FIFA 14 – Best Forwards Walkthrough [Guide]


Do you want to know who the best forwards are in the latest FIFA installment? If so, then read on for our list of the ten best forward players in FIFA 14!

Please note that this list has been compiled after looking into the player’s stats, age and potential. If you feel someone has been omitted that you feel deserves a mention, post your message in the comment section below!

10. Romelu Lukaku (Chelsea)
Age: 20; Pos: ST; Overall Rating: 77 (potential: 86)
With the terrorizing of the Premier League last season while on loan with West Brom still fresh in the memory, there was little doubt that Romelu Lukaku would be once again highly rated by the statisticians at FIFA. On loan at Everton for this campaign, the intimidating Belgian powerhouse is the complete striker already…and there’s plenty of room for improvement. His finishing is very good, while holding up the ball is not a problem either thanks to his strength and size. If you are looking for the next Didier Drogba, then Lukaku is the man for you.
(Rated #18 in Best Young Players list)

9. Stephan El Shaarawy (AC Milan)
Age: 21; Pos: LW/CF; Overall Rating: 81 (potential: 87)
The second AC Milan player on the list, Stephan El Shaarawy is already an established name in the world of football despite being just 21 years old. In the game, he is great at getting in behind defenses with his fast dribbling ability, and is also adept in finishing any created chances. Deploying him as a deep forward in a team might work best, as his vision and short passing talents will also mean he can bag plenty of assists, as well. With his potential, the Italian starlet will prove to be one of the best strikers in FIFA 14 within a few seasons of career mode.
(Rated #11 in Best Young Players list)

8. Luis Suarez (Liverpool)
Age: 26; Pos: CF/ST; Overall Rating: 86 (potential: 87)
Although he was in the midst of a summer-long transfer triangle with Liverpool, Arsenal and, if rumors are to be believed, Real Madrid, Luis Suarez was forced to remain with the Merseyside outfit. Although he was unhappy about this and wanted to leave, the Uruguayan frontman has since settled into the situation of staying with Liverpool and has been putting in some top performances since returning to the side. His stats in FIFA 14 are pretty tasty too, with his dribbling, finishing, acceleration, vision, positioning, and short passing being particular highlights. His traits of diving and being selfish let him down slightly, but thankfully you don’t need to worry about his infamous biting of the opposition in the game!

7. Edinson Cavani (Paris Saint-Germain)
Age: 26; Pos: ST; Overall Rating: 87 (potential: 89)
Being the fifth most expensive player in the history of football, it is fair to say that Edinson Cavani is at an elite level in his profession. Having signed from Napoli to big-spending Paris Saint-Germain in the summer for €64 million, Cavani has formed a formidable strike partnership alongside the legendary Zlatan Ibrahimović. In FIFA 14, his positioning, finishing, heading, stamina, and ball control are all high points, emphasizing the fact he has virtually no weaknesses in his attacking play. The Uruguayan is one of the best strikers in the world and, as such, is one of the best in the game for Career Mode.

6. Gareth Bale (Real Madrid)
Age: 24; Pos: CF/LM; Overall Rating: 87 (potential: 91)
The furor over Gareth Bale’s record breaking transfer to Real Madrid over the summer was unbearable for most football fans in Europe, especially for Tottenham supporters as they saw their prized asset leave for a reported €100 million. While most people agree the fee paid for the player was much too high, it shouldn’t detract from the Welshman’s ability. His speed dribbling, finishing and passing are what draws most FIFA players in, which is why he is comfortable playing on the left side of midfield. His previous role as a left back, however, also means he has fantastic defensive qualities for a forward player. Bale is an all-round player in all aspects of the game, which is a very rare feat for a forward.

