Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag [Guide]

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag

Yarr mateys! The wonderful stabbin’ world of Assassin’s Creed has now entered
the golden age of pirates! Take to the seven seas as Edward Kenway and master
the art of being a pirate assassin!

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough

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Sequence 02
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3. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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Edward Kenway is a pirate. But he’s also an assassin. Abstergo Industries has
taken an interest in his life and you are to find out why.

LT – Aim
LB – N/A
RT – Run
RB – Stats
Y – Shoot
X – Strike
B – Counter
A – Jump
LS – Move/Eagle Vision
RS – Camera
D-pad – Switch Weapon
Back – Map
Start – Pause

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2. Walkthrough
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The Black Flag adventure begins aboard a ship. As Edward, make a break for
the wheel. Hold RT to pick up the pace. Take control of the wheel and then
start attacking the enemy ships.

Naval battles are fairly simple. Hold LT to see where the cannons will be
firing and then order them to be fired at the enemy ships until the enemy ships
have been destroyed. A health meter is located above the enemy ships so that
you know how close you are to actually accomplishing this.

When the battle is over, there is a flashback, but afterwards, Edward wakes
up on the beach. Chase the assassin through the jungle. The basics of free-
running in Assassin’s Creed is taught right now. Hold RT and move toward
objects and Edward will react to them automatically is the basic gist of it

You’ll reach the first synchronization point pretty quickly. Climb to the top
of it, press the button to synchronize, and then jump off of the point to the
safe leaves below. Then keep pursuing the assassin. He will lead you to a
second synchronization point, so synchronize yet again as you continue the

The assassin will take a few shots at Kenway. That’s when “chase the assassin”
turns to “kill the assassin”. Get him cornered and then fight him. Combat in
the game is fairly simply. Press X to attack but when a red icon is above the
enemy’s head, tap B to counter. Kill the assassin and Edward will don his

Nearby, a merchant is being harassed. There are three enemies total that are
doing this and it’s all going down on the beach. Synchronize at the point
right before this and then jump into the water. Head to the beach and either
stick to the thick brush to go about it stealthily or charge them head on and
kill all three of them.

When they’re dead, chat with the merchant a bit. Then jump into the water and
swim to the merchant’s ship. Hold RT to pick up the pace when swimming and use
the same free running button combos as usual to climb aboard the actual

Take control of the ship by going to the wheel. Use the handy dandy
(notebook?!) map to navigate the ship through the water and out to the actual
ocean. You can take this fast for the most part, but be sure to slow the ship
down when maneuvering around obstacles and through narrow spots.

Dat whale.

To Top

Welcome to the modern world. Welcome to–drum roll–Abstergo! Again. Listen to
the directions by looking at the light above and then looking at the light
below. Then follow the woman out of this room. Hold RT to pick up the pace,
but stay with her because you need to listen to her schpleel to continue.

You’ll get your employee passport. Familiarize yourself with how it works. Read
the employee passport file on it if you wish. Then head to the elevator. Bring
up your employee passport and then press B (circle on PS3) to activate the
elevator. Choose to go to the floor for Sample 17, the floor that you are going
to be working on.

When you’re ready to get back to the swashbuckling adventures of Edward Kenway, use the employee passport to activate the Animus.

To Top

o tackle the pickpocket
o use smoke bombs to escape combat

Follow Stede, the merchant from before, off the boat. Walk with him through
the streets a bit. The two of you will stop at a stabbing shop–uh, weapon
shop–and Stede will even give you some coin so that you can purchase a new
weapon. Buy the only weapon possible, which is the British Cutlass, located
in the sword category. Walk some more with Stede and then he will get lost.

To figure out where to go next, climb up the nearby church and syncrhonize
with Havan. Hop down to find that Stede has been robbed by a pickpocket.

Chase the pickpocket through the streets. If you get close enough to him, a
button prompt should appear that allows you to tackle him. Do this as it is
required for 100% synchronization. When he’s down, loot him (or his dead body,
depending on how you do things) to get the goods back. Return to Stede.

Follow Stede into his meeting place. After the cut-scene, Edward will get into
a bit of a tiff. More complex combat fundamentals are taught during this
brawl. Basically, you can follow up combos with a variety of different
functions that come in handy. Just follow the on-screen prompts to complete
this latest tutorial battle.

The local guardsmen show up as a result of the disturbance. The game will tell
you to equip the smoke bombs, but they will already be equipped. For future
reference though, if you ever want to equip the smoke bombs, do so using the
d-pad. Anyway, throw a smoke bomb on the ground and then get the hell out of
there. Lose the guards and then regroup with Stede at the docks.

To Top

o hire dancers to distract the guards
o stay out of combat

Ugh. This mission. Downvote the hell out of this mission, please. I hate it.
It exemplifies everything that is wrong in the world of Assassin’s Creed. But
I digress. I’m not here to editorialize. I’m here to teach you how to
swashbuckle like a champ.

So, tail the guards that will hopefully lead you to where the guards have
taken your stuff. Once again, more fundamentals of how the game works is taught
here. Click in the left analog stick to activate Eagle Vision, for one.

