Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough [GUIDE]


CheatMasters brings you the complete walkthrough on Batman: Arkham Origins,
glide thru Gotham as the Caped Crusader while 8 super villians are out on the
hunt for you and an elusive psychopath wreaks chaos.

Arkham Origins


Intro: BlackGate Prison

Finding Penguin
The Final Offer

To Penguin's Office

Lacey Towers Crime Scene
Sewers of Gotham

The Gotham Merchant's Bank

Sionis Steel Mill

Electrocutioner's Gloves
Gotham City Royal Hotel Penthouse

Track down Bane
Bane's HQ

Apprehend Firefly

Locate Alfred

Stop the Joker

Defeat Bane
Go to Death Row

Most Wanted


Intro: BlackGate Prison

== Locate Black Mask ==

Note: keep using the map to know each area you are going thru...

Move ahead and crouch under the broken Blackgate WestWing sign and go inside.
Take out the first Black Mask hencman and keep going in...

== Track down Commissioner Loeb

Move ahead and you'll go into Cell Block A. Move ahead and go down the stairs
and open the gate and break some bones and Interrogate the last the guy

== Gain access to the Executioner's Chamber

Move ahead to get into Block A Holding Cells area. Keep moving ahead and you'll
encounter Killer Croc soon. The next area ahead is the Prisoner Processing.
Switch on your Detective Vision and you'll see the enemies thru the door.
Use your Batarang to hit the switch to the top right of the door ahead. Get
into the elevator shaft ahead. The floor is weak so blow it and you'll see
Croc ahead again.

== Pursue Black Mask

Take the ventilator shaft to the left -

You'll get into a fight and then you'll see a guy ahead behind bars - use the
vision and you'll see a weak wall to the guy's right. Go thru the door to the
right and use your batclaw on the ventilation grate above and come down the
other side. BLow up the wall on the guy and you'll come into the Execution
Chamber Access. You'll come to a door with red and green lit switches beside
the door -

Use the ventilation grate above again and you'll be in the shafts above the
Execution Chamber. You'll see Loeb getting executed by gas!

Double tap spac while moving towards the glass ahead to break thru it. You'll
get into another huge fight. Go thru the next door into the Security Corridor.
Keep going up and you'll come onto the roof with a Croc on the prowl!!!

== Defeat Killer Croc ==


Here you go -

1) No matter how hard Croc runs at you, hit the MMB which is Cape Stun and
keep hitting LMB to Beatdown Croc - you probably have to beat him down four
times to beat him down fully.

2) Each time you perform a full beatdown, A couple of guys jump down from a
copter onto the roof to join you can Croc - best thing to do is ignore them.
Also, each time after you beat him down, he goes to one of the edges of the
roof and tries to throw a gas cylinder at you - when this happens you should
double hit "1" to throw batarangs and make the clinder burst over his head.

3) You can ignore the other thugs and go after Croc only but you'll need to
keep stunning him and while beating him down, if the other thugs get near you
use the counter attack and get back to beating him down - this takes a lot
of timing - if you can't do this then keep evading Croc and take down the other
thugs - but this is also going to be a bit tough as Croc keeps running into you

4) You may be prompted to keep hitting Space button in a QTE so watch out for
Croc trying to bite your head off...

One guy down... 7 more to go

== Analyze Memory Card ==

Go to the computers and you'll see all the guys who are after your head -


Killer Croc

Finding Penguin

== Find the Penguin ==

== Deactivate the Jamming Signal

Get to the Bat Wing and Alfred takes you thru the Fast Travel system. Next stop
is The Bowery. Move ahead and get into the Gotham City Radio building. You'll
come across criminals inside, move ahead and get on top of the ledges - it's
predator time...

Take out the guys below without alerting them. The final guy who is near the
hostage can be taken down if you go thru the ventilation shaft behind him.

There's another shaft glowing red to the right here, get in there -

Keep going and you'll come to a dead end, look up and you'll see a grapple
point on a ledge. You'll come to a locked door this is near a crime scene...

This is the Coventry Tower Deathtrap...

Scan the dead guy first and keep going from there. The things you need to scan
are highlighted with red triangles. After a lot of scanning around, you'll need
to rewind through the whole thing again to find the keycard which you need for
the sequencer to open the door here. The keycard is behind the ventilation
grate nearby. After you get it open the door and go thru and get up the ladder

You'll come into coventry, go thru the large metal door ahead and you'll come
to Enigma's comms tower - hack it and you'll be able to the Batwing in this
area  again.

Open the map and you'll see all of the network relays - we'll get to this later
- you'll come across many famed criminals from the Batman universe and you'll
need to deal with them one by one... check out the "Most Wanted"
section of the walkthrough for more information. 

== Interrogate Penguin's arms dealer

Get to the location and you'll see the arms dealers below -

After you take them down, interrogate Loose Lips.