5. Sergio Agüero (Man City)
Age: 25; Pos: ST/CF; Overall Rating: 88 (potential: 89)
Sergio Agüero will already go down as a Man City legend after scoring the memorable last-minute goal to secure the Premier League title over bitter rivals Man United. Yet, still just 25 years of age, the Argentinean star has a lot of mileage left to further improve his legacy. His finishing ability in FIFA 14 is one of the best in the game, as is his link-up play when compared to other forwards. His fantastic acceleration, positioning and reactions also make him a constant threat for beating the offside trap and getting in behind defences. Agüero is one of the few players in Career Mode that you can build your team around and almost guarantee success.

4. Neymar (FC Barcelona)
Age: 21; Pos: ST/LW; Overall Rating: 84 (potential: 91)
A footballing superstar, Neymar made his long-awaited move away from his adoring Santos faithful to European football, where he signed for La Liga champions Barcelona in a mega-money deal. His fabulous dribbling and finishing skills earned him admirers across the globe, and that talent has been conveyed to his stats on FIFA 14. 93 agility, 92 dribbling, 91 ball control, 91 acceleration, 89 sprint speed, 88 positioning, 86 stamina, 84 finishing, 5-star skill moves, 5-star weak foot; Neymar has everything you want in a winger or a striker. Whether you think he is overrated in real life or not, one thing is for certain: Neymar is the real deal in FIFA 14, and that’s why he arguably the best youngster in the game.
(Rated #1 in Best Young Players list)

3. Radamel Falcao (AS Monaco)
Age: 27; Pos: ST; Overall Rating: 90 (potential: 92)
There has been a lot of recent controversy surrounding Radamel Falcao, and not all of it concerns his big money move to AS Monaco. His actual age has been thrown into question, with reports suggesting he is actually 29 and not 27-years old. Still, that sort of thing does not affect his FIFA profile, which is a big bonus! In terms of converting opportunities, there is nobody in the game that can match Falcao’s overall ability in this area. His stats in the realm of converting chances go like this: 94 finishing, 95 heading, 93 volleys, 94 positioning, 90 reactions, and 93 jumping. His other stats don’t quite match up to those lofty figures, but if they did, then he would not be number three on this list. A true predator of a striker and one of the best buys in any mode of FIFA 14.

2. Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona)
Age: 26; Pos: CF; Overall Rating: 94 (potential: 97)
The best player in the world is…second on this list. Why you ask? Well the only negatives you can associate with Lionel Messi are his lack of strength and overall physicality, something his rival and successor on this list possesses in abundance. Other than that, both players are very close in the battle of the stats, although the Barca superstar usually has the edge in the majority of them. And let us not detract from the fact his finishing, dribbling, acceleration, balance, reactions, and ball control all exceed 95 in his stats. His potential could, and should, push all the aforementioned to a maximum 99 overall each! The little Argentinean wizard, with the potential to go down as arguably the greatest player to ever lace on a pair of boots, is an incredible asset to any team, although it is unlikely you will ever be able to get your hands on him in Career Mode – unless you play as Barcelona, of course. It will be even more difficult to get him for your Ultimate Team squad, unless you are willing to splash the cash.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Age: 28; Pos: LW/LM; Overall Rating: 92 (potential: 95)
A modern day football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo first emerged on the global scene when plying his trade for Man United. Although his goal and assist statistics were modest at first compared to the kind he records now, Ronaldo improved at breakneck speed and became the leading light for the Red Devils, scoring goals for fun and setting Premier League records. His at-the-time record breaking deal to Real Madrid pushed Ronaldo into the best player in the world spotlight, an accolade he has battled for with Messi for a number of years. Although Ronaldo is generally seen as number two in that particular clash, we see him as numero uno for this list.  His physical stats are incredible, his skill set is almost untouchable and, most importantly, he is the most complete forward player in the game. Everyone knows what Ronaldo is capable of, so there is no need to delve too deep into his stats on FIFA 14. It is fair to say he can play football a bit.

Please note: All potential overall ratings for the players has been taken from As noted by them, all potential stats are estimated, and a player may surpass the figure assigned to them.


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