Dead Rising 3 [Guide]

Dead Rising 3

Microsoft presents a Capcom Vancouver Production…Dead Rising 3! Experience
one of Xbox One’s most important exclusives and survive the zombie apocalypse
once again, this time with new protagonist Nick Ramos!

Dead Rising 3
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Story Mode

Chapter 0: Dead End
Chapter 1: Made in America
Chapter 2: It’s Somebody’s Funeral
Chapter 3: Them or Us
Chapter 4: Unexpected Guests
Chapter 5: Soldier of Fortune
Chapter 6: The Collectors
Chapter 7: A Price for Everything
Chapter 8: Hemlock Can Be Fatal

3. Side Missions
4. Psycho Missions
5. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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A zombie outbreak occurs in the city of Los Perdidos, trapping Nick Ramos
inside the city walls with hordes of the undead while he tries to make it out
alive with his fellow survivors.

LT – Aim
LB – Sprint
RT – Shoot/Throw
RB – Inventory
Y – Heavy Attack
X – Light Attack
B – Pick Up
A – Jump
LS – Roll
RS – Camera

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2. Story Mode
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“With zombies coming from every direction – including up – Nick and Dick must
find a safe place for themselves and a motley group of survivors.”

Nick is pretty beat up at the start of the game, so the first objective is to
heal him. Luckily, there is some food lying around here, so just pick it up
with B and then consume it with X. Grab the wrench off the crate and use it
to smash through the first gate.

Heavy attacks are required for the second gate. As you move out of this
area, there will be plenty of zombies. You can choose to engage them, but they
are easily avoided.

Play around with the different weapons. There’s plenty of goodies lying around
on the ground, including fire axes and handguns. Test them out on a few zombies
and get a feel for how YOU are going to want to play the game moving forward.

Exiting this area triggers a short title sequence, and afterwards, Nick has to
face a ton of zombies in the streets. Sprint (LB) through the hordes and also
jump from car to car to avoid confrontation. Don’t worry about the survivors in
this first area, just focus on getting out of here with as little damage done
as possible.

Fight your way to the diner. After the scene, grab the sledgehammer and the
chainsaw off the ground. Hold RB to bring up the inventory and then press A
to combine the weapons into the Sledgesaw. Now exit through the back of the
diner and use your new weapon to thin out the zombies.

With Nick and Rhonda, make your way to the SUV. Open the gate with the switch
on the wall and then get inside the SUV. As you drive it to the garage, a
couple of people can be found along the way. They are Jodie and Taylor. I
recommend getting out of the vehicle and killing the zombies pawing at them
because saving survivors is worth a ton of PP (the experience points in the
Dead Rising games).

Before you are able to continue the game, Rhonda needs time to do stuff and
suggests that you do a bit of exploring. For more information on this,
please check out the Side Missions and Psycho Missions guides, located in the
sections below the Story Mode section of this main Dead Rising 3 guide.

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“A zombie outbreak paralyzes the city, but if they can get to the military’s
quarantine station, there might be a way out for Nick and Rhonda.”

In order to make it to the quarantine zone, you have to build the turret rig.
Stand between the two vehicles in the garage, hold RB, and then press A. This
will create the turret rig, which is an extremely useful vehicle combination
that is heavily armored, has a turret on top, and blades that extend from the

Every other street in the city is blocked off except for the street that leads
to the quarantine zone, so you should have no trouble finding your way there.
Use the weapons on the turret rig excessively since it doesn’t run out of
juice, unless of course you crash it too many times and it blows up.

On the turret rig, LB and X are used to fire the gun on top. To aim the gun,
use the right stick. Press Y to extend the blades from the sides of the rig.
You should try to kill at least 1,000 zombies with the turret rig so that you
can complete a challenge and earn a ton of PP. Besides, it’s not like you’re
timed in Story Mode anyway so there’s nothing to worry about.

Along the way to the quarantine zone, you will come across various stranded
survivors. With the turret rig, it’s very easy to save them from the zombies
clawing at their ankles. Simply blast the zombies away from a distance. You
may wind up hitting the survivors once or twice, but there’s no way you will
kill them unless you’re actively trying to do so for some reason.

Near the quarantine zone, there will be too many vehicles blocking the way.
Use the turret rig to slaughter any nearby zombies, then hop out of it.
Maneuver your way through the vehicles and then approach the locked gate that
leads deeper into the zone. Press B to try to open the gate, which will
initiate a battle with some bikers.

All that is required of you is that you kill 10 bikers. There are vehicles
all over, so hop in one. Smash into the bikers at high speeds to blow them
up. If your own car starts catching on fire, press B to quickly hop out of
the car and sprint away from it. Be sure to get inside a new one and keep
repeating the process with the bikers.

