Batman: Arkham Origins [Guide]

Batman Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough

Blackgate Prison
The Final Offer
Lacey Towers
Gotham Merchants Bank
Steel Mill
Hotel Royal
GCPD Morgue
Bane’s Headquarters
Blackgate 2

3. Most Wanted
4. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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Christmas isn’t the best time of year for the Batman. Very early on his
career as the caped crusader, Batman draws the ire of Black Mask, a dangerous
criminal that has placed a $50 million bounty on the Bat’s head, bringing some
of the world’s most dangerous thugs ans assassins to Gotham.

LT – Aim Gadget/Quickfire Throw Batarang
LB – Detective Vision/Scan
RT – Crouch/Use Gadget
RB – Grapple
Y – Counter
B – Cape Stun
X – Strike
A – Run/Evade
LT + X – Quickire Explosive Gel
LT + Y – Quickfire Batclaw
LS – Move/Center Camera
RS – Look Around/Zoom
D-pad – Select Gadget
Back – Mission Interface
Start – Pause

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2. Walkthrough
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When you gain control of Batman for the first time, of course there will be
some tutorial stuff to go through. Hold RT to crouch. Hold A to run. Use these
basic skills to enter the prison and meet up with the warden as he is being
attacked by one of Black Mask’s thugs. Press Y when the button appears on the
screen to counter the thug’s attack, and then do the same when the warden tries
to attack you.

After the scene, go deeper into the prison. Take the stairs down and press A to
open the door. This next room is filled with the thugs of Black Mask. Combat
in this game is virtually the same as it was in Arkham City and Arkham Asylum.
X is the basic attack. Press Y to counter attacks when blue lines appear above
the heads of enemies. More combat basics will be taught to you a little bit
later, so I will touch on them as the game teaches them to you.

Defeating this first group of enemies will yield one enemy that can be
interrogated for more information. Approach him and press Y. After that, exit
this room into another cell block. Chase the drone down the block and then
some prisoners will come out of their cells to fight. Defeat them all. When
they have all been knocked out, look up.

There is an ledge to grapple onto. Use the grappling hook to get up there and
then fight the armored enemy on the other side. A new combat technique is
taught when battling armored thugs. Stun them with your cape by press B and
then X in quick succession. Then mash on the X button to get in a combo. If
you land enough moves in a row, the opportunity to press B and Y in
conjunction for a combo attack will become available. You will know that this
is an option when the buttons flash on the screen.

When the armored enemy is defeated, turn your attention to the large locked
door. Equip the Batarang using the d-pad and then aim at the button that
controls the large door. Detective Vision is also introduced at this point.
Basically, press LB at any point in the game to activate Detective Vision. This
will highlight important areas and objects in orange as well as point out
the location of enemies and other areas of interest.

Anyway, open the door by hitting the button with the Batarang. The door will
only partially open. Sprint at the door by holding A and then press RT when you
near the small opening to make Batman slide underneath of it. Defeat all of
the enemies in here that are harassing reporter Vicki Vale, then find the
grate to the ventilation shaft. Mash on the A button to rip the grate off the
wall and then crawl through the vents.

You have to quick-throw Batarangs to open the next door. There are two buttons
on the wall and both have to be hit at about the same time. Just rapidly pull
on the left trigger until this is accomplished.

In the next area, defeat all of the enemies. There seems to be no way through
the cells where the last enemy is. However, go to the room to the right of the
bars. There is a ventilation shaft in here. Attach the Batclaw to it (equip
the Batclaw by pressing “up” on the d-pad) and then mash on the A button to rip
the grate off the wall. Then run up the wall and go through the shaft.

When you drop down, equip the Explosive Gel by pressing “left” on the d-pad.
Approach the damaged wall and spray the Explosive Gel on the wall. Back up a
little bit and then hold LT and press RB to detonate the gel, taking out the
thug on the other side in the process.

Next spray the gel on the roof of the elevator shaft through the next door.
Blow this and them drop through. Use the Batclaw to once again rip a grate off
the wall. Climb through the shaft and then watch the cut-scene after getting
out on the other side. Then smash through the window by moving towards it and
pressing A twice.

More guards will pile into the room. The “evade” combat technique is taught at
this point in the game. To avoid being attacked by enemies, use the left stick
and double tap A to roll out of the way of their attacks. There will be a few
regular enemies as well as an armored thug to deal with here, but when they
are all defeated, exit through the door in this room.

Another short scene will play and then Batman will automatically recover the
memory card that Killer Croc was supposed to destroy. When the voices stop
talking, look up and use the grappling hook to zoom up the stairwell. Then use
the next couple of ladders to reach the roof of the prison.

* * * * * * * * * *
…Killer Croc…
* * * * * * * * * *
The fight against Killer Croc is not so bad. First of all, there is no
countering his attacks, so get that idea out of your head immediately. If you
notice, the lines above Croc’s head are blood red as opposed to blue, which
means that his attacks can’t be countered and should instead be evaded using
the technique learned not too long ago.

Hit him with the cape by pressing B and then X in quick succession to slightly
stun him. Then mash on X to hit him with a combo. A helicopter of Black Mask
reinforcements will show up as Croc grabs one of the explosive fuel tanks off
the roof of the prison to use as a weapon. As soon as you can get control
back of Batman (Batman will stop moving for a minute when the helicopter shows
up), use the quick-throw Batarangs (LT, remember) to blow up the tanks while
they are in Croc’s hands.

Defeat the Black Mask thugs and then return attention to Killer Croc. From
this point forward, the fight remains pretty much the same. Sometimes after
hitting Croc with combos, he will grab Batman and attempt to bite his head
off. To avoid this, mash on the A button to free yourself from Croc’s grasp.
* * * * * * * * * *
…Killer Croc…
* * * * * * * * * *

To Top

After the battle at the prison with Killer Croc, Batman will return to the
Batcave to analyze the memory card. Go to the computer and input the memory
card to learn all about the eight different assassins that are out for Batman’s

When that’s done with, you can either continue the main story or spend some
time in the training room. At any rate, when you’re ready to leave the
Batcave, head to the Batwing and press A to begin fast traveling. There will
only be one area open to travel to right now, so attempt to fast travel there.

