Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough [Guide]

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts is a cross-gen title available for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One. Despite the fact that it is a cross-gen title and that the single player walkthrough of this guide was created using the Xbox 360 version of the game, this guide will apply to the next-gen versions as well.

The multiplayer, Extinction, and Squads guides (COMING SOON) will be written using a next-gen version of the game. However, they will all be relevant to the current-gen versions of the game, too.

Call of Duty: Ghosts
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Campaign

Ghost Stories
Brave New World
No Man’s Land
Struck Down
Legends Never Die
Federation Day
Birds of Prey
The Hunted
Atlas Fall
Into the Deep
End of the Line
Sin City
All or Nothing
Severed Ties
The Ghost Killer

3. Multiplayer
4. Squads
5. Extinction
6. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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Catastrophe has struck the United States of America. The dominant new superpower, The Federation, has invaded the US and has crippled its defenses, making the US the underdog for the first time in decades.

The only thing standing between the Federation and total world domination?

The Ghosts.

LT – Aim
LB – Non Lethal
RT – Fire
RB – Lethal
Y – Change Weapon
X – Reload
B – Crouch
A – Jump
LS – Move/Sprint
RS – Camera/Melee
D-pad – Equipment
Back – Leaderboard
Start – Pause

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2. Campaign
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Find all the Roarke files and complete every mission with this walkthrough!

As Logan, follow Elias (your dad) and Hesh, your brother, out of the woods.
When the proverbial shit starts hitting the fan, start sprinting through the
streets. To sprint, click in the left stick. Elias will run off and instruct
the two of you to head to the house, so go there now.

Perspective then switches to an astronaut. As the astronaut, you can descend
by holding LB and ascend just by looking up and moving the left stick forward.
Follow your fellow astronaut back into the space station. Of course, bad things
happen in here, so follow her to the next room.

Grab the gun that is floating. Then struggle with the enemy that tries to
stop you. Pull on the right trigger to fire and use the right stick to aim
the gun diretly into the enemy’s face. When he’s dead, there will be a couple
of more enemies to deal with before exiting the space station, but nothing
too difficult.

Outside of the station, float on over to ODIN. Approach the machine on the
top of it and help the astronaut lady pull it up. Then shoot the fuel line as
instructed. Shoot it again for a second explosion.

Back to Logan, follow Hesh outside. The ground will start getting all messed
up, so be prepared to vault over it. You’ll want to be quick on your feet
here, or else you’ll be killed by the explosions. However, don’t be too hasty
just yet because…

The first collectible in the game is an easy one to miss. If you just follow
Hesh, he’ll lead you through the streets, completely bypassing the first
Rorke file.

After exiting through the backdoor of your house, there will be two other
houses on the right. Go to the second house on the right, the one with the
open door. The Rorke file computer can be found lying on the floor. Collect
it. To collect Rorke Files, hold the action button. X on Xbox controllers,
Square on PlayStation controllers, and Y on the Wii U GamePad.

After collecting the first collectible file in the game, keep following Hesh.
Jump across the gaps as instructed and then hop in the back of the truck to
complete the first mission.

To Top

Go with Hesh and Riley. When you reach the abandoned theater, climb the
rubble up to the second story. Meet up with Team 2, and then Riley will
notice some enemies. Follow Hesh into the building while Riley attacks the
first enemy.

Pop out from behind cover and kill all of the enemies in the vicinity. Don’t
worry about hitting Riley. I’m not a very good shot and despite my erratic
spraying and praying, I did not hit the dog once and I don’t think it is
even possible to kill the dog, but it IS possible for the dog to die by being
shot by enemies, so watch out for that.

At any rate, fight your way to the culvert. Kill all the enemies as you
push to the far side of it. A helicopter will swoop down with multiple soldiers
visible inside of it. Kill them before the helicopter is able to drop them
off. Grab a rocket launcher off the crate at the end of the culvert, kill the
rest of the enemies, then wait.

A helicopter will show up right after that. Shoot at it with the rocket
launcher. Keep the laser sight aimed at the helicopter to guide the rocket
into it. This will blow up the first helicopter. Grab more ammo and reload.
The second helicopter will be beefier than the first and will require two
rockets to take down. Downing both of the helicopters will net you a nice

Get inside the back of the truck. Upon arriving at the base, go up the
stairs to the top floor where Elias and Hesh will be chatting.

