, then it would look a lot like Escape from Doom. There would be less jumping over gaps or sliding under walls of fire, and more shooting the faces off mummies. There would definitely be no mutated monkeys, either. Escape from Doom is a fresh new approach on the endless running genre as it gives players a first person point of view, as well as a reward system that will unlock more content from the game the more you play and the better you get. Escape from the undead mummies and beat your personal best scores by reading up on this guide.

Escape from Doom is an endless running game where players are tasked to run across the desert while an endless stream of mummies rise up from the sand. Players can then choose to either avoid them outright by strafing left or right, or strike them down using weapons found during their run. Perks and other items may be unlocked by completing quests, but most of these will require good reflexes, a nice shooting eye, as well as good strategy especially since some quests will really require players to go out of their way in order to complete.

Urns and treasure chests will be the player’s best friends as these will allow him to acquire offensive weapons and other essentials, although simply running away from mummies is always a viable option. However, this will prove to be more and more difficult the farther you get along as there will be more mummies appearing, making simple avoidance a very challenging task.

The only current within Escape from Doom are Emeralds. These are earned by collecting them in urns. Emeralds are used to skip tasks that are more difficult to achieve, and can also be used to purchase extra keys and unlock perk slots early. Aside from these, emeralds serve no function, so skilled players will really have no reason to collect them unless they would like to get the highest score possible with less effort.

Like emeralds, keys are found in urns. Keys can be used to unlock treasure chests which will in turn provide players with weapons that they can use against mummies. Should players encounter chests without keys, they cannot access the weapons within. Additional keys may be acquired in exchange for emeralds. Both urns and treasures are strewn all over the stage, and players need only make contact with them in order to acquire the contents within. Of course, in the case of chests, keys must be in your inventory.

From time to time, sandstorms will appear in the desert. When sandstorms happen, visibility will be lower than usual, making it harder to see mummies. Mummies are also more numerous during these times. However, players can also take advantage of this situation as urns and chests will also grow in number, making sandstorms a win-lose situation for them. Surviving sandstorms is also one of the many possible requirements during quests.

As players complete quests, they may be able to unlock perks that can then be equipped. These perks will provide bonuses to players during their runs such as getting to acquire double the ammo once they pick up weapons. Players can equip up to three perks per run, but two slots will only open up once they reach a certain level. These slots can be unlocked early, however, using a certain number of emeralds. Choosing the right perk that suits your play style is very important to last for as long as possible during your run.

Players technically can level up by completing quests. Each level is comprised of three quests that must be completed individually, either during a run or cumulatively. Quests may include killing a certain number of zombies in a run, reaching a specific distance, or collecting a minimum amount of emeralds or keys, among others.

Once all quests in a level is completed, new quests will then open up, and an item either in the form of a perk or new weapon will unlock. These will now be accessible in the sense that Perks can now be equipped and weapons can now be accessed randomly via treasure chests. Quests that are more difficult to complete can be skipped by paying emeralds.


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