Go through the front doors of the GCR Tower. There will be a few armed enemies
in here. Drop a smoke pellet by pressing Y. Then look up to the vantage point
above, an outcropping. Use the grappling hook to reach it. Then use the
grappling hook to go to the other end of the room and position Batman above
the thug that is holding someone hostage at gunpoint. Press Y to take them out.

Glide off the vantage point and go to the ventilation grate. Rip the grate off
and go through the vent. There will be an enemy close at the other end of the
vent, so press Y to get rid of him. Continue down the hall until you reach a
shaft. Grapple to the top and press Y to perform a “ledge takedown” on the
final enemy. Then climb over the ledge.

It’s now time for the first crime scene of the game. Tap LB to activate the
Evidence Scanner. Scan the victim in the bathroom and then scan the blood
splattered on the wall near the body. Go to the control panel and scan that.
Then use the left and right triggers to slowly move back through the crime
scene and find the keycard, which managed to fly through the ventilation grate
after the explosion.

Rip the grate off the wall and scan the keycard. Then approach the control
panel and whip out the Cryptographic Sequencer. Basically, just tilt both the
left and right sticks in the direction that makes the control vibrate the most
and spells out a word to complete the hack.

Climb up the ladder on the other side and then force open the first door in
here by mashing on A. Hack this device to meet “Enigma”. Then climb the next
ladder to be out and about in Gotham City.

Right now you can begin pursuing the Enigma side mission, which appears as a
blue objective marker on the map, but for those that want to continue the main
story of the game, make your way across the long bridge to the other side of
Gotham. When grappling, double tap and hold A to give Batman a boost into the
air that can in turn allow you to glide farther as you travel throughout the

Upon arriving in at the “meeting spot”, watch the cut-scene. Then glide down
and take on all of the thugs. When they have been defeated, it’s time to find
the first SIM card. Go to the location that is designated by the objective
marker and defeat all the thugs on the roof.

Then approach the Enigma puzzle that is nearby. It’s actually very easy. There
is an open hole on the fence with electricity coursing near it. Equip the
remote controlled Batarang and throw it through the hole and through the
electricity. Then direct it to smash into the fusebox on the far wall. Now you
are free to enter. Open the door and hack the console here.

Now for the second SIM card. Stick to the higher rooftops and such as you near
this area. There are three armed enemies surrounding your objective. Drop down
when they all have their backs turned and then quietly stalk them one by one
until they’ve all been defeated. Then approach the files and satellites and
what-not that they were guarding and press A to use the computer terminal

Now to triangulate Penguin’s position, move the cursor over the discolored blob
on the map and hold A. This will reveal the location of the Final Offer ship to
Batman. Again, approach with extreme caution. This time there are two snipers
to worry about as well as a bunch of thugs with guns. Take out the snipers
first, one after the other. Use smoke pellets if you get seen.

With the snipers out (find snipers simply by following the red laser of their
scope…it’s easier if you have Detective Vision turned off), it’s just a
matter of picking off the other thugs one by one until they’ve all been taken
care of. Then enter the Final Offer through the double doors on the lower deck.
Approach them and press A.

Two enemies armed with knives will greet you inside of the ship. To avoid being
stabbed, move the stick away from them and press Y. The lines above their heads
will be yellow to indicate that they are armed with a knife. Defeat the two
of them and then continue deeper into the ship.

Make your way across the various fire and water hazards using the pipes. The
next area you reach with enemies also has a crate there that is filled with
machineguns. Obviously, it is a bad idea to let them get any firearms, so try
to keep the enemies away from that crate. Defeat them all and continue to the
next area where you will find a raft.

Bring the raft closer to Batman using the Batclaw. Then hop on the raft and
aim the Batclaw at a nearby hook. Fire the Batclaw at the hook and mash A to
drag the raft across the water. Keep doing this until you reach a hook that is
above as opposed to on the walls. Yank on this hook to bring down the
foundation of that floor and then use the grappling hook to reach the next

Wait for the steam to stop coming out of the pipes to maneuver your way into
the Boiler Room where…

* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *
Hit him once.
* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *

Phew. Thank the Batgods that such a grueling battle is now behind us! Anyway,
the arena will fill up with enemies, so defeat them all. Watch out for the
enemies that throw stuff at Batman as that can be an annoyance. The final
enemy will need to be interrogated, so interrogate him. Then take note of the
door with the EXIT sign above it. Go through that door, drop down, and then
go through the next EXIT door.

Upon reaching the wall of ice, blow it up using Explosive Gel. Then continue
down the hall and use a combination of jumping and the grappling hook to get
to the next deck. Defeat the enemies in this next hallway, then go through the
door that is located underneath the random electricity. Look up and tear down
the wall using the Batclaw. Then climb up there using the grappling hook and
take notice of the fusebox on the wall. This is another Enigma “puzzle”.

Go on the opposite side of the door and throw a remote controlled Batarang.
Move it through the electricity, through the hole in the ceiling, and then
ultimately into the fusebox so that you can access the data there. When you are
done doing that, go through the ventilation shaft up here.

The next room has an armed enemy as well as a few other thugs. Take out the
armed guard first before focusing on the rest of the enemies in the room. Then
locate the grate in this area. Rip it off the wall and go through the vent.
Hack the control panel and then go back to the center room. Get rid of all
three enemies and then try to go through the next door.

More enemies will come piling out to attack, including an Enforcer-type enemy.
These are big enemies that charge around the room. Deal with them in the same
manner as you do armored enemies in terms of dealing damage.

