Elemental Kingdoms Walkthrough [Guide]


If you are familiar with the game Lies of Astaroth, then you will be familiar with the game Elemental Kingdoms. It’s pretty much the same game, albeit with a new plot, a different set of cards, and a rehashed soundtrack. Gameplay is exactly alike, so those who have already played the aforementioned game can take on this title with no problems. To those who have not, however, as well as for those who need a refresher course, here’s a guide on how to play Elemental Kingdoms so that you can build the best deck that you can as you battle both computer and other players alike.

Elemental Kingdom is a card collection and battle game where players can build decks out of cards that they have purchased or won as rewards. Battle takes place in a grid where players pick cards out of a deck and place them on the field. Players would have to wait until the activation time expires before it can be put into play, however. Once on the field, cards will either attack the opposing card, which is on the enemy’s row, or attack the enemy directly should there be no cards present.

When two cards face each other, the one with the lower health will be dealt damage equal to the other card’s attack point. If the card’s HP reaches zero, then it would be placed in the cemetery. Should all of a player’s cards be placed in the cemetery, or if the player’s health reaches zero, then the game is over and the opposing player is declared the victor.

During battle, cards’ special abilities, which are unlocked at specific levels, will also come into play. There are also runes that can be used to provide support enhancements that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Thus, having a good combination of cards and runes, as well as the knowledge to play them, is essential when completing quests or trying to reach the top of the leaderboards for online battles.

Gold and crystals are the two currencies within Elemental Kingdoms. Both can be used to purchase new cards to add to your deck, with the latter also being used to enchant cards. Crystals, on the other hand, can help refill your health should you run out of this resource.

There are many ways by which gold and crystals can be earned. They can be acquired by completing quests or by simply logging in and acquiring rewards. In-app purchases are also available where players can acquire extra currency by paying real life money.

Leveling Up
Players will earn experience points each time they do battle or explore. Once enough has been earned, they will level up. Leveling up will increase a player’s overall health as well as card cost capacity, allowing them to place more cards with higher costs on their deck. Thus, the higher the player’s level, the more difficult they would be to defeat, and the more freedom they will have with regards to the cards that they would be able to bring along.

Energy is indicated by the little blue person located on the lower left side of the screen. Each battle spends a certain amount of energy, and exploring will require energy as well, even if no fights will be engaged. Energy replenishes for free over time, but those who would not like to wait can spend premium currency to refill it automatically.

Cards are the main resources that players must acquire in order to do battle. All cards have different HP and Attack points, but they also have special abilities, some of which would only be available once they reach specific levels. It is important to read through these abilities so that they will be aware on the triggering conditions. There are also runes that can be used as enchantments, and pretty much behave in the same way as cards.

Both cards and runes can be enhanced by sacrificing cards that you no longer want and spending cash. This will earn cards experience and will cause them to level up, increasing their stats and possibly unlocking other abilities. Other cards may also be sold for extra cash. It is important to have a good all around deck as some cards work well against certain characters but are weak against others. This is especially important when exploring and doing battle in areas where enemies are normally themed with a certain element, and having the cards that can effectively oppose these cards will make battles much easier.

Each region is divided in areas, by which players can participate in fights. Players can try and complete one of three objectives for each battle, with each one increasing in difficulty, as well as increasing in rewards. These are good ways to earn currencies, experience, as well as cards that you can add to your deck.

Exploring is also a way to try and earn these resources without having to fight. This is best done when the hardest challenge has not yet been met. Keep in mind, though, that exploring will still require energy.

Elemental Kingdoms also has a PvP function, where players can face off against other players online. Players can do battle either just for fun, or in exchange for rewards and experience. There’s also a chance for players to rank in global leaderboards and participate in events in exchange for great items.

There are a lot of other content available within the game. Aside from daily rewards, players can also earn Fire Tokens that can be used in exchange for special cards. There’s also the Temple and the Myst Tower where players can try and earn special Runes and explore a dungeon like maze for treasures, respectively. It is also very important for players to check up on updates regularly as the developers of Elemental Kingdoms are regularly adding new content such as an updated collection of cards as well as new events that will earn players lots of prizes in return.


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