Rabbids Big Bang Walkthrough [Guide]

Rabbids Big Bang

Some people may be hesitant to hit their buddy in the face under any circumstances. With Rabbids Big Bang, however, that act is pretty much a requirement. The game features a rather crazy rabbit literally sending his friend into orbit by whacking him as hard as he can, but it actually serves a purpose. What results is a different type of physics puzzle game that is both entertaining and challenging. Make sure that your swinging arm is ready for an out of this world adventure by reading through this guide.

Rabbids Big Bang is a physics puzzle game where players must control a rabbit mid flight as requirements must be met to clear each stage. These quests can range from collecting coins, reaching certain destinations within the level, hitting orbiting objects, and many more. In order to do this, players must play around using the game’s concepts of gravity, propulsion, and momentum. This will take some getting used to, but by effectively altering your rabbit’s trajectory via the angle of your swings as well as the use of your jet pack, in addition to using the respective planets at play’s gravitational pulls and pushes, players can effectively make the rabbit go where they want it too.

Coins are the only currency within the game. Coins can be earned by completing levels as well as collecting them in the various stages that can be played in. Extra coins may also be purchased using real money. Coins can be used to upgrade your whacking stick as well as your jet pack. It can also be used to refill your fuel during the stage, as well as to acquire extra outfits to truly make your rabbit your own.

Your stick defines how strong your launching power would be. This in turn defines how well your acceleration and, ultimately, your control would be. At the beginning of the stage, players can set the trajectory by which they would like to launch the rabbit, and your stick’s level will pretty much define how strong a launch it would be.

Your stick can be upgraded using coins at the store. Once a certain level has been met, your stick will change appearance and will be more powerful.

Jet Pack
Your jetpack allows you to change direction as well as accelerate during flight. This is especially important as jetpacks can change your flight path significantly so that you can go where you want or even get out of the planet’s atmosphere and get into another one. Jet packs require fuel to work, however, and this can be refilled instantly using coin or by collecting fuel orbs that are strewn in specific levels.

Like your stick, your jet pack can also be upgraded to make it last longer and be more powerful. This is done via spending coins at the store, and your jet pack’s appearance will also change upon reaching each level.

Rabbit Ears
Rabbit Ears represent stars in most games of the same genre, and these signify how well players have performed in each stage. The faster players are able to finish the stage, the more Rabbit Ears players will be able to earn. While finishing a level will unlock the succeeding stages, the next set of stages will require that a certain number of Rabbit Ears be earned. Thus, it is recommended that players return to previously completed stages so that they could collect any Rabbit Ears that they may have missed the first times around.

Tips and Tricks
One of the first things that you should know when playing Rabbids Big Bang is how momentum and gravity works against and with each other. Being too fast when moving can work both ways, and what matters the most is that you can always keep control. Be wary also of the centrifugal force that can hold you in place, as well as the velocity required so that you can shoot out of the atmosphere, which is a requirement in some tasks.

Using your jet pack wisely is also a requirement. Most stages will not require players to use up all the contents of their jet pack, and most of the time, doing so would mean that you are doing something wrong. Sometimes, restarting the stage is much more practical than spending coins for a refill. Besides, exhausting your fuel supply would often mean that you wouldn’t be getting all Rabbit Ears in the level anyway, so it would just be better to try again.

Take also consideration that, sometimes, using your jet pack in short bursts is much better than exhausting your supply continuously. The former method provides for better control while the latter allows for rapid changes in trajectory as well as increasing speed.

Lastly, save your coins for upgrades on your stick as well as your jet pack, and spend only on outfits when you feel as if you can take on other levels without improving the current gear that you have. Coins will be scarce during the latter stages, so make sure that you have enough for those all important upgrades whenever the need arises.


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