In terms of defense, just evade a lot. When the red lines are above their
head, that means they are about to charge and slam Batman into a wall. If you
mash A fast enough when caught in one of these charges, it is possible to
escape without taking too much damage.

Then proceed to the next room, which is the Theater. There are numerous armed
guards and a possible hostage in the area. There are plenty of Vantage Points
that you can use to string up the guards. A recommended strategy is to go to
the Vantage Point at the far end of the Theater. Spray some explosive gel on
the ground, then string up the guard there, near the hostage. Retreat to a
different Vantage Point and then blow up the gel when all the other guards go
investigate the disturbance.

Whatever methods you choose to employ, clear out the room then continue
through the door that is connected to the theater stage to reach Penguin’s
office. Defeat all of the guards in here and watch the cut-scene.

* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *
When the scene is over, it’s time for an epic battle with Deathstroke. Mash
on X to keep Deathstroke on his toes, but be very careful to always counter
when the prompt appears. The prompt, of course, will be the blue lines above
Deathstroke’s head.

Keep at this until Deathstroke blinds Batman. At that point, start mashing on
the Y button. Then mash on X after Batman has successfully blocked all of
Deathstroke’s attacks. This process will repeat a few times until Deathstroke
gets some new tricks up his sleeve.

He will eventually start using his sword, which can kill you very quickly, so
always be ready to counter. He will also start connecting his remote claw
gadget to Batman’s chest as well as explosive barrels, so as soon as that
happens, be ready to hit Y when that barrel gets close!

Defeating Deathstroke will reward players with a scene as well as access to
Deathstroke’s fancy gadget.
* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *

Use Deathstroke’s fancy remote claw gadget (press “up” on the d-pad twice to
equip it) to try to pursue Penguin. The way the device works is that first you
set a line by aiming with LT and then pressing RT. Then you can use RB to
grapple up to it. Penguin will lock the door and access cannot be gained,
showing up on a large screen to taunt Batman.

Approach the large screen and go through the door here. As you try to backtrack
your way off the ship, what seems to be an impossible impass of water will be
encountered. Use that new gadget to create a zipline across the water so that
Batman can finally get the hell off this ship.

To Top

Immediately outside you can get involved in a side mission featuring Anarky.
Partake in it if you wish, but otherwise start heading to Lacey Towers. Once
you arrive, you’ll notice that the police are stationed at the building.

Two guards will be blocking the door that you need to go through to enter the
building. Use the grappling hook to reach the ledge right by them. Then get
rid of them with a double takedown. When they are both defeated, go to the
green door and press A to enter.

Once inside the hotel, go to the room where the murder occurred. This
investation will mostly just involve scanning one object after another. Look
for the red marks to find something to scan. The first thing that you need to
scan to kickstart all of this is the hand of the victim that is lying on the

When the game prompts you to rewind the murder, watch for the bullet
trajectory, represented by a red laser. This will lead you to the rest of the
clues that you need to scan. If you find that you’re one clue off or something,
then just keep rewinding until you find it. All clues will be found earlier
than when you began this.

With the crime scene sufficiently studied, exit the room. A guard with a
shield will be blocking the exit. Approach him and double tap A to perform an
attack from the air. This bypasses his shield and allows you to defeat him.
When he’s defeated, go back out into the city.

Fast travel to the Batcave. Once there, go to the crafting desk. It is there
that you will find the Concussion item that will be very useful in the next
chapter of the game. Pick it up and then make your way to the GCPD.

To Top

The first thing that you need to do is to actually get inside of the GCPD.
There are numerous police officers on the roof of the building and they are all
armed. What you’ll want to do is to take them out one by one with silent
attacks. The guard that is standing in front of the door that leads inside of
the building should be saved for last, however.

After you’ve sufficiently stalked the police officers and knocked them all
out, enter the building. Use the Concussion on the first set of guards and
then bypass them. You’ll then reach a part of the wall that needs blown apart
so use Explosive Gel on it.

Now stick to using the ventilation system to bypass encounters with the guards.
You will see a room with a large group of police officers, all with firearms.
Go to the nearby office that features a grate that can be yanked down with
the Batclaw. Do this and then grapple into the shaft. This will put Batman
above all these police.

Instead of engaging them, equip the remote claw. Shoot it directly across
from your current position and then use the line to simply go over the
heads of the police. Now continue through the halls, silently taking out the
police officers until you reach the locked interrogation room.

Hack into the interrogation room. Approach the one-way glass mirror and smash
through. Beat up Penguin’s thug (the same one in the Santa hat from earlier)
and then interrogate him when possible. After that, grapple above the next
door. Multiple police officers will be below, including one that is armored.

There is a fire extinguisher down there with them as well. Use the remote
claw to blow the fire extinguisher into the face of the armored one. Then
dropped down and beat them all up while they are all still dazed from the
extinguisher. Blow up the weak wall here and hop over the barricade.

Continue through the station until you reach what is obviously another Predator
room. Predator rooms are the areas where you are supposed to go around and
silently take out all the enemies. Well, this one is very easy. The cubicles
that are set up makes it hard for the officers to spot when one of their own
is being knocked out by Batman. It is very easy to just drop down, quietly
take out a guard, then zip away before anyone is of the wiser.

Try to hack the next door. There will be an error due to a disruptor in the
building. Fight your way to the elevator and hack it. Then use a Concussion
on the next group of guards. When they are dazed by the Concussion, run over
and knock all of them out. Go to the big red button and press it to continue.
Move through the large hole in the wall to reach what is, for all intents and
purposes, a dilapidated elevator shaft.

Look up and you’ll see a grappling point. Grapple there and then equip the
remote claw. Turn on detective vision to see a possible latch for the claw.
Shoot that and then use the line to crawl through the vent.

