Ryse: Son of Rome [Guide]

Ryse Son of Rome

Originally revealed as a Kinect-only Xbox 360 game a couple of years ago, Ryse: Son of Rome has finally seen the light of day, but as a launch title for Xbox One. Experience the bloody and extremely violent story of Marius Titus in Ryse: Son of Rome.

Ryse: Son of Rome
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough

Chapter I: The Beginning
Chapter II: S.P.Q.R.
Chapter III: Trial by Fire
Chapter IV: The King
Chapter V: Edge of the World
Chapter VI: Pax Romana
Chapter VII: The Wrath of Nemesis
Chapter VIII: Son of Rome

3. Gladiator
4. Collectibles
5. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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Marius Titus is out for blood and it is your job to make sure that he gets
what he’s after!

LT – Aim
LB – Command
RT – Throw/Execution
RB – Focus
Y – Shield Bash
X – Sword Slash
B – Roll
A – Block
D-pad (up) – Damage Perk
D-pad (left) – Focus Perk
D-pad (down) – Health Perk
D-pad (right) – XP Perk
LS – Move/Sprint
RS – Camera/Look
View Button – Upgrades
Menu Button – Main Menu

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2. Walkthrough
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After getting control of Marius for the first time, learn the combat basics as
they are taught to you. Press X to attack with your sword, and press Y to
bash with your shield. Use the d-pad to select perks, and press A to parry
attacks with your shield.

Fight through the barbarians on the bridge. To kill them, damage them until a
skull and crossbones appears above their head. Then pull RT to initiate the
execution. When their bodies are outlined in blue, press X. When their bodies
are outlined in yellow, press Y.

As you push forward, you can use the Kinect voice command “Fire volley!” or
hold LB to call for arrows to take out the rest of the barbarians. Regroup
and then tell your soldiers to take defensive positions at the doors.

Get behind the ballista and fire the flaming arrows at the enemies as they
charge. You can choose the barrels for explosions and you can shoot the boiling
pots to create a splash of fire that will stay there like a protective wall for
a bit.

When archers show up, fire at the explosive barrels resting on their
scaffolding. Marius will automatically let go of the ballista when it is time,
and then head to the front doors. The game will then teach you about upgrades.
You can upgrade with points earned from doing well in the game or you can buy
gold that can also be used to purchase upgrades.

At any rate, perform an upgrade as instructed by the game before opening the
doors. Go to the next door and then kill the enemies in this lobby area. They
will be more aggressive than before, so be ready to parry their attacks and
watch your back for enemies that may try to jump you from behind.

Next up is a battle against the Barbarian Warlord. This guy will surround the
area with fire to make sure there is limited space to maneuver when battling
with him. Wait for him to try to swing his flaming weapon, then move the
left stick in a direction and press B to roll out of the way. You should be
able to land a couple of hits on him at that point.

Keep dodging his attacks and then attacking him as soon as he misses. When
the execution prompt appears above his head, pull RT to perform the execution.
Do it successfully to complete the first chapter.

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To start things off here is a little bit of sparring with the old pappy. He may
be getting up there in age, but the old dog still has more than just a few
tricks up his sleeve! Er, tunic. Toga? I don’t know. At any rate, the point of
this little exhibition is to teach more refined aspects behind the game’s
combat system.

When dealing with shielded enemies, as Marius’s father is right now, first
press Y to break their defense. Do this a few times to dad and then continue
to follow his directions. Later he will ask that Marius break the defense and
then a few perfect strikes. A perfect strike is an attack hit immediately after
the defense is broken.

When countering attacks, wait for dad to nearly land the attack. A visual clue
to this is that his whole body will be highlighted green, indicating that the
A button would be a good button to press at that moment in time. Anyway, when
the sparring with dad is done with, the two of you will be attacked by

Fight the barbarians off and then follow dad into the courtyard. A short
scene will play (achievement unlocked as well!) and then there will be more
barbarians to battle with. From this point on, you’re basically just following
your dad through the city and getting into battles with barbarians.