== Deactivate the Jamming Signal

Get to the next Signal Tower and you'll come to a small puzzle. Use the remote
bataran and guide it through the electrical surge you see above the grill and
make it hit the power panel -

== Collect First SIM Card to Triangulate Penguin's Position

Get to the location and beat up the guys and take the card.

== Collect Second SIM Card to Triangulate Penguin's Position

Get to the second place and do your thing, also to the right here above the
crate is a curious lock -

Open it and take Enigma's Datapack... This may be your first one.. all of the
datapacks and their locations will be listed in the walkthrough.

The Final Offer

== Gain Access to the Final Offer

NOTE: The Final Offer has a few Enigma Datapacks which you can only get to
after you get thru it the first time so remember where they are on you map
and go back to them after you clear the ship for the first time.

Get to the ship and do the Predator again and take out the enemies. Get on the
bridge and enter the ship. Take out the first two Thugs and keep going inside
till you get to more enemies. To the left here is one of the hovering device
which you saw earlier. Get to the next place and you'll enter Deck 1. Move
ahead and you'll see water to the right you can't get across it yet. There's
an Enigma Datapack frozen here - you'll need to come for it later on in the
game after acquiring a certain gadget, look into the map and you'll be here

Keep going and you'll come on top of some enemies below.

Take out the enemies below and then to the right is a raft you can pull with
your batclaw, pull it to yourself and then latch it to the hook on the wall
on the other side and pull your slef there and then onto the next one
(use Ctrl to dislodge) -

You'll need to pull down a weak floor above you and enter the Boiler Room.
You'll come to a ledge next, go up and you'll come to an Enigma Datapack which
is behind a steam vent but you can't get it till later on in the game. 

Pull the large shutter to the left. You'll enter the Boiler Deck.


This is not really a fight - just get close to the Executioner and kick him in
the face - he's got bad defense!!!

To Penguin's Office

After him though, you'll need to fight a lot of thugs coming at you so take
them down. Move out the exit door into the Deck Access Corridor. Move ahead
through the vents and once you fall down, look behind you for a gap you can
slide under -

You'll find an Enigma Datapack. Go to the next place and use the ledge up to
go up and jump across the gap to the shining ledge -

Keep going up till you get to the Pump Room entrance. Move ahead and take
down the weak roof above you and go up there. You'll come to a electric circuit
with a lockbox having an Enigma Datapack but we can get it later. Come back
to this palce after you finish this mission and you will see electricity above
the gate you need to enter to come to the ledge - make the batarang go thru
it and hit the box to open it.

                                                                  To the left
here at the bottom is a shaft, go thru and you'll come to the Casino entrance.
Inside, you'll see a jackpot sign with three glowing $$$ - use 1 to throw
batarangs at them in succession and this will get you another Enigma Datapack -

To the right end of this room is a ventilation grate - go inside and hit the
switch you come to and this opens a secret door in the previosu room where
thugs come out to. Take them down and move thru to the next area. You'll come
to a display case of the Final Offer ship and to the left from here is a weak
wall you can take down to get Enigma's Datapack.

Next, you'll come into a room where some guys are taking on a single hostage -
save the guy and he'll go stand near the exit to the left of which is a small
gap you can slide thru -

You'll find another Datapack inside. Move ahead and you'll get to the Penguin
so you can take down the guys here and after a tussel, you'll meet the next


This can be a pretty good fight...

1) Take it slow - do not rush into hitting him - just wait for him to do
nothing for a few seconds and only then hit him - you need to know when he's
going to hit - so take it slow for the first few times and only when you know
when he's going to pause for a few seconds.

2) Counter attacking is extremely important in this fight so be very watchful.
You'll go from countering once to three times as the fight progresses. After
you hit him a few times he'll daze you for a while and jump at you during which
you need to keep hitting counter button.

3) Another move he'll use on you is attach a grapple hook onto you and an
explosive cylinder - when this happens, hit the counter button again and you
can throw it back at him.

4) And another thing he does is that he'll try to shoot at you from at distance
quickly hit 2 which is the quick button for the grapple hook - hit it twice to
shoot it at him and keep shooting till he get close enough to punch him again.

5) After a while he gets his sword out - this is when you need to coutner him
2-3 times so watch carefully - do not hit the counter button too soon, make
sure you are waiting for the flash. 

Gadget acquired: Remote Claw

== Find Penguin

Now use the Remote Claw and look up, you should be able to shoot to at handle
above you which makes a cable to which you can latch onto.

If you look to the other side of the room, you'll see a green glow which is an
Enigma Databack. Next you need to get up to the door which the Penguin used to
go out of above you. 

The door won't open so get to the other side of the room below and go out thru
the door there.

