FIFA 14 – Ultimate Team Walkthrough [Guide]


Ultimate Team is, unquestionably, the most popular feature of recent FIFA titles for gamers that play online. This is no different for FIFA 14, with the card trading aspect proving to be just as addictive as ever. Read the guide below to get an advantage on your rivals!

In this guide, we look at the best purchases you can make for all positions in the game, taking into account ability, price and chemistry. As well as the best, we look at the finest bargains for those that are looking to build a quality team on the cheap, or just to add a little bit of extra depth to their squad.

Firstly, let us delve a bit further into chemistry – the key point behind any squad.

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Chemistry within your starting 11 is without doubt the most important aspect to making your team one of the best in FIFA 14. If your chemistry is low, then your squad will not gel together, meaning players will be lethargic in making runs or closing down players. It might not be too much of a problem playing on the lower difficulty settings against the computer, but when you go up against the higher difficulty and online players, then you will be most likely torn to pieces.

So, how do you build chemistry in FIFA 14?

Well, thankfully, there are plenty of different ways in doing so. The first thing you should do is make sure that your players are in their designated places. Although you may have a versatile player, you still have to try and put them in the position stated on their card. So, for example, if a player could play all across the back four, but has LB as his position, then that is where he should play. However, it is possible to collect/purchase a consumable which will allow you to alter the position of a player if need be.

Nationality can play a big part in getting your chemistry to its maximum. The more players you have from one country, the better they will gel in the squad. It is best at the start of the game to start getting players from one nation. One reason is due to the chemistry, of course, whilst the other is to be eligible for tournaments that only allow you to use players from one country.  If you have a top player from a strong nation at the start of the game, then build your squad around him. Any of the top nations such as Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Italy and England have plenty of good players to choose from. If your starting 11 only contains players from one nation and they are all playing in the right positions, then your chemistry will be the maximum 100 out of 100.

Another way to get your chemistry to its maximum is to bring in players that play for one club or within the same domestic league. This again helps your players to gel just like the aforementioned nationality method.

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Building your dream squad can be a time-consuming process, so you need to make sure you sign the right players at the right time. Obviously you won’t be able to afford a Ronaldo or Messi from the start, so you have to gradually build up to those kinds of signings. As a result, we have provided you with what we believe are the best buys and bargains for all positions. As well as that, we show you a player they can be partnered with our recommendations that will provide you with a strong chemistry link; essentially a starting block for your new signing/s.

Keep in mind that although it would not be advised to purchase slow players, especially when you consider your opposition is more than likely to be full of pace, you can compromise in the central midfield position. It is best to have your forward players, wingers and defenders to have that injection of speed, but not absolutely necessary for your central midfielders to be fast. They are mainly there to break up play and get the ball moving to other creative outlets. Of course you should look for speed in this position, but it is probably the least necessary one to get fast players for.

With the player profiles, we have included an estimated price range. This includes prices across the 360, PS3 and PC; all three systems generally differ in cost for players in FUT, which is reflected in the estimations. Also note that player prices constantly change throughout a season, so the numbers might not be completely accurate in the future.

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There is no need to really expand on this particular position and look at the best goalkeepers to buy. The majority of keepers – excluding big hitters like Neuer, Casillas and Buffon – can be bought on the cheap. Just get your defence sorted first, and then look for the best keeper in terms of ability and chemistry with your back line. Unless you are looking for the best goalkeeper you can, then this position should not cost you more than 1,000C.

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Best Buys

Gerard Piqué (FC Barcelona/Spain)
Pos: CB; Overall Rating: 86; Average Price: 6,400-11,000C
Defensively, Piqué is as exceptional as you would expect, but his wide range of passing ability is unique for a central defender. Whether playing it short or hoofing it up the other end of the pitch, Piqué passes with superb precision. Physically tall coupled with good heading ability also makes him a danger for set-pieces. Despite all the positives, his suspect balance and lack of true acceleration mark him down slightly. If you can get around this, then you will have a great defender at a very good price. His chemistry link-ups with Barcelona and Spain are an added bonus, too.

Partner with: Sergio Busquets (FC Barcelona/Spain)
Don’t be put off by his lack of speed; the Spaniard’s other qualities in the defensive midfield role more than make up for it. Despite an overall rating of 85, he can be picked up for just 1,200-3,200C.