With Eagle Vision activated, a whole lot of other information is going to be
given to you. Characters that are important to the objectivve at hand will be
highlighted in yellow. Potential threats are red. Indifferent NPCs are blue.

Follow the yellow dudes. There is a glitch that often happens that when you
exit Eagle Vision, the key characters (the yellow dudes) will remain visible
through walls and everything. I recommend trying to make this happen because
that means you can run and know exactly where they’re at all times.

For the most part, you don’t really have to worry about being that sneaky.
What you will want to do as soon as you pass a group of dancers, though, is
hire them. When the two guys you’re tailing move through a restricted area,
highlight the guards blocking off those areas and tap RB to send the dancers
over to distract them. Hire more dancers if needed as you continue.

If they begin to catch wind of you, get out of sight immediately. However, do
not let them get too far ahead or else you will desynchronize. If they go out
of your line of sight for more than 20 seconds, that is another way to get a
mission failed.

When they start chatting, get close enough to eavesdrop on their conversation.
There will be a circular field that shows up which indicates the area that you
need to be standing in order to properly listen in on their convo. To make
sure you can get close without them thinking you’re suspicious, stand with a
small crowd that’s in the circle or sit on a bench or something.

Follow them still and they will lead you to the gallows. It is there that they
will talk with their captain. When he walks off, it’s time to tail him now.
He will move into a restricted area, but that’s no matter. Climb onto the
roofs surrounding that restricted area. Get rid of the guard on top in a
stealthy manner and then hop into the hay that is on the ground where the
captain is. Whistle to attract his attention and then take him out from the
hay. Pickpocket him from the key, then approach the front of the fort.

Facing the two guards blocking the front entrance of the fort, take a left.
There is a guard here as well as a stand that leads up to some poles that
extend from the fort’s outer walls. When the guard is looking over the railing,
knock him out. Alternatively, you can chill out in the hay and then when he
gets close take him out that way. Anyway, use the poles to swing across the
side of the fort until you are shimmying along the top part of the wall.

Yank down any enemies that get too close to the ledge. Go around the outer
side of the wall and basically do this for everyone. When you reach the door
that you need to access, switch on Eagle Vision to keep track of th enemies on
the roof. When they’re not looking, make a run for the door and open it.
Gather the goods and then jump off the top of the fort into the water below.

Swim back to the docks and talk with Stede again.

To Top

o complete Rogers’s shooting challenge
o pickpocket all Templars: 0/3

Afterwards, head to the front gates to meet up with the people that Duncan
was en route to meet until he came down with an unfortunate case of stabbed
in the throat. After being let through the gates, go to the shooting range and
speak with them.

Gunplay will be practiced at this juncture. Hold LT to aim the pistol and
aim it the dummies. Pull RT to fire. When that’s over with, speak to Julien
du Casse (the creepy guy with the hat) if you’d like to continue, but talk
to Rogers if you want to try his challenge. Completing his challenge is
required for 100% synchronization.

If you decide to take Rogers up on his challenge, basically the goal is to
shoot all the targets within 20 seconds. This is very doable. Get off the
first four shots immediately, then reload the gun until four more shots are
ready again. Fire them into the rest of the dummies (one is slightly obscured
from the starting position, so don’t be afraid to move to a better vantage
point) to complete the challenge successfully.

Speak with Julien when you’re ready. They will give you the hidden wrist
blades. Before they will let you see Laureano Torres y Ayala, the guy you’re
there to see I suppose, they want to see a demonstration of your assassin

So give them what they want! Go up to the designated dummies (they appear as
red dots on the map) and stab them. To perform an assassination, hold RT when
near an enemy and then press X. They then want to see an assassination from
a pile of hay. Oblige them. Then do a corner assassination. To lean up against
a corner, just move Edward into the wall and he will snap into cover

With the dummies successfully dispatched, follow your hosts to the final
meeting place.

o tackle the Sage from above
o use the pistol in combat

Go speak with Sage. Then follow everyone through the streets. A group of
assassins will suddenly attack. Kill them and fight the rest of them as you
move through the streets. Don’t let Laureano get too far away though. You are
supposed to be protecting him and if he gets too far away from you, it is
mission failed.

Also be sure to use the pistol in combat during this stretch. To equip the
pistol, use the d-pad like always. Shoot one of the assassins with it and
then continue to fight them and save Laureano.

The Sage will make a break for it, so chase after him. Try to stick to the
rooftops above him so that you can perform a dive tackle to satisfy the
other 100% synchronization requirement. Tackling Sage will bring an end to
this mission.

o stay out of combat
o kill guards from stalking zones: 0/3

Speak with Stede again. After the cut-scene, Edward will automatically be in
position to free the Sage. Be sneaky about this, killing the first two guards
right away and then sticking to the heavy grass to take out the rest. There
are bonus points to be had for killing guards while in “stalking zones”, which
are things such as hay and large leaves.

Of course, if you want 100% synchronization, then simply DON’T kill anybody.
Instead just stick to the brush and watch their movements so that you do not
get caught.

When you are nearing the stairs, the game will prompt you to switch on Eagle
Vision. Click in the left stick to accomplish this and your target should be
right in front of you. Hide from this guard and then get in close and steal
from him to get the key.