The Gang Leader will show up after 10 bikers have been killed. This guy uses
the RollerHawg, a powerful vehicle that shoots flames from the front and
is designed to mow down zombies and humans alike with its devastating front

The game will constantly suggest that you use explosives or fire to damage the
leader, but that’s not necessarily that wise of a decision. I found that car
hopping was the best way to go. Just backing up into him with the cars will
take away at least one square of his health, though hitting him at high speeds
causes him to take more damage.

Furthermore, it’s just way safer to use the cars. You can try to dodge the
RollerHawg by rolling out of the way (accomplished by clicking in the left
analog stick), but it’s far more likely a scenario that he will clip you,
catch you on fire, or worse.

If he gets stuck on a wall or stops for any other reason, then I definitely
condone the explosives. Specifically, grab a Molotov cocktail from one of the
various bins lying around and chuck one at him. This will then allow you to
run up, hold B and Y together, and then mash on buttons to keep damaging him.
Don’t mash on those buttons too long, or else he’ll push you away. Press Y to
end this attack on a high note for yourself. All bosses in the game feature
this mini-game in some capacity.

With that being said, there’s plenty lying around for you to heal yourself and
there’s a lot of cars to use as well. Just keep at it until his health is
depleted. Ignore the other bikers in the area as they won’t bother you, but if
you do manage to run into one or two, it will be worth some extra PP. 500 to
be exact.

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“A close encounter with a zombie leaves Nick vulnerable, but he must make
some uneasy alliances to get what he needs to survive.”

The yellow objective marker will lead you to the sewer system. Move through
the sewers (you will have to wade through a significant amount of zombies to do
so), and you will then come out in the graveyard.

It is very likely that, at this point in the game, it’s probably becoming night
time for you. If that is the case, be weary. Zombies are more powerful at
night, meaning they can take more damage as well as dish out more damage.

Make your way to the end of the graveyard and open the gate. You’ll then meet
Gary and make a deal with him. After chatting with Gary, go to the blue van
that is nearby. Drive it to the balcony and then get out of the van. Climb on
top of it and jump to the balcony.

Climb onto the roof and smash the glass up here. Drop down and then let Gary
in by kicking open the front doors. Move with Gary to the morgue, killing or
avoiding the zombies as you go.

Gary will have taught Nick about the bees that can be killed and in turn make
the zombies’ heads explode. They will be plentiful in this area. Press B to
capture one and then just use it like any other weapon. Whatever zombies are
hit by the dust that flies out after the bee is killed will die.

In the morgue, help Gary check the names of the dead bodies. Simply press B to
expect each one. Unfortunately, it will be locked so now it’s time to find the
keys. You’ll find the keys sitting near a sink in the other room down here.
Grab them and then open it up.

The body is missing. Walk with Gary and he will kick down the doors of another
room. Inside this room is the furnace where they do cremations. Help Gary with
the casket and then watch the subsequent scene.

Drive the hearse to Gary’s boss, who is stationed at a strip club. On the
way, avoid the bikers that will try to throw Molotov cocktails at you and
try to avoid smashing through too many zombies or running into other objects.
The hearse has a health bar and damaging it too much will cause you to fail
the mission.

To Top

“Nick must locate the hideout of the illegally infected and make a questionable
decision to save himself and his friends.”

Make your way to the hangar to regroup with your friends. After this, it’s
time to find Annie. Rhonda will remind you of the mark that the illegals use
for their hideouts. Anyway, the yellow objective marker leads you directly
there, so just go to the HQ of the illegals.

The outside of the base is crawling with those biker jerks. Kill as many of
them as you want. I recommend taking out enough to secure the safe zone. After
that, head inside.

Once there, talk with Lauren through the fence. She will agree to take you to
Annie, but first you have to find a couple of items for her. The first item
she wants is a tattoo kit that she left at the high school. Make your way to
the high school. Climb on the bus that is crashed into the side of the school
and use it to climb through the window.

The high school is quite dangerous because the zombies in here are football
player zombies. This means that they have a lot more defense, deal more damage,
and can even tackle Nick to the ground, which will cause you to have to shake
the controller to break free.

I recommend killing all of the zombies in the high school because the basement,
where you will find the tattoo kit, is also a safe zone. Once you have it
cleared, restock using the locker and then head out to get Lauren’s husband’s
ring. Retrieve that from the house and then return to Lauren and give her the

Lauren will then let Nick through. When the cut-scene is over, make sure to
grab the guns (and the blueprint on the table!) if you are need of some. I
recommend taking at least one with you to help with your new sabotaging

The first sabotaging mission involves shooting cameras. There’s three of them
to destroy in this part of the city. Make your way to each own and shoot them
until they blow up. Simple enough.

