Beyond the Dead Walkthrough [Guide]

Beyond the Dead

It’s the usual doomsday scenario – the dead have risen and are now feasting on the living. However, the zombies are not the only threats as you must also fight against humans for domination and survival. With Beyond the Dead, it’s the survival of the fittest as you must train your party to be able to thrive against any and all threats both living and dead alike. Make sure that you have enough supplies to keep your forces in tip top shape, and try to make the most out of the post-apocalyptic world.

Beyond the Dead is a battle and adventure game with building simulation elements thrown in. Players must build their camp for basic supplies, but the main focus of the game is venturing out to kill zombies and search buildings for both resources and survivors. Survivors can then form parties that can be used to battle other teams online. Strategizing on how well party members work together would depend on training and on how survivors’ skills will affect other party members.

Silver and gold are the two currencies within the game. Silver is earned by stations at the camp, and can also be acquired by killing zombies, searching buildings, or completing quests. Silver is used to purchase and upgrade stations at the camp, as well as to upgrade and fuse survivors so that they become more powerful.

Gold, on the other hand, can be used to purchase additional silver. It can also be used to purchase premium items like energy or adrenaline refills and more powerful survivors. Players are provided with a hefty amount of gold at the start of the game but this will dwindle quite quickly, so those who would need more would have to pay for them using real money.

Another kind of currency is Reputation Points, which are earned by battling other players online. Reputation Points, or RP, can be used to purchase better survivors as well.

Leveling Up
Actions like completing quests, killing zombies, and searching buildings would earn players experience points which would in turn allow players to level up. Whenever players level up, they would be provided with Skill Points that they can use to further boost the capabilities of their party. In addition, levelling up will also unlock more items that can be constructed within your camp, and also completely refills your energy and adrenaline meter.

Energy is required in order to attack zombies and buildings, as well as to search buildings for supplies. Each type of action requires a certain amount of energy, and players would have to make sure that they have enough in order to proceed. Energy regenerates over time, and this can be refilled by levelling up or using energy refills.

Adrenaline is a resource required to do battle with other players. Each battle requires one adrenaline point, although doing power attacks, where teams will engage in combat with boosted up stats and skills, will consume more. Like energy, adrenaline regenerates over time and can also be refilled by using items or by levelling up.

Your camp is a place where you would be able to build constructs that will generate silver that you can use for minor purchases and survivor upgrades. Different constructs will generate varying amounts of silver at different intervals, so players must make sure to collect regularly in order to make the most out of it.

Players can also expand so that they can build more income generating buildings. They should not mind how their camp is laid out as this only serves silver generation and cannot be attacked by zombies or humans in any way.

Throughout the game, players will get to encounter survivors that they can add to their party. Similarly, they may also be purchased or acquired by spending gold or RP, via chests found or awarded, or by the free survivor that is given on a daily basis. Each survivor has attributes such as health and attack points, type, as well as special skills.

Survivor types include ranged, melee, and specialization, and these work in conjunction with special skills that have a chance of triggering and affecting members of your team. Players can only bring five survivors in the team, which is why players should mix and match members for maximum effectiveness.

Survivors can be upgraded by consuming other survivors as well as other resources found during quests or acquired via rewards. This process will also cost silver, the amount of which depends on the type of resources being consumed. Upgrading will result in the survivor attaining higher levels which would in turn result in increased stats.

Survivors may also be fused, which is a process where two similar survivors are merged into one. This will increase the survivor’s base attributes much more effectively than upgrading, and would also even affect skill sets to make them better. Both upgrading and fusing are good strategies to ensure that your core team remain formidable against tougher enemies, and would also ensure that you can have an easier time killing zombies during quests.

Players can do battle in exchange for one adrenaline point or, in the case of Power Attacks, more. This will pit you against another player’s team where in your team’s stats are compared against your opponent, with your teams’ skills being put into consideration. This process is automated, and players can skip ahead to the results.

Winning will earn players silver and reputation points, and players with consecutive wins will also get the chance to earn bigger rewards the higher their streak gets. However, there’s a certain time limit for players to reach certain tiers, which is why players should fight whenever they have adrenaline so that they can maintain their current tier. Maintaining your team and properly picking your opponents is also very necessary so that you can preserve your streak and be able to get the best prizes possible.

There are various quests available within the game, which fail mainly into three categories, namely PvP, camp objectives, or exploring maps. In PvP, the game often just requires players to fight or win against rivals, while camp objectives would require players to build, upgrade, or expand your camp.

Exploring maps will take players to different locations as they try to complete objectives such as killing a required number of a particular type of zombie, searching a specific building, and many more. Not only can players kill zombies or search and destroy buildings not asked for in the mission during these times, but doing so will eventually increase your mastery of the location, resulting in players being able to get bigger rewards, albeit with tougher zombies. However, players should take note that, although zombies do attack you in these areas, they cannot kill or affect you or any of your party members in any way.

Social Function
Like most online games, Beyond the Dead has a social function where players can interact with other via creating and joining alliances. Being a member of a strong alliance has benefits such as boosts to your team as well as the possibility of getting free items. Players can join alliances either by accepting invites or by asking to join up.


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