Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards Walkthrough [Guide]

Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards

If you are a fan of A & E’s reality series Duck Dynasty, then Battle of the Beards will certainly be an enjoyable experience. In the game, play through the different set of mini games that will get you closer to the redneck lifestyle more than anything you have ever imagined, and turn your character from an urban yuppie into a full blooded, and bearded, backwoods master. Show your mastery of the bayou and read up on this comprehensive guide.

Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards is a game comprised of a series of mini games that will take players into the backwaters of Louisiana. By completing challenges and earning coins, players can buy different kinds of gear that can be used to customize your character so that it would closely resemble your favorite Duck Dynasty characters. Players can also unlock Beard Talk mode, which would unlock original voice work from the Duck Dynasty series, giving players thee full redneck experience.

Mini Games
Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards comprises of several mini games which would require different tasks such as capturing frogs to make pie, tossing donuts and peppers, shooting doves, using detonators to blow stuff up, and even waking Si up or dyeing someone’s beard. These are done by different acts like tapping at the screen or swiping. Each mini game increases in difficulty, and these will allow players to earn coins. As the Intensity meter increases, the challenges will increase, and players will be given a shorter time to complete tasks. Players are given up to three chances to complete the round, and failure to do so will not earn the players rewards.

Leveling Up
Playing mini games will earn players experience that will cause them to level up. Once enough has been earned, players will get to level up. This will cause your beard to get longer, and this will also get to unlock more content from the game such as new gear to purchase. Thus, the more you play, the more resources that can be acquired.

Coins are the main currency within Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards. Coins can be earned by completing mini games, and can also be acquired in exchange for cash. As with most games that have in-app purchases, the number of coins that you will get will increase depending on the amount of money that you would be willing to shell out. Coins are used for all purchases within the game, such as new gear that you can use to customize your character, as well as to unlock Beard Talk.

At the shop, players can purchase different items that they can use to dress up their character, turning them from civilized business folk to full bearded trailer trash. These include sunglasses, bandannas, shirts, pants, and hats. Players would be able to customize their characters as they see fit, and they can also share their avatars on Facebook for their friends to see. Players can purchase different types of gear using coins that they have earned by completing mini games.

Tips and Tricks
There’s really no trick behind success in Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards aside from to keep on playing so that enough coins can be earned. Players will have to keep at it and practice the different mini games to get better at it. It will take quick fingers and good hand eye coordination in order to excel at most games, and all that is required is to practice as much as you can intensity levels will increase very quickly. This is required to maximize coins collected and to be able to unlock and purchase gear to really make your character your own.


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