Once you get the datapacks from earlier, when you are going out of the ship,
near the final exit door which leads out ot the bridge, look to the left above
you to find a valve cover which has a Enigma Datapack behind it -


Lacey Towers Crime Scene

As soon as you come out, you will see a large projection of Anarky who says he
placed 3 bombs in Gotham, this is covered in the "Most Wanted" section of
the walkthrough.

Get to Lacey Towers and go inside the crime scene. You will find an Enigma
Datapack beside a staircase which is taped up with police tape -

Keep scanning the red triangles and keep going at it. You'll need to rewind
near the piano - when you do this, you should scan the red triangle near the
guy who comes in thur the window. You'll rewind again near the kitchen area
where some guy attacked Sioni's girlfriend from behind. You'll need to scan
the thing that flies ahead of her and falls on the ground.

After this, you'll need to get the Concussion Detonator from the batcave so
go there and go to the workbench and take it. Next stop - GCPD HQ.


== Access the GCPD Servers

When you are on the roof of GCPD, get on top of the gargoyles. Now, use X ray
vision to scope out the enemies below you and take them out one by one when
they are away from each other. After all of them are down, use the door to get
into the building.

Inside, you will come to a weak wall you can blow up and fall down on top of an
elevator.  When the elevator stops, jump ahead into the shaft and you'll come
on top of the GCPD - BULLPEN.

At the end of the shaft, you'll come behind am officer - take him down and go
thru. Go thru the door, you'll come to a ventilator grill on top, go thru and
you'll need to use the Remote Claw to make a line. 

Next place you'll come to will have a cop. Take him down and you'll see a door
to the left with Restricted Area written on it. Inside, use Xray vision and
you'll see that you can break thru the glass. You'll interrogate Loose Lips
again. Also, in this room you'll find a switch which connects to the Enigma
Datapack lockbox in the next room. Hit it, jump across and grab the box with
the grapple hook with the quick hit button 2 (hit twice).

After you grab it go back into the previous room and get thru the door. You'll
come to the Locker room. You'll find a cop inside, take him out. Then use the X
ray vision and you'll find a locker with a Datapack inside it -

Use the shaft nearby and go thru it and you'll soon come out into a room on top
of ledges. Take out the cops underneath and go thru the door. Hack the lock
you come to and then you'll come to another lock - in this area you will see a
jammer - if you use your X ray vision you'll see that it is disrupted and also
your sequencer does not work.

== Acquire Disruptor at Evidence Locker

The next area you come to is the Basement Access. Take out thw cops here - when
you are against a shield guy you need to hit MMB to cape stun him and
immediately follow it up by a double SPACE hit. Keep going and you'll come to
an area full of enemies. Use your grenade here and take out the cops. There's a
button here you can hit to get out to the next place. You'll come to an
ekevator door which is weak and you can blow it up. 

Inside the elevator shaft, use the Remote Grapple to hook up lines above you
and use them to go up. You'll go thru the morgue and come to the Disruptor.
Now, you will also find a fuse box attached to a door behind which we have
an Enigma Datapack. Go to the vetilation shaft and throw a batarang through
there, keep slowing down the batarang and once you hit the electrical charge
turn the batarang back and guide it to the box - this is going to take a few

Go back and down the shaft and you'll reach a jameer - point at it and hold the
fire button. Go thru the gate here and you'll need to fight a lot of guys which
includes a Bane poser. Move ahead and you'll come to the Cell Block Access. 

								    Shoot a
grapple and go up. Take out the jammer and go thru. You'll meet Barbara and
then run out of the GCPD. You'll get a call from Barbara who tells you about
Penguins' armas caches - this is in the Most Wanted Section.
Sewers of Gotham

Go out and to the marked location, the sewer grate is on the road so fall down
to it and go thru.

Use the Remote claw to make a line to the left - get on it and you will find
a Datapack in the wall you can get to on by walking the line.

You'll come to the entrance of the Pump Room. Go thru it and use the grapple to
get to the ledge on the left and then move to the next place with the thugs are
on. Keep going and down a ladder and you'll come to a switch. You will also be
able to shoot a line. Keep going and you will come to a large are where you'll
see a guy standing near at the edge of a large open pipe hole. Go there and
keep going and hit the switch in the elevator and you'll come to the telecom
server - if you can't find it just use the X Ray vision and the highlighted
box is the server.

You'll then learn something new about a guy caller the Joker...

The Gotham Merchant's Bank

Move out and at the end you'll come to three rabbit masked guys who deliver a
message from the Mad hatter - more on him in the Most Wanted Section.

Next stop: the Gotham Merchant's Bank

Once you are on top of the bank, look around for a structural weakness which
lets you into the building - there are more than one weaknesses on the roof.
Just walk directly under the bat signal you see in the sky and you should spot

Once inside, move ahead and look of a latch on the floor which leads you into
the bank. There's a disruptor to the top right of the room when you come into
the bank. Take it out and open the e-lock. The next area is a predatr setup but
all the guys here are dead. If you use X-Ray vision, you can see that there are
some guys with weapons in the next room thru the door. But before you go there,
first get on the floor and to the right side of the room, you'll see a vent -
go in and you'll find a datapack to the right as you traverse the vent.