Don’t forget about upgrading Marius as you slaughter your way through the
dozens of barbarians. Also don’t forget about the perk system, of which two
more will be introduced in this stage. The “Focus” ability will also be
brought up. Use Focus by tapping RB, which will slow down time and allow
Marius to get in a series of attacks on opponents virtually unopposed.

Experiment with the different perks and switch between them as necessary. Keep
an eye on Marius’s health when you don’t have the health perk equipped,
though, as it is easy to lose sight of that and it can cost you a life.

A tip for when you’re moving through the city, watch for objects and barricades
that have a blue cloth on them. This blue cloth indicates something that can
be climbed over or onto.

Besides the almost constant-slaughter, there’s also collectibles to snag here.
You’ll come across a glowing green body just lying on the ground in plain
sight that can be examined for a “letter from the past”. There’s also a couple
of vistas to collect that deal with Roman history and also count as
collectibles. Just look for the glowing green things!

Speaking of glowing green things, projectiles are also used here. When you
first are introduced to them, press A to collect them. Then hold LT to aim at
the enemies in the distance. Hold RT To focus in on them, and when the arrows
turn red, release RT to throw the projectile for an instant-kill. You can also
throw these off quickly against close enemies by quickly pulling LT and then
quickly pulling RT immediately thereafter.

These projectiles are used in a minor puzzle in the level. You have to lower a
bridge for your father to cross. When you reach this bridge, turn around and
directly opposite of it will be the area to climb up. Make your way to the
rope that is keeping the bridge up and throw the projectile at it. Soon after
that, you will have to push a cart by moving behind it and pressing Y.

As you’ll notice, the cart is highlighted in yellow, meaning that to interact
with it, you need to press Y. Just like in combat, the objects in the
environment that needed to be interacted with for puzzle solving purposes are
color coded based on the face buttons on the Xbox One controller.

There will be some boards to break with sword swingin’, which is done with X.
X is also used to cut a rope for Marius to proceed in the level as well.
Speaking of “smashing”, Marius can also smash the pots and vases that are all
over the place for extra XP if you’re desperate for it.

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After getting on the beach, move through the ruined ship. On the other side,
click in the right stick to check out your objective. The first objective in
this level is to reach the tower and lower the harbor chain. Keep moving
through the ship’s ruin until you can drop down and engage some barbarians in

Try to make short work of these barbarians. There is a meter in the upper
right-hand corner of the screen that keeps track of how many Romans you
manage to keep alive during this entire stretch.

This part also introduces the heavy attack. Hold in X or Y to use one. Anyway,
after all of these barbarians have been killed, continue moving until a bunch
of archers start firing arrows.

Keep an eye on the arrow icon on the top of the screen. You can either roll
out of the way of the arrows or tap A as soon as the arrow is about to hit to
deflect the arrows. You can move your way to the archers by blocking and
dodging the arrows, or you can grab the projectiles and toss them at the
archers from behind cover if you need to thin them out.

Keep going until you reach the tower and then when you reach the flag, press A
to get your soldiers into formation. Hold A to block the incoming fire arrows
from the archers and move forward.

Inside the tower, grab more projectiles and then engage all the enemies at
the counter-weight. There will be multiple waves of barbarians that try to
fight you, as well as archers that will be firing at your soldiers from
above. Kill these guys as well to keep your numbers up. Destroy the pieces of
wood at the counter-weights and continue to engage the enemies that show up.

Remember that Barbarian Warlord from the first chapter with the fire? At this
point, enemies that behave very similarly to him show up, except they are
armed with axes. Some of his attacks can be deflected, but whenever his body
is highlighted red, roll out of the way.

On the next beach, fight through the barbarians and kill their arachers. Climb
over the barricade and start picking off the archers that are attacking your
soldiers from the rooftops. Keep at it until your own archers arrive, and at
that point, order them to “FIRE VOLLEY!” to thin out the barbarians

You can choose to have your archers focus on the other archers that are in
the next area or to help you fight the barbarians on the ground. Choose
whichever one covers up your weakness (if you’re bad at dodging the arrows
from the archers, have them cover the archers; if you’re bad at the melee
combat, have them help you out). At any rate, kill all of the enemies that
attack here.