Now head to the Sage’s prison…

o free 23 pirates
o kill guards from behind corners: 0/3

Mash on the A button to free yourself. Then get behind cover at the next
wall. Whistle to draw the attention of the guard and take him out. You can
keep doing this on this ship to satisfy the second requirement for the 100%
synchronization if you’d like.

Fight your way to the end of the ship and then get your supplies off the
table. Go topside and clear out the ship of enemies. Go to the prisoners and
press B to free them.

Repeat this process for the next few ships until all of the prisoners have
been freed. When that’s done, head to the smaller ship in the middle of the
fleet. Go to the wheel to take over the ship and then immediately press A to
pick up speed.

Get the hell out of there! Sail straight for the objective marker and push
straight ahead. Various enemy ships will attack, but it’s best to just ignore
them and keep pushing forward.

Hold X when the crew yells out about incoming cannonballs to brace for
impact. What this will do is make it so the ship takes less damage if you are
hit. Keep pushing forward through the waves until you come across a large
wave. Hold X and go straight through the wave to avoid damage.

Water sprouts will be the next obstacle. On the map, they will appear as
orange blips. Avoid the blips to avoid your ship taking on any damage. Hold X
to reduce damage if you do go through the sprout or go too close to the

To Top

No modern world stuff this time.

o shoot an iguana
o air assassinate an ocelot

Upon arriving on the island, hunt two iguana and two ocelots. This is easy
enough. If you want to air assassinate an ocelot, just get on a branch and
wait for run to run underneath. These animals are just scurrying around
everywhere anyway.

After killing the animals, approach them and skin them. Then return to the
ship. Craft an extra holster and upgrade Edward’s health. Then talk to
Adewale to complete the mission.

o disarm and kill guards: 0/3
o shoot the rope to save the pirate

Sail to Nassau. Talk with Adewale on the shore. Then look at all the different
icons on the map that have popped up. These represent pirates that are about
to be executed.

Go to each one. Kill the enemies that are about to perform the execution and
then free the pirates. They will then join your crew. Keep doing this until
eventually one final one pops up.

This is a pirate being hanged. Approach the hanging. Aim your gun at the
rope then kill all the enemies to recruit the final pirate to your crew.

o use a swivel to kill sailors: 0/3
o plunder 20 rum

Head to your ship. By the way, there are often small boats that are washed
ashore that can be used to automatically go to your ship so that you don’t
have to swim out there every time.

Sail the ship out to the deeper ocean. Look for red blips on the map and
then approach them. Damage them until the only thing remaining in their health
meter is a red line. Then sail up right next to them and hold B to board their

Kill the required amount of enemies on the ship to successfully take it over.
Then go out and repeat this process with another ship until you have the
required amount of cargo. Dock the ship at the designated island and then
purchase an intermediate hull.

o plunder a hunter ship
o plunder 30 sugar

Go back to the ship and then head back out to the ocean. Once again, there is
more plundering to be done, except this time you are specifically looking for
metal. Keep attacking the larger ships (they typically have the metal most of
the time) and taking them over.

When you have enough metal, return to shore and pay off Edward’s bounty. Then
return to the ship and go into the captain’s cabin. Purchase new cannons by
approaching the model of the ship that is sitting in the cabin. Return to the
deck afterwards.

o sabotage alarm bells: 0/2
o stay out of combat

Sail to the next island and speak with Edward’s old friend. Then follow him
to the vantage point. Use Eagle Vision to acquire the target and then trail
him across the island. Don’t get too close or else he’ll see you, but don’t
get too far away or else you’ll fail the mission as well.

When he gets on his ship, return to your own ship. Now you have to follow him
through the ocean. The yellow around his blip on the map represents the area
that you need to stay OUT of to avoid detection. When he docks, dock as well.

Hide in the brush around the plantation and listen to the agent’s
conversations. Follow him through the plantation but avoid detection at all
costs. Stick to the heavy crops that are around the plantation. The slaves
working here will not report you if they see you, so don’t worry about them at

After listening fully to the conversation, locate the guard with the key using
the Eagle Vision. Swipe the key from him and then loot the guardhouse.

o use one broadside to sink 2 boats
o use heavy shot to sink ships: 0/2

Sail to the next objective marker to initiate the next memory. Then sail out
to the ocean to the designated green blip area. Hold RB to search the waters
for the El Acra Del Maestro. If you can’t see it, sail deeper into the blip
until you find it.

Follow the ship. Once again, you have to trail the ship without being detected
as usual. There will be other ships to worry about in the area, so avoid their
detection as well.

Keep following it until it is attacked by other pirate ships. Then destroy all
the small ships that show up.

o stay out of combat
o air assassinate Du Casse

Follow the El Acra Del Maestro to the next island. Just sprint through the
jungle. Stick to the trees and you should be able to avoid the guards pretty

You’ll reach a large ship on the other side of the island where Julien is
located. Get on the ship and then air assassinate him to initiate a cut-scene
and finish the sequence.