Now, after you come out, go to the door leading into the next room - you should
see a gunman pointing at you if you use the x ray vision. Walk left here up
the steps and you'll see a vent on the top - use it and you'll fall onto a
structural damage. Blow it up for a cutscene...

== Apprehend the Joker

Now, you'll see enemies come into the bank so time for Predator. You will be
able to see that one of them is carrying a jammer. So you'll do best if you
take that guy out first, - go to the gargoyle which is on the left side of the
room and wait here until the jammer walks directly below you and take him out.
After that, take out the rest of the guys and get out of here.

Sionis Steel Mill

Get to the Steel Mill and take out the enemies outside. Go inside and to the
left of the room are two metal doors - you can only go thru the left door. Once
inside you'll come to another locked door with a vent above it - you should
head the mobsters on the other side talk about a auto turret. Use the vent
to get to the next room and take out the enemies here. Hack the computer to the
left corner of the room and use x-ray vision to identify a weak spot on the
right wall which will lead us to an Enigma Datapack. You can't walk in front of
the turret yet so climb over the wall to it's right and jump across to the
other room - you will find another Datapack over a beam if you are looking
towards the main entrance -

Go into the next area where you see a lot of thugs - take them down and another
wave arrives with an armored enforcer. This guy can't be taken down with one
stun you have to super stun him - three stuns contuniously to get him stunned
and then beathim down and this needs to be done twice so you really should save
him for last and try to stay away from him while you take out the other guys.

To the right here is a switch for crane controls -

Also, to the left side of this area is another weak wall over which is a line
hook. Make a line using the remote grapple and hit space on the line to use it
as a zipline and you'll crash into the weak wall and get the datapack.

Hit the crane and it will hit the wall - the crane has a grapple hook on it so
shoot your grapple and pull it and make it hit the wall again to destory it.

Concealed Room
Go to the next place and use the elevator here to go down. Take out the thugs
and you'll reach the drug lab soon.

Drug Lab
Inside, take out the Jammer guy first - he should be standing alone in the
center of the room. Then take out the rest of the guys. Go thru the door and
you'll come to Sionis. Also you'll meet up with Copperhead.

== Defeat Copperhead ==

This is a vry simple and easy fight...

1) You don't even need to strike throughtout the fight even once. If want to
finish it quickly then stike otherwise it is more than enough if you just
counter her.

2) The first two waves are just like normal fights with multiple thugs you may
need to dodge once, twice and rarely thrice. She also tries to claw you so you
will need to do the multiple dodge four times.

3) During the third wave - you will see her materialize at a certain place
while you are fighting her clones and then she will rush at you - avoid this
by dodging and you can anticipate her strike as you'll see green streaks of
lines come at you - this is when you need to dodge.

All in all, this may be the easiest fight among the assassins.

Electrocutioner's Gloves

== Gain Access to the Royal Hotel

Move back out he way you came in and after fighting a few guys near the exit,
you'll come to a poisonous gas canister -

Use your explosive gel to blow it up and go out of here. You won't be able to
find the signal so you'll need to get to the central beam of the Bridge, after
you get the signal go after it - it points to the Royal Hotel in Diamond
District so go there. The entrance is to the right of the hotel where you see
a few guys waiting for you. Take them down and use the door to get inside.

You'll come into the parking area. As you go ahead, you'll come to a room to
the left with a vent above - open the vent and go inside the room -

You'll find a datapack in there. Get it and move ahead and take out the two
thugs here and fall down into the central area where more guys are waiting
for you. Once you take them down - to the side of the room is a security
console - hack it

The door ahead opens - use a batarang to hit the switch ahead which has the
electric surge and go inside and make a line with the remote batarang, you'll
come to a button, hit it and the parking shutter opens. Go into the hotel and
you'll come to a fuse to restart the main generator. Do it and get into the

== Get to the Security Room

Once you step out of the elevator you'll be able to see some baloons ahead.
There's a datapack in the middle -

This is the Lobby, so take out the thugs here and move into the only open
door which is the security room.

Now you'll get the gloves....

Gotham City Royal Hotel Penthouse

To the left of the room is an elevator which you need to charge with the
gloves for it to be operational.

Once it goes up, use the grapple to go upwards and you'll soon enter the 10th
floor of the hotel. Use the e-gloves to charge the power box which opens the
shutter to the left. Go thru and take out the thugs then move ahead and you'll
come to a vent above you - get into it and keep going -  you'll come to another
power box you need to charge and go thru. Then you'll come out side after you
watch a cutscene.