Sitting on a table in this room is a Rorke File. Upload it while Elias and
Hesh are chatting.

Walk out to the balcony with them and enjoy the view.

To Top

This mission begins with you in control of Riley. Well, the camera on Riley’s
back, anyway. The cursor in the middle of the screen will turn red when Riley
is looking at an enemy that can be killed. It is possible to zoom in and out
using the right stick. You can directly control Riley and make Riley kill
enemies by pushing him against them or getting close and tapping the left

In addition, you can tell Riley to attack enemies while not synced up with him
by pointing at an enemy and tapping the left bumper when they are highlighted
in orange.

Make your way through the first few areas, using Riley when relevant, until you
reach a grey trailer.

Sitting on a table inside the trailer is the third Rorke File. This one is
kind of hard to miss because you HAVE to move through the trailer in order to
continue the campaign.

You’ll have to sync back up with Riley for this next part. Approach the dog’s
back and hold the action button to do this. Back in control of Riley, there
will be two enemies on either side of a gate. One is unarmed, one is armed.
Kill the unarmed one when the armed one has walked beyond him. Then go around
the gate and kill the armed guard by running up and mauling him.

With that area cleared, approach the next gate. It’s sort of a reverse-breach
in a sense, as the enemies fly out of the gate in slow motion. This part can
be kind of tricky. First kill the enemies that are by Riley. If you don’t,
they will definitely wind up killing Riley. Even the guy that Riley knocks
down needs shot to be put away for good. Then just be very careful NOT to
shoot Hesh and get rid of the other enemies to be golden.

Moving forward, there will be a convoy of enemy soldiers going down the road
to the left. Inside a broken aircraft will be a lone enemy. Using your silenced
weapon, shoot him in the head for a quick kill.

In the next area, it’s a stealth section with Riley. Take control of the dog
and hug the right side of the area. Don’t kill any enemies unless they are by
themselves. Don’t kill them unless their backs are turned to Riley as well
because that’s the only way to pull off a stealth kill without attracting a
ton of attention. Use the concrete pipes and the like to your advantage.

Eventually, Riley will be told to stop. Do so and then zoom in on the guy
talking on the stage. Keep the camera aimed at him to watch the event and
listen to all of the audio. Then head out into the woods as Logan again. Riley
will spot some wolves, and a wolf battle ensues.

Kill the wolves as much as you can until one jumps on you. Mash on the
button that appears on-screen to escape from the wolf’s jowls. Use your
pistol to kill the wolf attacking Riley, but you won’t have the added benfit
of being able to actually aim down the sights for that one. Then just watch
the rest of the scenes unfold.

To Top

Use the remote sniper to find Ajax. He is located directly across from your
group, above the seats, in what was probably once a press box. Afterwards,
equip the grenade launcher that is leaning against the wall near the sniper
and then use it to attach grenades to the passing vehicles.

After the convoy passes, follow the group to a parking garage. Riley will paw
at the door that Logan is meant to open. Open the door and get inside. When
prompted by Merrick, detonate the charges that were placed on the convoy,
which will cause quite a stir in the enemy camp at the stadium.

Fight into the stadium and kill the enemies here. The game will prompt you to
use the remote sniper to kill out of reach enemies. Do this by pressing “up”
on the d-pad. Then use the sniper just like before. Use the right trigger to
actually fire the device.

This will be repeated again when a group of RPG-toting enemies are spotted.
Use the sniper to kill them before continuing. A partly opened shutter will
be reached. Use the right bumper to throw tear gas underneath of it after Logan
puts on a gas mask. Safety first.

Kill all of the enemies in the room. They will not be a threat, considering
the tear gas and all. A couple of other enemies will show up wearing gas masks
though, so take them seriously. When everyone in this area is dead, keep going
until you reach the double doors that lead to the locker room.

Wait for Keegan to find the alternate path underneath the nearby rubble. Crouch
and follow him. Then wait for him to find the next door that serves as an
alternate path into the locker room. When he leans against the door, approach
the door yourself and breach it. Kill all the enemies during this slow-mo
sequence and take out any stragglers that you might’ve missed afterwards.

Before leaving the stadium, be sure to get this Rorke File. As soon as you
enter the double doors during the breach, take a left. Sitting in one of the
cubbys is the computer. Use it to obtain this file.