The second objective is to sabotage the relays that the soldiers are using to
communiate across the city. There are two relays to destroy, each guarded by a
squad of soldiers. Get some healing items and combo melee weapons; guns may
be tempting to use, but they are ultimately fairly useless against these guys.

Melee the hell out of them until they die (worth a lot of PP as well). Then
go to the machine and disable it. Do it for the second machine. Now your goal
is to destory the military supplies.

The closest one is in a warehouse. Drive a car in there and park it against
the shipping container. Climb on top of the car and then climb onto the
shipping container. Pick up the wooden crates and throw them into the lasers
to activate the bombs. Then go ahead and destroy the first cache by attacking
it until it is destroyed.

The next one is a bit more problematic. Albert will knock you out and then
Nick will be hallucinating. As soon as you get up, grab some organ cases and
all the rations in the area. There will be multiple Alberts walking around,
but only one of them is the real one.

Throw the organs on the ground. The real Albert will become incredibly annoyed
with this, revealing himself. Run over and either punch the hell out of him
or use Y + B to perform a grapple attack. When a certain amount of damage has
been done, Nick will pass out and the process repeats over and over again until
you can get Albert’s health down completely.

Nick will also vomit every now and again. The other victims that are walking
around will attack you with a saw if you attack them, so avoid hitting anyone
until you are for sure that they are Albert.

When Albert has been defeated, the military supplies will be pointed out to
you on your map. Destroy them. In this same room you will find any weapons
that you had going into this battle lying around on the ground. Grab all of
your stuff and then return to the comm tower and report your success to Annie
and Red.

Red has one more task for Nick before he scrounges up some fuel for the
plane. It’s to get some incriminating evidence on the government from the
local police station. Go to the police station and enter the parking garage for
a grisly scene.

When that’s done, Hilde the Sergeant will escape into the actual police
building, leaving a few SWAT guys left for Nick to fight. Kill these guys like
the other ones, with combo melee weapons, and fight your way through the
police station.

Along the way, Hilde will fire explosives from around corners. Avoid these
attacks as you continue. There will be a blueprint on the ground in front of
some lockers that you walk directly in front of. This blueprint is for the
Z.A.R., a combo firearm that is EXTREMELY helpful. Cobble one together with
the guns that were lying next to the blueprint and keep it for later.

When you catch up to Hilde, use the Z.A.R. on her while also avoiding her
attacks. Hilde has a full health bar plus some extra health left over. Getting
rid of the first chunk of health will cause Hilde to call in some SWAT guys
and start using an RPG as well. The Z.A.R. is also extremely helpful in
getting rid of the SWAT guys fast, so use it to kill them and finish off

With Hilde dead, go to the designated hotel. Go up the stairs and through the
door to find Annie and Red on the balcony. Chat with them for a bit and then
you have some time to kill until Red can find the fuel for the plane. At this
point you can do a lot of different things; wait for new side missions to
do, do psychopath missions, hunt for collectibles, etc. Just do whatever you
want until the Red has found the fuel.

When Red has signaled that he has found the fuel, return to the compound and
watch the scenes.

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“A few unexpected visitors force Nick to change his plans and rescue Annie and
Gary before he can escape the city.”

It’s time to save Annie and Gary! Go to the roof of the building as instructed
by Red. Talk with him there and he will explain the situation to you. Annie and
Gary are trapped in a camp that is being run by the government. Red says
there’s a variety of different options when it comes to entering their HQ,
but there is another one that is extremely easy.

Just get a car. Smash through the guards. Park at the door you need to go
through. Go through the door. Bam. A cut-scene will play and when it’s over,
kill the special ops guy that attacks. Then smash the generators. Every time
you smash a generator, the objective marker will pop up to lead you right to
the next one.

When all the generators are smashed, you can save the group. When they’re
saved, the special ops guys will attack in full force. Kill them all (there
are super rations in the nearby garage if you need to heal) and then try to
open the gate.

The gate needs a keycard. The commander of the special ops will attack. He is
actually hardly a threat. You can interrupt his attacks, so he’s actually
easier to fight than the regular guys. The only difference with him really is
that he has more health. Anyway, kill him and then grab the keycard from his

Use the keycard to open the gate so everyone can escape. Then head to the
central station bridge to find the storage area where the car with fuel is
being held. Break into the office and grab the storage key from the desk. Then
use the key to open the locker.