Use the Remote batarang to fire up a line between the two towers and get across
There's a turret around the corner ahead so don't rush in. Stand at the corner
before the white line you see below -

and use the disruptor to stop the turret. Then charge the power box and go
ahead. You'll come into the west tower ventilation shaft. Use the grapple to
get to the ledge and mvoe around till you see a vent high up.

Inside you'll come to a valve door - open it and you'll get across the steam
which you see ahead of you -

Move ahead and to the right you'll see a gap, go thru and you'll get a datapack
above. Go back and keep going and you'll go thru a door into the West Tower
25th Floor and then come into the Ball room. Go into the ball room and you'll
fight thugs go ahead and you'll come to electrocuted water you can't cross -
look up and use the remote grapple to tie a line and use it to go up to a
structural damage -

Inside, hack the console and the electricity stop in the previous area. Go
there and go across the puddle of water and you'll come to a pressure plate
next -

Use the remote batarang and the surge you see here to charge it and turn the
batarang around and make it hit the fuse box across you. This will open a latch
above you so go up.

Next you'll come to a small game -

See the order in which the clown faces are glowing and burst the ballons with
you batarang in the same order - do htis twice to go ahead. Then you'll come
outside and see some thugs in a group - glide to them and take them out. Use
the grapple to go up to the ledge above the palce upi fought and hit the swich
here to activate the jack in the box.

This will  bring up a hook to which you can attach a line with your remote
batclaw. Walk on the line to the next place and you'll come to a single gunman
threatning a hostage - take him down and move to the next room ahead. Go into
the crawl space below and to the right inside the crawlspace is an enigma
Datapack. Move ahead and take out the gunman from inside the crawlspace - use
the x ray vision to know who the gunman is. Then rescue these hostages and then
go thru the door here. You'll come to a structural weakness soon.

You'll then come outside once you blow up the weakness. Grapple onto the
gargole above and then onto the ledge above that and you'll come into the 28th
floor of the tower. Disarm the bomb you come to but it does not work - the
place is going to blow up anyway. There's a copter outside - you can crash
thru the window and quickly grapple onto the copter which takes you to the
next are with enemies - take all of them down and go ahead and you'll be in
the 40th floor of the tower - use the security console to bring down the
elevator and meet Bane.


This is a pure brawl...

1) Bane has two states - one the normal and the other is the Venom Bane state.
When he is in the normal state - you can stike him and coutner normally so go
mad on him.

2) When he comes into the Venom state - you need to keep dodging him and when
he stops running, super stun him - this can be difficult as he still is
raging but just move away if he is going to grab you and resume the stunning
later. Once you super stun him, beatdown is next and you rip off a venom line.

3) If he grabs you in normal state you can coutner him in the venom state you
need to hit space rapidly to get away from him.

4) After you get his venom to half you'll resume the fight outside. Here he
migth be joined by his lackeys bt try to concentrate on him nevetheless and
coutner his guys when they get near you - if you can't do this then take them
down before getting back to Bane. You can also use the special attacks on bane
wne he is in normal state - so get your multiplies up and use the special
atatck on him and don't forget to use your gloves also.

5) When he is in Venom rage then you may not be able to dodge him effectively
when you are in the middle of the area - stick to the walls and keep running to
the edges and dodging will be more easy.

This is not a very easy fight so you'll need some time to get through with
this and after the fight you can say that the first half of the main story is
done and you'll see Joker's Revelation....

Note: You'll play as Joker for the next couple of minutes - take all the
audience down and don't walk in the fire!!!

Track down Bane

== Locate the tracker placed on Bane

After you get the Glue Grenade, go to GCPD and on the street to the right are
so some guys you can take down and a sewer cover you used earlier to go into
the Gotham Sewers. Go ahead and you will come to some steam vents, use your
glue grenade to block the steam and before you go ahead, go to the left -
this is the place leading to the telecom server but to the left of the door
here is a power box you can charge up now - charge it and run left and hack
the security console and get the datapack.

Go back and past the blocked steam vent and you'll come into Burnley Sewers
East. Block another vent and move ahead and you'll come to the entrance of the
Morgue. Inside, scan the corpse and use the computer here - you will also find
a structural weakness on the floor - this leads to another datapack.

Go back down the same ladder you came up on and get away from this place.Go to
the marked location and on street level you'll see some guys standing near a
dead end - take them down and use the door here to go inside. Keep moving ahead
and after a couple of fights you 'll come to a structural weakness on the wall
- progress and you'll get to a canal. use your GLue Grenade to make a raft and
move ahead and you'll come to the entranceof Bane's HQ.

Bane's HQ

Once inside the HQ, you'll come to a room to the right you can inspect some
stuff here to know Bane better -

The Gurney outside the room
Tape insdide the room
Screen inside the room

When inside, look upwards for a vent which has a Datapack inside - use x ray
vision to look around better. Return outside and you'll learn of a new
development. When you cross the canal, you'll be prompted to scan the waves
for Firefly's comms.