When they’re dead, move with your soldiers to the next area, towards the
catapult tower. Kill the barbarians along the way as usual, which will now be a
mix of the archers and the melee-focused ones that you’ve encountered already.

Upon reaching the base of the tower, kill the archers above the bridge and
then throw the projectiles at the rope holding the bridge up. Enough strikes
and you can move across the bridge and go up the stairs and reach the top of
the catapult tower.

Man the arrow turret and use it to kill the enemies at the tower on the other
side. Avoid the catapult fire, which will appear as a radius on the ground
mind you, and kill all the barbarians as they show up. Perform the Kinect
voice commands, “CATAPULT FIRE!” and “FIRE VOLLEY!”, as they appear and
continue to engage the barbarians until they’ve all been sufficiently

To Top

Move down the ravine and kill the Barbarians that are encountered as usual.
You’ll then move through a narrow area full of nasty deady bodies and what-not.
When RS appears on the screen, you can push it in to see what Marius has to
say about the grisly scene.

At the end of this hall of sorts is a trap that springs up. As soon as it
does, it will be highlighted green. This is obviously an indication that you
need to press the A button to deflect the trap and destroy it.

Fight your way through the woods until you reach an impassable part of the
river. Facing the river, look to the right to spot a path through the woods.
Kill a bunch more barbarians and you’ll eventually make your way to a log
that moves through the river. Walk across it and you’ll reach the aqueduct

At the aqueduct, you’ll reach a couple of spots where you need to use a lift
to get higher. Simply kick the weight off the lift to use it. Continue to
fight your way through all of the enemies, and watch out for a new enemy
type that shows up as well.

These enemies are equipped with two weapons at a time, and they are very fast.
The best way to deal with them is to use Focus and then just slice the hell
out of them. When you reach the barbarian princess Boudica, a similar
strategy can be employed.

When she is defeated, she will call the rest of her men to fight you. Kill
them and then a cut-scene will play. At the end of the scene, go to the flag
and press A to get in formation. A group of barbarian archers will start to
attack. Hold RT to ready the projectiles at them and then let go. As long as
you hold RT long enough, your shots should be extremely accurate. Hold A to
go behind the shields as you push forward to avoid losing any soldiers in
the battle.

Afterward, move through the cave. You’ll still be in formation and you will
come across a couple of individual archers. Get rid of them from a distance.
When the group splits up, hang a right through a narrow cavern. This will allow
you to flank the archers pelting your squad.

Grab the projectiles lying on the ground. Aim at the explosive barrels and
throw the projectiles to get rid of most of the barbarians. Then yell “CHARGE!”
when the Kinect voice commands depend it. Drop down and join your soldiers
in battle against the barbarians.

Move with them to the throne of King Oswald. Kill all of his men and then a
cut-scene will cap off this chapter.

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Walk slowly with your troops through the forest until you cross the wooden
bridge. At that point, you will be attacked by the minotaur men. Look at their
weapons to have an idea of how they will have to be handled. Those with axes
will occasionally perform attacks that need to be dodged with roll. Dual-
wielding enemies are best dealt with by using Focus and then slicing the hell
out of them. Shielded enemies need to be dealt with in the usual manner of
breaking their defense and then going in for rapid attacks.

So, they attack very similarly to previously encountered enemies, except that
they are a bit harder to deal with. Kill all of them in the initial area, and
then after the scene move through the forest. Various traps are laid out here
that can cause some troubles, but tap A quickly when they come up to bust
through the traps and you’ll be fine. As you continue, there will be encounters
with these horned enemies.

Next you’ll have a chance to collect some projectiles and use them on the
enemies that are shooting flaming arrows at you. Use the large rock here for
cover and pop out only to take a shot at them before going back behind cover.

You will then come across to the horned minotaur men killing your fellow
soldiers by burning them alive and such. There is also a cage of your men
here. Use projectiles to kill as many of them as possible before jumping down
and heading for the cage because more will show up as soon as you jump down.
Kill them all.

When they’re dead, go to the gate of the cage and press X to free the soldiers.
Go with them to the next camp and you’ll find another cage of your soldiers.
Kill all the enemies in the vicinity and then yell “GET THOSE CAGES OPEN!” or
hold LB to order your troops to free their brethren.