On the other side of the vent, pick up the Disruptor. Then return to the cell
block door that was being disrupted. Aim the disruptor at the device above the
lock and hold RT to disable it. Then just hack the lock like always, but be
ready for a serious fight on the other side of the door.

Not only do you have to deal with a ton of regular thugs, some armed with
knives and baseball bats, but there is also an enemy that has been using some
of the Venom drug, which is well known as the drug that gives Bane that extra
hop in his step.

Basically, this enemy has a ton of health and deals a ridiculous amount of
damage. He can also grab you and hold you for other enemies to come beat on
you. To escape from this hold, mash on the A button.

To actually defeat him, you have to rip out his Venom tubes. To do this, stun
him like he was an armored enemy and then mash on the X button. It’s a good
idea to get rid of any enemies holding knives before doing this because any
other enemies that try to break up your attacks can be countered without really
disrupting the flow.

When they’re all defeated, you’re free to return to the server room. Disrupt
the lock on the server room door and then hack the lock. Watch the scene inside
and then escape through the ventilation shaft. On the other side of this will
be multiple armed police officers. Use the disruptor to disable their guns and
then engage them in a fight. Defeat all of them and then hack the elevator.
Enter the elevator and ride it to the roof.

Another cut-scene will play, and it will end with a prompt to press the Y
button to drop a smoke pellet. Comply, disrupt their weapons, beat them up,
and then exit through the nearby doorway.

To Top

As suggested by Barbara, the next destination for Batman is the sewer system.
But before going there, there are SWAT team members on the helipad. Take them
out quietly from behind so they don’t wind up shooting at you when you’re
making your escape.

With these fellas defeated, it’s time to head to the manhole that is designated
by Alfred. There will be quite a few police officers in that area, though. So
use the Disruptor from a safe distance to disable their firearms and then
swoop in and take them all out. Approach the manhole cover and use RT in
conjunction with A to enter the sewer system.

Inside the sewer system, the first group of enemies you encounter will include
a martial arts expert. These armored foes are able to attack Batman twice in a
row, meaning that you sometimes have to double-counter them in order to just
land a regular counter attack. Fight off the first one of these and the rest of
the regular thugs surrounding him and continue.

Platform your way up to the control room, defeating any guards along the way.
Press the big red button at the controls. Then equip the Batclaw and open the
vent on the pipe to get the steam out of the way. Equip the remote claw and
use it to create a wire across the room. Zipline across and Batman will
automatically take out the guard here. Now hack the control panel in here to
open up the next gate.

Glide Kick the guard and then knock him out with a ground takedown before
continuing down the tunnel. You’ll reach a large room with enemies below on a
lift. Glide down to them and defeat all the enemies there. Press the button to
ride the lift to the top.

The room with the database can then be easily accessed. There will be a large
guard named “Tiny” in here that will grab you. There will be regular thugs,
one with a gun, and even TWO martial artists to fight. Defeat all of them and
then interact with the servers.

When Batman is done explaining things to Alfred, go through the door marked
EXIT. Use the ladder at the end of this tunnel to return to Gotham City.

To Top

Upon exiting the sewers, the Mad Hatter will greet Batman in his own twisted
way. This unlocks another line of side missions. When ready to continue the
main story, head to the roof of the bank. On the roof, switch on Detective
Vision to notice that there is a damaged wall on the stairwell. Destroy the
wall using Explosive Gel and then go through the hatch to enter the bank

Usually I don’t bother spelling out the words that unlock the doors because
they are often so easy to get. However, the locked door that you need to use to
return to the city after exiting the bank (and watching the Mad Hatter’s little
song and dance) is a bit tougher. The word they want you to spell out is

The first room of the bank is littered with bodies. The double doors that lead
to the vaults are locked. To the left of the doors will be a ventilation
shaft, however. Rip the grate off the wall using the Batclaw then grapple up

You’ll come to a floor that can be blown up with Explosive Gel. Spray the gel
on the floor and then blow it up. After the cut-scene ends, Batman will be back
in the main room of the bank, but this time there are thugs of The Joker

The main thug you need to worry about is the one that is jamming Batman’s
gadgets. If you switch on Detective Vision, you won’t see any of the other
enemies outlined except this one will have a red exclamation point following
him around to indicate that he is the problem.

Zip over to the Vantage Point that he is closest to and drop down. This
guard will then walk up some stairs. Hop over the railing and quietly take
him out.

Two more guards will be on the other side of the room while one more will be
near you. Take out the one nearest you by grappling back up the Vantage Point
and then gliding over that guard and taking him out. Then just pick off the
other guards one by one. To get the guards close to the door to leave their
post, string someone up or making other noise to alert the guards on purpose.

The final thug will need to be interrogated. Chase him down and interrogate
him with Y to learn where The Joker possibly could have gone. Exit the bank
through the front doors.

To Top

Upon exiting the bank, there will be a SWAT team there to greet Batman. Take
cover by the car they are near and then use the Disruptor to disable the
firearms of the two cops in the middle. Defeat them and then exit this area
and start heading to the Steel Mill.

The area outside the Steel Mill is, of course, heavily guarded. First take out
the sniper, then pick off the rest of the enemies. Then enter the Steel Mill.
Once inside, you’ll have to fight a bunch of thugs. Take them all out and head
to the next door.

Through the door you will hear enemies talking about how they have a turret
set up. Look above the door and rip the grate off the wall using the Batclaw.
Then grapple up there and go through the vent. Walk across the rafters in
their room and use the Disruptor to disable the turret and one of the armed
enemies. Drop down, defeat the enemy with a functioning gun first, and then
take out all the other enemies here.

Use Black Mask’s computer and then hack the nearby door. In the large main
room there will be a bunch of enemies messing with a crane. Defeat these
enemies and they will be replaced by another wave of enemies including Black
Mask’s Enforcer.