Continue now until the room where Ajax is held is reached. Use the remote
sniper to kill the enemies that are in the room. Then when Keegan picks up
Ajax, start heading back to the field. As they make their escape to a
helicopter, use the remote sniper to pick off the multitude of enemy soldiers
in the area.

When Hesh gives the go-ahead, make a break for the other helicopter. Thin down
the enemies here first a bit, but once you get inside the actual helicopter,
you will be fine. To enter the helicopter, just run up to its side.

As the helicopter lifts off, switch back to the remote sniper. Use it to kill
the enemies that are using the turrets in the trucks. Kill as many of the
other enemies as you can while the helicopter flies away and out of range of
the remote sniper.

To Top

Follow Hesh through the camp and into the building.

As soon as you enter the building, there will be stairs leading up to your
objective. However, stick around downstairs for a second. Take a left from
the stairs and in this room, the Rorke File will just be lying there on a
table, ripe for the picking!

Now go up the stairs and get behind the machinegun turret. Use it to destroy
the helicopters that show up as well as kill as many enemies storming the
beach as possible. When Hesh yells to “get down”, let go of the turret and go
prone on the ground. To go prone, hold in the crouch button. B on Xbox, O on
PlayStation. A on Wii U.

Stay down until control of the drones is given to you. Use “up” on the d-pad
to use the drones. Destroy the helicopters, tanks, and kill as many enemy
soldiers as possible. Do it again, and then a helicopter will blow up the
balcony, forcing you to leave.

Fight your way to the trenches now. As you push forward, the game will
repeatedly prompt you to use the drones. When in control of the drones, focus
on destroying vehicles first, then the enemy soldiers below the vehicles. You
can kill a ridiculous amount of enemies in this manner.

When nearing the tower, the drone will get shot down. At that point, follow
Hesh back to the command center. Just sprint through, or else the bombings
will definitely kill you.

In the command center, wait for Hesh to lift up the burning rafter. Then go
prone and crawl underneath. An enemy will attack, resulting in a QTE. Complete
the QTE and then watch the scene to finish the mission.

To Top

=================I really hope the title of this level is a reference to The Sandlot. Anyway,
for the first part of this mission, don’t engage any enemies until given the
go-ahead by Rorke. Then fire at the enemies with the RPGs on the balcony
across from your squad. Kill the other enemies on the streets, and then move
down to the streets yourself.

Approach the side of the enemy vehicle that is stuck to get rid of it. Then
push down that street to a rocket vehicle. Kill all the enemies in the streets
as you push forward. Run behind the vehicle and it will be blown up

When that’s done, follow your squad into the nearby alley. Sprint to the door
with them and push through the water as it rises. Keep an eye on Rorke at all
times and follow closely to him so that you do not wind up getting drowned.
Go up the stairwell when you reach it and make your way to the roof.

On the roof, a couple of enemies will be struggling for their lives. Engage
them whenever you wish, and then clear out the rest of the roof and push
forward. The roof will collapse, leaving Elias alone with Rorke and without a
weapon except for his knife.

Crouch in the water when Rorke gives the command. Then come up for air when
Rorke kills the first guard. Follow Rorke into the next hall and watch him
get the axe. Then when Rorke gives the go-ahead, crouch down and move under
the debris in the doorway. Stay crouched and kill the enemy by knifing his leg.
Pick up the gun and wait for Rorke to move the junk blocking the next doorway
and then follow him.

Follow Rorke across the “bridge” that is connecting the two buildings. Be quick
as you follow because it is being destroyed as you walk across it. Jump to the
other side when you get the chance and then kill the next two enemies that you

In this room, in the building right after the “bridge”, you will find the
Rorke File sitting on a desk. Grab it before proceeding.

Continue to follow Rorke until you meet back up with Merrick and Ajax. Kill
the enemies in the parking garagea cross the water and then follow them into
it yourself. Kill all the enemies here and continue until you reach the
helicopter. Sprint to the back of the helicopter and jump to get inside.

Once inside the helicopter, there will be a series of QTEs to complete. Press
the buttons as they appear on screen or else you’ll fail the mission.

To Top

Equip the Optical Scanner using the d-pad. Then zoom in on the helicopter that
is on the building directly across from you. The man with the briefcase that
pops out is your target. Aim the cursor at him and hold RT to scan his face.
He will turn his face away from the scanner a few times, but just keep it
aimed at him until the facial recognition meter reaches 100%.