A flag will pop up in the middle of the area. Go to it and tap A. Choose where
to send your archers. If you put them to the left, they will fire at enemy
archers. If you put them to the right, they will fire at enemies that are
moving in. Put them somewhere that covers up your weaknesses, then man the
scorpion ballista thing and use it to hold off the incoming waves of enemies.

A few waves of that and another flag will appear. Go to that flag to move
with your troops through the ravine. This segment is basically on rails. Just
push the stick forward, holding A to take defensive positions with your
shields when you see enemies about to fire arrows, and then hold RT and
release to have Marius and the other troops toss projectiles at the enemies to
kill them and continue moving forward in this manner.

The next time that you see your soldiers in a cage, they will be being lit on
fire! So, that’s a bummer, right? Also notice that the amount of soldiers you
have with you are now represented by a bar in the upper right-hand corner of
the screen. The longer it takes for you to kill the enemies, the more soldiers
you will use and the less help you will have.

In addition, the minotaur men are constantly trying to light them on fire,
which creates obvious problems. When they are trying to do this, they will be
marked with an objective marker. So turn your attention to them IMMEDIATELY.
Use projectiles or Focus if you need to.

This goes on for awhile, and then you’ll have a boss battle with Glott. Glott
is a bit tougher than previous boss fights because you can’t use Focus against
him. In fact, he will just cancel out your Focus any time that you try to use

It’s a good thing that he is fairly easy to handle then. Almost none of his
attacks can be countered, but rather you need to roll out of the way of them.
He will typically try two attacks, so be ready to roll twice before going in
for a flurry of strikes. Keep this up until his health is a little lower than
halfway, and then at that point complete the QTEs.

In this second stage of the fight, the strategy for dealing with Glott remains
pretty much the same. The difference is that he will now be more aggressive
with his attacks and his attacks will also be harder to dodge.

To Top

The first part of this chapter is a long defend-the-base style affair where
you are allowed to choose where your archers are firing in between waves.
There are two choices for your archers; one, you can have them use suppressing
fire on the siege towers so that they can’t fire their catapults at you. The
other option is to have them help you when the barbarians get on the top of
the walls.

Experiment with both and figure out which way is easier for you. You can use
the scorpion ballistas to shoot the archers off the siege tower, but also be
sure to call for the archers to help by yelling “FIRE VOLLEY!” In addition,
if you asked the archers to cover you, you can repeatedly yell “ARCHERS –
COVER ME!” whenever it pops up on the screen.

The barbarisn will attempt to reach the top of the walls using the previously
mentioned siege towers as well as ladders. Run along the side of the wall and
kick the ladders down to avoid having to fight as many barbarians and to keep
your fellow Romans as alive as possible.

When the siege towers get close enough, immediately go to work whacking away at
its bearings. The poles that need to be targeted are highlighted blue, so just
run up and start mashing on X to destroy them. Keep repeating this until it’s
time to yell for your soldiers to retreat. “SOLDIERS — MOVE OUT!” or hold LB
to accomplish this, and then kill any straggling barbarians to join up with

Next you will encounter a group of barbarian archers. Deal with them as you
usually do, and then get ready to fight a tougher barbarian armed with a bear
fur on his head and a club. Most of his moves need to be dodged, and he has a
tendency to block most attacks. He’s kind of like a weaker version of Glott,
to be perfectly honest. Use the same strategy as with Glott to deal with these
types of barbarian enemies.

Continue slaughtering your way through the enemy barbarians until you reach the
burning docks. Marius will move slowly through here. Maneuver him around the
and over the obstacles to the cart that is glowing yellow. Go behind the cart
and press Y to kick down a ramp and thorugh the door. This will free your
people, but you’ll have to keep moving through the burning building the other
way due to all of the flames.

After you exit, go to the cart that you kicked before and kick it again. This
will put it perfectly into place so that it can be used to climb up to the
post where the barbarian archers are located. Kill them (you can kill at least
one from behind with a stealth kill very easily) and then hop down to continue
your battles with barbarians.

