Kingdoms and Monsters Walkthrough [Guide]

Kingdoms & Monsters

You’ve been left an inheritance by your father, although the land that you’ll now be living in is not what you had expected. That’s not to say, however, that you can’t do anything to bring the town to its former glory, as you’ll be getting a lot of help along the way. By building stores and different constructs – as well as gathering the right resources – you can turn the place into a thriving community where everyone is happy ad satisfied. Are you ready to take on Kingdoms and Monsters? Read this guide to get you better equipped.

Kingdoms and Monsters is a city building simulation game where players must construct buildings and gather resources in order to expand the land. There’s also a lot of crafting involved so that requirements for quests and orders from the market can be met. Players would also have to manage their workers and citizens to ensure that they are satisfied with living in your land. Of course, expansions are available so that you can build more and acquire more materials that you will use in quests.

Leveling Up
Collecting resources and completing quests are the main ways to earn experience points that will in turn allow players to level up. Leveling up will reward players with currencies, as well as unlock more contents from the game, so that you will be able to build more and get more out of your playing experience.

The two types of currencies involved within Kingdoms and Monsters are coins and crystals. Coins are earned by collecting from economic buildings like houses and cabins, and can also be collected by completing orders in the market. Completing quests and leveling up will also award players with this currency. Purchasing items at the store and upgrading them will cost a certain amount of coins.

Crystals, on the other hand, are used to speed up upgrades, production, and other processes that usually take up some time. Crystals can also be used to purchase premium items as well as acquire some resources that you currently do not have. Crystals can be earned in some quests as well as when leveling up, although getting enough to speed things up will usually require in-app purchases.

Lastly, raw materials are produced by some buildings, and having enough is required mostly for the purpose of expanding your kingdom. Raw materials, like coins and crystals, may also be purchased using real money.

Different buildings can be constructed, and each will serve a particular purpose. Some will generate coins and raw materials as well as resources, while others would serve as decorative pieces that will help increase your citizens’ satisfaction, which is especially important as satisfied citizens will provide you with rewards from time to time, and stations that will allow players to craft different items. Each building would have a worker cost, which is why you cannot just build anything that you want without considering your current population. For this, expansion can be done by purchasing deeds from the Orc Merchant, which would allow you to expand to the surrounding lands.

Construction and upgrading, the latter of which allows these constructs to perform their tasks better, will take different times to complete. This can be sped up, however, by spending crystals. Upgrading will also open up additional functions for certain buildings, such as allowing more items to be crafted.

The Market is an area that will open up later in the game. Here, players can look at orders and try to satisfy them. This requires players to acquire different resources and craft them at the required stations. Successfully serving orders in the market will reward players with coins as well as experience. Players will be able to see how much resources they have gathered by looking at the Inventory tab. Take note that resources and raw materials are two different things.

Charles, your helpful butler, as well as other characters will be providing players with quests. These should take priority above all other tasks that you would want to do, as these are the best ways to earn additional money as well as a lot of experience. Many quests can be available at once, and players can see their progress for each task by clicking on each one.


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