Random Runners Walkthrough [Guide]

Random Runners

The enemy has gotten a large foothold in the area, and you are the only hope against them and their army of ravenous zombies. Fans of 8 bit platforming games like Mega Man or Contra will be able to appreciate the nostalgic charm of Random Runners, but there’s still something within this title that will interest gamers belonging to the new generation. With exciting and challenging levels that will push you to the edge of your seats, Random Runners is definitely not for the unskilled gamer. Save the world – as well as your own skin – as you play this game by reading this guide first.

Random Runners is a platforming game with some endless running elements thrown in. Players can control different characters whose only move sets include jumping, sliding, and shooting. Movement is automated, and players can only run in one direction, although they are also capable of bouncing from wall to wall as well as sliding down on them, the only instances where players are able to move in the opposite way.

It is important to note that, compared to other running games, getting stuck in an area will not cause a game over. Rather, players will be able to escape. The stage will end, however, once the player’s health has been depleted completely, either by making contact with zombies or by getting struck by the various hazards strewn all over the stage.

By collecting currencies, players can purchase better characters as well as stronger guns to survive both the challenging levels as well as rank high in the global leaderboard under Endless Mode. It’s not just the characters and weapons that will guarantee your chances of success, however, as having good reflexes and control of your characters’ movements as he avoids obstacles such as spikes, land mines, hanging and rolling maces, and of course, zombies, are very important as well.

There are two types of currencies within Random Runners. The first type of currency is gold, which is found rather abundantly and can be collected in each level. On the other hand, gems can also be found in the levels, but are much rarer and more difficult to acquire. Purchasing characters and weapons will require a certain amount of gems and coins, so players must make sure that they have enough of each resource either by grinding for them in previous levels or by purchasing them using real money. Gems can also be used to revive characters upon death so that they can proceed with the current level that they are playing in full health.

Like coins and gems, stars can also be collected throughout each level. There are a total of three stars for each stage, and these stages are ranked based on how many stars you have actually collected. Should players miss out on any stars, they can simply replay the level to collect them all, as well as get extra coins and gems in the process.

Players can purchase and use other characters aside from the one that they started with. While some character changes are only cosmetic in nature, some have better attributes such as more health or having the ability to jump higher than others. It is recommended that players get the best character available and not spend precious currencies on the next available character. It’s still a matter of personal choice, however, especially if a certain character just looks cool even if they don’t have the best stats. Characters can be purchased via a combination of both gems and coins.

Like characters, guns must also be purchased via gems and coins. Guns provide players with offensive capabilities when faced with zombies. Different guns have different attributes such as fire rate and reload time. This is especially important depending on your style of play, as players can choose to either tap repeatedly at the fire button to make maximum damage or buy more powerful guns that can dispatch zombies with significantly less shots.

Players should also take note that not all zombies are created equal within the game, as those creatures with hats are tougher than usual. Should players meet a zombie that they cannot destroy in time, they can opt to just jump over them rather than receive damage.


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