Angelo Ogbonna (Juventus/Italy)
Pos: CB; Overall Rating: 80; Average Price: 1,700-3,800C
A physical phenom, Angelo Ogbonna is an intimidating presence in any squad in the game. Being tall, strong, fast, and adept in any defensive situation make him one of the most all-rounded and complete defenders in FIFA. Also dangerous in set-pieces due to his power header trait and high jumping physicality, Ogbonna is truly one of the best defenders in the game at a great price. His chemistry links with Juventus and Italy also means there are many top potential partnerships associated with him.

Partner with: Morgan De Sanctis (Roma/Italy)
The Italian is a very solid, 81-rated goalkeeper with only his distribution being a let down. If you play from the back, then this won’t be a problem. He is a steal at 700-800C.


Pepe (Real Madrid/Portugal)
Pos: CB; Overall Rating: 83; Average Price: 1,300-2,900C
At such a low price, Real Madrid’s Pepe almost saw himself as one of the Bargain Buys for this section. But he is such a good player in the game that he deserves his spot on the Best Buys list. The Portuguese man is well known for his aggressive streak, and that is reflected in his stats. So are his top defensive abilities, pace and strength. Chemistry match-ups will not be a problem either, with Pepe playing for two of the best club and national teams in Real Madrid and Portugal respectively.

Partner with: Raphael Varane (Real Madrid/France)
Varane is one of our highest rated players in FIFA, so pairing him up with teammate Pepe would be a wise choice. The Frenchman is very cheap at 1,000-1,700C.

Bargain Buys

Medhi Benatia (Roma/Morocco)
Pos: CB; Overall Rating: 82; Average Price: 800-1,100C
With very strong defensive attributes coupled with good pace, Medhi Benatia is one of the best bargains available for your back line. His height and power header trait can also make him an aerial threat from set-pieces, giving him another impressive facet. On the other hand, one negative for FUT is his Moroccan nationality, which limits your options when looking for the perfect balance of quality players and chemistry. Playing for a quality side like Roma offsets this problem by some degree, however.

Partner with: Maicon (Roma/Brazil)
The Brazilian right back doesn’t quite have the lofty rating as in previous FIFA games, but his stats are steady across the board. The very dependable, well-rounded player is available at 1,100-1,900C.


Neven Subotić (Borussia Dortmund/Serbia)
Pos: CB; Overall Rating: 82; Average Price: 800-1,500C
Although Mats Hummels receives most of the acclaim at the heart of the Borussia Dortmund defence, Neven Subotić should certainly not be overlooked. The tall, powerful Serbian has all the talent you would expect from a top defender, while his above average pace and threat from set-pieces are nice additions to his game. Chemistry link-ups are not a problem either, with Subotić playing for one of the best teams in Europe.

Partner with: Sokaris (Borussia Dortmund/Greece)
Although less known than other Dortmund defenders, the Greek centre back is a quality player in his own right. Notable for his pace, heading, strength and defensive capabilities, he can be purchased at 800-1,200C.


Eliaquim Mangala (FC Porto/France)
Pos: CB; Overall Rating: 81; Average Price: 800-1,000C
Eliaquim Mangala might not be that well known outside of the Portuguese league, but you can use that to your advantage to snap him up in FUT for a bargain price. His heading ability is world class. Standing at 6’2”, he has 87 heading, 90 jumping and the power header trait, making him virtually unbeatable in the air. His pace and defensive qualities are also up to standard, making him a steal for the price he is currently at.

Partner with: Diego Reyes (FC Porto/Mexico)
His teammate at Porto has similar defensive and physical stats; perfect for forming a formidable centre back duo with great chemistry. Also, the Mexican is another bargain at just 400-750C.

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Best Buys

Jordi Alba (FC Barcelona/Spain)
Pos: LB; Overall Rating: 82; Average Price: 6,900-11,500C
Adept at being both defensive and attacking, Jordi Alba is a perfect fit for teams that utilise a bombing forward style of play. Being one of the fastest players in the game is going to automatically draw many FIFA players in to potentially signing him, but his other qualities should not be overlooked. Bundles of stamina should result in him being a mainstay for the full game, while good defensive skills, dribbling and link-up play should ensure he remains there over any other full backs.