Drop down the next part of the roof and approach your zipline machine. Deploy
it and aim it at the building. After firing the zipline, use the rope to get
across to the building. Move up the building with your partners. Wait until
Keegan gives the orders to kill the two enemies in the room, and then kill the
one on the left first and then the one on the right.

Next you’ll reach a floor with multiple enemies. There are three sitting at a
desk playing cards, three in an elevator, one walking around, and one sticking
his head in the fridge in the kitchen to the left. Wait for the walking enemy
to start heading to the kitchen, then go over to that part of the window

Kill the walking guard first, then the guard with his head in the fridge.
When the card game in the center breaks up, engage those enemies and kill all
of them. Then continue until you reach the floor that you’re actually supposed
to be on. Hold the button that pops up on screen to break through the glass and
get inside the building proper.

Keegan will go off to the right. Make a mental note of the doors he goes
through, but instead take a left. There is a small room here that has a
couple of cubicles and Hesh hanging out on the other side of the window.
Sitting on the cubicle closest to the door is the Rorke File.

After snagging the collectible, meet back up with Keegan. Approach the
server designated to you (it will be golden in color) and upload the virus.
Hold the right trigger to begin the upload process. Some enemies will start
coming from around the corner, but don’t stress about that right now. When
the virus is done uploading, move forward a bit and then hide in the darkess,
directly across from where Keegan is positioned.

Wait for Keegan to take out the guard that stays, and then go back with him
to your lines. This time you are moving down the building, literally facing
the ground as you move. A couple of enemies will show up on a balcony to the
left, so shoot them, and then continue. A single enemy will show up on the
balcony directly below you. When close enough, press the button that pops up
in the middle of the screen to kill him. Quickly throw your knife at the
second enemy that shows up, and then wait for Keegan to take out the third.

Go back inside the building and stay close to Keegan. Only kill when he
engages enemies, and stick to the darkness as much as possible. Keegan will
lead you into a room with a bunch of enemies sitting in the dark watching TV.
Guess the virus didn’t impact their television. At any rate, shoot the TV at
Keegan’s instruction, then equip the strobe light by pressing up on the d-pad.

This will seriously disorient the enemies (as well as yourself, probably) so
they are easy pickings. Just kill all of them in the area. Then reach the
room to deactivate the elevators and do so. Get back on the ropes and kill
the enemies as they lean out of the windows to kill you. Be sure to move out of
the way of the debris that is falling from above. Hold the button that pops up
on screen to rappel down whenever Keegan tells you to.

Re-enter the building and then push through this floor. Use a lot of cover
here as this room is just crawling with enemies. At the end of this room you
will meet back up with the target from earlier. Watch the scene and then make
your escape with Keegan and Hesh. As the building collapses, kill any enemies
that you see and then deploy your parachute when prompted.

To Top

The start of this mission takes place with you in control of an Apache
helicopter. Use the helicopter to decimate all of the enemy forces, which will
be highlighted in orange. Lock onto them with missiles using the right
bumper or use the machineguns on the helicopter to kill them. You have pretty
full control over the chopper, so just move it from objective to objective,
killing everything in sight.

When control switches to Logan on the ground, the goal is basically the same.
Kill everything in sight. Push forward with your squad and just murder all of
the enemies that are in sight. Fight your way to an elevator and then control
snaps back to the helicopter. Use the helicopter to wipe out the remaining
enemy forces, and then continue to do so as well using Logan.

At the end of the mission, you will reach Rorke’s office. While everyone is
talking with Rorke, grab the file off his desk. Then when they throw Rorke out
of the window, follow them through the broken glass.

To Top

This mission begins with a QTE segment. Push Rorke near the end of the plane,
and then complete the other QTEs. At the end of it all, you’ll wind up stuck in
a tree. Press the melee button to escape from the tree and crawl forward while
Logan gets his bearings.

Now as you move through this jungle, try to stay out of sight. When you have
Logan’s pistol equipped, he will also have access to a device on his wrist
that will detect enemies and label them as red blips on his radar. You can
choose to kill them (the pistol is silenced and there’s always the knife) or
move past them, using the dense jungle foliage for cover. Though I do recommend
killing at least one of them to get their gun just in case you need it to
defend yourself later.

