Pocket Titans Walkthrough [Guide]

Pocket Titans

If you are a fan of RPGs but are adverse to all the constant equipping and stats monitoring, then Pocket Titans would be right up your alley. It features eight playable classes that have different attack styles, as well as many different items that can be equipped so that you can take on the roughest of enemies and bosses. Here’s your comprehensive guide on how to make the most out of the game and to increase your chances of winning against the Orc forces.

Pocket Titans is a lite-RPG game where players can take on different classes of warriors as they take on different quests which would require them to battle different types of monsters. Players must use proper positioning in order to maximize their turns, as different characters have different attack ranges. They also must use positioning for offensive and defensive purposes, especially when using the terrain to your advantage.

Additional items may be equipped to your players, in addition to leveling up. This, along with the proper combination of classes when going on quests, will increase your chances of victory.

Coins are the main currency within Pocket Titans. Coins are earned by defeating monsters and can also be acquired as rewards for completing quests. Coins can be used to purchase different items at the store, such as new armor and weapons which would increase a character class’ attributes. Additional coins may also be purchased using real money.

There are different classes available within the game, and all can be unlocked by going through and completing quests. Among the eight classes are Warriors, Mages, Healers, Hunters, Warlocks, Rangers, Paladins, and Rogues. Each character has different attributes such as HP and speed, and these will increase as player’s level up, which can be achieved as they are brought along into battle.

Each type of character has a set of abilities, and these would be triggered depending on the situation. For instance, the Warrior class will attack with a Strike if the enemy is close to them, while they will throw their weapon if they are far away. Some are also meant for support purposes such as the Healer which can help allies regain health.

Characters can also be equipped with gear that will help increase your base stats. These can be acquired as loot or by purchasing them outright at the store using coins.

In battle, players can bring a certain set of character classes into battle. During combat, players will take turns making moves in order to get themselves in an advantageous position both offensively and defensively. This is done by moving an entire column or row where enemies, allies, and even terrain will be relocated. Attacks will be done automatically depending on the distance of the character with the enemy. Players can attack and counterattack if an enemy is within range. Similarly, enemies can do the same by moving rows and columns as well. The order by which characters will attack depends on the speed of the players on the grid. The team that is able to eliminate the members of the other team will win.

Different gear can be acquired, and the most powerful ones will be equipped to the respective character classes automatically. Gear can both be acquired as loot by defeating enemies, and can also be purchased at the store using coins. Gear such as weapons, shields, and armor as specific to each class, and purchasing which item would depend on the player, especially if they want to upgrade all characters equally, or if they would be only using a handful during their campaigns.

Tips and Tricks
The best strategy to use in Pocket Titans is to use proper positioning. When facing against Warrior Orcs, for example, putting distance between you and enemies is very wise, and this would require players to use Rangers or Mages. Keep in mind, however, that characters cannot attack if there is an obstacle between them and their target, or if they are behind another character. Players can use these situations to their advantage, especially in places where there are lots of obstacles like trees or rocks, in conditions such as when you would like to protect your party members that are low on health.

Keep in mind also that certain characters require different strategies that will make them better assets in a fight. For example, Rangers can strike if they are diagonal from an enemy, but are at least two spaces apart. Rangers can also attack if they are one space apart, but are only able to deal less damage than usual.

Lastly, make sure to use your coins to purchase gear that will help improve your characters’ stats. Don’t just buy anything that you can afford, however. Save up on coins and only buy equipment for characters that you will actually use, and only if you can no longer proceed with the next missions.


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