Partner with: David Villa (Atlético de Madrid/Spain)
The Madrid man is vastly experienced and is a deadly finisher from inside or outside the box. Available for 5,500-9,500C, Villa is given a LW position, which, as a result, means he can link up with Alba seamlessly in a variety of different formations.


Ashley Cole (Chelsea/England)
Pos: LB; Overall Rating: 85; Average Price: 6,500-9,000C
Ashley Cole is the definition of an all-round full back, one that is surprisingly at a very attractive and affordable price. Other than finishing, there are no real weaknesses to his game. Good at getting up the field, even better at defending against attacks from the opposition – The Chelsea stalwart is one of the best full backs in the game – and the world – for a reason.

Partner with: Michael Essien (Chelsea/Ghana)
Essien is a strong, capable defensive midfielder that is great to use for breaking down the opposition and getting your team attacking. He is very cheap at 1,000-1,400C.


Marcelo (Real Madrid/Brazil)
Pos: LB; Overall Rating: 83; Average Price: 10,500-22,000C
Although Marcelo has good attacking traits – most notably his fantastic crossing and dribbling abilities – he is also very strong defensively; something that can be overlooked with modern-day full backs. As well as being a complete left back, he has great chemistry links to Real Madrid and Brazil players. As a result, you might be expected to break into five figures to purchase this highly sought after player in FUT.

Partner with: Miranda (Atlético de Madrid/Brazil)
Miranda is a very strong defender with a very attractive price tag to boot. Physically very strong with his pace and jumping, his price tag of 1,000-1,900C is great value.

Bargain Buys

Mattia De Sciglio (AC Milan/ Italy)
Pos: RB; Overall Rating: 77; Average Price: 500-1,000C
Defensively he is not quite on par alongside the best in the world, but his pace, dribbling and crossing stats make him a great option for those that use their full backs in overlapping roles. A very nice player to have in a squad rotation system and a steal for the price he is commanding in the game. His ties to Milan and Italy are an advantage for chemistry, too.

Partner with: Daniele De Rossi (Roma/Italy)
The deep midfielder with all the defensive and creative qualities you look for in this position. He isn’t a bargain buy himself at 3,500-7,000C, but is well worth the money.


Darijo Srna (Shakhtar Donetsk/Croatia)
Pos: RB; Overall Rating: 80; Average Price: 700-750C
For a right back, Darijo Srna certainly possesses a rather different skill set to players usually associated for this position. Of course he has good defensive ability and pace, but his creativity and set-piece capabilities set him apart. Srna’s long passing and crossing make him a creative threat from deep positions, while his free kick and penalty taking is at a really high standard. It is quite staggering that he can be purchased for as little as 700C; one of the best bargains in this season’s game.

Partner with: Fernando (Shakhtar Donetsk/Brazil)
Fernando is a dynamic defensive midfielder with great physical and defending stats. At just 400-500C, he is just as much of a bargain as his teammate Srna is.


Montoya (FC Barcelona/Spain)
Pos: RB; Overall Rating: 77; Price Average: 500-600C
Montoya is not going to set the world alight for his defensive capabilities in this season of FUT, but to see such a fast player at such a cheap price is a rarity. That’s not to say he can’t defend, it is just his stats are more modest compared to some of the others on this list. Where he excels, however, is going forward, sprinting at defenders and crossing the ball to his teammates. Montoya is a great squad player to keep when rotating your side.

Partner with: Pedro León (Getafe CF/Spain)
If you want a wide player that can send in a deadly cross, then look no further than right midfielder Pedro León. His crossing stats are among the highest in the game, and he is available at just 700-750C!

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Best Buys

Cesc Fàbregas (FC Barcelona/Spain)
Pos: CM; Overall Rating: 86; Average Price: 18,000-30,000C
Cesc Fàbregas’ vision and short/long passing – all of which are rated between 92-93 – make him an ideal playmaker in any squad, while he can also convert a variety of different opportunities (either in open play or set-pieces). His lack of acceleration is slightly discouraging, but central midfield is arguably one of the few places you can get away with not having an abundance of speed. As a result, that setback, along with a pretty hefty price tag, should not deter your from considering Fàbregas for your FUT this season.