To Top

Back in the modern days, an upgrade has been added to your freaky Abstergo
iPad. It is an objective marker, which comes in the form of a little blue
arrow in the top right corner of the tablet screen. Right now it is pointing
at the woman so follow her to the elevator and then ride it up to the CCO’s

Speak with him for a bit and step out on the balcony with him as well to
admire the view. Then return to your desk. Follow the directions of the IT
guy to gather the data. Then return to the elevator and take it all the way
down to the lobby. Deliver the info some familiar faces…

Then return to your desk. Hop back into the Animus…kind of.

Talk to Kidd and then follow him deeper into the jungle. When you reach the
ruins, take notice of the one that is glowing. Climb to the top of it and
then activate Eagle Visions.

Use the left stick to the move the shape and use the right stick to rotate
it. Rotate it so that the intersection of it is pointing towards the right
side of the screen. This should make it so you can fit the squares and the
circle correctly with the other shapes.

Hop down and go to the dirt and dig it up. Then go with Kidd to the house.
Talk with him there and then exit the house and meet back up with Kidd at the
docks. Speak with him there to complete this mission. No other objectives to
worry about as you complete this mission 100% automatically just by doing it.

o knock out assassins: 0/3
o loot treasure chests: 0/4

Rabble. Rabble, rabble, rabble. I despise this mission with every bone in my
body. But it needs to be done. Before you really event START the damn thing,
you have a ridiculously long boat ride ahead of you, so strap in tight.

After arriving at the island, you’ll notice that the place is crawling with
assassins. To start off, climb up the nearby rock wall. Stick to the brush and
then use it to bypass the first couple of assassins. Go down the slope and then
quickly get into the brush again to avoid detection. If needed, you can knock
the guards out one by one, but be warned that you CANNOT kill them.

Make sure you have your fists equipped. Another thing to keep in mind is that
you CANNOT be detected. Killing any of these assassins or being detected by
any of them results in automatically failing the mission. You should mark
them with your Eagle Vision so you can keep a better track on them, and also
pay close attention to your map so you know what direction they’re facing.

Study their movement patterns when you have an opening, run at an opponent
and tap the knock out button to take them out, usually with a quick
clothesline. The regular knock out makes too much noise and will fail you
the mission, so this is the method that needs to be done.

Passing the first checkpoint is a very nice feeling. In this next area, take
the slope to the left and knock out the first assassin. Then get into the
brush. There will be three assassins talking. When the third one leaves, go
to the nearby wall and climb up. Then bypass these next guards and you’ll
wind up at the base of a pond.

There are numerous assassins here. One will walk back and forth. When that
one leaves the assassin standing by the stairs, take a very sharp left and
then climb up the next wall. Up ahead will be four assassins. Two standing
guard in front of the bushes, one walking back and forth between them, and
then another walking just beyond them.

Take the first guy out immediately and get in the brush by the second
assassin. The closest two assassins to the guy you knocked out will begin
searching for him in the brush. When the assassin that was also just standing
in front of the brush stops doing this, that is your cue to take out the
walking assassin.

Then take out the brush assassin. Loot the nearby chest sitting in the
indention of the rock wall and then take out the next assassin when they’re
not looking.

Climb up the next wall and there will be two more assassins. One will walk
and look over the cliff and the other is just standing there. When the cliff
guy goes to look over it again, take out the assassin that is just chilling
out. Then take out the cliff assassin and swing across the gap using the

Now it’s just more or less a straight shot to meeting back up with Kidd. Get
to the next objective marker and you’ll get a very awesome checkpoint.
Activate Eagle Vision and go up the slope a bit. Hug the wall and use the
brush constantly. There will be one assassin on the dirt road that MAY spot
you, so keep an eye on where his eyes are pointed.

Kidd will be standing in front of the temple. Once you see him, run to him
to end this terrible, no good, very bad mission, immediately.

Thankfully, another mission that does not require replay to get 100%
completion in the Animus. Follow Kidd through these temples. When the
bridge breaks, use the ridges on the wall on the left to get across to the
statue. Stand on the statue to lower it, which will in turn open the next

Continue with Kidd to the next puzzle. This next puzzle is actually pretty
easy, though. There are three statues that can be lifted up by using the lever
in the middle of the room to put them in position or lowered onto the platform
that is spun when using the lever.

The statues are red, blue, and green. The tiles on the platform are red, blue,
and green. So just drop the statues on the tiles that correspond with their
designated color. This will open the doors.

o use sleep darts on guards: 0/8
o use berserk darts on guards: 0/2

Oh noes! The assassin camp has been overrun. Luckily Kidd has a new toy for
Edward in the form of a blowpipe that can be used to shoot darts at enemies.
Where the hell was this a couple of missions back, Kidd?!

The sleeping darts are insanely useful in this game. First use it on the first
guard as the game requires you for a tutorial, then just go nuts with the
darts. Your goal here is to reach the different prisoners (marked on your map
the same as the captured pirates from before) and free them from being

If the guards are alerted to your presence, then they will shoot at least one
of the prisoners. If five prisoners bite the dust, then it is desynchronization

The berserk darts make enemies go crazy and fight their friends, which can
be amusing. Just spam the darts for the 100% completion requirement as you
save all of the prisoners.

