Drift Mania: Street Outlaws Walkthrough [Guide]

Drift Mania Street Outlaw

There’s been a lot of racing games being released as of late, but none of them focuses more on the beautiful art of drifting than Drift Mania. With Drift Mania: Street Outlaws, players are able to experience the excitement of racing and drifting with all new tracks and vehicles. There’s a very steep learning curve involved, so it can be difficult to avoid hitting barriers and being able to produce the perfect turns. However, the entire process is very enjoyable especially when you can compete against some of the best players in the world using your customized and pimped out cars. Be the best drifter in the world by first reading up on this guide and then getting on the track for some extreme racing action.

Drift Mania: Street Outlaws is a racing simulation game where the ultimate goal is not only to finish within the designated time limit, but to perform well enough to reach score milestones. This is usually done by being able to finish within the specified time, and by drifting through sharp curves without hitting barriers or going off track. All of these would work towards getting you enough points to earn enough points for either the gold, silver, or bronze trophy that will ultimately unlock more content in the game.

Controls are fully customizable, and these include steering, accelerating, braking, as well as the throttle bar which will be very helpful when you are about to perform a drift. Steering can be controlled using either the accelerometer or via a virtual wheel. Players can also purchase, upgrade, and customize cars as they see fit using coins earned during races, with tuning mechanisms so that your vehicles will be able to perform the way that you want them to.

Game Modes
Drift Mania: Street Outlaws has several modes where players can test their driving and drifting skills. Career Mode is a series of single player campaigns where players must go through different missions to earn coins as well as unlock subsequent tracks. Here is where players would be spending most of their time initially so that they can earn enough coins to upgrade their vehicles or even purchase new ones so that they would be ready for online play. This is done by completing achievements within the many courses available within the game and performing well enough in racing by avoiding damage, racing fast, and performing longer and faster drifts, as well as drift combos that will greatly increase your total score and, as an effect, your coin rewards as well.

Drift Battle and Multiplayer Modes, on the other hand, will allow players to race against either the computer or against other players online. There are global leaderboards where players can brag about their achievements and rankings, and they can also brag about their wins to their friends via Facebook or Twitter. Lastly, the Practice Mode will allow players to get the hang of their vehicles as well as of the courses without any worries of beating times or other competitors.

Coins are the only currency within the game. These are earned by participating in races, with the amount depending on the score that you have earned. Extra coins may also be acquired via in-app purchases. Coins are used to purchase new vehicles, upgrading them, and customizing aesthetic aspects such as peripherals, paint jobs, and other decals.

Drift Mania: Street Outlaws features over twenty different vehicles, with each having different attributes such as acceleration, braking, handling, and top speed. These attributes can be upgraded using coins, but take note that there is a limit on how much a vehicle can be upgraded. Thus, players can keep in mind that buying better vehicles can be an option especially when facing tougher opponents.

Aside from performance enhancing purchases, players may also choose to customize the look of their vehicles. These will not increase the car’s performance, but will definitely be able to give it a more personalized look. Aesthetic enhancements include spoilers, body kits, new wheels, and many more.

Tips and Tricks
When racing, control is of utmost importance, and this goes double when drifting. Try to manage your speed and your steering such that you will be able to properly control your vehicle even when braking and turning. For best results, set your vehicle to within the lit up sections of the road, and keep in mind that the more angled your vehicle is while drifting, the better your score would be.

Other factors that would affect your score are how fast your car is going, and how long you are able to maintain the drift. Getting off track or damaging your vehicle will however decrease your score as well as nullify any combos that you may have ongoing.

Lastly, make it a point to customize your controls and tune your car’s suspension, gear ratio, and other parts so that you are more comfortable driving and controlling them during the race.


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