Apprehend Firefly

Grapple up and make a line with the remote grapple and you'll come out to the

== Warn Gordon about the bombs

Go to the marked location - it is near the foot of the bridge and you'll see
cops stationed outside. You need to walk into the place with the large iron
door here and talk to Gordon and then come out.

== Locate Firefly's Bombs

The password to get out of here is COAST GUARD. You need to move up a long way
before you reach the room with the bomb so keep going till you get there. Once
there, you'll be able to see the bomb ahead of you below in the room. Take out
the guys here and go to the bomb and disarm it -

The bomb control panels are different and you need to deactivate three security
gates - meaning you need to use the sequencer thrice each time. The three
passwords for this bomb are - PYROMANIAC, EXPLOSIVES, FLAMMABLE and after that
you will have deactivated the Boiler Room bombs.

== Disarm the Bombs in the Train Station

Go thru the Train Station Access and then the elevator and once the elevator
stops go up and you'll see a breakable bit of wall. Go thru it and save Brandon
Also, in this place you should be seeing an Enigma Datapack - to open it look
up to the right end of the area where Brandon is and you'll spot a valve cover.
Throw in a remote controlled batarang and hit the switch to open the gate to
the datapack.

Get up on the ladder next to Brandon and you'll come to the train station where
you see more enemies waiting for you. Take them out and look above the beam
near the large B5 labelled door and you'll find another datapack -

The control room is on the other end of the room - walk up into it and hit the
switch to activate the lift and disarm the bomb, the three passes are -

== Disarm the bomb at the South Pillar

Walk out from the exit door here and you'll come into the Train Station
Maintainance. Keep going and you'll come to a door which is locked and you need
to charge up a powerbox to open it. You'll come out of the insides of the
bridge and to the outside onto the broken parts. Grapple to the railcart ahead
and jump onto the broken beam and make a line with the remote grapple - if you
can't spot where to make the line use your d-vision. After that, keep going
towards the other side till you come into the room where some guys are guarding
the bomb - take them down and hit the switch here to turn off the electricity
and go thru the door and deactivate the bomb - COMBUSTION, SMOLDERING,

== Disarm the bomb at North Pillar

Go back to the train station room and take out the guys here - lure them
outside and hide in the grates below and take them down. Then walk to the
large fire gate to the left of the exit and you'll come outside. Move left and
grapple up till you reach Firefly. After a bit of tussel you'll start the fight

== Defeat Firefly

1) Keep dodging him till you see a break of 2 seconds

2) When you see him stopping, throw Glue Grenades with the quick fire 5 button.

3) When they hit him, use the quick fire batarang buttons to hurt him.

4) Then quickfire grapple button (2) to catch him and keep hitting space to
drag him towards you and hurt him some more.

5) The fight is the same throughout - you need to follow the previous steps but
once in the middle of the fight he flies away so you need to follow him and he
goes haywire on you.

6) Keep running jumping across gaps - sliding under trucks until you get him
to stop and you can resume your fight as earlier.

Locate Alfred

== Rescue Alfred

First walk to the Batcomputer and repair it. After a little while you'll be
able to pick up his sound in the distance - he is stuck under the batmobile.
You need to pick up some rubble to get him out and then shock him to get him
back to the living.

All this while, you'll hear reports about Joker being loose on Blackgate and
you need to go there again to stop him.

Stop the Joker

Grapple over the gate and take out the thugs on ther other side. Use the sewer
opening here to get in -

Blow up the structural weakness under you and make a line using the remote claw
and mvoe ahead. You'll come into a room with electrocuted water under you. Make
a line first and go ahead. You'll be able to make another line and go ahead.
Then cross over and climb up the wall, blow up the weakness and glide down
across the water. On the other side destroy the machinery to stop electricity
flowing through the water. Then make a glue raft and go across. Go up and
you'll come to a place with a room to your left, structural weakness across the
gap aehad of you and a fuse box is a closed off room to your right. Go into the
left room and hit the switch and look at the right side room - electricity
surges for a little while only so make a r-batarang go in and hit the box.

This makes the water level come up. Throw in a glue raft ahead and blow up the
weakness and get into the next room. You'll come into a place with lots of
steam vents ahead. Glue up the two vents ahead and make a raft below - while on
the raft you'll have to contantly block steam vents coming ahead of you so do
it quickly and at the end, block the vents above you and grapple up quickly.

After that, move thru one of the two ventilation shaft ahead of you and you'll
come into a room full of thugs with a predator setting so take your time here
since there are a lot of them and Harley is in the center area bound up. Rescue
her and talk to her and go thru the Panopticon door.

You'll come into Cell Block B access and have a fight in Cell Block B. Keep
going and you'll come to another cell block with a bigger fight and then
finally you come to Joker.