Go to the flag at the docks and use it to get into formation with your troops.
Push forward, blocking the arrows, and then taking the time to toss projectiles
at your enemies as you can. The objective markers will lead you to the court
house, so fight your way there and then fight your way through the waves of
enemies that show up.

Meet with Vitallion outside of the courthouse. Walk with him and he will lead
you to the scorpion ballista that is sitting on a wagon. Man it and then
use it to keep back the barbarians. Use the explosive barrels as much as
possible and be sure to yell “FIRE VOLLEY!” so that your archers can even up
the score a bit as your other troops drag you backwards.

Start sprinting back through the courthouse when prompted, fighting off any
enemies that show up. Marius will then have a final stand on the bridge,
surrounded by enemy barbarians. Slice ‘em and dice’ em until Marius is
inevitably defeated.

To Top

Things are all quiet on the Roman front for the start of this level. Just
walk through the crowd. As you move, you can find collectibles and vases that
can be smashed to either refill your Focus or snag you extra XP if your Focus
meter is already full.

You’ll reach an abandoned coliseum. A group of enemies will attack; they are
Romans armed with a shield, guards to the emperor. They are a bit more savvy
than the barbarians that have been the main enemy throughout most of the game,
but the same basic strategies still apply to these guys, even if it does take
a few more hits to put them away.

When the first batch has been killed, they will be replaced by another batch
of enemies. Kill them as well and then climb up the wall to the stairs on the
far right. Go up the stairs and you’ll reach a courtyard area with more
enemies. Slaughter your way through them until you can reach a ladder.

Climb the ladder to get to a scorpion ballista. Take control of it and use it
to kill all of the enemy archers in the garden area. When they’ve been killed,
head there yourself and do battle with the melee enemies that show up next.
Kill all of these guys before continuing to the next area where you will see a
gate to your right as you go up the stairs, and then another gate at the top of
the stairs.

The gate at the top of the stairs is nothing. Kill all of the enemies, then the
other gate you passed can now be kicked through to progress. If you can’t find
it, just hold up and the game will eventually mark it with an objective marker,
as it does for all the objectives. Anyway, kick through the gate and move
through the icky trench of dead bodies. Climb up the next ledge, grab the
Vista collectible lying on the ground and move through the wilderness to
reach your old home.

When the scene is over, Marius will be decked out in spooky new armor. You’ll
be in a small arena with the goal of winning over the crowd. To do this, what
you need to do is perform executions. After each wave of enemies, Marius will
taunt to the crowd (probably to build his special meter, eh?) and then more
powerful foes will keep coming out.

The spikes will be raised on the walls, which actually can make the battle
against the enemies that show up during this round, two dudes that are dual-
wielding clubs, a lot easier. If you have Focus, use it and then simply press
Y to kick them straight into the spikes. Alternatively, you can get them down
to an execution and then use an execution near the wall to send them over to
the spikes as well.

Don’t worry too much about your Focus in these battles. After every cut-scene
that sends Marius around from one place to the next (this happens on a semi-
frequent basis here) you will lose all of your Focus meter.

Following another cut-scene, go to the steps that lead outside. You can tell
because the light outside is extremely bright. This is the arena that features
a shifting landscape, a ton of people in the crowd, and soon to be a lot of
bloodshed. If you’ve spent some time with the multiplayer, then this is the
same arena that is used in those matches.

The point of this is to retell the triumphs of Commodus, though we know that
he really didn’t do anything and is actually a wimp. Anyway, you’ll be led
from one area to the next where you will fight enemies, block traps, etc.
You’ll have fellow gladiators at your side, but you’ll find yourself doing
most of the work. Try to build up your FOCUS METER here, as having a full Focus
meter comes very much in handy for the upcoming boss fight.

Finally, the gladiators will turn on you. Kill all of them and then go to the
pot of fire and knock it over to light the aqueduct on fire. Now it’s time for
a lengthy !!!BOSS FIGHT!!! with Commodus, who, despite his wimpy outlook, is
actually quite the formidable opponent for Marius.

