Batman: Arkham Origins (iOS) Walkthrough [Guide]

Batman Arkham Origins

Batman is one of the world’s best known superheroes, and this new mobile game will definitely help the Caped Crusader gain even more fans. While the console version of this game has not yet been released, Batman fans will have to make do with the mobile version of Batman: Arkham Origins as we follow the Dark Knight’s early days while prowling the dark streets of Gotham, and facing off against different assassins and villains led by the mysterious Black Mask. Will the Dark Knight survive the dark night? Or will the mythos of Batman live on? His fate is in your hands, and this guide will serve you better than any utility belt ever could.

Batman: Arkham Origins is a fighting game where players control Batman as he battles one to many ways of enemies one by one. Players can tap and swipe in order to perform light and heavy attacks, respectively, as well as perform additional combos to deal greater damage. Players can also alter their stance depending on the situation, and there are accompanying abilities that are included in each stance. Using the right strategies is very important especially when facing the tougher bosses.

Players can also equip different Batsuits and gadgets to make themselves more formidable in battle, and upgrading skills and abilities is absolutely important in order to keep up with the more difficult challenges.

Cash and WayneTech coins are the two types of currencies available within Batman: Arkham Origins. Cash is used to purchase Batsuits and other upgrades, although premium currency may also be used. Coins are earned by participating in battles and leveling up, although these can be acquired via in-app purchases.

WayneTech coins, on the other hand, can be used to buy gadgets and other premium items. These also have the added function of being able to instantly refill your stamina. WayneTech coins are also rewarded from time to time, but the usual way to acquiring these are by exchanging the for real money.

Leveling Up
Fighting will earn players experience points. This will cause Batman to level up, unlocking more content from the game such as new Batsuits, skills, and abilities. Leveling up will also earn players extra currencies as well as boosts to their base attributes like strength, health, defense, and speed.

Stamina is energy that players must have in order to participate in fights. Different missions will require different amounts of stamina, so make sure that you always have enough. There’s a maximum number for the amount of stamina that you have, and this will regenerate over time. Should players run out of stamina, they can either wait for it to refill or spend premium currency for instant replenishment.

Different Batsuits are available within the game, and these represent some of the iconic costumes that Batman has worn during his history in comics. Batsuits are not just for aesthetic purposes, however, as some will provide boosts in your player’s base stats as well as provide certain perks that might be necessary when facing different kinds of enemies. For example, the Red Son Batsuit reduces damage for certain types of attacks, so it is best worn for enemies that have a particular style.

Batsuits can be purchased using either cash or WayneTech coins, but these would have to be unlocked first before they are made available for purchase. Some conditions include defeating certain bosses, while the Red Son costume can be acquired for free simply by logging into your WB account. Batsuits can be very expensiv, but wearing the right one during the right situations can pretty much save your life.

During battle, Batman can assume one of two stances. The Attack stance will let players deal more damage at the expense of receiving more damage in return. The Defense mode, on the other hand, works in the opposite way, as it reduces damage received in exchange for lowered offensive capabilities. Adapting stances will also allow players to use different abilities, all of which can be unlocked at certain levels and used during battle.

Stance abilities can be unlocked by having Batman reach a certain level. Most of these skills will deal damage to the enemy, but some will also help regenerate your health or provide you with offensive or defensive buffs. Their effectiveness can be upgraded using cash, and they can be activated at any point that they see fit. However, players should take note that each ability has a certain cooldown period, so using them wisely should be a carefully considered tactic. Stances can also be upgraded in and of themselves, making the player’s attack and defense stats improve.

Skills are pretty much passive abilities that will increase Batman’s fighting prowess. Skills will have to be unlocked before they can be accessed, and they can also be upgraded so that your character can be more effective in battle. Skills include having increased damage or speed, or adding electrical damage to your attacks. As a rule, dividing your currencies among upgrading skills and stances as well as tactics is important to turn Batman into a well rounded fighter.

Gadgets are special items that can be used to give you limited advantages in a fight. Gadgets can be used to increase your attack, defense, speed, or other attributes for a number of fights, and these would require WayneTech coins to acquire. Purchase these gadgets accordingly, only when your current stats cannot possibly match up with the incoming enemies or when facing a tough boss fight.

Batman: Arkham Origins is divided into four areas with several missions each. Only by defeating the boss in the current area will the next map be made available. Each region has different challenges that players can take, and although the concepts with regards to fighting remains the same, there are subtle differences for each.

Regular missions will appear from time to time, and will have players facing regular enemies. Most Wanted Challenges, on the other hand, will have players facing different opponents with some disadvantages, such as having the enemies regenerate health or having Batman constantly lose health. Most Wanted Challenges are ranked by stars, and getting more stars will make players eligible for greater rewards.

There are also Daily Events where there are tougher challenges, usually with a boss character at the end. These Daily Events have a specific time requirement, so players must complete this mission within the specified time limit in order to avail of big rewards. Lastly, there are also boss battles where players will be able to face the toughest opponents, and this would require you to be in your best fighting condition.

All of these will require stamina to participate in. However, players will also sometimes get ambushed. These are inescapable fights that will not expend stamina. The difficulty of each mission will also be displayed, giving you an idea of how tough or how easy an incoming fight would be.

Tips and Tricks
Performing combos is certainly key in winning battles. Look towards creating strings of attacks, and always look at the screen as sometimes, extra combos can be made available by swiping at the ordered direction. Of course, playing defensively is very wise, as well. It would be good to assume the defensive stance and block whenever the opponent has a glowing aura around him or her as this means that he or she will unleash a special attack. Please take note, however, that this does not mean that you won’t be getting any damage from this.

Special attacks based on your stance may also be used at the end of your combos. This most of the time will ensure that this will not get blocked. Most of the time, however, enemies will and can be able to sneak in an attack especially if you don’t make full contact. You can also use this tactic to break an enemy’s combo by starting a quick attack of your own.

Make sure that you unlock as many Batsuits as you can. Not only will this give you boosts in stats, but there are also perks that will make them perfect against different types of enemies. Alternately, you can also spend your cash on upgrading skills and abilities as these would still be active regardless of what suit you are wearing.

Keep your eye on the screen at all times. Sometimes, boss characters will engage in special attacks that will require you to play mini games in order to minimize or even counterattack. There are also times when you will be groggy from attacks, and players must tap at the circle that appears continuously to get your bearings back. It is also very important to take note of what skills you are currently able to use, as these can be pretty helpful especially if you are low on health or are facing tougher opponents. Just keep your eye on the screen and use everything available to you so that you can easily win against all the battles using all skills and weaponry at your employ.


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