The Enforcer will grab you as well as smash the ground around you. To hurt
him, hit B three times in a row in quick succession to perform what is called
an Ultra Stun. This will leave the Enforcer wide open to attacks. Defeat all
the enemies and then approach the crane controls.

Press the red button on the crane controls to make the crane swing into the
brick wall. This will damage the wall. Try using the controls again and the
crane will short out. Go to the rear of the crane and use the Batclaw on the
hook that is on the back of it. Mash on the A button to pull on the crane,
which will in turn cause it to swing into the upper section of the wall.
This will smash the bricks out of the way and allow you to use the grappling
hook to proceed through the large hole in the wall there.

On the other side, Batman will start hearing a weird voice and seeing weird
things. Poor guy just can’t catch a snake. I mean break. Ahem. Approach the
elevator and you’ll find a dead enemy inside. As you ride the elevator down,
turn on Detective Vision and scan the dead body to find that the man died
from poison.

Continue until you reach the room where Black Mask is being held hostage. This
is a Predator Room, so get rid of all the enemies as stealthily as possible.
When they’ve all been taken care of, confront Black Mask.

When the cut-scene is over, activate the Detective Vision at the area of the
crime. Scan the ground to find traces of Copperhead’s poison on the ground.
Scan again to find even more info, then rewind until you see that Copperhead
left a bit of poison on a pipe near the ceiling. Scan this as well so that
Alfred can start on the antidote and so that he can send it to the mill.

Now backtrack out of the area. Ignore the hallucinations, but whenever a
Copperhead hallucination shows up, press X to swat it away. Keep going until
a fight is initiated with Copperhead.

* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *
Hopefully you’ve been upgrading your armor’s resistance to melee attacks or
else this battle is made even tougher, but it is definitely doable. Basically,
there are a ton of Copperhead hallucinations in the area as well as
Copperhead herself.

Your goal is to fight off the hallucinations, find the real Copperhead, and
then beat her up. Always be ready to counter attacks and try to evade the
swipes of her claws, which will be treated similarly to if she was holding a
knife or something.

This will continue to happen in a sequence of waves. Copperhead will then
start switching up her strategy considerably. Only a few hallucinations will
be seen at a time, but Copperhead will stick to the background, only charging
through the area when her hallucinations have been defeated. So after getting
rid of these hallucinations, dodge immediatley to avoid taking serious damage.

When the cure arrives, move toward it. Batman will inject it automatically.
Then it’s just a matter of beating up Copperhead a little bit more to tie her
up and throw her in the back of a truck. Oh, Batman. Such a gentleman.
* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *

Continue to backtrack out of the Steel Mill. There will be a few enemies
guarding the exit, but they should be really easy to defeat. Blow up the toxic canister in this room as well using explosive gel before returning to the wonderful city streets of Gotham City!

To Top

Batman is able to track down Electrocutioner’s location thanks to his shock
gloves. Basically, go in the direction that causes the number to deplete.
Doing this will lead you right to the hotel. There’s a group of guards right
outside the hotel, all armed with weapons.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to pick them off one by one like you normally
would in this situation, so instead disable two of their guns and then just do
your best taking them out. Retreat frequently to avoid being shot to death.
Upgrade Batman’s resistance to bullets if needed.

When they’re defeated, face the hotel’s front doors. Now take a right. There
will be a group of enemies all with shields over here. Defeat them, and then
go up the snow slope. This will lead you to another area with, you guessed it,
a bunch of thugs. Beat them up and then go through the door here.

Crouch and go down the tunnel. Wait for the two thugs in here to stand by the
window. Then walk behind them and take them both out with a single button
press. Now hop through the window and defeat all the thugs down here. Hack
the nearby console to get through the gate, but watch out as there is a puddle
of water on the other side that is currently surging with dangerous electrical

Disable the electricity by turning off the power. This is accomplished by
hitting the red button above the puddle with a Batarang. Then walk into the
puddle and look up. Turn on Detective Vision to see a point where you can use
the remote claw. Shoot it and then grapple up to the line. Continue to the
controls to the parking garage door. Open the parking garage door by pressing
the button on the panel.

Go through the now opened gate. Approach the fuse box that powers the main
generator to the parking garage. Press A to restart the generator which will
in turn cause the elevator to descend. Get inside the elevator and at the top,
you will be in another Predator Room, and this one has a guy that has a
gadget scrambler in it. Take him out first and then pick off all the other
enemies in the usual sneaky-Bat methods of sneaking and knocking people out and

Go through the security room door. After the cut-scene, Batman will
automatically equip the Electrocioner’s Shock Gloves. Use them to charge the
lift and ride it up to the hole. Grapple through the hole and then grapple
through the next open window on the hotel.

Head through the door. In the subsequent corridor, there will be a closed
gate. The generator that powers the gate is located on the wall. Hold A to
use the Shock Gloves to open the gate. It will be open just wide enough for
you to slide through and knock down the first enemy, which will give you a
nice advantage in the battle.

This is the first enemy encounter with the Shock Gloves, and damn are they
handy. Basically, Batman will charge the Shock Gloves by landing regular
strikes and countering attacks. When the Shock Gloves are fully charged,
click in both the left and right analog sticks to activate the Shock Gloves.
These significantly boost the power of Batman’s striking attacks.

At the next roadblock, take a right through the nearest door. This will be a
laundry room. Rip the grate off the wall in this room and then pass through
it to reach an elevator shaft. Jump on the roof of the elevator and then
charge the generator on top to ride it as high as it will go. Look up and
grapple to the next ledge. Press Y for a ledge takedown. Beat up all the
other enemies in this room as well.

Now look across to your next destination, another window on another side of
the hotel. Man, Batman has a funny way of going through hotels. Use the
remote claw to make a line to zipline across, which will automatically take
out the thug on the other side.

