Stack Rabbit Walkthrough [Guide]


Family is very important. Just ask Ben, the furry white rabbit that, despite his looks, is certainly not a square. In fact, he’s in charge of feeding his brother’s kids while he and his wife are away on vacation, and he’s risking life and limb each time he does so due to the vicious but sleepy dog Max guarding the farm. This is not your usual match-three game, but you’ll definitely be able to get a lot of enjoyment out of Stack Rabbit all the same. Here are some of the basics to get you off and hopping.

Stack Rabbit is a match three game where, given a set number of moves, players must make matches of different combinations in order so that they will be able to proceed to the next round. Failure to meet the objective will cause the dog to wake up and make you fail the stage. There are also boss battles against Max where players must both make matches as well as avoid attacks.

Aside from making matches, there are other objectives such as collecting vegetables in a specific order. To help you along the way, powerups are available for those tougher challenges, but foresight and proper usage of your collection queue is much more important.

Carrots represent your lives which would allow you to play levels. Should players fail a stage or quit prematurely, players will lose a carrot, which would in turn regenerate over time. Players can opt to top up their carrots inventory by asking Facebook friends for them or via in-app purchases. There is also a powerup where your initial maximum capacity of five can be increased, allowing you to play more stages and failing without having to wait for a long time.

By making long matches, or by acquiring bonus scores via moves left, players can earn higher scores. Players can earn up to three stars per level, which can be acquired by reaching a specific score milestone. Simply completing the objective will earn players one star, but completists can replay stages in order to get all stars within the level and beat their personal scores. It is also important to note that players must at least earn one star at the current level in order to unlock the next stage.

Players can have a total of seven vegetables stacked at a time. Should players reach this number and no matches are in the queue, then all of these will fall over and they will lose extra moves. However, should matches be available, then these will be removed from the stack and other non matches will remain on your head. This is a good strategy especially if you want to clear vegetables you don’t want in the area but would still be used later on. The maximum stack of seven may also be increased via an in-app purchase.

Veggies will continuously grow around you, and crops will be fully grown from bare ground after three matches. Thus players must plan their moves as they would not want to collect a crop that will break their chain. In addition, more than three veggies of the same kind may be stacked, and they will all be removed after a certain time, adding more points to your total score. This will require speed as veggies will start to blink after a match of three has been made, and players only have limited time to collect more veggies of the same kind before the ones on your head disappear, requiring you to make matches from scratch again.

There are two types of powerups available within Stack Rabbit, namely consumables and permanent ones. Permanent powerups are perks that will not disappear, such as giving the players additional moves per round or an additional three carrots to your maximum capacity. Consumables, on the other hand, are items that can be used for tougher puzzles, and would have to be acquired again once players have run out. Both consumable and permanent powerups must be purchased using real currency. However, this is not a required option as all puzzles can be solved without the use of these items, albeit it can be a very tedious process if you would like to go this road.


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