The car is inside, but so is a new type of zombie. This zombie type has a
beehive on its head and can empower the other zombies around it while also just
being an all-around pain in the ass. Ignore it for now, but they will soon be
crawling all over the streets as well.

Get in the fuel car and drive it to the hangar. Be careful with the car because
much like the hearse before it, too much damage to the fuel car and the mission
will be failed.

“Nick’s friend Diego decides to return to the museum where he abandoned his
unit, but gets a little carried away with the exhibits.”

Before doing anything in this chapter, grab a Z.A.R. or two from the armory
and a healing item. You’re going to need it because there is a boss fight as
basically the first thing that you do in this chapter.

Go to the museum and work your way through the exhibits until you meet back up
with Diego. Diego has gone a little off his rocker at this point and has donned
an astronaut suit. He will fly using the jetpack to the fake asteroids and
try to smash you with them. Shoot Diego out of the sky when he does this,
and also shoot him when he charges you.

Diego will also try to burn you with the jetpack exhaust. He moves in a
straight line when doing this, so it is pretty easy to dodge. Whenever he has
been shot enough to fall to the ground, that leaves him open for a grapple

Diego has a lot of health because of the astronaut suit. He basically has two
full bars of it. However, you only have to get him to the last square and he
will be defeated.

After dealing with Diego, it’s time to get the plane key that was stolen by
gang members. They are located at a basketball court. Kill all of them and then
get the key. Return to Rhonda with it and an upsetting message will be
heard over the radio.

Basically, the military now has a large presence in the city. They will be
encountered much more frequently, armed with assault rifles. They are honestly
not that hard to deal with, especially when compared to how tough they were
in previous games, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind as you are
exploring Los Perdidos.

Rhonda needs a few hours to research where to find the parts (I guess she was
too busy painting the plane to be doing that before?), so go and explore. Look
for collectibles, complete side missions, kill zombies. Do whatever your
heart desire while you wait for Rhonda to be ready. When she has located the
parts, simply return to the hangar.

“Nick needs to find a few more parts for the plane, and then they’ll finally be
able to escape before the bomb goes off. But someone else is also looking to

Go to the collector’s house. A security system will activate as soon as you
get inside, locking Nick in the home. Make your way upstairs, avoiding the
giant pile of zombies in the living room as best as possible.

Entering the bedroom will cause zombies to fall from the glass ceiling. Those
special zombies (which explode after they have been killed, so be sure to
roll out of the way of them by clicking in the left stick) will be included in
this bunch, with two of them joining the regular zombies.

Kill absolutely every zombie in this room. Grab the painting off the wall and
throw it. The controls to the alarm system is behind the painting, so use it
and then you can go outside.

The backyard is where most of the plane parts are found. The objective markers
will lead you from one plane part to the next. Gather it all. The last thing
you will pick up is a receipt, telling you where to get a steering wheel for
the plane.

Head to that location and you’ll find a wooden crate. Smash the crate to get
the steering wheel. Return to the hangar and a cut-scene will play. After the
scene, gather the weapons you can in here. Use the new blueprint in here to
put together an electric rake, and also be sure to grab the sledgehammer and
any healing items you can carry.

In the next room, you have a boss fight of sorts against a robotic loader arm.
The weakspot of the arm is on its back. Run around it while it tries to smash
you with its claw and then whack its back with the sledgehammer repeatedly
until there is a small explosion. Roll away from the arm after the explosion
because then it will start spinning around.

There will be a fire starting during this, so avoid the flames and keep
attacking the back of the arm. When the first loader is destroyed, go to the
second one and continue the fight. As this arm is defeated, it will release a
ton of zombies into the area by smashing the nearby container.

Go to the third loader and fight it. The challenge here is that there will be
an annoying amount of zombies to deal with as well. The fourth loader is
even harder because of all the fire. It is often protected in the flames and
it has a tendency to smash red explosive barrels on the ground. You can throw
any red explosive barrels in the area at it to deal damage to it from afar,
but otherwise watch for it to reach for a barrel then charge through the
flames and whack its weak point.

When this loader is destroyed, it will create an exit for Nick. Sprint to the
exit immediately to avoid being caught up in the flames.

“After his close call, Nick is determined to get everyone together, so the
group can finally escape the city before it is destroyed. But he’s not the
only one with big plans.”

Still not armed with much, push through the zombie hordes on the highway. Make
your way to the metro system to try to get back to Los Perdidos proper. Nick
will be shut in the subway by the gang members from before, and considering
the massive amount of zombies in there and Nick’s current state of having
just about nothing to defend himself, this is a problem.

