Heroes & Havoc Walkthrough [Guide]

Heroes and Havoc

This is a world of gods and mortals, and both are being punished due to the human’s usage of magic, and one god’s granting of these abilities. Heroes & Havoc is an RPG where players can hire new members and form the best teams as they take on different missions for their own glory. The interface is very minimal, and there really are no tutorials to help beginners out, so hopefully this guide would serve as a good introduction on how to play the game and to tell new players what Heroes & Havoc has to offer them.

Heroes & Havoc is an RPG where the game revolves around gods and other warriors. Players can hire different characters that they can add to their parties, and they can then participate in missions where they must do battle against different types of enemies. Picking your targets as well as your moves are integral for victory, as opponents tend to increase greatly in numbers as players progress.

Battle is turn based, with each team taking turns to attack. Take note, however, that turns are based on the players, not on the number of characters that the player has, deviating from usual RPG style gameplay. For instance, for a team with three characters facing an opponent with only one member, the first player will attack, followed by the enemy, followed by the second team member, after which the sole enemy will attack again, and so on.

They are also different player skills and abilities that can be triggered either passively or actively. These, along with the proper leveling up of characters within your party, will help players make the best team that can take on the challenges within the game.

Tributes and gems are the two currencies within Heroes & Havoc. Typically, tributes are used to upgrade our temple so that they can hire more characters, and so that mana production and capacity would increase. On the other hand, gems are used to actually acquire more characters to add to your party, as well as to purchase spins at the Wheel of Fate. Both of these can be acquired by completing quests and by acquiring said resources via the aforementioned Wheel of Fate. Further acquisition of gems may also be possible via in-app purchases where they can be exchanged for real life currency.

Mana is a required resource within the game, as it is needed in order to trigger a character’s special abilities. Mana is generated at the temple, and players can collect this whenever they want. Players should also take note that temples only have a maximum capacity of mana, which means that they would not produce more if left uncollected. This cap, as well as the speed b which mana is produced, can be increased by upgrading temples.

Several characters can be unlocked depending on the temple that you are in. each of them have different attack and health points, and properly managing their stats will allow players to form better teams. Each character also has special active or passive skills such as being able to regenerate health and healing allies, or attacking enemies. Passive skills are automatically triggered depending on the situation, while active stills will require mana to be activated. Players should also take note that characters can call on their abilities continuously without ending their turn for as long as they have enough mana, or until they end their turn by attacking the enemy.

Each character that participates in battle will get to earn experience points. Those who get to dispatch of enemies will earn extra XP as well. Once enough has been earned, characters will then level up. Leveling up during a fight will fully replenish your health as well as double it, and the character will also get a chance to attack again. This effect is only applicable for the duration of the fight, however.

At the end of the stage, players will get a more permanent increase in health and attack points. In addition, they will also get a chance to spin the Wheel of Fate, where players can get the chance to win items such as keys, tributes, mana, gems, and others. However, probably the most important slot in the Wheel of Fate is the Ascension slot, where in players can get the chance to pick among the various upgrades that will further improve their character. These include increased attack or hit rates, increased health, new abilities, upgraded skills, and many more. Players get one free spin each time they level up, but they can get extra spins by spending coins, with more gems being required the higher the character’s level is.

There are character specific missions that will be made available once the entire set has been completed. These will require the character in question to be present in all battles, and upon completion will open up more upgrades within the Ascension ladder, allowing players to make their characters stronger than before.

Health is an important factor when forming teams. As characters get damaged during fights, they will have to rest before their health can be regained. This is why having extra team members is good strategy so that wounded teammates can heal up for the next mission. For those who do not want to wait, however, there are health potions that can instantly refill health instantly.

Should characters get knocked out, players will have to wait for much longer before their characters can recover. Similarly, there are resurrection potions that can be used to instantly revive fallen characters so that they can be used again.

Critical Hits
Another important aspect of Heroes & Havoc are critical hits, which are called Havoc or Smite within the game. These are special attacks that deal more damage than usual. Players can check on the character’s stats as well as get upgrades in order to increase the possibility of critical hits happening, although players do not have explicit control as to when these types of attacks would occur. Characters ready to perform Smite will have an icon on the bottom left side of their character during battle, so make sure to use it on the enemy’s most powerful member so that he can be brought down more swiftly.


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