Partner with: Alexis Sánchez (FC Barcelona/Chile)
The Chilean right winger has pace, vision, dribbling, finishing, and passing abilities that can cause a lot of problems for the opposition. One of the more overlooked Barca players and, as such, costs just 2,500-5,000C.


Jack Wilshere (Arsenal/England)
Pos: CM; Overall Rating: 82; Average Price: 5,000-6,000C
Central midfield is Jack Wilshere’s position, although he is also fully capable of playing in a deeper role. Defensively he is good, with plenty of speed to zip around the pitch and plenty of stamina to keep it up for an entire match. Nonetheless, with marvellous vision and passing stats, creativity is definitely his forte. Taking into account all the aforementioned and his chemistry links to Arsenal and England, the price to purchase him is relatively cheap.

Partner with: Santi Cazorla (Arsenal/Spain)
The little Spanish magician is in high demand on FUT this season, with his great dribbling, shooting and creativity worth noting. Cazorla can be bought for 17,000-25,000C, so not cheap but he is worth every coin.


Isco (Real Madrid/Spain)
Pos: CAM; Overall Rating: 84; Average Price: 11,000-16,000C
A true visionary, Isco has the playmaker trait assigned to him, whilst his ball control and finishing are top quality for a midfielder. Played either in the centre or further wide of midfield, the Spanish sensation will add plenty to any team he plays in. His chemistry links to Madrid and Spain are a big bonus, while his price tag at the moment is very reasonable.

Partner with: Karim Benzema (Real Madrid/France)
Benzema hasn’t been in great form for club or country recently, but that hasn’t affected his stats in FUT too much. Great finishing and creativity make him a dangerous striker for any team. He is available for 18,000-30,000C.

Bargain Buys

Wesley Sneijder (Galatasaray SK/Netherlands)
Pos: CAM; Overall Rating: 84; Average Price: 1,000-2,000C
Just a few years ago he was considered one of the best players in the world, although Wesley Sneijder is now sadly out of the spotlight somewhat playing for Turkish side Galatasaray. That doesn’t affect his ability too much, however, and he is still highly rated by the FIFA statisticians. His creativity is fantastic, with 90 vision, 89 long passing, 87 short passing, and 83 crossing. It is quite shocking that he is trading for such a low price in the game currently.

Partner with: Felipe Melo (Galatasaray SK/Brazil)
Teammate Melo is a very capable, well rounded defensive midfielder. Some label him as the ‘perfect’ player for his position, which makes his price of 800-1,000C all the sweeter.


Bernard (Shakhtar Donetsk/Brazil)
Pos: CAM; Overall Rating: 80; Average Price: 1,000-3,000C
With an abundance of pace, dribbling, 5-star skill moves, and the ability to find an end product by either scoring or setting up a goal, Bernard is a top performer in attacking positions. His lack of strength and height – standing at a mere 5’3” – makes him a liability in a defending situation, however. Despite that, his price tag is very reasonable if you can snap him up for under 1,500C.

Partner with: Douglas Costa (Shakhtar Donetsk/Brazil)
Good pace, creativity and attacking qualities make Douglas Costa a fine central attacking midfielder player for your squad. Very cheap at 400-500C.


Sven Bender (Borussia Dortmund/Germany)
Pos: CDM; Overall Rating: 81; Average Price: 750-1,500C
If you are looking for a defensive midfielder that can really defend, then Sven Bender should be near the top of your wishlist. The powerful German has all the traits you look for in terms of defence, with great tackling, marking and intercepting stats. His fantastic stamina – rated at a lofty 92 – will see him perform to the top of his game throughout the match, too. His ability is not all just about defending either, as he has a good range of passing at his disposal.

Partner with: Lars Bender (Bayer 04 Leverkusen/Germany)
His brother! The central midfielder is not quite as good at the defensive side of the game as Sven, but he is more of an attacking threat and has even more stamina with a 94 rating! He is available for 700-1,500C.

