Monster Adventures Walkthrough [Guide]

Monster Adventures

You are one of the Kindred, a group of special people who are capable of forming a strong bond and controlling powerful creatures in and around Yerpa. Monster Adventures allows you to control different monsters, or “Spirits”, as you embark on quests and battle other trainers in the Arena. There are a lot of customizations that can turn your monster into a formidable beast, and the world is very expansive, allowing you to explore vast environments and capture different creatures, each with their own abilities. Do you have what it takes to be the best monster master in the world? Then make sure to read up on this guide to improve your chances in surviving this lovely but very dangerous world.

Monster Adventures is a monster battle game where players can capture and maintain a team of monsters, called Spirits, as they complete both required and optional quests to push the story forward. This focuses on exploring different areas within the world and battling different creatures that you will meet along the way. During this, your monsters will also earn experience as well as currencies that you can then use to improve their attributes and abilities. This is very important especially if you feel that you are ready to go into battle at the Arena or against other players online.

Ensuring that your monster benefits from all the items that you have acquired through the imbuement of elements, the proper development and usage of abilities – as well as using essences and fruits – are essential in finding success within the game.

Coins and element orbs are the two currencies within the game. Both of these can be acquired in the wild as players battle against creatures, with element orbs being the rarer of the two. These currencies can also be acquired as rewards for completing quests, and can also be purchased using real money. Coins and orbs can be used to purchase items from any of the three merchants available within your home town, namely the Alchemist, the Essence Man, and the Fruit Vendor.

Fruits are special items that can be used in the Wilderness, and can either be collected in the wild as items, or purchased from the fruit vendor. Fruits have a variety of effects such as replenishing your monster’s health, teleporting them back to the town where they can heal and rest up, or provide your monsters with ability boosts or elemental damage for a limited amount of time. Using these especially when you are in a pinch can turn the tide of battle in your favor as well as save your skin when you’re especially low on health.

Essences are bought from the Essence Man, and his inventory changes from time to time. Essences are essentially parts of other monsters that you can equip to your own monster, changing both his appearance and base attributes. Essences can be equipped either on the head, body, arms, and legs, and this will result in certain stats increasing while possibly dropping others. Attributes that can be changed include HP, MP, attack, defense, and speed.

Essences, aside from being equipped, can also be used in the wild, as this will cause the essence of the monster from which the item is derived to come out and aid you for a limited time.

The Alchemist can imbue your monster with elements in exchange for element orbs. Elements can definitely be a game changer as monsters imbued with elements can deal much more damage against enemies susceptible to that particular element. However, this will provide you with a significant weakness against other elements as well. The main formula with regards to the elements hierarchy is that water is stronger against fire, fire beating grass, grass beating rock, rock beating bolt, and bolt beating water. Knowing these rules will and applying them properly during battle will surely be able to give you and your monster an advantage. Of course, players can opt to reset their elemental affinity by paying coins.

Your monster is the main character within the game, as he will be the one that will explore the wilderness and engage in battles. Monsters have different stats but these can be improved by leveling up, using essences, or eating fruits that boost your attributes. Monsters can battle other creatures by attacking them by hand or by using abilities. They also have the option to capture weakened enemies using nets for submission to the Scholar.

Monsters have limited health, and keeping an eye on this is very important. Monsters do not level up on the field, as this will only happen once they have returned to Yerpa. Letting your monster die in the wild will immediately return your monster to your base, but with only half of the collected coins, experience, and creatures that have been collected, as well as all items that you have acquired. Thus, it is very important to be near teleport portals when you are low on health, or have fruits that will allow you to regain HP. You can also use Yerpa fruits that can instantly teleport you back to Yerpa even if there are no portals around.

Monsters that lose health will regenerate it over time, but the well in the middle of town will allow you to refill your health instantly, giving you the chance to immediately go back into the wild. However, the well can only be used once every few hours, so make sure to make it count.

Abilities are special skills learned by collecting creatures and presenting them to the Scholar. By giving enough creatures of a particular kind, a skill will be learned, and your monster can equip these abilities for their own use. Abilities can be of either a passive or active nature, and monsters can only equip a specific number of them at a time. Using active abilities also uses up MP, which regains itself over time.

In order to capture creatures, players must weaken them enough to make the process easier. Players can switch from attacks to using nets. Take note that players that have the net equip cannot attack, making them vulnerable to more aggressive creatures. Also, nets have a much longer cooldown period, so ensure that you can capture a creature with minimal attempts. Better nets can be acquired which would increase the chances of a successful capture even if the enemy is not significantly low on health.

The Arena is where players can pit their monsters against each other in battle. Players can select the setting by which they would like the battle to take place, such as location as well as the level of the enemy. A Co-Op function is also available aside from the VS mode, and this allows players to help each other in taking out much stronger monsters.

Quests are a great way to earn currencies, as the rewards for achieving tasks are much higher than just grinding without direction. There are both required and optional quests, with the latter having specific time limits but can generally provide you with bigger rewards. Make sure, though, that you finish optional tasks before the timer runs out or you will lose your progress regardless of how close you are to finishing the task.


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