Defeat Bane

This fight is very similar to the earlier Bane fight - there's absolutely
nothing different about it. In the second phase of the fight, you'll have a
lot of thugs other than Bane but absolutely ignore all of them - your target
is Bane and don't waste a second of though on directly attacking the others.

You should let Bane run into them so when he is raging, just make sure you
are running thru the croud of bad guys so Bane takes care of all of them for
you. After you get him down a couple of times, the real fight starts....

Defeat TN-1 Bane

You can't hit him directly and so you need to keep silent.

1) Always stay hidden from Bane and if he does see you then run and if he is
too close - then dodge to get away.

2) Use the Vents and grills to get him - vents are much much better as he
cannot destroy them but he does destroy the Grills.

3) Always do only silent takedowns and position yourself in the central vents
or grills so that when you are on top of Bane and he is running blind he can
run across the electrified prisoner cells so you can do a "left click" and a
"wall take down" on him which will drain his health by great leaps.

4)You don't have to try ver hard to find the proper vents and grills which are
on way to an electrified cell - take your time and even if you take him down
little by little he will go down by the end.

Go to Death Row

Grapple up ahead and you'll come to Death Row, soon you'll come to Gordon and
some thugs. Take them out and move thru the Execution Chamber Access to the
Prison Chapel where you meet the Joker again. Follow through all of the quick
time buttons which are prompted and it ends soon...
Most Wanted:


Enigmas' work includes comms towers, network relays as a part of his Most Wanted
and the Datapacks and pressure plate puzzles are collectibles.

First go to the exclamation marked icon on the map which is Enigma's HQ. Fight
the enemies here and you'll see a structural weakness nearby. Go to it and
Batman breaks in. Go thru the door and use the elevator and you'll come to
a device. If you try to destroy it, you'll get shocked. Also, after this,
you'll be able to find Enigma's information handlers marked on the map.
Go to them and interrogate them and all the the Datapacks will be shown on
the map - this is the best way to collect them.

The first two comms towers are covered as a part of main missions and we'll
cover the next ones here -

Park Row comms Tower
When you reach the location, you'll see a GCR radio tower and below it are
some thugs. Go to them and take them out. The entrance is thru the vent.

Go inside and to the left is the fuse box and some electrical surge - you need
to throw the remote batarang ad put a brake on it and just brush it against
the current you see here and make it hit the fuse box and this will open up
the door for you to take out the tower's disruptor.

Industrial District Comms Tower
Go here and beat up the guys under the GCR tower near the locked doors you
should see a computer like device.

destroy it and look to the right side of this building and on the place below
you'll see a few more thugs and get to destroy another device. After you take
out the two, go back up to the door and take out the comms tower.

Burnley Comms Tower
You can do this only if you have the Electrocutioner's Gloves and Disruptor.
Go to the spot and fight the thugs and use the gloves to power the generator
and blow up the weakenss. Use the Disruptor to take out the Jammer and go back
up where you fought and grapple up to the door and take out this tower.

Amusement Mile
Go to the bottom of the tower and throw in a glue grenade to make a raft. Go
ahead and use the door to go in. Grapple up and glue the steam vent. Go in and
take out the thugs. Look up and you'll find an anchor point which you can pull
down. Make a line up and go up and take out the tower.


You'll see Anarky's projection for the first time when you come out of the boat
Penguin was on.

The Anarchist is on top of the projection. Talk to him and you'll see a new
objective on the map and a time counter on top of the screen. You need to
get to the marked place within time and beat the thugs at the spot and go to
the glass red box and use space to destroy the box.

Get to the next two guys and repeat the same thing. The last bomb is near the
GCPD and then you need to go to the Courthouse. Use the back door to get in.

Beat up the first wave of guys and Anarky will throw grenades at you and after
the second wave, he comes down himself - get to him first and keep hitting him
to the floor so he can't throw more grenades at you.


You'll get this from Barbara once you come out for GCPD after you get the

You will need to destory 6 arms caches, they are marked on the map so you need
to just mark them on your map and get to the place. If you can't find the place
then you need to just look around using your x-ray vision and go to the nearest
place where you see thugs and that's the place.


You get a great message from the Hatter delivered by three bunny rabbits at the
end of the sewer level.
You get a great message from the Hatter delivered by three bunny rabbits at the
end of the sewer level.

Go to the Madhatter Icon which is on the minimap and get inside the building.
The door won't open so use the vent which is to the left above you. In the vent
you will come to a part where you can jump intp the room but move further
inside and at the end is an Enigma Datapack.

Go in and take out the thugs and talk to hatter and you'll land in wonderland.
Move ahead and you will come to some electric panels on the floor - get across
and you'll come to another panel and a keyhole ahead which has 6 lanterns
around it. You need to stand on the edge of the electric panel to aim and throw
the batarangs. If you don't stand on the edge, you will not be able to see the
aim circle of the batarang. But also, go to the edge only when the panel below
is power free and take out a couple of lanters and go back and throw again.