You’ll then reach a cliffside with more enemies and the wreckage from the
plane. Move around these enemies and go up the hill behind them.

It is here that you will find a small waterfall that breaks off into two
separate streams. Stand in front of the waterfall and then hang a right to
find the Rorke file. It will be sitting on the ground at the end of the

Then meet back up with Keegan and follow him to the river where Elias and
Merrick are. Engage the enemies when instructed. Then move with the squad
through the jungle to the next river. Follow their movements exactly to avoid
enemy detection. Then continue with them through another jungle and then into
some tall grass.

Go with them through the grass and stay crouched to avoid detection. Follow
Merrick as closely as possible and stay in the single file line to avoid
being detected by enemies. Helicopters will start to attack, so make a break
into the jungle. Follow Elias as he will go the safest route. Jump off the
waterfall when you reach it and swim over to the boats.

To Top

The first enemy to snipe is the guard on top of the tower to the right. Take
him out, and then take out the enemy in the middle on the other tower at the
instruction of your squad. Kill the rest of the enemies on the ground and
then move the body that is leaning against the barricade.

When for the enemy jeep to pull up, and then stab the driver in the throat.
Hop in the back and ride the jeep right into the enemy base. When the lights
go out, switch on the night vision goggles by pressing “up” on the d-pad and
then engage all the enemies in the dark.

With the night vision goggles on, you move through a room that is clearly a
server room. Your squad will just move right through it, but as soon as you
enter, take a right. Sitting on the desk at the far end of this room is the

Keep the night vision switched on until you reach the vault door. Then
remove it and pick up the drill once it starts glowing on the ground. After
the computer is placed on the vault above the “X” that marks where the drill
needs to be used, pick up the drill and approach the X.

Start drilling through the vault door. Look at the computer screen above the
X to make sure the drill reaches the spot just before the red line but does
not go beyond the red line. Then wait for them to set up the second drill
point and repeat the process.

Make your way to the file room. Drop the duffel bag on the table with everybody
else and then as Keegan gets ready, grab the goodies from the duffel bags.
The goal here will be to defend Keegan, and enemies are going to swarm the
place like crazy, so it’s time to make preparations.

At your disposal is a turret, multiple claymores, and a lot of mines. The
enemies will come from the front and from two catwalks on either side of the
area. Put the turret at the end of one of the catwalks, and then cover the
catwalk with mines. On the opposite catwalk, cover it with mines and also be
sure to spread mines and claymores out along the floor at the base of the
stairs. Grab all the teargas as well.

When the enemies start coming in, just make sure they don’t get to Keegan.
With explosives all over the place and the turret set up as well, it shouldn’t
be hard to keep him safe. Use the teargas as much as you want to even the
fight out a bit if needed.

When the enemies are killed, retreat with your squad to the elevator. Follow
them to backtrack to the parking garage and then get in the back of the jeep
like before. Of course, the enemies will figure it out at this point, so get
on the grenade turret.

Use this turret to kill all of the enemies trucks, snowmobiles, and
stationary enemies with RPGs that are encountered as you and your squad
speed away from the base. When driving along the ice, it is possible to shoot
the ice in front of the vehicles to make them fall into holes, which is not
only amusing, but doing it eight times can get you an achievement/trophy! So
that’s snazzy.

This segment will end this mission. Don’t be conservative with that trigger
finger while on the grenade turret.

To Top

Retract the camera, and then exit the water. Start shooting all the enemies
and push forward. This mission is largely just one wherein you kill everything
you see and keep moving forward for the most part, so there is not much to
say beyond that. To exit the first area, use the grappling hooks to get on the
catwalks above.

However, the Rorke File is something that I need to mention, obviously! This
one can be found in the room where you press the red button on the console.
Look at the console and then take a right to find it just sitting on a cabinet
in the adjacent room.

Press the button on the console and then continue to fight with your squad
through the facility. As the smoke thickens, you’ll need to crouch to avoid
dying from suffocation. Fight your way to the water pump control room and
then approach the controls for the water pumps while Merrick blows the

Control the pressure with the left stick. Try to keep the lines in the middle
as best as you can. If successful, then continue with your squad to the
extraction point, killing all the enemies in your way as you go.

To Top

Get a hang of the swimming mechanics before doing anything else. Ascend and
descend using the right and left bumpers respectively. Follow Keegan through
the water and don’t stray off his path or else you’ll probably wind up as
fish food. Specifically, shark food. You can also click in the left stick to
swim faster, just like how you sprint when you’re on foot.