Commodus has a variety of attacks, and while it may be tempting to roll out of
the way of them, which is something I would usually recommend, it’s better to
parry them. Watch the timing and see exactly when his blade is about to hit
Marius. Right then, at the last second, tap A to parry the attack. This will
allow you to get in two or three shots of your own. Focus can be used here,
but it only lasts a couple of seconds and is not really worth the hassle right
now. Save it for later.

That coward Commodus will then have a bunch of gladiators show up and dress
like him to stack the odds against Marius. Use Focus at this point to slice
them down and then execute each copy one by one. If you are battling one of
them and it doesn’t seem like the execution symbol is ever appearing above
their head, that is probably the real Commodus and you should move on to
fighting one of the other copies.

Commodus will then poison Marius. Just stand still and wait for the Commodus
copies to charge you. Tap A when they’re about to attack, and then Marius will
take care of the rest. After that, Commodus will resume the battle and you will
be back at full health. Fight with him just like you did at the beginning of
the battle.

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Get on the scorpion ballista and start shooting the hell out of all the enemies
trying to break through the Roman line! Yell “FIRE VOLLEY!” whenever that voice
command appears on the screen to thin out the enemies. Whenever an enemy starts
approaching with an objective marker over them, that’s your cue to turn your
attention away from the defensive line and to them as they will be much more of
a threat to the line than anything else.

Among these enemies that will be marked with objective markers include axe-
wielding warriors, archers, large barbarians with clubs, and elephants. Yes,
elephants. Whenever an elephant shows up, it should be your #1 priority. They
take four to five hits to bring down, but thankfully they are fairly slow
compared to the other enemies.

There’s various hazards that you can use to your advantage during this fight,
such as explosive barrels and pots filled with burning oil that can be tipped
over and kill the enemies as well.

When this is done, fight through the next batch of enemies with your sword
to the next area where you will need to position archers and your troops in
different areas. The choices for troops are to the left or right. If you
choose to the right, then you will be battling the enemies from the left with
melee. If you choose the left, then you can man the scorpio ballista to keep
back the enemies coming from the right. I found choosing to kill the enemies
that are on the right to be the easiest.

After ordering your ground troops where to be stationed, you do the same with
your archers. Send them to either the left or the right area. If you choose
to send them to the left, they will help there, choose to send them to the
right, they will help there.

What I recommend is sending your troops to the left area and also sending your
archers there to help them. Then man the scorpio ballista on the right area
yourself and just mow down the enemies as they come. If any of them get by
you, let go of the scorpio (tap A), use Focus to slow down time, chop them to
bits, and then get back on the scorpio.

Go to the next area, fight the enemies, watch the scene. Afterwards, hop down
to the next area and kill the enemies. You get the jump on them, so it is
possible that you can get a kill from behind. Man the scorpio when they are
all dead to shoot the oil pot across the water to help out your soldiers there
that are being overwhelmed. As you move forward, take a left (opposite of the
alley that you are supposed to run down) and you can hop over the boxes there
for a Vista collectible.

Move down the alley when ready, grabbing the projectiles as you go. Yell
“FIRE VOLLEY!” to order the archers to kill the enemies across the water
that are attacking your soldiers, and also toss the projectiles yourself to
help kill them faster.

Next you have to deal with the stampeding war elephants of Boudica. Zig-zag
through the flames while avoiding the trampling feet of the war elephants.
Climb up to the ballista and use to send a precision shot straight to Boudica’s
elephant. Chase down Boudica and do battle with her just like before, except
this time Focus is not very useful and she has more aggressive attacks.

Killing Boudica will then jump the story forward to the “present”. Nero will
flee down the halls, so pursue him. Various guards will pop out to try to
kill you. Simply press whatever button their body is highlighted as to kill
them. Getting through this hallway will end the game.

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3. Gladiator
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Learn how to become the perfect gladiator in the co-op Arena! Use this guide:

Ryse: Son of Rome – Gladiator [Guide]

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4. Collectibles
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Find all 90 collectibles in the game with this guide:

Ryse: Son of Rome [Collectibles Guide]

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4. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you complete Ryse for Xbox One!

For more on Ryse: Son of Rome, including achievement tips, collectible
locations, and much more, please go here:



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