Listen to Joker’s taunts. He hints that you’re about to be shoot. Equip the
Disruptor and use it to disable the turret around the next corner. Then use
the Shock Gloves on the equipment on the well to open the door. Defeat all of
the enemies on the other side and then continuing to the large ventilation

Zipline up to the ledges and start shimmying across. Listen to the police
chatter as you continue to climb up using the grapple points. At the top,
create another rope bridge using the remote claw and use it to reach the ledge
with the fan controls. Disable the fans and then continue to ascend the room
with the fans safely off.

A bunch of steam coming out of the floor will be the next obstacle. Luckily it
is easily bypassed. Look above the steam to see a ventilation gate. Rip it
open using the Batclaw and then the Steam will be redirected there. Continue
to ascend, which will open the door for a very easy ledge takedown opportunity.

Defeat the next room of enemies, then go down the elevator shaft. Defeat the
next group of thugs to begin Joker’s twisted “amusement park”. The first test
of this sees three of Joker’s thugs being electrocuted with a combo of
electricity and water.

In order to save them, look at the two poles above their chairs. There are
buttons at the top. When the red light is on one of the buttons, throw the
Batarang at that button. You can also just spam the Batarang quickthrow. This
is timed though, so you will want to be quick. You only have 1:30 to get
through this.

After hitting both buttons, use Detective Vision to detect another remote
claw point. Use the remote claw to create a line. Grapple to the line and
then jump across to the weak section of wall. Use Explosive Gel to blow away
this wall and then hop down on the other side. Hurry to the control panel and
hack it.

Now backtrack a bit to the water. You are now free to continue through the
door down there, but another obstacle is thrown in your way immediately. There
is a control panel through the fenced off area to Batman’s right. Batman is
basically standing in a large clown head, and the fusebox keeping the exit
locked is behind that gate, behind the eye opposite of Batman.

Throw a remote controlled Batarang out of the eye opening. Then when a good
distance has gone, pull both triggers to make the Batarang do a U-Turn. Now
hold LT to slow down the Batarang as you guide it through the opposite eye.
Once through the eye, crash the electrified Batarang into the fusebox and then
go through the hatch to reach Joker’s next puzzle.

This one is very simple. There are four clown faces. They will light up purple
in a specific order. Keep track of what order they light up. Then when the
balloons appear above them, hit the balloons in that order. Doing this
properly will save the Joker thug that is being tortured with electricity.

Now you’re free to glide into the gladiator pit of sorts full of thugs. This
will include a Joker-loyal Heavy that you will need to deal with in the same
manner that you fought the Enforcer that worked for Black Mask before. With
them defeated, grapple up to the Jack-in-the-Box controls. Press the button to
make the large Jack-in-the-Box pop up. Use the remote claw to create a rope
bridge so that you can continue through to the next area.

A hostage will be getting harassed by an enemy with a gun. Take out the
enemy before he can kill the hostage. Speak with the hostage for a second
before opening the next doors.

The next area sees thugs threatening hostages on the other side of a gate.
Crawl through the small vent system to get under the gate and then pop out
and beat up all the enemies. When they’ve been taken care of, continue to
ascend the hotel using the open windows.

This will lead you to a room with a bunch of bombs set to go off on New Year’s
Eve. Hack the console to try to disable the bombs. This doesn’t work, of
course, so leap through the nearby window. Quickly tap RB to grapple to the
helicopter and then when the helicopter is hovering over the roof, tap B to
drop to the rooftop and start fighting off Bane’s men. You’ll find that Bane’s
mercs are slightly more difficult than the usual run of the mill thugs employed
by the likes of Joker and Black Mask…or should I say Joker and Joker?

Semantics aside, defeat them and then continue back into the hotel to be
thrust into another Predator Room. This one is actually quite easy. However,
there are mines on the ground, so don’t drop anywhere until you make sure it
is safe first.

When the guards have all been taken out, make your way to the elevators. Hack
into them and then hop aboard…

* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *
…THE BANE EXPRESS!!! YEAH BABY! Time for a Bane boss fight. This fight at
first takes place in just some random room in the hotel. Do not try to just
strike Bane, but instead wait for him to try to attack you. When the red
lines are above his head, roll out of the way to avoid being grabbed. If he
does grab you, mash on the A button to avoid getting a horrific backbreaker
(not literally) that sucks away a ton of health.

When the blue lines are above his head, tap Y to counter and then mash on X to
get a few good shots in and drain Bane’s health. Bane will then summon his
inner professional wrestler and juice up after his health has been sufficiently

Venom-using Bane is much more powerful than just regular psychotic ripped as
hell luchador Bane. He likes to charge at you and his punches deal a lot more
damage. In addition, Bane can pound the ground with both fists, creating a
shockwave effect that needs to be “evaded” (double tap A in any direction) to
avoid taking damage.

In order to bring the fight back to Bane when he’s using Venom, wait for a
good opportunity for an ultimate stun. Hit the B button three times in quick
succession to stun Bane, and then mash on X and beat the hell out of him. Use
the Shock Gloves if they appear as they will make this Bane battle go much
faster, by the way. But anyway, at the end of these combos, a two button prompt
will appear. Hit the buttons and Batman will rip out the Venom, allowing you to
fight Bane as normal until he juices up again.

Bane will eventually get tired of Batman and throw him through a window. This
brings the fight back to the roof from earlier. Bane’s moves and the strategies
you use against him do not change, but keep in mind that his mercs will start
helping him out as well.

Keep the fight on Bane until the GCPD show up in helicopters.

* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *

During the free-falling segment, press Y to avoid the Joker’s punch.

To Top

First off, we need to have flashbacks, hallucinations, and all that jazz. And
guess what? You get to control The Joker! Oh, glorious day! Glorious day
indeed. Fight the “thugs” (hecklers?) using the same combat style that Batman

Then you’ll be under the Red Hood. Just walk forward for this one. Keep
walking forward until control switches back to Batman arriving at the Batcave.
Batman has a few hallucinations of his own, however.

