Lego Marvel Super Heroes – Boss Guide

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Battle the extensive rogues gallery of the Marvel Universe in Lego form!

Lego Marvel Super Heroes – Boss Guide
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Boss Fights

The Sandman
Doctor Octopus
The Leader
Aldrich Killian
Red Skull

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1. Introduction and Controls
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The Marvel Universe has been LEGO-ized! Defend the world from the mischievous plots of various Marvel villains such as Dr. Doom, Loki, Galactus, and more as well as solving the mystery of the Cosmic Bricks!

D-pad – Move
LS – Move
L2 – N/A
L1 – Switch Character (Free Play)
R2 – Dodge
R1 – Switch Character (Free Play)
Triangle – Switch Character/Transform
Square – Attack/Shoot/Aim
O – Build/Use/Activate/Special Ability/Weapon
X – Jump/Hover/Double Jump/Combat Roll
RS – Move Camera/Look/Rotate Map
Touchpad – Map
OPTIONS Button – Pause/Options

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2. Boss Fights
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Mission: Sand Central Station
Characters: Iron Man/Hulk/Spider-Man

The fight with Sandman is the first fight in the game, and it requires the use of all Iron Man, Hulk, and Spider-Man.

The goal is to douse Sandman in water so that Hulk can damage him with melee attacks. To douse Sandman in water, you can use Iron Man to make water spray at him or Spider-Man’s webs to do this as well. You’ll have to build a large water turret that is used against him near the end.

The goal of this though is to just damage Sandman in this way with water to solidify him. Then move in close with Hulk and nail the attack until Sandman is defeated.

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Mission: Times Square Off
Characters: Captain America/Mr. Fantastic

Doctor Octopus will summon a small army of robots to attack, so they have to be dealt with while simultaneously fighting with him. Avoid his attacks and destroy his robots. Eventually, one of his legs will get stuck in the ground. Run over to the leg and press the action button to screw it off.

Every time the Doc loses a leg, he will also lose a heart. Repeat the process until Doctor Octopus has been defeate.

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Mission: Exploratory Laboratory
Characters: Black Widow/Hawkeye/Spider-Man

Venom will have various symbiote-covered slaves attacking at all times during this fight. They are easily defeated using Black Widow and Hawkeye. To damage Venom, sound must be used to manipulate the symbiote on his body.

The big damage will come when a bell drops down with a target on it. Use Hawkeye and aim his arrows at the target. If playing in co-op, have the other person focus on distracting Venom and fighting the enemies.

Keep hitting the bell with arrows until Venom is defeated.

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Mission: Rock Up at the Lock Up
Characters: Iron Man/Hulk/Wolverine

The Leader is protected by a giant green force field. To make the force field go away, switch to Iron Man. Target the metal objects that Leader is floating around and blast them. This will break his concentration.

Leader only has one heart, but this is where he is the most dangerous as he will now actively try to damage you. It may be tempting to switch to Hulk and try to smash Leader that way, but that’s not a good idea. If Hulk gets close to Leader, Leader will scramble his brains and make it so Hulk can’t move at all.

Just use Wolverine or Iron Man to defeat Leader. It will just take a couple of attacks considering Leader only has a single heart to his name.

Mission: Rock Up at the Lock Up
Characters: Hulk/Wolverine

Magneto helps Sabretooth during this battle. It takes place on an elevator that is covered with escaped criminals. Use Hulk during this part, as he can destroy the criminals much faster than Wolverine can.

Once they’ve all been defeated, Magneto will float Sabretooth around on a sheet of metal to try to protect him. Switch to Wolverine now and use the broken pieces on the ground to create an object for Hulk to throw. Then switch back to Hulk. Pick up the object and chuck it at Sabretooth.

The second verse is the same as the first. To take out Sabretooth’s third piece of heart, you will have to build TWO objects as Wolverine and throw TWO objects as Hulk. Otherwise, it’s the same old song and dance when it comes to beating Sabretooth in this boss battle

Mission: Rock up at the Lock Up
Characters: Hulk/Wolverine

Abomination can be stunned using spotlights. As Wolverine go to the dig point in the corner. Mash on Circle to reveal pieces to a ladder. Build the ladder and then climb up to the spotlight at the top of the tower. Press Triangle to take control of the light. Aim it directly into Abomination’s eyes. Hold the light steady until the meter above Abomination’s head is completely full.

You will be switched to Hulk automatically, unless you are playing in co-op, in which case the co-op person controlling Hulk will take control. Press Square to tackle Abomination, then mash on the square button. Do this until his first piece of heart has been depleted successfully.

Don’t switch back to Wolverine just yet. Notice the crate that is glowing green and yellow? Go over to it as Hulk, jump in the square, and then press Square in mid-air to bring Hulk’s fists down on the crate to destroy it. A bunch of tires will fall out of the crate as well.

Switch back to Wolverine and go over to the tires. Use them to create a trampoline, then use the trampoline to get to the wall bounce area. Bounce off the walls until you get to the top of this part, and then use the claw switch to reveal another spotlight. Use that spotlight on Abomination to stun him yet again, and then have Hulk take him out again.

More criminals will show up using a nearby elevator. Go there as Wolverine and ride the elevator up. Make your way to the top here and then build the claw switch. Use the claw switch to get control of the third spotlight, and once again use it to stun Abomination.

You will once again be mashing Square as Hulk, but there is an added twist to the end of this button mashing sequence. You will also have to start mashing on Circle once you’re done mashing on Square as a final part of the sequence. Completing this successfully will render Abomination defeated.

Mission: Rebooted, Resuited
Characters: Captain America/Iron Man

Killian, aka the bad guy from Iron Man 3, will be teamed up with the REAL Mandarin. First defeat the wave of Extremis soldiers. Then the Mandarin will start using his mind control powers, usually on Iron Man.

Switch to whichever character is not being hit with the mind control and then attack the Mandarin. Then Killian will run up to attack, which will in turn leave him right open to an attack himself.

Repeat this process until all three of Killian’s hearts have been depleted.

Mission: Red Head Detention
Characters: Captain America/Human Torch

As Captain America, approach Red Skull with your shield held up by holding the circle button. This will block the blasts that Red Skull fires at you, and then when he pauses, press Square to deal damage.

Red Skull will retreat and the turrets in the room will activate. Shut them down by having Cap pull the levers and use his shield on the shield button, and use Human Torch to burn through the gold doors. To do this, hold the Circle button and then trace the outline of the door. This will reveal the innards of the machine for you to destroy.

Then repeat the process from before, approach Red Skull and whack him. He will activate the two other turrets. Destroy them as well, and then hit Red Skull one final time.


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