Goodbye Deponia [Review]


The previous two Deponia games by Daedalic Entertainment were examples of point-and-click games still being viable in the current era of gaming, where everything is dominated by “awesome” graphics and lashings of instant gratification. All they did was to make them look and sound better than its counterparts, and that was quite enough to make people notice. Now they have literally said goodbye to the series with the third and final game, even putting “Goodbye” on the title itself. As a swan song, it’s a good and goofy one at that.

Goodbye Deponia takes the 2.5D adventure gameplay with the nice visuals, exemplary voice acting, and fun writing into a form that few other point-and-click titles could ever match. This is a game that you play to lighten up and relax on, perhaps with a cup of coffee and some bagels on the side. The art style is definitely a big attraction here, with smooth lines and bright enough colors, which is kind of like Penny Arcade with less angular features. Following the dialogue between characters is like watching a high quality animation series. This is the type of game that you’d screenshot quite a bit due to the visuals and the interesting character designs in it. It’s almost like The Wolf Among Us, but a bit less serious.

The story is quite good as always, although there is one issue though with the protagonist. Even though Rufus has done some growing up since the first game, he’s still not that likeable as a character. As for the comedy featured here, it is perhaps the real strength of this game since the humor makes for a bit of a lighthearted and laid-back playthrough, although it may not be suitable for everyone’s taste. It’s not inappropriate, but it may be funny for one crowd and slightly cringe-inducing for another. But it’s not terrible at all and it does suit the tone of the story itself, with wisecracks and other funny elements in the dialogue. The soundtrack is not bad either, with catchy tunes that feature the narrator for a bit of extra fun.

Playing the game itself is simple enough, since it’s the usual point-and-click adventure game that most are used to. If you do have questions regarding gameplay, then the hints system would just tell you what you need to know. Just about anyone can start playing and get into this game quite nicely. It doesn’t carry over to the puzzles though as there is no hint system in those and they do require a bit of fiddling around in order to figure out, so you can’t just look at something and solve it right away on the first try. Sometimes, you may even take a while to figure out what you’re supposed to do. But for the most part, the game does feel more refined than the previous titles, especially since the developers had actually taken the feedback posted on their online boards relatively seriously.

If you liked the Deponia series, perhaps you’d be a bit sad with this being the last game in the series. But looking back at the games, it does stand well as a trilogy and with this as the finale. Not everyone may think of this game as an overt masterpiece, but at least players are sure to have fun with Goodbye Deponia. It’s available now on Steam.

Tested in PC. Final Score: 7.5/10


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