Fright Heights Walkthrough [Guide]

Fright Heights

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the season than to scare the wits out of a few unsuspecting people? In Fright Heights, you can do just that by summoning ghosts that will scare away guests in a spooky hotel. This title is very enjoyable yet quite challenging, and this is definitely not your usual puzzle game. Get ready for some prime spills and chills as the guests arrive, and reading through this guide will be a tremendous help in making sure that this will be the scariest Halloween for your guests yet.

Fright Heights is a puzzle game where the goal is to scare off all of the guests in your hotel. This is done by placing both guests and ghosts in each room of the floors of the hotel strategically so that the Fear Point requirement for each floor is satisfied. Should players run out of space in a floor without satisfying this requirement, players will be forced to restart the level as this is the only way to make the next stage available.

Coins are the main currency within the game. Players are awarded with coins each time they clear a level, with more being awarded should they be able to create combos. This is best done by setting up upper floors first and meeting Fear Point requirements. Meeting the requirements at the lower floor will then clear said floor as well as all other floors above it, assuming that enough Fear Points were earned each floor. Coins can also be acquired via in-app purchases. Coins are used to purchase Talismans that can be used to help you out during tougher challenges.

Ghosts and Guests
Each Ghost has one or more numbers along any of their four sides. This indicates their Scare Point. Should a ghost be placed beside a guest, or vice versa, with the Scare Point side directly beside the guest, then the guest will be scared, and the corresponding number will be added to the Fear Points within that floor. Guests may also be scared by two or more ghosts, with the number on the room indicating the Fear Points that can potentially be acquired should players place a guest there.

Be aware, however, that some guests do not scare easy. There are guests with cameras that can decrease Scare Points, as well as other types that will require special treatment. Guests and ghosts share a queue, and they would have to be placed in order. Failure to do so after a long period will automatically place the next character randomly in any empty room, forcing you to alter your strategy. Thus, quick thinking and placement is a must in order to maintain control.

Talismans are special powerups within Fright Heights. These serve as items that can be used to help you against particularly tougher puzzles. There are three types of Talismans available, namely the Soul Swap, which would turn the next ghost or guest in line of the queue into a powerful monster. The next level Talisman is the Storm Surge, which would double the powers of all ghosts in line. Lastly, the strongest Talisman is the Monster Mayhem, which would clear out an entire floor.

Players must purchase Talismans using coins before they can be used. In addition, The meter by which Talismans can be used should be charged first, and this is done by making scares. The higher the meter, the higher the level of Talisman that you will be able to use. Using the proper Talisman will be able to get you out of tight spots, so make sure to use them only when necessary as these will cost you a lot should you decide calling upon them each and every time.


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