Make your way to the switch controls. Nick will discover the power is out. Go
to the power room (you have to go through the door with the green light) and
examine it the fusebox. Kill all the zombies in the room before doing this
with whatever you can find and be sure to gather all the healing items that
you can as well.

Examining the fusebox reveals that a wire has been cut. Go to the wire (it is
located behind a business counter) and grab it. Take it to the fusebox,
clearing the room of zombies yet again. Place it in the fusebox and then
return to the switch that controls the gates. Use the switch and you can freely
exit the metro system. First stop should be stopping at a safe zone and getting
back all your favorite weapons.

Then head to the karaoke bar. Speak with Gary there and then go find Rhonda at
her garage. Talk with her and then go across the street to get the first aid
kit she needs. There will be spec ops guys outside that can create a problem,
but you can either fight or ignore them.

Get the first aid kit and return to the garage. Fix up Rhonda and then gather
the items around the garage to help fix her up. Unfortunately you can’t get a
car out of this garage right now. Take her to Gary.

Head inside the karaoke bar and kill all of the zombies around Annie. Then
free her from the pole. Escort her to the hangar. Of course, things go wrong
and then you’re in for another boss fight…

Right now you need to destroy the crane that is being controlled by Red. The
crane has various fuseboxes all over it that are its weak points. Spec ops
guys will run down and attack you during this, armed with RPGs and assault

It may be tempting to kill the spec ops guys and use the RPGs on the fuseboxes,
but that’s useless. Instead you need to use assault rifles, the ZAR, or
other firearms more along those lines. Explosive firearms just don’t have the
precision necessary for this. Destroy the crane and then there’s another
boss fight for you.

This time it is against Red. The best way to deal with Red is to just blast
him with a firearm, such as the Lust Cannon, and keep your distance. He will
charge you. You can choose to try to interrupt his charge, which will leave
him open to a grapple attack, but it’s just not worth the risk.

Instead just roll out of the way and continue attacking Red. If he does manage
to tackle you, you will drop your weapon. Anyway, when his health has been


Just kidding.

“General Hemlock is gathering materials to make the ultimate weapon. Nick joins
forces with Annie’s father to stop him before it’s too late.”

Hemlock is flying over the city using his big ass jet to deploy drones that
collect the King Zombies, the zombies with the beehives on their heads.
Your goal is to go to each location, inside the yellow radius, destroy the
drones, and then follow him to the next location that he flies to.

It is VERY important that you are INSIDE the yellow radius at each area. If
you are not, then the drones you destroy do not count. If the meter on the
bottom of the screen is filled up all the way, then you will fail the mission
and get one of the bad endings.

I highly recommend stopping at a safe zone and getting a Z.A.R. or as many as
you can carry. You don’t really need to worry about health so much here, but
you do have to worry about having the ammo to destroy the drones.

In each area, fire at the drones until they’re blown up. Attack drones will be
sent out to protect them. You can blow those up and get their weapons as well.

After 60 total drones have been destroyed, it’s time to fight Hemlock himself
in a battle that echoes the last boss of the first Dead Rising game. Ah,

Hemlock is on a platform surrounded by zombies. Spinning helicopter blades are
nearby as well that you can fall into and take a lot of damage. Use your
best weapons against Hemlock and constantly heal when you get close to low

Try to avoid leaving the platform unless you absolutely HAVE to get more
food to heal. When you step off the platform, Hemlock will fire explosives at
you at an alarming rate. On the platform, he will just use melee attacks that
you can dodge somewhat easily.

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3. Side Missions
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Dead Rising 3 features a variety of Side Missions that are optional throughout
the game. Most of the time, the side missions are activated when receiving a
call. Press “up” on the d-pad to accept the call, and then go to the blue
objective markers to partake in these missions.

For more on Dead Rising 3′s Side Missions, check out this guide:

Dead Rising 3 – Side Missions [Guide]

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4. Psycho Missions
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Optional boss fights are also included in Dead Rising 3. These are called
Psycho Missions. These boss fights require different strategies and unique
preparations in order to handle properly.

For all those strategies and more, please refer to this guide:

Dead Rising 3 – Psycho Missions [Guide]

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5. Leveling
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Before spending those precious Attribute Points and leveling Nick, take into
account your own strengths and weaknesses in the game. For all there is to
know about leveling up Nick, use this guide:

Dead Rising 3 – Leveling [Guide]

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6. Nightmare Mode
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7. Online
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8. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you beat Dead Rising 3 exclusively for Xbox One!

Please look here for even more information on Dead Rising 3:


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