Words of Wonder Walkthrough [Guide]

Words of Wonder

Learning can really be fun with Words of Wonder from Disney. This puzzle game will allow players of all ages to test their spelling and pattern recognition skills as they try to find words out of a seemingly meaningless jumble of letters. Let the wizened and educated talking owl guide you through the many stages ahead; but of course, reading through this guide would not hurt, either.

Words of Wonder is a word finding puzzle game were players must try and form words from the grid where letters are randomly generated. Only usually accepted words of three words or more are accepted. This can be done either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, and even forwards or backwards, which is why players should look into all possible scenarios in order to get the best score possible. Goals include clearing a certain number of letters or reaching a particular score, although goals such as clearing the grid of ink by clearing letter behind it as well as having certain blocks reach the bottom of the screen are also available.

To help players along the way, powerups are also available which would help out players in tougher challenges. Most of these, however, would have to be purchased by using premium currency.

Gold is the main currency within the game. Gold is earned by winning levels, but is rewarded rather sparingly. With this, the most effective way to earn a significant amount of gold is by exchanging real life cash for them. However, this is not required. There may also be offers available in the game that would grant players free gold in exchange for watching videos or trying out new games or apps. Gold is used to purchase powerups should players run out of them.

Energy serves as a resource that allows players to continue playing. Each stage requires ten energy, and said energy will be returned to you upon successful completion of the level. Thus, players will only lose energy if they failed a stage or quits the particular stage. Should players run out of energy, al they would have to do is wait for it to replenish as this is done automatically.

Stages within Words of Wonder progress linearly, which basically means that further levels will open up once the previous one has been completed. Additional worlds are also available once the first set has been completed, although this would require either the use of premium currency or the help of Facebook friends, the latter of which would require players to connect the game to their respective Facebook accounts.

There are various types of missions available within the game, all of which must be completed wither within a time limit, or with a set number of moves. The best way to achieve this is by forming long words, which would provide players with extra scores. Stars are awarded based on how well the player has performed. One star typically means that the main objective has been met, while up to three stars can be awarded based on point milestones. Additionally, players can return to previously finished missions in order to beat their persona scores and to get all the available stars within that particular round.

A good way to get the highest score possible is to take advantage of Word Blast, something which happens once the objective has been met and there are still moves left for the player. During Word Blast, special blocks are placed on the grid and activated, along with other special tiles remaining on the board, which would destroy lots of blocks and add a huge amount to your total score.

Special Letters
Forming words of four letters or more will have the last letter in the word turn into a special tile. These tiles have a variety of effects, such as allowing for double or triple letter or word scores. Additionally, special letters also have the added ability of destroying other letters around it, or even in the entire row or column. With that, long words not only will grant you better scores, but will also provide you with special letters that you can use to further increase your chances of eliminating more letters and collecting more stars at the end of the round.

Powerups are special items that players can bring into the game either as a buff or as something that can be used during the stage itself. These include the ability to add more moves to your current limit, or to have special tiles automatically added to the grid. Players can also equip enchantments that can help them in tougher puzzles.

Some powerups are given free of charge, especially when they are first introduced. However, should players run out of these, then they can also purchase powerups in exchange for premium currency. Although this may seem like a requirement in latter stages, all puzzles can be solved even without the use of these items.


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