To Top

Edward’s pirate adventure continues.

o use the mortar to damage the fort
o use a running assassinate to kill the officer

Upon arriving at this mission, the game recommends upgrading the Jackdaw. You
can, but it certainly isn’t necessary. The point of this mission is to
introduce to you the concept of taking over forts. The other forts you
encounter elsewhere in the game, however, should probably be tackled with an
upgraded ship.

Sail back and forth in front of the fort’s defenses while avoiding fire from
the fort as well as attacks from nearby ships. Blast the forts defenses with
cannons and then use the precision attacks to continue to weak the walls. This
will destroy the fort’s defenses rather quickly.

When that’s done, exit your ship and climb into the fort. Go to the officer
and kill him. Then go to the war room and watch the scene.

o kill gunners: 0/4

Another tailing mission, and quite a lengthy one at that. Tail the two dudes
throughout the streets. Luckily Kidd is around so that you can pretty much
just copy his every move and do fine. That being said, this tailing mission
is very easy compared to the others, for the most part, so don’t be afraid to
break from the beaten path.

All you really need to do is be smart. Don’t let any enemies see you, and if
they do, be sure to kill them immediately before they can alert anyone else.

At the end of this tailing, another scene will play. Afterwards, chase Kidd
through the city streets and get close enough to tackle him.

o use berserk darts on brutes: 0/2
o use sleep darts on gunners: 0/2

Meet Kidd on top of the windmill. Synchronize at the top of the windmill and
then do a Leap of Faith to get down. Use the sleeping darts to wipe out as
much as the enemies around the bells as possible. Then approach the first
bell and sabotage it.

There are crops everywhere to make sneaking around here pretty easy to do.
Abuse the sleeping darts and make it a point to climb to the top of the
watchtowers and kill the gunners or else they can become a serious pain in the
ass later.

Anyway, sabotage all three bells, and then go to the plantation. Try to mark
all the enemies with Eagle Vision. Hop into some brush and lure the guard
that walks down the steps to you. Kill him, and then climb to the roof.

Shimmy along the roof to the open window. Kill the guard in this room and then
go outside to the backyard of the plantation. Use Eagle Vision and you should
be able to spot your target in the small shack at the end of the garden.

Use darts to incapacitate all the guards back here, then take care of your
target in any manner you see fit.

After that, flee the plantation. Just keep running until you’ve managed to
successfully escape from them. Afterwards, return to Kidd and speak with hi–
erm, her, to finish the sequence.

To Top

More pirates adventures, matey! Yarr and what-not.

o loot treasure chests: 0/3
o avoid being attacked by a shark

Follow Blackbeard around and converse with him.

Before you can really start this mission, you’re going to need at least 5,000
coin on you so that you can purchase a Dive Bell from a harbor master.
Allocate the funds or sell stuff to the harbor master to earn them, and then
purchase a Dive Bell.

Sail to the location of the wrecked ship to use the Dive Bell. Swim to the
wrecked ship that is on your immediate left. There is a hatch on top of it, so
open the hatch and swim inside the wreckage.

Go to the treasure chest here and open it. Then look for the cave and swim
out of here. Be sure to go up for air when you get the chance. Then continue
swimming until you hit the current.

The current will take you all the way back to the Dive Bell, practicaly. There
are sharks everywhere. The game recommends trying to hide from the sharks,
but it is easier to just head straight for the Dive Bell to escape.

o rescue survivors: 0/5
o kill guards stunned by smoke bombs: 0/3

Sail into the designated area on the map. It is there that you will find plenty
of hostile ships, but what you’re looking for is Blackbeard’s ship. Check
the docks around the various small islands that are within this blip and
then when you near them, use the spyglass to spot Blackbeard’s ship.

When you see his ship, get off of your own and rush over to protect him in
battle. Defeat all of the enemies and then get back on the ship. Sail it out
to the enemy ship and attack them until they can be boarded. Getting close
enough for the boarding process will cause a scene.

After the scene, get over to the other ship and clear it out immediately.
Ignore the guy that is shooting at you from the bird’s nest because he will
not even have a hope in shooting you when you are actually on his ship,
stabbin’ his dudes and what-not.

o use sleep darts on crocodiles: 0/3
o skin a crocodile

Another tailing mission, this time it’s ship style though! Sail through the
swamp and stay close enough to the enemy ship that you don’t lose, but not too
close so that they see you. I found that it was easiest to go at the 1st
speed in a ship when doing this, but when it says you are need to get closer,
then just put on all the sails and catch up.

While maneuvering through the swamp, be careful of wrecking into crap or
sailing through the light of the search houses. Eventually, you will reach a
guard post that MUST be passed through, so in order to do that safely, the
alarm must be destroyed.

Get off the ship immediately and use the roof tops to reach the alarm system.
You should be able to sabotage the alarm before anyone even knows which way is
up. Kill everyone and then return to your ship and continue to tail the

When you reach a large yellow blip on the map, that is your cue to get out of
the ship again. Sail into the yellow blip and then start pursuing the target
again, though this time they are in a rowboat and you can be on foot.

Move through the wrecked ship and use it to continue to chase them. Be sure
not to draw too much attention as you move through the swamp in pursuit of
the target. Finally, when the target reaches the destination, tail them
within eavesdropping range. The roofs above them are particularly helpful in
this regard.

