GT Racing 2 Walkthrough [Guide]

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

GT Racing 2 is the sequel to one of the most realistic racing simulation games that you will find. True to form, this title features accurately rendered vehicles and cutting edge graphics that few are able to replicate. Here, players can race against the computer and against other players, and they must use all of their driving skills – as well as upgrade their vehicles – so that they can pass the various challenges ahead. Get ready to play GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience, and read up on this guide to increase your chances in heading the pack as you race towards the checkered flag.

GT Racing 2 is a racing simulation game where players are able to drive different kinds of vehicles across various tracks. There are different qualifications for each race, although the main requirement is, of course, to finish as fast as possible. During well in previous races will allow players to unlock more events, as well as new content like higher tier vehicles that will perform much better in a race.

Various game modes are also available which would require players to both race against time and other players. This will earn players stars which are used to gain access to other events or get rewards like currencies or brand new and exclusive vehicles.

Players only have to worry about steering and braking, the latter of which is required when dealing with sharp turns or when in danger of collision. There is also a feature where handling and braking can be assisted by the game, but the rewards would be minimized if this feature is turned on during the race. Players may also look at their rear view mirror to see vehicles behind them or change driver perspectives to suit their preferences.

Coins and cash are the two main currencies within the game. Coins are considered as the basic currency, which allows players to purchase new vehicles, make upgrades, as well as purchase boosts. Coins are earned each time players participate in races, and more are earned whenever players win races or perform well, such as making turns without damage or overtaking other racers.

Cash, on the other hand, are rewarded sparingly, typically when players level up or if they win special events. Cash can also be acquired via in-app purchases. This currency is used to unlock events early, as well as to purchase premium vehicles and boosts and to speed up upgrade times.

There are several vehicles featured in GT Racing 2, and each vary in four main areas, namely Acceleration, Top Speed, Handling, and Braking. Cars can be purchased via either coins or cash, and some may even be rewarded as prizes for special events. Some cars are required in order to be able to play certain campaigns, so make sure that you have enough currency by winning other races. Players may also choose to change the default color of their vehicles, but this will require cash to complete.

Different tiers of vehicles are also available, with each vehicle in a tier performing better than most in lower levels, even with full upgrades applied. As mentioned, there will come a time where players will have to acquire higher level vehicles as requirements for some races, so make sure to keep racing and win as much as possible to amass the required amount of coins or cash.

Like most racing games, vehicles can be upgraded in order to make them perform faster in a race. To do this, players must have a mechanic in their team. Players can acquire additional mechanics on top of the initial one provided for you using cash, and this will greatly speed up the completion of upgrades. Cash can also be used to instantly complete upgrades so that you can immediately race with your newly upgraded vehicle.

Upgrading vehicles will also increase its ranking. This is a soft requirement for some races, which means that you can still race for these events, but the chances of you winning would be very slim as your opponents will definitely have much better vehicles than you.

To help players along, GT Racing 2 also allows you to purchase boosts which would upgrade your vehicle’s performance in a single race. These can be used to increase your top speed or boost other attributes, as well as earn you double the stars or coins that you have collected. Other boosts will require players to spend coins, while others require cash or hiring friends so that you can gain access to these upgrades. Using boosts is important if you need an extra helping hand in winning races but you do not have the vehicle or enough money for an upgrade to keep up with your opponents.

Race Modes
GT Racing 2 offers up various game modes to the player. These include the Campaign mode which is divided into several events and races. Other events will require that a certain number of stars, which are earned depending on your performance, be collected. Some will also require that a particular vehicle be purchased and used. Certain events, however, can be unlocked early using cash.

The requirements to win vary from race to race. These include Classic races where the only goal is to finish first. There are also Knockout races where the last competitor is eliminated after each lap, and the King of the Hill race where the game utilizes a point system based on how long you are in the lead or in any other position. Lastly, Qualification races will have players trying to beat the time in order to finish the track.

Aside from the campaign mode, players can also participate in multiplayer races where they can try and beat other players online for rewards as well as for the chance to appear in global leaderboards. There are also timed events where players can try to earn stars within the specified time limit in exchange for great rewards like currencies and, in the case of the currently running Platinum events, a brand new car absolutely free.


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