Strike Wing: Raptor Rising Walkthrough [Guide]

Strike Wing: Raptor Rising

There’s a lot of space in outer space, but sometimes that entire void is not big enough for all the action and mayhem that you can cause. In Strike Wing: Raptor Rising, players can take control of ships and participate in missions that will allow them to destroy enemies and reap the rewards. If you’ve ever wanted to engage in dog fights like in Star Wars or in any space flick that you’ve ever watched, then you should definitely give this title a try. And just so you don’t end up as a burning hunk of steel, here’s our comprehensive guide so that you can be better prepared for this exciting game.

Strike Wing: Raptor Rising is a space flight and combat simulation game where players can control different crafts as they take on missions that more or less require them to shoot down enemies and trying to survive for as long as they could. Accuracy and proper handling of ships are very essential, as players only have limited shielding and energy to take on enemy fire.

Currency earned can be used to purchase better ships, although in-app purchases are the life blood of the game. This will allow players to unlock new ships instantly, along with other perks. Still, all ships can be unlocked by grinding away at missions until enough currency has been earned.

Credits are the main currency within Strike Wing: Raptor Rising. Credits are earned at the end of each mission, with more getting rewarded the higher the player’s score is at the end of the round. Currency is used to purchase better and more powerful ships. If players do not want to wait until they have enough credits by playing, then they may also acquire extra credits by paying for them using real life currency.

The game also offers bundles where, for a higher price, players will be able to unlock different ships in addition to getting extra credits.

There are a total of five missions available within the game, with two initially being unlocked. The other three can be downloaded free of charge. However, players must reach certain levels first as well as to get the requirement ship. All missions will either require players to destroy enemies or to protect a ship from your own party from getting damage. Gameplay is more or less the same, however, as it will just require players to shoot back at ships that shoot at them, although the ideal strategy would be to shoot first before you are shot at.

Players have a lot of freedom when it comes to controls. Settings can customize controls so that they can either use the accelerometer or virtual controls to steer. Thrusting is a feature that is available on the screen regardless of your control choices, however. Shooting action has a dedicated button on the right side of the screen.

Players also have the option to invert controls as well as to switch between first person view or the more traditional behind the ship third person view. Control sensitivity may also be changed, and all of these can be changed at any time in the Settings menu.

Wingmen are additional ships that can be called upon to help players out in missions. Wingmen can help you out against particularly tougher enemies, or can also serve as decoys so that enemies won’t concentrate their attacks on you. Wingmen are not very durable, and although having them on the field can be very beneficial, players cannot expect them to last long. A silver lining in this is that, should wingmen get destroyed, players will have their weapons overcharged for a brief period, allowing them to have more firepower that can destroy enemy ships faster. This effect only lasts for a few seconds however, so make sure to make the most out of it.

There are a total of nine ships that are available in the game, and each has differing stats in four areas, namely Shield, Hull, Weapons, and Handling. Players can acquire ships by paying for them using credits, or by buying them via in-app purchases individually. There are also packages where players can get more ships at a lower price.

A specific ship is required for some missions, so make sure to grab those first if you want to try out other stages. However, getting the best ship that you will be using often is a matter of personal taste. Go for ships with high shield and hull ratings if you want tougher ships, and go for better handling and weapons if you like to be able to better maneuver and attack.

Rep bots are also for sale via in-app purchases that will remove the need for ships to be repaired. This is the best way for players to be able to immediately jump into the action.

Tips and Tricks
Make sure to keep an eye on your shield and energy. Shields absorb most of the damage from enemy attacks, but energy does not regenerate as shields do. Once your shields are down, you are susceptible to damage to your hull, and a few hits can certainly take you out. should your shields get weakened or go down, make sure to run around and have it regenerate before you go into battle again.

With that, make sure to move around so that you can get a better shot at enemies. This will allow you to get into a better position both offensively and defensively, especially if enemies are coming at you from all sides. Your radar, indicated by the red arrow near your targeting system, will indicate where enemies are coming from. Use strategy to get behind them or use objects such as asteroids to hide and attack when they least expect it.

As much as possible, don’t use in-app purchases to unlock everything. Grinding for credits is much more worthwhile, and you will be able to gain enough experience as well as practice so that you can take on the tougher missions. Just keep at it and buy ships only when you have enough credits. You’ll also be trained enough to be better at your succeeding campaigns in the process.


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