When that conversation is over, chase the captain. There will be various
obstacles thrown in the way, such as gates being closed and stuff like that,
but it shouldn’t be a problem for one Edward Kenway. By the way, if you do
happen to get attacked by a crocodile at any point during all this, to escape
from a crocodile attack, mash the designated button, and then quickly press
the second button that pops up on screen. Every second you’re involved in a
crocodile attack, your health meter will drain.

Killing the captain will end the sequence. I recommend shooting him as he is
very fast and will constantly have new batches of guards trying to protect him
during the pursuit.

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Follow Melanie to the elevator again. Ride the elevator to the CCO’s office.
Then after speaking to the secretary, wait for Melanie to go into his office
alone. You’ll get a call through your crazy Abstergo tablet. Follow the
waypoint to the security office.

Inside of the security control room, hack into the cameras. To do this, look
at the three different values. Manipulate them so that the number at the
top of the screen equals 70. To manipulate the numbers, use the right analog

Watch the scene. Then exit the security office and follow the new waypoint to
the window. Get on the lift and ride it to the top. Go into the CCO’s office
and then hack into his computer. This hacking mini-game is a bit different.
In order to do this, move the ball from the left side of the screen to one of
the circles on the right side of the screen. Hitting the red lines will destroy
your ball.

Wait for the voice to get rid of the receptionist. Then go through the door
yourself and ride the elevator down to the lobby. Deliver the info to the
usual suspects and then ride the elevator back up to your work station floor.
Hop back into the Animus.

o sabotage the alarm bell
o kill guards while hanging from a ledge: 0/3

Another tailing mission, so I hope you were looking forward to one. Follow the
rather large group from beach all the way to the fort. When they go into the
fort, take a left and use the branches to reach a part of the wall on the
outside of the fort that you can ascend. Take out the guards up here one by
one as stealthily as possible.

Chamberlaine’s plans can be found on a barrel. When you are at the top wall of
the fort, it’s really easy to just knock everyone out with sleeping darts and
then grab the plans.

o kill 4 guards in one kill streak
o use blowpipe darts on guards: 0/10

There’s more than four gunpowder barrels on the island, but you only need to
obtain four. You have to stand at the barrels and hold B in order to pick them
up. They can be obtained in any method that you prefer. You can just kill
everyone guarding the barrels (the barrels are located in restricted areas so
you’ll attract attention from guards) or you can do it stealthily. Just get
at least four of them. There will be a checkpoint after collecting each barrel.

o kill guards from stalking zones: 0/3
o air assassinate Chamberlaine

ANOTHER TAILING MISSION. Because why not? Tail the two fellas across the island
to a large ship. The good thing about this tailing mission is that if you get
into battles with other guards, it is unlikely to alert your buddies.

When you’re done following them, go to the beach and then use the ruins to
reach Chamberlaine’s ship. Wipe out the ship or climb to the top of the masts
and jump down and assassinate Chamberlaine that way if you are concerned about
getting 100% synchronization.

If you take Chamberlaine on head-on, the only way to do damage to him is to
counter his attacks. Trying to break his defense does nothing and just mashing
strikes at him will do nothing as well. So counter his attack, then lay in
with the attacks of your own to kill him.

o use the mortar to sink ships: 0/3
o use barrels to sink a ship

This mission will automatically throw you out on the Jackdaw. The goal right
now is to protect the ship with the blue dot above it. Defend it from the
various hostile ships (marked by red dots) that are in the waters. Blow up
those hostile ships and stay close to the ship that you are escorting.

A second wave of enemy ships will show up. Destroy all of them and then push
your way through the fleet. Fire cannons at them as you sail by. Get as fast
as possible and heads toward the objective marker in order to escape from

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Yohoho and a bottle of Rum!

o use heavy shot to incapacitate the Man O’ War: 0/1
o kill guards: 0/4

Follow the stranger through the jungle. He has a tendency to look behind him
a lot more than the other people you’ve tailed. You’ll have to start
eavesdropping on his conversation, so use the brush to remain undetected as
you continue to tail him.

At the top of the mountain, a short scene will play. After that, hop off the
cliff and make a break to the Jackdaw. Get bheind the wheel and then fight the
Man O’ War ship. Board the ship, defeat all the enemy crewmembers, and then
watch the next cut-scene.

o damage the Royal African Pearl with an upgraded ram
o use the fort’s defenses to sink a ship

Hop into the ship and then sail to next objective marker to find a wide area of
ocean where you’re supposed to locate the Royal African Pearl. Use the spyglass
to locate it, then attack it until it can be boarded. Board the ship and start
attacking everyone on board for another scene…

o skin animals: 0/3
o air assassinate Vane

Chase Vane deeper into the jungle. Watch out for the wildlife. Both black
panthers and crocodiles serve as threats out here. Just complete the QTEs if
they attack. Right now you have no means of defending yourselves against them,
really, so just keep pushing through the jungle. If you are wanting that 100%
synchronization, though, just do your best with the hidden blades to defeat
the various animals.