When the first batch of enemies are encountered, wait for them to disperse so
that there’s only two left. Kill the two of them, and then follow Keegan to the
next group of enemies. There will be four here, so kill them. Keep in mind
that during underwater encounters, bullets are far weaker than on land, so
enemies will take more shots to kill. Don’t really bother going for headshots
either, just aim directly at them and shoot for the best results.

The third group of enemies are spread out in multiple locations. The trick to
doing this and not being seen is to kill one enemy at a time, and focus on the
enemy that is closest to you. That way the other enemies won’t notice their
buddies being iced.

The ship will start sending out sonar waves that can kill you. Just keep
close to Keegan and move when he moves to avoid being damaged by this potential
hazard. Fire the torpedo at the ship when prompted and then steer it right
underneath of the ship and to the spot on it that is highlighted red.

This causes a chain reaction culminating in a QTE. After the QTE, stick close
to Keegan and avoid all the crap that is falling into the ocean, including the
large ship you just took out.

There is a platform with cars on it that you swim through. The ship crashes
into it. Enemies are at the end of this platform, so kill them, but look down
to the ocean floor and to your right. The Rorke File, evidently water-proof,
will be sitting there, ripe for the taking.

Fight your way through the enemies and just stay with Keegan. There is no more
stealth at this point, so do your best to kill all the enemies before
pushing forward, using the large rocks in the ocean as cover. The two of you
will reach a room filled with three sharks.

Keegan will move first. As soon as he says for you to go, you can actually just
swim right up to his level and follow him closely to avoid the sharks.
Otherwise, take it slow. Don’t get near any of the sharks and only move when
none of the three sharks are even close to you.

Stay with Keegan now and he’ll lead you directly to the end of the level.

To Top

Quietly stab the first enemy, and then follow the squad to the trainyard just
outside the facility. When they give the go-ahead, stab the next enemy, and
then proceed with the bulk of them to the left and inside the facility proper.
Take out the guards silently as they do.

Kill the enemy sitting in the chair from behind and continue with your squad
through the facility.

After moving through a white tunnel, there will be a short flight of stairs
going down that you have to go down. Go down these stairs, but then turn
around. Sitting on a green tarp (which itself is draped over a crate) is the
Rorke File.

Keep following your squad and then equip the camera when instructed. Aim the
camera at the missiles that are being cycled through. When that’s done,
proceed with your squad to the computer room. Use the computer that is glowing
to start extracting data.

Equip thermal vision when the smoke is everywhere and start mowing down the
enemies. When they throw the flashbang (your squadmates will warn you about
this), un-equip the thermal and then continue to kill all of the enemies in
the area.

Fight your way outside and shoot the spotlight on the helicopter as you
mow down the enemies. It’s easier to get through this part if you go through
the catwalks on the left side of the area as this place provides a ton of
cover for you to use as you move forward.

Keep going until you reach the truck and then hop in the back of it. Keep
firing at the enemies as they pursue you in jeeps.

To Top

Complete the QTEs that start the mission.

When that’s done, pick up the pistol off the ground and immediately run to the
right. Kill the enemy there and then grab some better weapons. Fight your
way with your squad out of this area and regroup with Keegan. Hide in the
room with Keegan by going prone on the ground and staying out of sight, then
proceed with them.

When they lift up the shutter, immediately take a left. On the display coffee
table is the file.

Continue fighting until you reunite with Riley. Kill all the enemies in the
nearby area and then pick Riley up and carry him cover to cover. Drop him by
holding in the same button you used to pick him up. As you move from cover to
cover, wipe out the enemies. Make a break for the escape helicopter when it
arrives, and don’t forget to grab Riley as you go!

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As soon as you have control over Logan, turn around, down the alley of beds.
Look to the left and when you see a door that says NO EXIT on it, approach it.
Facing that door, turn right, and behind the curtain covering the bed is the
intel. Right off the bat, huh!

Proceed to the flight deck and just start killing all the Federation troops
that storm it. Helicopters will drop off more of them, so keep shooting them as
soon as they touch the ground.

When instructed, regroup with Hesh. Grab the controls for the Osprey. Then
proceed to the north side of the ship where the enemies are trying to board.
Cut their ropes and shoot at them while their boats near the ship. When
instructed, press “up” on the d-pad to control the Osprey.

