Dead Trigger 2 Walkthrough [Guide]

Dead Trigger 2

Set in the not-so-far-away future, Dead Trigger 2 sees the world ravaged by a virus that turns people into undead monsters that crave human flesh. As part of a small group of survivors, you must band together and make sure that humanity remains alive as a species. Thus, you must use whatever armaments you can acquire – as well as your wits – in order to complete missions and make sure that you and your friends do not turn into one of these ravenous creatures. Are you ready to take on the undead in this exciting game? Then make sure to read up on this walkthrough to increase your chances of surviving.

Dead Trigger 2 is a first person shooting game where players must complete missions such as collecting resources, saving and protecting different NPCs, and many more. Along the way, players must protect themselves against waves of zombies that would appear. This is done by attacking them using a variety of melee weapons or firearms with the occasional grenade or two. Money can be earned that will allow players to purchase and upgrade their armaments.

The game also allows for players to fix and put up barricades that can greatly help you in your campaigns. However, as barricades can help keep zombies out, they can just as easily break it down and continue their attack on you.

Controls are pretty basic; the left side of the screen is reserved for moving while the right side controls aiming and looking around. As for offense, attacking is automated and the player will attack once they are within range for melee weapons and within both range and sight for firearms. Players can make adjustments to controls in order to accommodate a gamepad, and movement sensitivity as well as gore levels may also be customized.

Cash and gold are the two main currencies within Dead Trigger 2. Cash can be acquired by killing zombies and by completing missions. This is used to purchase new items such as weapons and painkillers, as well as for upgrading stations as well as some items that you have already acquired. On the other hand, gold can be used to speed up production and upgrades, and may also be used to acquire additional cash. Players are awarded with a small award of gold at the beginning of the game, but should you run out, you can purchase them using real money. There are also some offers where you can get gold for free such as watching videos or downloading other games supported by the title.

Leveling Up
Trying to complete missions within campaigns, win or lose, will earn players experience points. Once enough has been earned, players will level up. Aside from earning extra cash that players can spend on buying and upgrading weapons and other items, players will also get to earn additional health.

Health is an important aspect within Dead Trigger 2 as players cannot just charge into battle, especially against massive waves. There are no health regen items during campaigns, and players must rely on painkillers produced in the hideout to regain lost health. Once the player runs out of health, the mission will end and the player must redo the level again. Health can be increased by one each time a player levels up.

Players can have access to different weapons within the game. Players will start off with a wrench and a simple hand gun initially, but they are able to upgrade these as well as acquire more powerful weapons later on. Players can switch between one melee weapon and up to two firearms during the mission.

Attacking is automated in Dead Trigger 2. This is done by being within range. Attacking enemies will be more beneficial when head shots are performed, although some enemies will require multiple hits before going down. Players should also keep in mind that weapons have differing stats such as firepower, accuracy, and fire rate, although some attributes may be improved by upgrading them, for which players must spend cash and wait for a specific time period.

Ammunition is also a very important factor when it comes to firearms. Extra ammo may be picked up from defeated zombies, and there are also ammo caches where players can refill on their ammunition. Players should make sure that they go into battle with a full clip, however, as nothing is worse than facing multiple enemies with an empty gun.

There are multiple stations that can be found within the Hideout, and these are places where players would be able to acquire new weapons and gadgets that they can use in missions. These include painkillers, weapons, and special items such as grenades. Each item will require cash to produce as well as some wait time, although the latter can be eliminated by spending premium currency. By upgrading stations, players can produce multiple items at once as well as gain access to upgrading these items to higher levels. Some weapons would also require certain parts to be collected before they can be produced.

Each area is divided into campaigns that are further divided into quests. By completing all quests within a campaign, players will be rewarded with resources such as currency or new items. By completing a campaign, new ones will open up, allowing players access to more content. Players can also adjust the difficulty settings for each mission so that they will be able to get more cash as rewards. However, keep in mind that the higher the difficulty setting, the more challenging it would be and you may not have the necessary equipment to survive just yet.

Tips and Tricks
As with most First Person Shooters, getting yourself in the proper position is key. Always be mindful of your surroundings, and do not let yourself get cornered or surrounded by zombies. Players would also get assisted by an indicator as to where zombies are located. The redder the mark, the closer the zombie is to you and the more susceptible you are to attack.

It is also important to note that automatic attacks can be disabled in lieu of manual aiming as well. Although this will add more responsibility to the players, this will also enable more skilled players to save up on their ammo and make more headshots since they are the ones that are able to pick as to when they would like to fire.

Players can also take advantage of their surroundings. Barricades are a great way for players to limit the places where zombies can appear. All they have to do is aim at the barricade to fix it, although a few seconds of zombie attacks will take it down. Still, this is a very effective strategy especially when dealing with enemies from multiple points, and this will also allow players to earn extra cash in the process.

Another wise tactic is to fire at explosive barrels whenever zombies are near them. This will cause high area damage that can take out multiple zombies at once. Just make sure that you are not within range yourself as you might incur some damage as well.

In escort missions, make sure that you always have the NPC within sight. It might be difficult to find the NPC with all the twists and turns of the area, and just a few seconds alone might cause him to get overwhelmed by zombies. Most NPCs also have a low regard for their own safety, so babysitting them all throughout the mission is a must.

In between missions, always bring a healthy amount of painkillers with you. You are only provided with limited health, so having enough healing items can be a real benefit. By upgrading Alice the Medic’s station, players can have access to more powerful remedies, allowing you to regain more health. Also, don’t forget to bring some grenades with you as well, as these are very effective against a large crowd of zombies.

Players are guided throughout the game with an on screen indicator. This indicates where you would have to go and how far it is until you reach your objective. Sometimes, timers will also appear which would indicate that there is a time limit for you to complete said objective. During these situations, it would be much better to run fast rather than to stay and fight. Of course, it is important not to charge head on especially if you are low on health, but it is very important to pick your fights lest you waste precious time that will cause you to fail the mission.

Lastly, look for secret items that you can acquire within the level. Some can be seen within plain sight and will be glowing, and all players have to do is to be within range to pick them up. This will allow you to gain extra coins that you can use for important upgrades and purchases. Headshots will also earn players extra currencies, as well as barricading paths, so don’t miss out on these opportunities whenever you can do these tasks.


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