Vane will take potshots at you as well as throw grenades. Watch out for traps
he leaves as well, including explosive barrels that he will shoot once you
come into view. Vane’s weapon is very powerful and it is possible to drain
your health down to almost nothing. When this happens, hide behind some ruins
and let the health meter fill back up.

When you get close to Vane, just run at him and attack.

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Al dente.

o kill brutes: 0/4
o sabotage alarm bells: 0/2

On the island of Kingston, first speak with the person to start the mission.
Then head to the plantation and find the two men there. Use the brush and all
the tools at your disposal to take out the enemies in the plantation as you
follow the two men. You don’t have to worry too much about causing a
disturbance as they don’t seem to notice much.

When you get down to the beach and they meet up with a larger group, that is
when things get a bit more complicated. They will move into a restricted
zone. Walk along the fence of this to find an opening in the fence. Look
through this opening and wait for the group to move into the barn. The game
will be pressuring you to stay close as this is an eavesdropping mission, but
don’t worry.

Hop through the fence and immediately kill the two soldiers outside the barn.
Go inside the barn and use the rafters to get to the second level. A guard with
a gun is standing up here. Silently assassinate him and wait for the group to
walk out of the barn and out to the dirt road. Use the branches to get across
the fence to the next barn. Notice that there is an opening on the side of the
barn, but just hold up.

Wait for the group to pass beyond that opening, then climb into the barn.
After the eavesdropping has been completed, they will spot Edward and try to
attack. Exit the area and run out of the hostile zone to escape from them.

o double assassinate Cockram and Burgess
o free pirates 0/2

Sail to the site of the next mission and be prepared to fight off the five
ships. The smaller ships are very easy to destroy, but the bigger one may give
you some trouble. As long as you stay moving, you shouldn’t do too badly,
especially if you’ve upgraded the Jackdaw.

Destroy the ships and then move through the jungle. Kill all the guards in your
way and then watch the scene at the green blip. Continue until you find
Burgess and Cockram. Use Eagle Vision to locate them at their camp. Kill the
two of them and then that’s that.

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o stay out of combat
o use a rope swing to kill the captain

After speaking with Bart, sail to the mass of Portuguese ships. The crew will
jabber at the crew of the closest ship, distracting those onboard. Dive into
the water and stealth swim to the other side of their ship. Climb up to the
top of their ship and go to their flag. Take their flag down, then dive back
into the water and return to the Jackdaw.

Keep sailing forward until a man with a chest is spotted on the beach. Dive
back into the water. Stick to the brush on the beach and just bide your team,
only moving from brush to brush when the coast is clear. Get to the chest and
quickly open it. Return to the water and rush back to your ship.

Now it’s time to tail a ship. But it’s not just any ship — it’s the flagship
of the fleet! This monster of a ship is very useful, so tail it as best you
can. Avoid running into other ships because this will cause the mission to

At some point, you’ll get to where there are two towers that need taken out
for you to continue. Get rid of the men in both of the towers and then use
the rope on the second tower to swing across to the flagship. Jump into the
air and you can assassinate their captain with ease.

With their captain dead, you take control of the flagship. Destroy the ships
that are attacking you and then sail out into the ocean to escape.

o stay out of combat while finding Hornigold
o air assassinate Hornigold

Sail to the area where Hornigold is known to be. Find his ship using the
spyglass. Try to avoid being detected by the other ships as they will cause
serious problems for you when battling with Hornigold.

Have a naval battle with Hornigold. Once his ship’s health meter has been
completely depleted, he will retreat to some ruins on an island. Go there now
and fight through his men (or sneak by), and kill him.

o incapacitate all guardians while unarmed
o incapacitate all guardians from stalking zones: 0/5

There are four zones that need to be cleared so that Roberts can continue.
Enter the first zone (large green blip on the map) and then turn on Eagle
Vision. You should be able to see through the brush on the ground and see
the Guardians that are there. These guys just stay in the brush and shoot
very deadly darts out of their blowpipes if they spot you.

Because of this, it’s best to take them out with aerial assassinations. Stick
to the tree branches and then when you get close enough to one of the
guardians, take them out. The amount of guardians that need to be eliminated
in any given sector is kept track of by a meter on the left side of the
screen. Every time that a guardian is killed, the meter gets a little

When all the guardians in the first zone have been killed, go to the second
zone and repeat the process. Then head into the caves. There are guardians
walking about in here, so I recommend using sleep darts on a few of them to
make the caves a bit easier. Finally, clear out the last jungle and then you
will regroup with Roberts.

Pick up the chest and follow Roberts into the temple. Keep walking until you
reach the strange artifact. Place it on the ground when you near it. After
the scene, swim out of the water and then climb to the top of this area as
high as it will go. Climb up the wall that makes the camera shift (you’ll know
what I’m talking about; trust me) and then climb to the top of this. Go on
the left side of the structure and leap across to the next structure.

Keep going like this and you’ll reach the exit. Slide down the slope. Edward
will be severely hurt by this. After landing in the water, just push forward
to the beach. Try to fight back against the enemies, but it will be to no
avail, unfortunately.