As you walk through the Batcave, Batman will, of course, see the vision of
his parents being gunned down. Because you see, unlike Macaulay Culkin, when
Batman’s parents disappeared on Christmas, they never came back.


Bummer! Anyway, Batman is then told by Alfred that he is getting the hottest
new Christmas toy, the one everyone is asking for from Santa this year — the
glue grenade! Jealousy levels through the roof. Grab the glue grenade off the
desk where you picked up the Concussion thing earlier.

Exit the Batcave now and go to the next objective marker to find a manhole
cover. Defeat the police around it and then go inside the manhole cover to
once again enter the sewer system. Remember before when you climbed up the
shaft and there were two doors to your left and right blocked by steam?
This is where that leads.

First you’ll need to glide down a shaft. Be careful not to land in the water,
but rather on the solid ground. Go through the door and you’ll be in the GCPD
area now. Quickfire the glue grenade on the first set of steam doors by
pulling RT twice in quick succession. Repeat the process for the next steam
trap and then hack the console near the ladder to get to the morgue. The
password is DEAD HOUSE.

Climb the ladder to get inside the morgue proper. Approach the dead body and
flip on that good ‘ol Detective Vision. Scan the body for clues and then leave
the way you came. If you want an Enigma datapack though, you will notice when
you have your Detective Vision on in the morgue that the ground is structurally
weak so you can spray your Explosive Gel on the floor and obtain it.

Backtrack the way you came and leave the sewers.

To Top

Batman will use the tracker he placed on Bane to find Bane’s HQ. Upon arriving
at the HQ, you’ll notice three armed enemies guarding it. There are two snipers
and one guard patrolling. Take the sniper on higher ground out first, then the
second one. Finish off the third armed guard last, then go to the door.

Defeat all the enemies in front of the door before going inside. Rip the grate
off the wall and move through the vent. Glide Kick on your opponent below and
fight the enemies, which will include TWO enemies with Venom. When they’re
defeated, proceed through the next room.

Toss a glue grenade in the water to create a raft. Stand on the raft and then
use the Batclaw on the hooks that are hanging off the walls to drag the raft
through the water. On the other side, fight off the rest of the enemies and
then go through the subsequent door.

Examine all of Bane’s computers and what-not. Batman will discover a few
things about Bane and what Bane knows and is capable of. Scary stuff. Leave
the way you came, once again using the raft to pull yourself across the water.
Batman will pick up a distress call that will muddy his initial plan of
returning to the Batcave to protect Alfred…

To Top

Arrive at the base of the bridge. Near the door that you need to go through is
an armed cop. Three regular cops will also be here. Take out the guy with the
gun first and then get rid of the other enemies before going through the door.
Once inside, chat with Gordon, then hack the nearby console to continue.

Rip the grate off with the Batclaw, climb the ladder, charge the generator to
get the elevator out of the way, block the steam, jump across, and then jump
to the next ledge and shimmy upwards.

Keep going until you reach the Predator Room. This room is very easy, despite
the fact that there are mines on the floor as well as a guy scrambling your
Detective Vision. Take him out first. Pick off the rest one by one as usual.
You know the score at this point.

When they’re defeated, approach the bomb. Rip the shutter off the bomb and
then hack it. It takes three different passwords to hack into the bomb. The
game gives you 21 seconds to think of the first password, 19 seconds to think
of the second password, and 17 seconds to think of the third password. Hacking
the bomb will disable it. Leave this room using the elevator.

In the next room, charge the generator to raise the lift. Stand on the lift
and use the Explosive Gel on the wall. Blow up the wall and the debris will
knock down one of the enemies on the other side. Beat up all the enemies in
here and then talk to Branden. Press Y during the talk with Branden to counter
his attempt to punch Batman and then climb the ladder.

The next room is a train station. There are multiple armed guards, but they
won’t be able to kill any of the hostages since they’re trapped in the train.
Upon entering this room, notice the enemy with a sniper standing on the
elevated platform. Go to him first and knock him out loudly. This will attract
the attention of the other enemies, but they can only climb up the ladder in
a single file line. This makes it incredibly easy to just beat them up, knock
them out with a ground attack, and keep doing this until they’ve all been

Afterwards, head to the control room. Press the button in here to lower the
train. Go on top of the train to find the next bomb. Disarm this bomb using
another sequence of three separate passwords with the same restrictions that
were on the first bomb.

After the chat with Gordon and Alfred, look at the map. Head south and continue
until you reach a wall that can be blown up. Attempt to blow up the wall and
the floor will give out beneath Batman’s feet. This is just a series of
grapples and climbing. When you jump on the rail, switch on Detective Vision
to see a hook for the remote claw. Deploy a line then glide to it. Press RB to
grapple onto the line and follow it into the somewhat destroyed train car and
use it to continue to the next area.

You’ll find three snipers here. Defeat the first sniper and then grapple to
one of the Vantage Points. Swing all the way to the last Vantage Point and
wait for the snipers to start walking away. Then just drop down, take out the
closest one silently, and then sneak up on the next guy and take him out
quietly as well.

This next room is unique in that the walls are imbued with dangerous
electricity. That being said, the electricity can actually be used to your
advantage. You can knock enemies into the walls to defeat the much easier.
Anyway, clear the room and then approach the generator powering these death
traps. Hold A to overcharge the generator and deactivate the walls. Then go
through the door to find another bomb. Deactivate the bomb with yet another
fire-based three password combination.

With these bomb deactivated, backtrack all the way to the train station. Defeat
the new enemies that have shown up here and then Alfred will open up the
fire door. Go through here and look to your left to find a locked door. Unlock
the door by hacking the console on the wall and head through.