Use the Osprey to blow up as many enemy ships as possible. Just blow the hell
out of them really. Keep using the Osprey whenever possible, and when it’s not
possible, shoot the enemies that are trying to board your ship.

An enemy gunship will be spotted, so follow Hesh to the missiles. Kill the
enemies along the way. There will even be a slow-motion sequence where you
have the chance to kill all the enemies before landing. Get behind the
controls of the missiles when possible.

These missiles work by focusing the reticule on a target until the reticule
turns a solid white. Then pull the right trigger to fire missiles at the enemy
aircraft that show up. Focus on the gunship when it flies by. Then attack
the enemy helicopters that show up in-between gunship sightings. It should
take three solid strikes on the gunship to bring it down.

The entire ship will start going down, so follow Hesh across the deck. Work to
actively avoid being hit by the objects that are sliding along the deck as
well and get to the helicopter to escape.

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At the start of this mission, you do not control Logan. Instead you control
someone manning a tank. Follow the ally tanks through the snow and shoot all
enemy tanks encountered. Destroy the areas as designated by the objective

If missiles are locked onto you, use the left bumper to deploy smoke. To see
through the smoke, press the reload button to activate thermal vision. When
the helicopters show up, use Y on Xbox, Triangle on PlayStation, and X on
Wii U to switch to the guided missiles. Use the guided missiles to take out
the helicopters.

When the objectives in the tank are complete, control shifts to Logan at the
controls of a turret in a helicopter. Use the turret to mow down all of the
enemies that you can see. When ready, jump out of the helicopter and proceed
to the control room.

Press the launch button on the console. Then follow Hesh down the stairs.
Instead of following him through the door though, instead take a right down
the hall. There is a single room that can be entered down this hall and it is
inside this room that you will find your sixteenth Rorke File!

Fight your way out of the facility and control will soon switch back to the
tank. Inside the tank, storm the base and destroy all the turrets there. If you
line up the turrets, you can take them both out with a single shot. There will
be a ton of opposition from enemy forces this entire time, so definitely stay
on your toes.

When the tank is destroyed, sprint to the next tank and get inside. Use the
grenade turret to destroy the enemy trucks, tanks, and helicopters that pursue
you as you leave the facility.

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What’s better than Call of Duty on Earth?

Call of Duty


I’m not sure if the laws of physics make this mission even possible in real
life, but whatever. It’s Call of Duty. Let’s shoot space bullets. Who cares!
Float around and kill the enemies, basically. Use cover. It’s the same core
gameplay that you’ve experienced thus far in the game, except


There will be a loud explosion that will send your dude flying. After
recovering from that, a piece of the space station will fall right in front
of you along with a couple of your squadmates. Go through this space station
piece and then to your immediate left, just in between some debris, will be
the Rorke File. IN SPAAAA-okay, I’ll stop now.

With the Rorke File secured, it’s just a process of going through the space
motions and getting to the next objective, which is to take control of the
satellite and use it against the Federation. Choose to fire, and then on the
ground, designated the areas where the missiles will land. Aim the missiles to
take out the most enemies as possible.

Allies will be in range for the next part, so still fire the missiles but just
make sure they’re out of the blast radius. To finish off this level, choose to
fire at the train by pulling the right trigger.

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Once again, the Rorke File is located right at the very beginning of the game!
Just look near the crate in the very first train car that you’re in and pick it
up before leaving with Hesh.

This mission is very simple. Just fight your way through the train, on top of
the train, and what-not, to the end of the train. The finale is comprised
mostly of QTEs.


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3. Multiplayer
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Call of Duty: Ghosts has an extensive multiplayer component to go along with the single player campaign and the Squads mode. For more on the multiplayer in Call of Duty: Ghosts, including weapon stats and much more, check out this guide!

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Multiplayer Guide

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4. Squads
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Find out everything there is to know about Squads in Call of Duty: Ghosts with this guide:

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Squads [Guide]

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5. Extinction
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Waiting on next-gen versions to drop before we post the most comprehensive
CoD: Ghosts Extinction guide on the web!

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6. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you complete Call of Duty: Ghosts!

Didn’t like my guide? Feel free to check out this guide from fellow writer Absolute Steve for an alternate walkthrough of the Call of Duty: Ghosts campaign!

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