Five games Wii U needs right now [Editorial]


While I firmly believe that the Wii U is on the verge of making a comeback, it’s still fun to think about dream games that could make the system legendary potential. With Super Mario 3D World releasing this coming Friday, Wii U may have a killer app by the end of the week. If not, these games could probably get it that elusive killer app that makes it a must-play title.

05. Grand Theft Auto
Rockstar has a history of spinning off their Grand Theft Auto games. The latest entry in the series, Grand Theft Auto V, takes gamers back to the gorgeous mountains and forests of San Andreas and has been one of the most successful games of all time. Rockstar spent an extremely long time crafting GTA V, and I bet they don’t want all their hard work to go into a single game.

In the past, Nintendo and Rockstar haven’t had the most fruitful relationship, with the highlight probably being the well-received Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the original DS.

What made Chinatown Wars so great was that Rockstar took full advantage of all the cool features that the DS has to offer. Wii U brings its own host of gimmicks to the table that are really cool when developers take advantage of them properly. Rockstar could create a new story set in the same San Andreas as seen in GTA V or give us a sequel to Chinatown Wars…either way, GTA on Wii U would be incredible.

04. Pokemon RPG
Nintendo still hasn’t created a full-fledged traditional style Pokemon RPG for a home console. Considering the massive success of the franchise on handhelds, it is stunning that Nintendo still hasn’t expanded the core franchise to home consoles. Pokemon is a system seller, and a console Pokemon game in the vein of the core handheld series would push more than few Wii U off the shelves.

03. Zelda Wii U
We know that Zelda Wii U exists. Development is already well underway on the title, and with A Link Between Worlds finished, the Zelda team at Nintendo are geared up and ready to go full force for the Wii U entry in the legendary franchise.

We also know when we’ll get to see Zelda Wii U. Pay close attention to Nintendo’s presentations at next year’s E3 event in the summer to see everything that Nintendo will have to offer in regards to Zelda on the U.

02. Metroid Prime U
Retro Studios has moved from the Metroid Prime series to reinvigorating the Donkey Kong franchise. Right now they’re currently working on another Donkey Kong game, this one for Wii U, but I’d really like to see them or at least somebody work on a new Metroid title!

The Wii U system’s unique capabilities could add a ton of new gameplay features and opportunities to the Metroid Prime series. The increased graphical capabilities combined with the improved online network that Wii U offers could bring us the ultimate Metroid Prime game.

01. Super Mario Universe
Super Mario 3D World looks amazing. I’m not trying to say it’s not, and there is a very good chance that it will be Game of the Year. However, there is a certain sense of scope that the game lacks that Super Mario Galaxy possessed. I want to see that scope applied to a Wii U game.

Recently, Nintendo said that they would consider revisiting the Super Mario Galaxy style of gameplay, and I think that is an idea that appeals to everyone. Seeing a new Super Mario Galaxy game with HD visuals, 3D World style co-op, and all the new innovations that have come to the series since the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2 would be absolutely fantastic.


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