Tank Battles Walkthrough [Guide]


It’s that time of the year again where everyone and their tanks come together and engage in an all-out battle in order to determine who the best tank driver is in the world. It’s the World Tournament of Tanks, and you’re the newest entrant. As a result, you have to expect that everyone will be gunning for you – but you have enough skills as well as a battle worthy tank to give them a run for their money. Engage in thrilling combat with computer-initiated campaigns as well as against some of the best players in the world. While pimping out your tank with new parts and some powerful items, however, make it a point to read this guide as it might very well save your life – and your vehicle.

Tank Battles is a tank battle simulation game where players can get to advance towards campaigns that offer up different challenges that will require accurate shooting as well as strategy in order to avoid getting blown up themselves. Along the way, there are boss battles that will require players to upgrade their tanks and purchase powerups that can help them along.

However, the meat of the game is focused towards multiplayer battles, where players can participate in deathmatch type battles online in exchange for reputation and glory via leaderboards. The status of your tanks, along with your style of play and marksmanship, will play a factor in ensuring victory or, at the very least, survival against the top players in the world.

Coins and cash are the two currencies at play within Tank Battles. The former is used for purchasing basic items such as new parts for your tank, leveling these parts up, as well as buying regular items and powerups. Cash, on the other hand, are used to buy all new tanks as well as premium items and parts. It is also used to revive players without losing progress during single player campaigns.

Obviously, cash is considered as the premium currency, which is why it is more difficult to acquire these through regular means, whereas cash is often rewarded whenever players participate in both single and multiplayer campaigns. The most effective way to acquire cash is via in-app purchases, where in spending more will be able to get you better deals.

Leveling Up
Engaging in campaigns will get players experience points that will in turn allow players to level up. These are displayed as promotions in rank, military style, and will also get players coins as rewards. In addition, this will further unlock items that can be purchased at the store, whether it be upgrades for your tank or items that you can bring along into battle.

Players can participate in campaigns under single player mode. This will require players to complete a total of three objectives, although only one is required for the succeeding mission to become available. By completing an objective, players can earn one star, and completing all missions, which would surely include destroying all tanks in the level and may include requirements such as destroying all objects, collecting all coins, or using a particular item, will earn players three stars. Stars are a requirement at certain stages of the game, and these are also requirements before certain items can be accessed in the store. As it is, players can opt to repeat previously concluded stages for stars that they have not collected yet.

Players can upgrade their tanks in order to boost statistics in particular areas such as Damage, Health, Shell Protection, and Speed. In order to do this, players must spend either coins or cash to replace certain parts of their tank. Additionally, each tank part may also be upgraded in order to further boost their beneficial effects. Alternatively, players may also purchase new tanks altogether which have far better base stats than the tank that you are initially provided with. These purchases, however, will require a lot of premium currency to complete.

Items basically fall into one of two categories, namely powerups and consumables. These can be purchased at the shop or before each battle, and players can only bring a total of three of each specific kind for every round. The main difference between powerups and consumables, however, is that consumables like turrets, bombs, and mines can be used over and over again until you run out, while others can only be brought into the game one at a time.

These items can be purchased using either coins or cash, depending on the item in question. Some benefits include increased health or damage for the round, or the ability to launch rockets or drop mines aside from the default missiles from your tank. It is recommended that players do not spend on these items during single player campaigns, but rather focus their currencies on purchasing new parts and upgrades. In multiplayer battles, however, using items is a definite must.

Tank Battles also has a multiplayer system where players can create or join in battle sessions with other people around the world. In multiplayer battles, players engage in free for all combat where the player with the most tanks destroyed after the time limit expires wins. There are also health items and other powerups that will spawn at certain intervals, which would help players survive and deal more damage to their opponents.

Cash and other items are up for grabs during multiplayer mode, and the best players will have the best reputation and would be displayed in the global leaderboard. Thus, it is very important for players to ensure that they have a powerful enough tank, and that they are able to use the various obstacles as well as the orientation of the map to have a good strategic position both offensively and defensively. Players should also make sure that they are not within the line of fire, both directly and from richocets, and that they are within spitting distance of any beneficial items that may appear. These tips will help players rack more wins and set themselves as one of the best tank battlers in the world.


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