To Top

After getting security clearance level 3, exit the room. Follow the waypoint
to reach the server room. Approach the controls and then interact with it.
The code is 7753. Input it in to hack into the cameras and then watch the

Follow the waypoint to the next computer that needs hacked. 7731 is the next
code that you will need. This will then result in another one of those hacking
sequences where you have to guide the ball of data across the screen, Frogger

Watch the big blue head talk. Then return to your Animus.

o sabotage alarm bells: 0/3
o visit old friends: 0/2

Press any of the face buttons to shake the cage. Do this so the assassin can
get rid of the guards and free you. After you’re freed, you will have all of
your weapons back.

Follow the assassin into the fort. Use the blowpipe as much as possible as
there is just a ton of guards here. When they’re out, go finish them off and
then sabotage the bells to satisfy that 100% requirement. Make your way to the
basement. If you’d like, you can mimic the movement of the other assassin
almost exactly and get there with little problems.

Enter the jail and then murder all the guards in the jail. Use Eagle Vision to
check out the cells. Whenever a prisoner is highlighted in red behind any of
the cell doors, that is your cue to go talk to them. There will be two “old
friends” to speak to down here in total.

After finding Mary, help her down the hall. Then start carrying her down the
hall. Then when Edward puts her down, go to the beach and regroup with the

This one is a bit tricky in that it starts with you in a loading screen. It is
a drunk Edward. Move him forward until he just collapses on the ground. When
he wakes up, he’ll be in a bar. Go to the front of the bar and try to punch
Roberts by pressing X.

This will then switch to Edward on a beach. Crawl to the Roberts’s feet. Then
Edward will all of a sudden be underwater. Swim the surface, ignoring the
sharks and dead bodies and what-not.

The hallucination will then switch to Edward in a courtyard of people. There
are three people here that are highlighted in red. Stab each one of them in
the back to be transported out of this hallucination and to one that takes
place aboard the Jackdaw.

Drive the ship forward toward the checkpoint marker in the distance. When you
nearly hit the island, try to steer the ship out of the way.

o use the rope dart to hang guards: 0/2
o use the rope dart to pull guards: 0/3

Sail to the island of assassins. Follow Ah Tabai, the assassin that helped
you out earlier, to some ruins and talk with him there. After that, you’ll be
given the rope dart. Follow Ah Tabai into the jungle and then get on the
branches here, overlooking the Spanish enemies below.

Use the new rope dart to hang your new enemies. Look at them and hold Y, then
pull back on the left stick to hang them. Murder all the Spaniards in the
jungle in any way that you want to do, and fight your way to the beach, where
the new goal will be to kill 20 Spaniards!

There is no stealth at all in this section. Just sprint around the beach and
keep mashing on the X button to assassinate the enemies in groups. They will
all be aware of your presence, but they will be too busy fighting with the
assassins so that it is fairly easy to just run around and rack up your
required body count of 20 kills.

Afterwards, stealth swim out to the ship in the distance. Shimmy along the
outer rim of the ship and take out all the guards that are standing close to
the rails in this way. This should leave the door pretty wide open for you to
get rid of the rest of the crewmembers and the captain as well, though only
the captain’s death is required to complete the mission.

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o kill the diplomat from a haystack
o kill Rogers from a bench

Identify the diplomat using Eagle Vision. Then tail him through the streets.
He will chill out beside some hay. Go to the fence behind the hay and hop
through the crack in the fence, get in the hay, and then assassinate the
diplomat when no one is looking.

Edward will automatically don his clothes. Head to the party. As soon as you
enter, take a left. There will be two people sitting on a bench. Sit between
them and just wait for Rogers to walk by. Assassinate him when he gets close.

Return to the Assassin’s Bureau.

o use the rope darts to kill Roberts
o kill guards by destroying powder barrels: 0/8

Sail to the last known location of Roberts. Upon arriving, kill his people and
run through the jungle. You’ll find him at the top of the cliff, but he will
retreat onto his ship. Dive into the ocean and then get back on the Jackdaw.
Take the wheel and then chase down the ship that Roberts is in.

Don’t follow them through the narrow cliffsides. A bunch of rocks will fall
down and block your progress. Hang a right instead and go around the small
island. Then engage Roberts and the smaller ships in battle. Destroy the
smaller ships first, then focus on damaging Roberts’s ship enough so that you
can board it.

Then it’s just a matter of killing Roberts at that point.

o use guards as a human shield: 0/2
o stay out of combat

Head to Havana and then use Eagle Vision to locate the next people that you
will be tailing this evening. Follow them into the fort and then start
murdering everyone in the fort. Kill the armored enemy using your pistols.
It’s a good idea to come into this mission with upgraded pistols and a lot of
ammunition, by the way.

After he’s dead, escape from the area and become anonymous yet again by hiding
from everyone until the coast is clear.

o free the guardian hostages: 0/7
o use the Observatory’s defenses to kill guards: 0/4

Return to the island with the Observatory. Kill all the enemies that are
about to execute the Guardians that are here, then enter the Observatory

This is basically one big platforming exercise. There is some combat here, but
nothing to worry about. The main thing you need to be aware of is the lights
that are coming out of the ground. They are extremely dangerous and will kill
you instantly.

When you reach Laureano, off him.


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3. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you complete Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for
all the different systems that it is available for!

Please feel free to check out all my other content on Cheat Masters!

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