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Best buys

Lucas (Paris Saint-Germain/Brazil)
Pos: RM; Overall Rating: 82; Average Price: 10,000-18,000C
Lucas is a player many FIFA fans will be familiar with, having been a permanent fixture in many FUT squads. His blistering speed, excellent dribbling, precise passing, and fantastic finishing – especially with long shots – make him an ideal player on the right side of midfield. If you have got the cash to splash on your Ultimate Team, then Lucas is an essential purchase.

Partner with: Blaise Matuidi (Paris Saint-Germain/France)
Matuidi is a top quality defensive midfielder with almost untouchable defensive stats in this position. That makes it all the more surprising that he is available for just 800-1,200C.


Stephan El Shaarawy (AC Milan/Italy)
Pos: RW; Overall Rating: 81; Average Price: 10,000-18,000C
Milan’s Stephan El Shaarawy is great at getting in behind defences’ with his fast dribbling ability, and is also adept in finishing any created chances. Using a consumable card and deploying him as a deep forward in a team might work best, as his vision and short passing talents will also mean he can bag plenty of assists, as well. However, he is perfectly fine out on the right wing and is capable of being a key player for your team.

Partner with: Andrea Pirlo (Juventus/Italy)
The old Italian master would be a great option to use for playing the perfect pass to play Shaarawy in for a great goal scoring chance. His reputation is reflected in his price though, so be prepared to pay between 15,000-40,000C for his services.


Theo Walcott (Arsenal/England)
Pos: RW; Overall Rating: 81; Average Price: 5,000-8,000C
If you want pace in your squad, then there is only one place to go…Theo Walcott is the resident FIFA speed merchant, with 97 acceleration and 96 sprint speed making him the fastest gold-rated player in the game. Speed is not all he possesses, however, with the Arsenal man being very proficient in front of goal, as well as some decent ranges of passing. For an attacking winger with an abundance of pace, Walcott is very reasonably priced right now.

Partner with: Bacary Sagna (Arsenal/France)
Sagna is a strong, all-round right back that would link up with Walcott well in any side. His average price is only currently at 1,000-1,500, so he is well worth snapping up.

Bargain Buys

Danny (Zenit St. Petersburg/Portugal)
Pos: LW; Overall Rating: 83; Average Price: 750-1,500C
Portuguese winger Danny has great pace, finishing and creative attributes, which make him a very cheap and attractive acquisition for virtually any team. His dribbling, vision and short passing are stand out stats, whilst he can also stick the ball in the back of the net from a variety of positions. His stamina can let him down a bit, so you might need to replace him towards the end of a game if he is struggling. Other than that, Danny is a great winger.

Partner with: Cristian Ansaldi (Zenit St. Petersburg/Argentina)
The Argentinian left back is a very fast and dependable defender. A great cover if you have an attacking guy like Danny in the squad, and a bargain at 400-700C.


Osvaldo (São Paulo/Brazil)
Pos: LW; Overall Rating: 77; Average Price: 800-1,200C
Described by some as a ‘cheap Neymar’, Osvaldo is a talented speedster. The left winger is great at dribbling – especially when you consider his 4-star skill moves – and getting into the opponents penalty box to score a goal. He doesn’t have much else to his game, but he could prove to be a great impact sub.

Partner with: Ronaldinho (Atlético Mineiro/Brazil)
The legend that is Ronaldinho! He may not have the pace he once did, but he still has all the tricks and technique that once saw him as the best player in the world. Fairly cheap at 2,500-6,000C.


Joaquín (Fiorentina/Portugal)
Pos: RM; Overall Rating: 82; Average Price: 700-1,200C
Joaquin has been a stalwart in many football games for the last 10+ years, and he still a great option for FUT once again this season. He may not have great pace and his stamina is very suspect, but his other qualities shine through. His dribbling and finishing are great, but his crossing ability is up there with the best. If you have a team with an aerial threat, then this Portuguese man could supply them with the artillery they need.

Partner with: Giuseppe Rossi (Fiorentina/Italy)
A great finisher with plenty of creative flair, Rossi is a great centre forward. Trading at 1,000C and under makes him an even more attractive proposition.