Use the poles and ledges to climb up to the top of the bridge. You’ll then
have the drop on three enemies. One has armor, one has a gun, and one has a
knife. Defeat the three of them by glide kicking and immediately getting rid of
whichever one you think will cause you the most trouble. A bunch more enemies
will pour into the area and join the fight immediately afterwards, so take
them out as well. Then the big bad of the bridge shows up…

* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *
The battle with Firefly is unlike any boss battle before in that it is more
platformery in a sense. To start, Quickthrow glue grenades at Firefly. Then
keep pulling LT to just chuck a ton of Batarangs at him to damage him. Keep
repeating this process until eventually he is dazed enough that you can grapple
him and deal even more damage.

Firefly will then attempt to shoot you with his flamethrower. Evade the
flamethrower by rolling around to the left and right. Then continue with the
glue grenade/Batarang combo with a grapple as the cherry on top to keep
draining Firefly’s health meter.

Firefly will then start chasing Batman across the bridge, which results in a
quick platforming segment. Complete it and do your best to avoid Firefly’s
flames. When he stops and the camera returns to the perspective from before,
keep doing the glue grenade thing except now Firefly will throw grenades
instead of his flamethrower. The grenades are actually easier to avoid, though.

Firefly will then start just throwing as many grenades as possible. This will
start to completely destroy the part of the bridge that Batman is standing on.
When prompted, press RB to grapple ONTO Firefly to escape. During this
sequence, press Y when it pops up on the screen to counter the dangers as
Firefly zips around all over the damn place.
* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *

To Top

Batman will have to take a trip to the Batcave real quick. Upon arriving, run
to the computer and fix it. Then switch on Detective Vision. Glide down to
Alfred’s postion. Mash on A to pick up the rubble and then keep pressing X to
revive him using the Shock Gloves. Then return to the city and head to
Blackgate Prison.

At the front gates, defeat all the enemies. There will be a TON of them, so
try to Glide Kick and take out at least one to make things easier for yourself.
Some of these enemies will have electrical rods. You may not be terribly
familiar with this enemy type unless you’ve done some of the side missions
like the Anarky one, so to deal with them, press A to jump behind them and
then immediately press X to start dealing the hurt, Bat-style.

When the enemies have been defeated, open the manhole cover and enter the
sewers again. In the sewers, you will reach water that is electrified. Use
the remote claw to create lines to make it across the electrified water. You
will then reach the generator that is electrifying the water. Destroy the
generator and then create a raft using a glue bomb. Pull yourself through the
water using the hooks while standing on the glue raft. Then at the next control
room, press the button to raise the water.

Create another glue raft and hop on. Hold RT to crouch underneath the first
pipe. Then start pulling RT rapidly to keep throwing those glue bombs at the
steam vents on the various pipes in here. This will clog them up so that the
steam won’t do any damage to Batman. At the final part of this there will be
a large machine that will blow up once you clog it with glue bombs. Grapple
up to that point.

Use the Shock Gloves on the generator. Go into the elevator shaft and climb
up. You’ll then reach another Predator Room, this one with a whopping 10
enemies crawling around. Take out the sniper first, and then it’s fairly easy

Free Harley from the chair she is tied to in the center of the room. Then enter
the door she tells you to. You then have to go through a series of rooms of
increasingly difficult large group battles. There will be Enforcer-types,
enemies with Venom, and plenty of weapons and guns to deal with. Get through
it and follow the green paint on the walls to reach the room with the Joker in

* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *
This will result in a boss fight against Bane. Again. This time the fight is
simpler, though. Bane will charge at Batman a few times, then leap into the
air and slam his fists on the ground. Dodge all of this by spamming the roll.
Then Ultra Stun him and mash on the strike button until the button combo for
ripping out one of his Venom tubes pops up. Do that to take a chunk away from
his health.

Enemies will join the fray next. Try to get Bane to knock them over. When he
does his jump, it is very advantageous if you get Bane to knock them all down
so that it is easier to wail on him. Keep repeating this process until Bane
collapses and another cut-scene plays.

After the scene, press X repeatedly to revive Bane. The fight will then go to
death row, with prisoners locked behind electrified gates. This is a stealth
battle now. Use Detective Vision to keep an eye on Bane’s location. Hold RT to
crouch and silently move around the corners. Sneak up on Bane and then press Y
to perform a “silent takedown”. If you are near one of the electrified gates,
press X to smash Bane into one of them.

This will allow you to mash on X to punch the hell out of Bane’s head and
drain his health. If you are not by an electrified gate when this happens,
then you will still drain his health a bit but you don’t get to keep draining
his health by mashing on the X button.

After damaging him the first time, throw a glue grenade at his face to slow
him down. Then toss a smoke pellet on the ground to make your escape. Keep
repeating this process until Bane’s health is at one bar. Another scene will
play, which ends with a QTE of sorts. Shoot the remote claw at the designated
points to finish the battle against Bane.
* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *

With that done, start making your way to the Joker’s location. There will be a
distraction in the form of a battle with a bunch of Joker thugs, but you’ll
have Gordon’s help. When that is over, head to the chapel to fight The Joker.

This isn’t really a boss fight or anything. Just beat the hell out of him,
counter his attacks, complete the QTEs that pop up on screen during all of
this. Defeating The Joker will end Batman’s fairly terrible Christmas night…


Stay tuned after the credits for an interesting scene.

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3. Most Wanted
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While playing the story, Batman will receive various opportunities to pursue side missions in the game. These side missions are known as “Most Wanted” missions, as they deal with taking down or thwarting the plans of various villains from Batman’s legendary rogue’s gallery.

Use this guide for everything there is to know about the Most Wanted missions:

Batman: Arkham Origins – Most Wanted [Guide]

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4. Conclusion
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Thanks for using my guide for Batman: Arkham Origins! I hope this guide helped
you beat the game!

Please feel free to check out all my other content!

Batman on Christmas:

I made my parents disappear!

Oh wait.

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