After all the 6 lanterns are destroyed, the keyhole comes down as a bridge.
Move ahead and walk across more electric tiles and in the end, jump ahead onto
a ledge. Move to the right and fall down. Jump up the next few ledges and
you'll come to three doors. On top of the doors are three picture frames.
There's a rabbit in one of the frames. Go into the door under the rabbit and
the rabbit moves. Do this a total of 3 times and you'll come into the next

You'll just fight thugs in this place so take all of them out and go thru the
door into the next area. Jump ahead and there are two more electric floor
panels and infront of the second panel is a destructable wall. Blow it up using
the explosive gel and you'll come onto a floating leaf. Use grapple to hook up
the rings ahead and pull to the other side. Go thru the door and you'll come to
a ledge on the wall. Jump up and move to the right and climb. Then crouch into
the crawl space and come out the other side and go up the ladder.

You'll come to a rope stringing across, get on the rope and walk ahead, hit
space to use it as a zipline and you'll crash into the card holding the rope
and get onto a card bridge. Run on the card bridge before the pendulum destroys
the bridge and go thru the door.

Look up and use the remote claw to make a line. Grapple onto it and look to
the left below you. You'll see a space you can glide into. Go there and
interact with the device to activate the gear. This will bring up another
hook for the remote claw line. Make a line and go up there and jump to the
door and go thru.

Climb up the ladder and you will come to a pendulum swinging in a gap you need
to jump across. Move ahead to the edge - there's a piece of metal protruding
thru the platform you are standing on so move ahead and jump across. Keep
going and thru the door. Use the grapple to go up and grapple up again to a
hole which just opened in the roof. Keep going and you'll come to Alice. Use
the reverse batarang to take out the Hatter and get Alice.


This Most Wanted includes Batman finding and blasting chemical canisters which
are marked on your map so it's pretty straight forward.


You get a side mission which will be marked on your map as an "S.O.S" signal.

Get to the marked area and you'll see a copter coming at you which crashes
into the ground. Go down to street level and examine the copter. You'll need to
examine the guy who is to the right. Then go back up to the roof and scan the
point directly infront of the copter. Then you'll need to find the tail. The
tail is to the back of this roof you are standing on.

Rewind the scene and you'll see a red line leading from this roof to the right.
Go there and scan the guy on the ground. Then you'll need to rewing again and
look for the red line leading to another place far behind. Follow the line and
you'll come to a tower which and the red line goes beyond this tower but you
need to just land on it and scan a bullet casing on the floor of this place.

Then scan the radio waves and you'll need to go to the Gotham Merchant's bank.

Reach the top of the bank and go in from the roof and once inside you'll see
Deadshot in the center of the room. The best way to take him out is to drop
behind him and do a silent takedown followed by a knockout smash immediatly and
then getting back up on one of the gargoyles. You don't even need to bother
with the other guys in this room as they keep coming in when you take some out.

If you do take out some of the enemies and a new set of guys come in, one of
them will have a Jammer and another will have a Scanner so avoid the scanner
and try to take out the Jammer.

Deadshot is walking on the upper walkways for the first two times you attack
him and from then goes to the bottom place and patrols down there. There are
two destructable walls to the right side where he patrols, you can place
explosive gel on those walls and Deadshot will definitely come to one of them
and you can blow it up then.

After you take his health down to about one last takedown, he'll go take a
hostage. To take him down now, you will need to get into the vent below the
floor to the guy's left -

Get behind him when he's looking the other way and silet take him down the
last time and you'll be done here. Note that al of this is very difficult,
infact this must be the hardest preadtor setup in the game.


To start this, you will need to go from the front entrance of the Gotham
Merchant's Bank and go straight till you come to the gate. You will find a baby
cart just outside the gate. Go there and Shiva will attack you. Hit the counter
button and she tell's you of an innocent man who's going to die.

Go to the location and use detective vision and you'll see some guy shouting
from inside a buidling, you'll be able to see the sound waves of a guy
shouting. Enter into that building and you'll see a guy hung up over
electrified water. There's are two fuse boxes to the left and right of the
room. Each time you take out a fusebox you'll fight a few ninjas.

       The box to the left is accessible so you can get on top and you'll see a
bent area of where some iron bars are and you can go thru. Take out the box and
you will see a remote claw line hook about. Make a line and go up. Go the other
way and take out the next box and go down and take off the guy from the rope.

After he tells you about his partner, you need to scan the place and you'll
find blood on the front side of the pool. Follow it out and keep going till
you get to a dead guy. Then Shiva will come and you need to counter again and
she'll ask you to go to Sheldon Park. Go there and fight all of them and you'll
end this most wanted.


After you complete all Most Wanteds, Gordon calls you for help gathering 20
inmates. They'll be on your map so go and get them.

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