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Best Buys

Edinson Cavani (Paris Saint-Germain/Uruguay)
Pos: ST; Overall Rating: 87; Average Price: 10,000-17,000C
In FIFA 14, Edinson Cavani’s positioning, finishing, heading, stamina, and ball control are all high points, emphasising the fact he has virtually no weaknesses in his attacking play. The Uruguayan is one of the best strikers in the world and, as such, is one of the best in the game for FUT. For such a quality and highly rated player, his price tag is very modest compared to other players of the same ilk.

Partner with: Zlatan Ibrahimović (Paris Saint-Germain/Sweden)
Perhaps only behind Messi and Ronaldo as the best forward players for FUT, with the giant Swede being an explosive finisher. The only problem: bidding starts at 1,000,000C…


Luis Suarez (Liverpool/Uruguay)
Pos: CF; Overall Rating: 86; Average Price: 60,000-100,000C
Luis Suarez’ stats in FIFA 14 are very tasty (pardon the pun), with his dribbling, finishing, acceleration, vision, positioning, and short passing being particular highlights. His traits of diving and being selfish let him down slightly, but he is still one of the very best players for his position. He is quite pricey, but the Uruguayan is worth saving up for.

Partner with: Coutinho (Liverpool/Brazil)
This little Brazilian magician is just the type of player you want behind Suarez to feed him chance after chance. The attacking midfielder is a great dribbler and creator, with a very attractive price of 2,500-3,500C.


Falcao (AS Monaco/Colombia)
Pos: ST; Overall Rating: 90; Average Price: 80,000-150,000C
In terms of converting opportunities, there is nobody in the game that can match Falcao’s overall ability in this area. His stats in the realm of converting chances go like this: 94 finishing, 95 heading, 93 volleys, 94 positioning, 90 reactions, and 93 jumping. His other stats don’t quite match up to those lofty figures, but if they did, then he would be at least ten times pricier than he currently is! A true predator of a striker and one of the best buys in FUT.

Partner with: João Moutinho (AS Monaco/Portugal)
Falcao’s teammate Moutinho is one of the best creative players in the game, and is just a snip at under 1,000C. If you spend all your money on Falcao, then Moutinho is a great, inexpensive option to provide him with assists.

Bargain Buys

Romelu Lukaku (Everton/Belgium)
Pos: ST; Overall Rating: 77; Average Price: 1,000-2,000C
Romelu Lukaku is an intimidating Belgian powerhouse that is essentially the complete striker already, despite his deceivingly modest overall rating of 77. His finishing is very good, while holding up the ball is not a problem either thanks to his strength and size. If you are looking for the next Didier Drogba, then Lukaku is the man for you.

Partner with: Kevin Mirallas (Everton/Belgium)
Kevin Mirallas is a speedy right midfielder that can deliver a good cross, or put the ball in the back of the net. Good player to link up with Lukaku, while also being cheap at 900-1,200C.


Didier Drogba (Galatasaray SK/Ivory Coast)
Pos: ST; Overall Rating: 83; Average Price: 1,000-2,000C
Speaking of Didier Drogba, the football legend is back once again for FUT. Deadly with shooting and heading, the robust Ivorian is a nightmare for any defence to handle. He may have lost a yard of pace, but he still has enough other qualities to be a key striker for any squad. Available for as little as 1,000C, Drogba is worth purchasing by everyone.

Partner with: Wesley Sneijder (Galatasaray SK/Ivory Coast)
The aforementioned Sneijder has already been mentioned as a bargain buy in this guide, so he is a great link-up player with Drogba. In fact, the whole Galatasaray squad could be a good starting point for a cheap, yet effective team.


Miroslav Klose (Lazio/Germany)
Pos: ST; Overall Rating: 83; Average Price: 700-1,000C
Miroslav Klose has long been a fan of FUT players, and his presence will be seen once again in a lot of squads. The German’s finishing ability is fantastic for such a cheap player. At 6’0”, he has 94 jump, 87 heading, 88 finishing, and 90 positioning statistics. He isn’t a slouch either with decent acceleration and sprint speed. Klose should be valued at much more than he is, so snap him up as soon as you can!

Partner with: Mario Gomez (Fiorentina/Germany)
Mario Gomez is a striker that has a lot in common with Klose. Although he is trading for a higher price – around 3,000-5,500C – partnering him with Klose would be a wise choice if you’re looking to terrify the opposition!


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