Luxuria Superbia (Mobile) [Review]


There has been a lot of games talked about that looks really different from the rest. This year has seen plenty of them with unique-looking graphics that are both simplistic and abstract, like MirrorMoon EP, Antichamber, and so on. However, at least you can recognize stuff in those games, like when you’re holding a gun-like apparatus for manipulating your environment, or interacting with various objects in the surroundings. Here is one game that is not bad at all, but it does have almost nothing that human beings can immediately relate to.

Luxuria Superbia by Tale of Tales is kind of an interactive title of sorts that is not like your usual video game. Designed originally for touch devices, it has also made the leap into Ouya so you can play it on television with a pad controller as well. Most people wouldn’t know what to do with it at first, even video game veterans who have gone through various weird and obscure titles like Cho Aniki and that kind of stuff. It looks like a kaleidoscope of sorts and not much else, without any visual elements on screen that people can relate to other than color. When you touch a certain part, it moves and changes. It’s like putting a finger into a lava lamp and swishing it around, but much more interesting.

No one could really put their finger into what Luxuria Superbia really is or what it’s about. Some say that it has innuendo in its appearance and implications, like it’s an abstract video game interpretation of sex and orgasm, while others just put it up to the influence of psychedelic drugs, or even just about flowers and other sorts of plants. If the 1960′s and 1970′s had more advanced technology, then perhaps more games like this would have been made. Just imagine the Magnavox Odyssey and Atari 2600 having games like this, but perhaps they did since E.T. was nigh incomprehensible as well. The visuals and gameplay are quite open to interpretation to say the least, but that’s actually the strength of the game.

The more you play it though, or even from just looking at the screenshots, with all of the emphasis on having fun while being slow and gentle in manipulating it, you can’t help but see it as an interpretation of making love to a woman. That could be enough to creep some people out from playing this game, but perhaps the title had already given a clue as to how off-kilter this game is from the start. As an interactive experience, it’s actually quite good since even though it’s quite abstract, you can still get the idea of how things work as you play it. Soon enough, you learn where to touch and how to touch it, which only makes the innuendo sink deeper. It teaches you the art of… giving… let’s put it that way.

If you want something really interesting and different in your mobile game library, then you should find this game to be quite a treat. It’s one of those games that are made for players to show their friends so that they can watch their bewildered faces contort and morph over time as they try to figure out what they’re seeing. That’s quite a handful for a game that’s worth only $3, and there’s also a free demo available on the Ouya that you can play if you’re still not too sure.

Tested in Android. Final Score: 8/10


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